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Revolutionary War Collection

Revolutionary War Collection

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SERIES I. Ships' Papers
A. Tyrannicide (Brig)
11Tyrannicide (Brigantine), papers1776-1777, undated
2Tyrannicide (Brigantine), research material1942-1944
B. Other Vessels
13America (Brig), receipt1778
4Boston (Frigate), accounts, originals and photocopies1775-1776
5Elisabeth (Sloop), typescript1782, undated
6Freedom (Sloop), letter, typescript1777, undated
7General Pickering (Brigantine), logbook, typescript1778, undated
8Gloucester (Sloop), logbook, typescript1782, undated
9Junius Brutus (Ship), officers, crew and sharescirca 1781, undated
10Lark (Schooner), billundated
11Lee (Schooner), accounts1776
12Lively (Sloop), Dudley Woodbridge papers1781
13Lyon (Privateer Brig), agreement1777, 1919
14Royal Charlotte (Ship), logbook, typescript1776-1777, undated
15Pilgrim (Ship), articles of agreement1778
16Romulus (Ship), agreement1800
17Sally (Schooner), John Anderson papers1777
18Scorpion (Schooner), typescript1778, undated
19Success (Schooner) and Peggy (Sloop), journal, typescript1778-1779, undated
20Terrible Creature (Privateer), Capt. Robert Richardson1778
21Warren (Schooner), power of attorney for William Stone1776
22Washington (Brigantine), advert for privateer, 1776, photocopyundated
23Union (Sloop), testimony of Oliver Web1783
24Other Vessels1776-1781, 1932, 1961, undated
Chatham (Ship), letter to take prize Tyger (Sloop)
Hawke (Schooner), contract
Hawke Prison Vessel, letter
Oliver Cromwell (Brigantine)
Ranger (Ship), accounts
Saratoga (Brig)
Success (Ship), permit
Woolwich (Sloop), James Fullerton, genealogy
Young Grand Turk (Ship), articles of agreement
6(OS)1Other Vessels1781, undated
General Stark (Privateer)
Independence (Ship), articles of agreement
125Letter regarding sloop from Stephen Moylan of Cambridge to Captain William Bartlett of Beverly1775
SERIES II. Service Records
A. Regimental Records
1263rd Massachusetts Regiment records1774-1782
272nd Massachusetts Regiment records1775
2814th Massachusetts Regiment records1775-1776
291st Massachusetts Regiment records1775-1779
304th Massachusetts Regiment records1776-1781
5(OS)14th Massachusetts Regiment records1776-1781
1315th Massachusetts Regiment records1777-1778
6(OS)25th Massachusetts Regiment records1777-1778
132Colonel Nathaniel Wade's Regiment records1778-1780
6(OS)3Colonel Nathaniel Wade's Regiment records1778-1780
5(OS)2Muster rolls1775-1777
133Company rolls and payrolls1775-1782
34Enlistment records1775-1783
35Receipts and clothing inventories1776-1782
36Provision returns1777-1778
B. Commissions and Appointments
6(OS)4Commissions for Jeremiah Page1773-1776
21Rank of Captain in the Navy1776
2Appointment of Brigadier General, James Bricket1776
3Appointment of Quartermaster, Caleb Cushing1777
C. Orders and Receipts
24Orders and court proceedings1770, 1777-1783
5Orderly book, 19th Connecticut Regiment of Foot, Colonel Charles Webb, rebound typescript1775-1776
6(OS)5Orders to Jeremiah Page, 1776, photocopyundated
26British orderly book, New York1778-1779
7British orderly book, New York, transcript1778-1779
8Volume 1: orderly book of Captain John Francis, 1778, transcriptundated
9Volume 2: orderly book of Captain John Francis, 1778-1779, transcriptundated
10Volume 3: orderly book of Captain John Francis, 1779, transcriptundated
11Volume 4: orderly book of Captain John Francis, 1779, transcriptundated
12Volume 4: orderly book of Captain John Francis, 1779, transcriptundated
13Volume 5: orderly book of Captain John Francis, 1779, transcriptundated
14Organization of boarders, instructionsundated
15Bills and receipts1771-1804
D. Correspondence
3Provincial congress to committee of Salem1775
4Letter to Sam Freeman, battle of Charleston1775
5Letter, prisoners of war1776
6Correspondence and invitation from General Washington1776
7Letter to Committee of Correspondence, Inspection and Safety, Salem, MA1776-1777
8Correspondence to General Washington1776-1780
9Letter to General John Glover1777
10Petition of Richard Derby1777
11Letter from Ticonderoga, 1777, photocopyundated
12Resolve of the General Court1780
13Request for boat at West Point1781
14Testimony of David Nowlan1781
15Letter to Thomas Dwight, Esq.1792
16Petition of Tho. C. Cushing, privateer1793
17Circular to Collectors and Naval Officers, Treasury Dept.1794
18Pension applications and service requests1780-1808
19Pension papers1818, 1844-1856
20Pension papers1844-1856
E. Journals and Notes
321Journal pages, authors unknown1774-1777
22Journal of Abel Chandler1776
23Journal of John Goodwin1776-1777
24Isaac Parson, memorandum book1780
25Notes1780, 1792, undated
6(OS)6Plan of the fort, Marblehead and Gloucester, by Rochfontaine1794
326Manual for drills and paradesundated
27Sketch of roads and towns between York and Norton, PAundated
28Naval power of Salem, 1781, clippingundated
29"Anecdote in the War of 1775", copied from Essex Gazette1776
6(OS)7"Good News for America" clipping, 1776, photocopyundated
F. Rolls of Men
330Prisoners in his majesty's goals1770
31Account of military service for various individuals1775-1778
32Lists of wounded, discharged, deserted, killed1775-1782
33Permit to pass, Newburyport1776
34Relating to prisoners1777-1782
35Soldiers in Continental Army from Woodstock, ME1780-1781
6(OS)8Soldiers in Continental Army from Woodstock, ME1780-1781
336List of medals voted by Congress to Officers of the American Army1784
37List of Americans in Old Will Prison, England1777-1781, 1849
38Valley Forge, map and list of officers, copy1911
41List of privateers and prizes auctioned by Joseph and Joshua Grafton, 1776-1780, typescriptundated
2Notebook of soldiers in war, death datesundated
3Service records, Richard Dodge and John Thorne Dodgeundated
4List of Topsfield soldiers and sailors in serviceundated
5Muster rolls, Topsfield, handwritten copiesundated
6Captain Stephen Perkins' company roll, Topsfield, copyundated
7Topsfield documents, copiesundated
8Topsfield documents, copiesundated
9Topsfield documents, copiesundated
G. Financial Records
410Bills and receipts1775-1781
11House of Representatives, expenses, the Castle1789
12Currency, New Hampshire and Pennsylvaniaundated
SERIES III. Secondary Research Materials
413Correspondence, 64th Regiment or Second Staffordshire Regiment, British Army1901, undated
14Rules and regulations for the Massachusetts Army, 1776, photocopyundated
15Rules and articles, Government of the Troops, 1776, photocopyundated
16Manuscripts by Langton Haldans-Robertsonundated
17Notes on the historical situation in regard to American shippingundated
18Notes on Count C. Pulaski of Poland and Captain John Fiskeundated
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