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Newburyport, Massachusetts Town Records

Newburyport, Massachusetts Town Records

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SERIES I. Town Records
A. Court Documents
11Indenture papers1746-1797
2Certified copy of citizenship1798
3Complaints, depositions, etc.1789-1856
4Justice dockets1804-1810
B. Militia Papers
15Militia papers, orders, appointments1780-1838
6Accounting of Entertainment for Cornwallis's Capture1781
7List of 208 Subscribers [This document was labeled War of 1812 at some point in the 1900s, but this fact is unverifiable at the time this finding aid was published.]undated
8Certifications of Participation1830-1833
9Veteran Artillery Association1861-1880
C. Overseers of the Poor
11Donations to Sufferers of Newburyport FireJanuary 1812
12Building agreement1821
D. Newburyport Town Records
113Plan of Merrimac Street1714
14Invoices and receipts1773-1848
15Record Book of People Warned Out of Town1791-1805
16Index taken from "Record Book of People Warned Out of Town" (H-Y)undated
17Meeting minutes, official correspondence1791-1880
18Registry of Deeds, Recorded documents1791-1880
25(OS)1Census records/Property appraisals1830
2Town accounting, Student Charges and Town Budget1843-1867
119Assessors invoices for school books1844-1846
20Invoices and receipts1851
21Registry of Deeds, First Parish in Newbury (copies)1868-1869
22Survey of Lotsundated
E. Notes on Town History
21Notes by Harriet W. Colman1920s
2Notes by unknown author, organized by monthundated
3List of Events, organized by day, January through Juneundated
4List of Events, organized by day, July through Decemberundated
F. Taxes
25Byfield Parish Tax List1757
6Warrants and personal returns1786-1796
25(OS)3Polls and estate for personal returns1792
4Polls and estate for personal returns1792
5Polls and estate for personal returns1792
27Warrants and personal returns1797
8Warrants and personal returns1798-1799
29Warrants and personal returns1800-1802
26(OS)2Polls and estate for personal returns1801
3Polls and estate for personal returns1801
210Warrants and personal returns1803-1805
31Book of tax lists (2 volumes)1805-1806
26(OS)4State tax warrants1805-1810
5Town and county tax warrants1805-1810
32Warrants and personal returns1806-1807
4Book of tax lists (1 volume)1808
5Warrants and personal returns1808-1809
6Warrants and personal returns1810-1811
7Warrants and personal returns1812
26(OS)6Polls and estate, John Boardman1813
41Warrants and personal returns1813-1814
2Warrants and personal returns18154
3Warrants and personal returns1816-1817
4Warrants and personal returns1818
5Warrants and personal returns1820
Flat fileState valuation1821
46Warrants and personal returns1821-1823
7Warrants and personal returns1824-1826
51Warrants and personal returns1827-1828
2Warrants and personal returns1829-1830
3Warrants and personal returns1831-1834
4Warrants and personal returns1835-1838
5Warrants and personal returns1839-1843
6Warrants and personal returns1846
7Warrants and personal returns and shareholder lists1848
61Book of returns (5 volumes)1848-1849
2Warrants and personal returns1849
3Book of returns (1 volume)October 1850
4Warrants and personal returns1850
5Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1852
6Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1853
7Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1854
8Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1855
71Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1856
2Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1857
3Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1857
4Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1858
5Shareholder lists1858
6Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1859
7Shareholder lists1859
81Shareholder lists1860
2Shareholder lists1861
3Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1861
4Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1862
5Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1863
26(OS)7Shareholder lists1863
86Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1864
26(OS)8Shareholder lists1864
91Shareholder lists1864
2Shareholder lists1864
3Shareholder lists1864
4Shareholder lists1864
5Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1865
6Shareholder lists1865
26(OS)9Shareholder lists1865
101Shareholder lists1866
2Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1867
3Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1868
4Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1869
5Shareholder lists 1860s (copies)undated
6Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1870-1871
7Warrants, personal returns and shareholder lists1872-1896
SERIES II. Fire Department
108Book of Poll Tax Abatement for Engineers1843
9Engine Company No. 4, Record Book (1 volume)1797-1825
111Engine Company No. 1 and 2, Certificates of Appointment1862
2Engine Company No. 3, Certificates of Appointment1862
3Engine Company No. 5 and 6, Certificates of Appointment1862
4Engine Company No. 7 and 8, Certificates of Appointment1862
5Engine Company No. 1 and 2, Certificates of Appointment1863
6Engine Company No. 3, Certificates of Appointment1863
7Engine Company No. 6, Certificates of Appointment1863
8Engine Company No. 9, Certificates of Appointment1863
9Fire Department membership lists1845-1846
10List of Firemen for Approbation1845-1847
26(OS)10List of poll tax abatement for firemen and engineers1849
121List of poll tax abatement for firemen1849-1851
2History of Newburyport Fire Department 1761-1900, by S. C. Reid1900s
3Reports on various fire departments, submitted to Aldermen1863-1864
Volume 1Leonidas Fire Society, Record Book1811-1830
4Leonidas Fire Society, loose papers from Record Book1811-1830
5Leonidas Fire Society, Toasts for annual meeting1814
6Marine Fire Society of Newburyport, meeting minutes1782-1800
Volume 2Neptune Fire Association No. 8, Record Book1861-1876
131Neptune Fire Association No. 8, Record Book1871-1877
2Relief Fire Society, Record Book1775-1787
2Relief Fire Society, Record and Account Book1787-1814
4Relief Fire Society, Records1802-1850
5Young America Fire Association1861-1877
A. School Records
136Byfield Parish, proposal for schoolundated
7Free Evening School record books (2 volumes)1853-1854
8Free Evening School records1854-1855
9Miss Prescott's School, invoices1832
10Miss Sally Gould's Female Academy, record book1804-1867
11Newburyport Academy, account book and student list1808-1809
141Newburyport Grammar School, L. M. Coffin certificate1885
Volume 1Newburyport High School, attendance book1834-1844
2Newburyport School reports1817-1821
Volume 2Putnam Free School: The Putnam Experiment (Weekly School Newspaper: volumes V-IX)1850-1851
27(OS) Volume 1Putnam Free School, diploma, Harriet W. Colman1878
B. Student Work
143Unidentified school register1825-1828
27(OS)Volume 1Lancasterian school register1820-1840
Volume 2Lancasterian school register1827-1828
Volume 3Lancasterian school register1839
151Sarah Moody, penmanship book1776
2Joseph Short, penmanship books (4 volumes)1781-1782
3Joseph Short, penmanship books (2 volumes)1784-1789
4Unknown author, penmanship books (3 volumes)1784
5Joseph Short Jr., penmanship books (5 volumes)1800-1802
161Richard Bartlett Jr., grammatical exercises, West School1809-1811
2Hannah Short, penmanship books (3 volumes)1812-1816
3Isaac Short, penmanship books (4 volumes)1812-1815
4Daniel Short, penmanship books (4 volumes)1814-1816
5Stephen Short, penmanship books (4 volumes)1816-1818
6Stephen Short, penmanship books (4 volumes)1819-1821
7George Washington Knapp, penmanship book1820
8Charles Hart Knapp, penmanship book1820-1821
9Asenath Short, penmanship books (2 volumes)1820-1824
171Cornelius Short, penmanship books (3 volumes)1821-1823
2Thomas Towle, penmanship books (3 volumes)1824-1827
3Nathan Towle, penmanship books (3 volumes)1827-1828
Flat file"Lady Harriet" companion exercise1834
174"Lady Harriet" companion exercise, Transcription2011
5Alexander Caldwell, penmanship book 1848
6D. A. Caldwell, penmanship book1856
7E. Addie Towle, multiplication tables1856
8Sarah E. Francis, sketch books, Higginson Schoolundated
9Copy book, unknown authorundated
10Copy exercise, unknown author1891
SERIES IV. Church Records
1711Church Organ tax list1797
12First Religious Society in Newburyport, invoices1803-1843
13First Religious Society in Newburyport, account book1804-1863
181St Paul's Church, records1742-1886
2St Paul's Church, newspaper clippings1800s
3St Paul's Church, taxes1813
4St Paul's Church, taxes1814
5Temple Street Church, organ share1839
6Christian Church, record book1873-1887
7Titcomb Street Sabbath School, Clara Gerrish certificate1851
8Early Episcopal church records in Newbury, including Queen Anne's Chapel, 1705-1780 (copies)undated
9St Paul's Church, records 1714-1899 (copies)undated
10Queen Anne's Chapel, list of wardens 1714-1812 (copies)undated
11St Paul's Church, alphabetical list of wardens 1743-1888 (copies)undated
191St Paul's Church, list of wardens and vestrymen 1813-1887 (copies)undated
2St Paul's Church, extracts from records 1789-1800 (copies)undated
3St Paul's Church, extracts from records 1711-1865 (copies)undated
4St Paul's Church, graveyard inscriptions1887
5Newburyport graveyard inscriptions 1700-1800sundated
A. Corporations
196Essex-Merrimack Bridge, Transfer Book, Vol.11792-1796
Volume 1Essex-Merrimack Bridge, Transfer Book, Vol.21807-1820
Volume 2Essex-Merrimack Bridge, Transfer Book, Vol.31820-1844
20Volume 1Essex-Merrimack Bridge, Record Book, Vol.41791-1819
1Essex Hat Manufacturing Company, bankruptcy records1868-1869
2Essex Turnpike Corporation, dividend1810
3Mechanicks Bank, check1851
4Merrimack Bank, stockholder list1804
5Newburyport Bank, notes1810-1811
6Newburyport Rail Road Company, dividends and plan of land purchased1849
7Newburyport Turnpike Company, dividend1805
8Newburyport Wrecking Company, records1854-1864
9Ocean Bank, transaction memos1843-1849
10Ocean Mills Company, survey/title exam1880
B. Societies
2011Adelphi Society, constitution and plan book 1786undated
12Adelphi Society constitution and members1809
13Declaiming and Debate Club, record book1823-1824
14Declaiming and Debate Club, record book1824
15Female Benevolent Society, record book1839-1840
211Knights of Honor (River Park Lodge No. 1754 and Newburyport Lodge No. 512), record book1879-1899
2Knights of Honor, Newburyport Lodge No. 512, record book1899-1913
3Knights of Honor, loose papers from record book1904
4Knights of Honor (Newburyport Lodge No.512), cash book1879-1882
5Knights of Honor, loose papers from cash book1899
6Merrimack Humane Society, correspondence1803-1814
7Newburyport Union Band, records1822-1823
8Newburyport Women's Club (D.A.R.), record book1896-1900
9Newburyport Women's Club, newspaper clippings1896-1900
221Old Town Farmer's Club, constitution and minutes1886-1895
2Old Town Farmer's Club, minutes1895-1903
3Proprietors of Common Pasture, record book1799-1842
4Second Social Library, record book1830-1845
5Sons of Temperance of Essex, Lizzie Gilman, "Lady Visitor"1866
6Temperance Aid Society, record book1876-1877
7Washington Benevolent Society, David Coffin Jr., memberundated
8Whitefield Circle Industry, record book1853-1862
9Whitefield Circle Industry, record book1895-1909
C. Miscellaneous
231Account Book, dry goods store1670s
2Account Book, quills and pencils1835
3Alphabetical index to unknown book1849-1857
4Exchange receipts1817
5Hawaiian mission papers, letters and roster of school1823-1897
6Hawaiian mission papers, letters and news clippings1823-1897
7List of Physicians Who Practiced in Newburyport (copy)1800s
8List of residents and occupations1850s
9"Little Joppa" news clippings1845
10Log Book of magnetic telegraph1848
11Map of Swash Channel at Fort Nicholsundated
12Miscellaneous receipts1749-1878
13Miscellaneous receipts1799-1802
14Miscellaneous correspondence1807-1897
15Petition to Oppose Reelection of Gen. Benjamin F. Butler1868
28Volume 1Political scrapbook1842-1852
2316Religious notebook of Elizabeth Gerrish1841-1848
241Shipping papers1769-1840
2Shipbuilding papers, Newbury and Newburyport1827-1836
3Ship accounting records (later used for a scrapbook)1828
4Shipping account book, unknown author1829
5Ship accounting record1869
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