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Frank Reed Kimball (1853-1924) Papers

Frank Reed Kimball (1853-1924) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Frank Reed Kimball Papers
A. Personal Papers
11Diary describing a journey to New Orleans a board the steamer Evening Star and up the Mississippi River1865
2Diary, including several pencil sketches, describing a yearlong trip to Europe1866-1867
3A fishing list, with an accounting of fishing sites and successes, including tide and weather observations1871
4An essay on a trip to Ireland1869
5An accounting of the guardianship trust settlement held by Susan S. Kimball for the benefit of Frank Reed Kimball upon attaining his majority1874, undated
6Graduation program of the Class of 1876 of Bowdoin College, which included Frank R. Kimball1876
7A deed for the purchase of three acres of land on Marblehead Neck, purchased from James J. H. Gregory by Frank Reed Kimball1879
8Trustees' opinion regarding transfer of interests between Frank Reed Kimball and Susan Sawyer Kimball dealing with the residue of the estate of Edward D. Kimball1893
9Patents issued to or patent rights transferred to Frank Reed Kimball, dealing primarily with gaslights1879-1881
10Bank drafts1878-1882
11A collection of receipts for the purchase and sale of stocks for Frank Reed Kimball by various banks and stockbrokers1880-1881
12Correspondence concerning Frank R. Kimball's request for the transfer of church membership to the Church of the Advent, Boston1906
13Accounting of the trustees of the estate of Edward Dearborn Kimball for the benefit of Frank Reed Kimball1913
14Correspondence from his son, daughter-in-law, and grandson, covering a variety of topics, including the apparent sickness of Edward Kimball, as well as Frank Kimball's apparent estrangement with his son1907-1922, undated
15An essay outlining the principles of marriage and raising children, presumably written by Frank Reed Kimballundated
16An essay on the quality of young men entering the work place: offering advice to parents on raising young men to be prudent and thrifty, thus being able to support themselves as well as save moneyundated
17A book of pencil sketches of unidentified locations, except for "Dr. Mack's Farm House, St. Catherines." Most sketches are of buildings and country scenes; one appears to be of Niagara Fallsundated
18Miscellaneous materials relating to Frank Reed Kimball, containing letters, receipts, requests, etc., not fitting into other categories1869-1917, undated
19A collection of galley proofs of a newspaper article, presumably written by Frank R. Kimball, dealing with young people, and proofs of Frank R. Kimball's book, In Memoriam, Biography of Mrs. Susan Sawyer Kimballundated
20A pen and ink drawing of an hourglass with wings; three photographic prints: Maine Hall, Bowdoin College, and chapel interior, Bowdoin College; five unidentified individuals in costumeundated
B. Papers Related to Serope A. Güdajian
21Largely correspondence from Serope Güdajian to Frank R. Kimball. Kimball, along with Güdajian, was involved in a failed scheme to found an American-style university in Turkey. Included is an insurance policy on Güdajian's life with Frank Kimball as the beneficiary1874-1883, undated
C. Papers Related to Anglo-Israelism and the Anglo-Saxon Identity Association
22Requests for information and/or membership in the Anglo-Saxon Identity Association. Requests were sent to "D(earborn) Reed" 34 School Street, #12, Boston1892, undated
3Correspondence from Charles A. L. Totten, a prolific writer regarding the theory of Anglo-Israelism, i.e., relating the Anglo-Saxon race to the ten lost tribes of Israel1892-1893
4An essay outlining the history of the Jewish people and bringing in the ideas of Anglo-Israelism, presumably written by Frank Reed Kimballundated
5An essay, Genealogy of Brother Jonathan or The United States of America, presumably written by Frank Reed Kimball, in which he attempts to prove the origin of the English people is from the dispersion of the Jewsundated
D. Genealogical/Family History Papers
26Frank R. Kimball, genealogy-related correspondence1882-1903, undated
7A miscellaneous collection of handwritten and typed Material relating to the Kimball and Knight families, Presumably the work of Frank Reed Kimballundated
8A collection of genealogical notes related to the ancestry of The Kimball and Knight families, presumably collected by Frank Reed Kimballundated
9A genealogical notebook containing a few Family names with references to sources, presumably the Work of Frank Reed Kimballundated
10A typed biographical sketch of John S. Kimball, father of Susan Sawyer Kimball, presumably written by Frank Reed Kimballundated
11A typed biographical sketch with additions and notes of Edward Dearborn Kimball, presumably written by Frank Reed Kimballundated
SERIES II. Eleanor Brodhead Kimball Papers
31A collection of letters from Frank R. Kimball to his wife, before and after their marriage1875-1889, undated
2Letters to Eleanor Brodhead Kimball; paid receipts; a portion of the 17 July 1886 San Francisco Evening Post; two copies of the salon passenger list for the White Star Line steamer Majestic; and an undated address book attributed to Eleanor Brodhead Kimball1873-1901, undated
3A listing of furniture, the ownership of which was transferred from Frank R. Kimball to his wife, Eleanor Brodhead Kimball1891, 1898
4A collection of letters from Edward (Ward) Adams Kimball, primarily to his grandmother Susan S. Kimball; includes a picture of a doll dressed as a Scot, taken in Paris and referred to as her great-grandson1885-1890, undated
SERIES IV. Brodhead Family Papers
35Correspondence, etc., to and from members of the Brodhead family1844-1887, undated
SERIES V. Arnold Family Papers
36Correspondence dealing with a note owed by Edmund Arnold and a piece of land owned by his estate1879-1900
7Two trust agreements from Frank Reed Kimball to Catherine E. Arnold for the contents and personal property in two houses owned by Kimball and subject to the probate of his mother's and first wife's estates1904
7A trust agreement between Catherine E. Arnold and Frank Reed Kimball for a piece of property on Cape Breton Island owned by Arnold1904
SERIES VI. Edward Dearborn Kimball Papers
A. Business Papers
38Correspondence from his agents in various locations and related to business activity1832-1849
9Correspondence from his agents in various locations and related to business activity1850-1852
10Correspondence from his agents in various locations and related to business activity1853
41Correspondence from his agents in various locations and related to business activity1854-1856
2Correspondence from his agents in various locations and related to business activity1857-1864
3Receipts for funds paid to merchants and agents Charles H. Miller1859-1863
3Thomas P. Pingree, 3rd1858-1862
3Samuel Hill1859-1863
3Samuel Hultman1861
4Papers regarding the Staten Island Oil & Candle Co.1860-1861
5Accounts with commission merchants DeWitt, Kittle & Co., New York & San Francisco: includes accounts from the sale of candles acquired from the Staten Island Oil & Candle Co., and shipped by Edward D. Kimball; accountings of insurance claims filed for cargo damaged in shipment1861
6Demand notes of Charles Nelson; power of attorney given by Charles Nelson of Salem to Edward Dearborn Kimball1849
7Shipping papers1846-1856
B. Personal Papers
48Bill of sale for hay, livestock, wagons, farm implements, etc., purchased from William Phelan of Danvers1847
9Deed from Caleb A. Smith to Edward Dearborn Kimball for a plot of land and buildings in North Salem1855
10An agreement between E. D. Kimball and T. & J. Gifford, carpenters, for the construction of a house in North Danvers designed by architects Emmerton & Foster, including specifications for all aspects of the construction of the building, but no plans or diagrams1856
11Papers regarding the purchase of land and a building in Philadelphia1860-1861, undated
12Deed from Samuel B. and Martha Ann Pierce to Edward Dearborn Kimball for a plot of land in North Andover, Massachusetts1861
13Papers regarding bonds given to Edward Dearborn Kimball By John H. Floto1861-1866
14A stock agreement between Edward D. Kimball and Charles A. Lambard to purchase $100,000 worth of mortgage bonds of the Central Pacific Railroad of California1863
15Household and travel bills and receipts, including furniture, tableware, interior decorations, jewelry, clothing, hotel expenses, domestic and foreign, medical care, etc.1857-1869, undated
16Household and travel bills and receipts, including furniture; tableware, interior decorations, jewelry, clothing, hotel expenses, domestic and foreign, medical care, etc.1870-1899, undated
SERIES VII. Susan Sawyer Kimball Papers
51Two small pocket diaries attributed to Susan Sawyer Kimball, containing entries regarding visitors, correspondence, weather, etc.1878, 1893
2An account book with daily expenses listed1879-1895
3Bank drafts1873-1894
4Deeds, including a quitclaim deed for property on Pleasant Street, Salem, Susan S. Kimball to Frank R. Kimball; deed for the transfer of Susan S. Kimball's Pleasant Street property to Frank Reed Kimball for the sum of $1.00 "and other good considerations"1880
5Correspondence regarding property owned in Independence, Kansas1898-1899
6Miscellaneous papers, including a collection of notes and letters; a certificate of membership in the Massachusetts Aid Association, etc., (of interest is a letter from Prof. C. L. McCarthy outlining his theory of Anglo-Israelism and the lost tribe of Dan)1869-1898, undated
SERIES VIII. Elbridge Gerry Kimball Papers
57Memorandum book and cargo notebook for a voyage from Salem to Zanzibar, containing accounts of goods shipped and voyage related expenses, etc., a calling card for Elbridge G. Kimball1838-1839, undated
8Business correspondence related to cargoes and vessels, etc.1832-1849
9Wallet and papers removed from wallet--papers include notes, accounts, demand notes, receipts, gold memoranda from the Philadelphia Mint1845-1849, undated
10Accounts of the estate of Elbridge Gerry Kimball with Edward D. Kimball and Benjamin Westundated [1850]
SERIES IX. Nathaniel A. Kimball Papers
511Correspondence to and from Nathaniel Kimball Nathaniel Kimball1832-1853
SERIES X. Dearborn Family Papers
512Papers related to the estate of Phebe Dearborn1851, 1852, undated
13Wallet and papers removed from wallet, papers relate to the Dearborn family and contain receipts, notes, etc.1819-1853, undated
SERIES XI. Sarah Knight Kimball Papers
61A copy of the will of Sarah Knight Kimball, mother of Edward D. Kimball, Elbridge G. Kimball, Nathaniel A. Kimball, and Anna Maria Pingree (wife of David Pingree)1847
SERIES XII. Ships' Papers
A. Schooner America Belle
62Two insurance policies covering a cargo of rum, the property of Edward D. Kimball, to be shipped from New York to Salem1857
B. Brig Ann Elizabeth
63Bill of sale for 1/16th part of the brig Ann Elizabeth from Edward D. Kimball to Nathaniel A. Kimball1861
C. Bark Buckeye
64Bill of sale for 4/18ths of the bark Buckeye of Salem, from Franklin D. Reed to Edward Dearborn Kimball1853
D. Brig Gambia
65Shipping articles for a voyage from Salem to the West Coast of Africa and return1852
E. Bark Manchester
66Six insurance policies covering the cargo, vessel, profits, and freight on a voyage from Salem to the West Coast of Africa and return to the United States1856, 1857
7An insurance policy to cover gold belonging to Edward D. Kimball, shipped by Harridan's Express from Philadelphia to Boston or Salem (the gold was probably carried from West Africa to the United States aboard the bark Manchester)1857
8Six insurance policies covering the cargo, vessel, profits, and freight on a voyage from Salem to the West Coast of Africa and return to the United States, Edward D. Kimball, owner1857-1858
F. Brig Pactolus
69Invoices, bills of lading, and instructions to supercargo for a voyage from Salem to Cayenne1841
G. Brig Rolla
610Invoices, bills of lading, and instructions to the master for a voyage from Salem to Zanzibar1840
11Accounts for the homeward bound voyage from Madagascar and Zanzibar to Salem1840
H. Bark S. W. Porter
612Shipping articles for the bark S. W. Porter of Salem bound for the West Coast of Africa1857
I. Brig Tiberius
613Insurance policy covering a cargo of rum to be shipped from New York to Salem1857
SERIES XIII. Seaman's Protection Certificates
614A collection of protection certificates issued by local customs houses attesting to a seaman's citizenship in the United States. There are 48 of these, plus two affidavits issued by local officials attesting that two black men were free and citizens of the United States. Of the 50 individuals involved at least nine were African-American.1826-1857
SERIES XIV. Miscellaneous Materials
615"North Pole Adventure," six small handwritten notebooks copying the work of Joseph Latique LaJore (?) describing his 14 years among the Native American tribes in the polar region; a newspaper article with photograph of the North Pole taken by Dr. Cook1900-1909
16Miscellaneous material containing: notes, letters, poems, an address list, a bill of fare for Boston's Parker House, a proposal for The Woodruff Scientific Expedition Around the World, a copy of The Naturalists' Agency Monthly Bulletin1877, 1877-1928, undated
17Miscellaneous correspondence1852-1853
18Miscellaneous financial papers1861, 1873-1878
19Miscellaneous empty envelopes1883-1900, undated
20A Civil War-era 69-caliber projectile, fired from a muzzle-loading rifleundated
SERIES XV. Kimball-Related Images
621Photographs of Kimball family undated
71Photograph of a cottage [Comparison with nearby buildings in a photograph titled "Summer Cottage and Corinthian Yacht Club" in the Museum's photographic collection confirms that the cottage is the Kimball property on Marblehead Neck, on the ocean side, opposite the Cornithian Yacht Club]1898
2Silk drawings and mounted photographs of 94 Washington Square, Salem, MA [volume]1887, undated
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