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Ropes Emmerton & Company Records

Ropes Emmerton & Company Records

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SERIES I. Salem Office Records
A. Correspondence
11Correspondence sent [letterbook]1882-1884
2Correspondence sent [letterbook]1884-1886
21Correspondence sent [letterbook]1886-1887
2Correspondence sent [letterbook]1887-1889
31Correspondence sent [letterbook]1889-1890
2Correspondence sent [letterbook]1890-1891
41Correspondence sent [letterbook]1892-1893
2Correspondence sent [letterbook]1880-1902
Invoice sales book1880-1888
3Correspondence received1882-Feb. 1883
51Correspondence receivedMar.-Apr. 1883
2Correspondence receivedMay-June 1883
3Correspondence receivedJul.-Sep. 1883
4Correspondence receivedOct.-Dec. 1883
5Correspondence receivedJan.-Feb. 1884
6Correspondence receivedMar.-May 1884
7Correspondence receivedJune-Aug. 1884
61Correspondence receivedSep.-Dec. 1884
2Correspondence receivedJan.-Apr. 1885
3Correspondence receivedMay-Jul. 1885
4Correspondence receivedAug.-Sep. 1885
5Correspondence receivedOct.-Dec. 1885
6Correspondence receivedJan.-Mar. 1886
71Correspondence receivedApr.-June 1886
2Correspondence receivedJul.-Sep. 1886
3Correspondence receivedOct.-Nov. 1886
4Correspondence receivedDec. 1886-Jan. 1887
5Correspondence receivedFeb.-Mar. 1887
6Correspondence receivedApr.-May 1887
81Correspondence receivedJune-Aug. 1887
2Correspondence receivedSep.-Oct. 1887
3Correspondence receivedNov.-Dec. 1887
4Correspondence receivedJan.-Mar. 1888
5Correspondence receivedApr.-May 1888
6Correspondence receivedJune-Jul. 1888
91Correspondence receivedAug.-Sep. 17, 1888
2Correspondence receivedSep. 18-Oct. 1888
3Correspondence receivedNov.-Dec. 1888
4Correspondence receivedJan.-Feb. 1889
5Correspondence receivedMar.-May 1889
6Correspondence receivedJune-Jul. 1889
101Correspondence receivedAug.-Sep. 1889
2Correspondence receivedOct.-Nov. 1889
3Correspondence receivedDec. 1889-Jan. 1890
4Correspondence receivedFeb.-Apr. 1890
5Correspondence receivedMay-June 1899
6Correspondence receivedJul.-Aug. 1890
7Correspondence receivedSep.-Oct. 1890
111Correspondence receivedNov.-Dec. 1890
2Correspondence receivedJan.-Mar. 1891
3Correspondence receivedApr.-June 1891
4Correspondence receivedJul.-Aug. 1891
5Correspondence receivedSep.-Nov. 1891
6Correspondence receivedDec. 1891-Jan. 1892
7Correspondence receivedFeb.-Mar. 1892
121Correspondence receivedApr.-June 1892
2Correspondence receivedJul.-Sep. 1892
3Correspondence receivedOct.-Dec. 1892
4Correspondence receivedJan.-Mar. 1893
5Correspondence receivedApr.-June 1893
6Correspondence receivedJul.-Aug. 1893
131Correspondence receivedSep.-Oct. 1893
2Correspondence receivedNov.-Dec. 1893
3Correspondence receivedJan.-Feb. 1894
4Correspondence receivedMar.-Apr. 1894
5Correspondence receivedMay-Jul. 1894
6Correspondence receivedAug.-Oct. 1894
141Correspondence receivedNov 1894-Mar. 1895
2Correspondence receivedApr.-Dec. 1895
3Correspondence received1896-1897, undated
4Cables sent and received1886-1889
5Cables sent and received1889-1890
Vol. 1Aden cable code bookundated
Vol. 2Zanzibar cable code bookundated
B. Financial Records
Vol. 3Ledger1882-1897
Vol. 4Journal E1881-1882
Vol. 5Journal A1882-1886
Vol. 6Journal B1886-1889
Vol. 7Journal C1889-1897
Vol. 8Daybook1882-Apr. 1884
Vol. 9DaybookMay 1884-Sep. 1885
Vol. 10DaybookSep. 1885-Dec. 1886
Vol. 11DaybookJan. 1887-June 1888
Vol. 12DaybookJul. 1888-Jul. 1890
Vol. 13DaybookAug. 1890-Oct. 1892
Vol. 14DaybookOct. 1892-1902
146Cash book1884-1889
7Cash book1889-1895
151Petty cash books [2 volumes]1882-1892
2Trial balance book1887-1895
3Accounts current book1883-1893
4Bills payable and receivable book1880-1889
5Bills payable and receivable book1887-1893
161Shipping: Ships' account book1873-1886
Vol. 15Shipping: Ships' account book1878-1886
Vol. 16Shipping: Ships' account book1886-1894
Vol. 17Shipping: Invoice book1878-1885
Vol. 18Shipping: Invoice book1882-1890
Vol. 19Shipping: Invoice book1885-1893
Vol. 20Shipping: Invoice and sales book1879-1895
42Shipping: Invoice and sales book1880-1888
Vol. 21Shipping: Invoice and sales book1885-1892
162Shipping: Invoice and sales book1888-1891
Vol. 22Shipping: Invoice and sales book, leather1893-1894
5Cotton sheeting purchases1883
6Cotton sheeting purchases1884-1885
7Cotton sheeting purchases1886
8Cotton sheeting purchases1887
181Cotton sheeting purchases1888
2Cotton sheeting purchases1889
3Cotton sheeting purchases1890
4Cotton sheeting purchases1891
5Cotton sheeting purchases1892-1893
6Hides and rubber sales1883
7Hides and rubber sales1884
8Hides and rubber sales1885
9Hides and rubber sales1886
191Hides and rubber sales1887
2Hides and rubber sales1887-1888
3Hides and rubber sales1888
4Hides and rubber sales1889-1890
5Hides and rubber sales1891-1893
6Hides and rubber sales1894-1897
7Copal and firearms sales1883-1884
8Copal and firearms sales1885-1887, 1899
201Insurance policiesJan.-June 1883
2Insurance policiesJul.-Sep. 1883
3Insurance policiesNov. 1883-June 1884
4Insurance policiesJul. 1884-1885
5Insurance policiesFeb.-Sep. 1886
211Insurance policiesOct. 1886-Apr. 1887
2Insurance policiesMay-Sep. 1887
3Insurance policiesOct. 1887-Apr. 1888
4Insurance policiesMay-Dec. 1888
5Insurance policiesJan.-Jul. 1889
221Insurance policiesAug.-Dec. 1889
2Insurance policiesJan.-Aug. 1890
3Insurance policiesOct. 1890-Jan. 1891
4Insurance policiesFeb.-Oct. 1891
5Insurance policiesJan.-Jul. 1892
231Insurance policiesSep. 1892-Jan. 1893
2Insurance policiesMar.-Dec. 1893
3Insurance policies1894
4Insurance policies1895-1896
5Insurance policies register1874-1892
6Insurance policies record book1883-1892
7Bills and receipts1881-1882
241Bills and receipts1883
2Bills and receipts1884
3Bills and receipts1885
4Bills and receipts1886
5Bills and receipts1886
6Bills and receipts1887
7Bills and receipts1887
8Bills and receipts1888
24A1Bills and receipts1888
2Bills and receipts1889
3Bills and receipts1889
4Bills and receipts1890
5Bills and receipts1890
6Bills and receipts1891
7Bills and receipts1891
8Bills and receipts1892
9Bills and receipts1892
10Bills and receipts1893
24B1Bills and receipts1894
2Bills and receipts1894
3Bills and receipts1895-1897
251Bank books1882-1891
2Bank books1891-1901
C. Legal Papers
253Legal papers1882-1886
4Legal papers1887-1892
5Legal papers1893
6Dissolution of the Zanzibar agency1892
Series II. Partner and Agency Records
A. Arnold Hines & Company (New York)
257CorrespondenceJan.-Mar. 1883
8CorrespondenceApr.-June 1883
261CorrespondenceJul.-Sep. 1883
2CorrespondenceOct.-Dec. 1883
3CorrespondenceJan.-Mar. 1884
4CorrespondenceApr.-June 1884
5CorrespondenceJul.-Sep. 1884
6CorrespondenceOct.-Dec. 1884
7CorrespondenceJan.-Mar. 1885
8CorrespondenceApr.-June 1885
9CorrespondenceJul.-Sep. 1885
271CorrespondenceOct.-Dec. 1885
2CorrespondenceJan.-Mar. 1886
3CorrespondenceApr.-June 1886
4CorrespondenceJul.-Sep. 1886
5CorrespondenceOct.-Dec. 1886
6Accounts1882-May 1883
7AccountsJune-Sep. 1883
8AccountsOct.-Dec. 1883
9AccountsJan.-June 1884
281AccountsJul.-Oct. 1884
2AccountsOct.-Dec. 1884
3AccountsJan.-Apr. 1885
4AccountsMay-Oct. 1885
5AccountsOct.-Dec. 1885
6AccountsJan.-June 1886
7AccountsJul.-Oct. 30, 1886
291AccountsOct. 31-Dec. 1886
B. Arnold Cheney & Company (New York and London)
3CorrespondenceJan.-Mar. 1887
4CorrespondenceApr.-June 1887
5CorrespondenceJul.-Sep. 1887
6CorrespondenceOct.-Dec. 1887
7CorrespondenceJan.-Mar. 1888
8CorrespondenceApr.-June 1888
9CorrespondenceJul.-Dec. 1888
11CorrespondenceJan.-June 1890
301CorrespondenceJul.-Dec. 1890
2CorrespondenceJan.-June 1891
3CorrespondenceJul.-Dec. 1891
7Accounts1886-Feb. 1887
8AccountsMar.-Jul. 1887
311AccountsAug.-Dec. 1887
C. L.A. Bachelder (Senior Agent)
D. Aden Agencies: Aden, Bombay, Busreh, Muscat
322Correspondence received1882-1886
331Correspondence received1886-1893
2Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookJan. 1883-Mar. 1884
3Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookOct.-Dec. 1883
4Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookAug.-Oct. 1883
5Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookMar.-Aug. 1883
341Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookDec. 1882-Feb. 1883
2Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookOct.-Dec. 1882
3Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookDec. 1884-Mar. 1885
4Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookOct.-Dec. 1884
5Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookJul.-Oct. 1884
6Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookApr.-Jul. 1884
351Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookFeb.-Apr. 1884
2Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookApr.-Aug. 1886
3Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookDec. 1885-May 1886
4Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookAug.-Dec. 1885
5Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookMay-Aug. 1885
6Correspondence sent, Aden letterbookMar.-May 1885
361Correspondence sent, Aden, Bombay, Muscat letterbookOct. 1887-Mar. 1888
2Correspondence sent, Aden, Bombay, Muscat letterbookApr.-Oct. 1887
3Correspondence sent, Aden, Bombay, Muscat letterbookJan.-May 1887
4Correspondence sent, Aden, Bombay, Muscat letterbookOct. 1886-Jan. 1887
5Correspondence sent, Aden, Bombay, Muscat letterbookAug.-Oct. 1886
6Correspondence sent, Aden, Bombay, Muscat letterbookMar. 1894-Feb. 1895
371Correspondence sent, Aden, Bombay, Muscat letterbookOct. 1891-Mar. 1894
2Correspondence sent, Aden, Bombay, Muscat letterbookJan. 1889-Aug. 1891
3Correspondence sent, Aden, Bombay, Muscat letterbookMar. 1888-Jan. 1889
4Correspondence sent, loose correspondence1883, 1899
5Aden accounts1882-May 1883
6Aden accountsJune-Oct. 1883
7Aden accountsNov.-Dec. 1883
381Aden accountsJan.-Mar. 1884
2Aden accountsApr.-Jul. 1884
3Aden accountsAug. 1884-Feb. 1885
4Aden accountsMar.-Jul. 1885
5Aden accountsAug. 1885-Jan. 1886
6Aden accountsFeb.-June 1886
7Aden accountsJul.-Oct. 1886
8Aden accountsNov. 1886-Apr. 1887
391Aden accountsMay-Jul. 1887
2Aden accountsAug. 1887-Mar. 1888
3Aden accountsApr. 1888-1893
4Bombay accounts1883-Apr. 1885
5Bombay accountsMay 1885-1887
6Busreh accounts1882-1887
7Muscat accounts1882-May 1885
8Muscat accountsJune 1885-1887
E. London Agency
401Correspondence sent [letterbook]Oct. 1885-Apr. 1886
2Correspondence sent, letterbookMay-Sep. 1885
3Correspondence sent, letterbookNov. 1884-May 1885
4Correspondence sent, letterbookJune-Nov. 1884
5Correspondence sent, letterbookFeb.-May 1884
6Correspondence sent, letterbookNov. 1883-Feb. 1884
7Correspondence sent, letterbookJune-Nov. 1883
411Correspondence sent, letterbookJan.-June 1883
2Correspondence sent, letterbookMay 1892-Jul. 1893
3Correspondence sent, letterbookJul. 1891-May 1892
4Correspondence sent, letterbookOct. 1890-Jul. 1891
5Correspondence sent, letterbookDec. 1889-Oct. 1890
6Correspondence sent, letterbookDec. 1887-Dec. 1889
7Correspondence sent, letterbookNov. 1886-Nov. 1887
421Correspondence sent, letterbookApr.-Nov. 1886
2Correspondence sent, loose correspondence1886-1897
F. Madagascar Agencies: Antananarivo. Majunga, Mananjara, Mozambique, Nossi Be, Tamatave
424Correspondence received, Madagascar and Zanzibar letterbook1883-1885
5Correspondence received, Madagascar and Zanzibar letterbook1885-1888
431Correspondence received, Madagascar and Zanzibar letterbook1888-1890
2Correspondence received, Madagascar and Zanzibar letterbook1890-1894
3Correspondence received, Madagascar letterbook1890-1891
441Correspondence sent, letterbookOct. 1886-Apr. 1887
2Correspondence sent, letterbookDec. 1885-Oct. 1886
3Correspondence sent, letterbookMay 1885-Feb. 1886
4Correspondence sent, letterbookAug. 1884-June 1885
5Correspondence sent, letterbookMay-Oct. 1884
6Correspondence sent, letterbookFeb.-May 1884
451Correspondence sent, letterbookApr.-Dec. 1889
2Correspondence sent, letterbookNov. 1888-Apr. 1889
3Correspondence sent, letterbookApr.-Oct. 1888
4Correspondence sent, letterbookOct. 1887-Apr. 1888
5Correspondence sent, letterbookJul.-Oct. 1887
6Correspondence sent, letterbookMar.-June 1887
7Correspondence sent, letterbookMay 1893-May 1894
461Correspondence sent, letterbookJan.-Jul. 1893
2Correspondence sent, letterbookMay-Dec. 1892
3Correspondence sent, letterbookMay 1891-Apr. 1892.
4Correspondence sent, letterbookAug. 1890-Apr. 1891
5Correspondence sent, letterbookDec. 1889-Jul. 1890
6Correspondence sent, loose correspondence1884, 1890-1897
471Antananarivo accounts1884-1895
2Majunga accounts1882-1883, 1886-1887
3Majunga accounts1888-June 1889
4Majunga accountsJul. 1889-1891
5Majunga ledger1886-1888
6Majunga ledger1889-1890
481Majunga journal1886-1889
Majunga daybook1889
2Majunga journal1889-1891
3Majunga daybook1886-1888
Vol. 23Majunga daybook1890-1891
484Majunga invoice book1889-1890
5Majunga invoice book1890-1891
491Mananjara accounts1893
2Mozambique accounts1883, 1887-1891
3Nossi Be accounts1883-Oct. 1886
4Nossi Be accountsNov. 1886-Sep. 1888
5Nossi Be accountsOct. 1888-1889
6Nossi Be accounts1890-1891
501Nossi Be ledger1886-1889
2Nossi Be ledger1889-1891
3Nossi Be journal1886-1889
4Nossi Be daybook1883-1886
Vol. 24Nossi Be daybook1886-1889
505Tamatave accounts1882-1884
6Tamatave accounts1885
511Tamatave accounts1886
2Tamatave accounts1887
3Tamatave accountsJan.-Sep. 1888
4Tamatave accountsOct. 1888-Apr. 1889
5Tamatave accountsMay-Oct. 1889
6Tamatave accountsNov. 1889-Apr. 1890
521Tamatave accountsMay-Oct. 1890
2Tamatave accountsNov. 1890-Apr. 1891
3Tamatave accountsMay-Jul. 1891
4Tamatave accountsAug.-Dec. 1891
5Tamatave accountsJan.-June 1892
6Tamatave accountsJul.-Oct. 1892
531Tamatave accountsNov. 1892-Apr. 1893
2Tamatave accountsMay-Oct. 1893
3Tamatave accountsNov. 1893-May 1894
4Tamatave accountsJune-Dec. 1894, undated
5Tamatave accounts, copybookSep. 1884-Jul. 1885
6Tamatave accounts, copybookSep. 1885-Feb. 1886
541Tamatave accounts, copybookFeb.-Aug. 1886
2Tamatave accounts, copybookAug. 1886-Apr. 1887
3Tamatave accounts, copybookApr.-Jul. 1887
4Tamatave accounts, copybookAug.-Dec. 1887
5Tamatave ledger1883-1887
E.A. Emmerton accounts1875-1879
551Tamatave ledger1887-1890
Vol. 25Tamatave ledger1887-1894
Vol. 26Tamatave journal1891-1894
552Tamatave daybook1892-1894
G. Zanzibar Agencies: Benadir, Zanzibar
424Correspondence received, Madagascar and Zanzibar letterbook1883-1885
5Correspondence received, Madagascar and Zanzibar letterbook1885-1888
431Correspondence received, Madagascar and Zanzibar letterbook1888-1890
2Correspondence received, Madagascar and Zanzibar letterbook1890-1894
553Correspondence sent, letterbookFeb.-Mar. 1884
4Correspondence sent, letterbookOct. 1883-Feb. 1884
561Correspondence sent, letterbookAug.-Oct. 1883
2Correspondence sent, letterbookMay-Aug. 1883
3Correspondence sent, letterbookMar.-May 1883
4Correspondence sent, letterbookJan.-Mar. 1883
5Correspondence sent, letterbookDec. 1882-Feb. 1883
6Correspondence sent, letterbookJune-Nov. 1886
7Correspondence sent, letterbookOct. 1885-Jul. 1886
571Correspondence sent, letterbookMay-Oct. 1885
2Correspondence sent, letterbookOct. 1884-May 1885
3Correspondence sent, letterbookJul.-Oct. 1884
4Correspondence sent, letterbookFeb.-Jul. 1884
5Correspondence sent, letterbookApr.-Aug. 1888
6Correspondence sent, letterbookJan.-May 1888
581Correspondence sent, letterbookSep. 1887-Jan. 1888
2Correspondence sent, letterbookJune-Sep. 1887
3Correspondence sent, letterbookJan.-June 1887
4Correspondence sent, letterbookOct.-Dec. 1886
5Correspondence sent, letterbookSept.-Oct. 1889
6Correspondence sent, letterbookJul.-Sep. 1889
591Correspondence sent, letterbookMay-Jul. 1889
2Correspondence sent, letterbookJan.-May 1889
3Correspondence sent, letterbookDec. 1888-Jan. 1889
4Correspondence sent, letterbookSep.-Dec. 1888
5Correspondence sent, letterbookAug. 1890
6Correspondence sent, letterbookMay-Aug. 1890
601Correspondence sent, letterbookMay 1890
2Correspondence sent, letterbookFeb.-May 1890
3Correspondence sent, letterbookJan.-Feb. 1890
4Correspondence sent, letterbookDec. 1889-Jan. 1890
5Correspondence sent, letterbookOct.-Dec. 1889
6Correspondence sent, letterbookOct. 1891-Feb. 1892
7Correspondence sent, letterbookJul.-Oct. 1891
611Correspondence sent, letterbookMay-June 1891
2Correspondence sent, letterbookJan.-Mar. 1891
3Correspondence sent, letterbookNov. 1890-Jan. 1891
4Correspondence sent, letterbookOct.-Nov. 1890
5Correspondence sent, letterbookJul.-Sep. 1890
6Correspondence sent, letterbookJune 1893-June 1894
621Correspondence sent, letterbookApr. 1892-Apr. 1893
2Correspondence sent, letterbookDec. 1891-Apr. 1892
3Correspondence sent, letterbookDec. 1891
4Correspondence sent, loose correspondence1890-1891
5Benadir accounts1887-Apr. 1889
6Benadir accountsMay 1889-Apr. 1890
7Benadir accountsMay 1890-1891
8Zanzibar accounts1882-1883
631Zanzibar accounts1884-Feb. 1885
2Zanzibar accountsMar.-Dec. 1885
3Zanzibar accounts1886
4Zanzibar accountsJan.-Sept. 1887
5Zanzibar accountsOct. 1887-Jan. 1888
6Zanzibar accountsFeb-Dec. 1888
7Zanzibar accounts1889
641Zanzibar accountsJan.-May 1890
2Zanzibar accountsJune-Dec. 1890
3Zanzibar accounts1891
4Zanzibar accounts1892-1894, undated
Vol. 27Zanzibar ledger1890-1892
Vol. 28Zanzibar journal1884-1886
Vol. 29Zanzibar journal1886-1888
Vol. 30Zanzibar journal1889-1892
645Zanzibar invoice book1887-1891
6Zanzibar and Aden exchange ratesundated
H. Miscellaneous Agencies
647Correspondence sent, loose correspondence1883-1895
8Alleppy accounts1884-1887
651Mauritius accounts1884-1890
2Miscellaneous agencies accounts1884-1888
Series III. Ships' Papers
653Alice Reed (Bark)1891-1892
4Annie M. Small (Ship)1888-1891
5Annie Reed (Bark)1883-1885
6Essex (Bark)1882-1883
7Essex (Bark)1884-1888
8Glide (Bark)1882
9Glide (Bark)Jan.-June 1883
10Glide (Bark)Jul. 1883
661Glide (Bark)Aug.-Dec. 1883
2Glide (Bark)Feb.-Mar. 1884
3Glide (Bark)Apr.-Jul. 1884
4Glide (Bark)Aug. 1884
5Glide (Bark)Sept. 1884-June 1885
6Glide (Bark)Jul. 1-14, 1885
7Glide (Bark)Jul. 15-Dec. 1885
8Glide (Bark)Jan.-May 1886
9Glide (Bark)June-Nov. 1886
671Glide (Bark)Dec. 1886-Feb. 1887
2Glide (Bark)Mar. 1887
3Glide (Bark)June-Oct. 1887
4Glide (Bark)Nov.-Dec. 1887
5Glide (Bark)Jan.-Mar. 5, 1888
6Glide (Bark)Mar. 06-Apr. 1888
7Glide (Bark)May-July, 1888, undated
8Jane Adeline (Brig)1883-1884
9John Worcester (Ship)1883
681Lizzie H. (Ship)1886-1887
2Lottie Moore (Bark)1887-Aug. 1888
3Lottie Moore (Bark)Sept. 1888-June 1889
4Lottie Moore (Bark)Jul. 1889-1890
5Oakland (Ship)1883-1886
6Pharos (Ship)1883-1884
Pilgrim (Bark)1887-1888
7Rembrandt (Ship)1883
Rosie Welt (Ship)1882-1883
Samar (Bark)1888-1889
8Sarah S. Ridgeway (Bark)1890-1892
9Stillman B. Allen (Bark)1882-1884
10Taria Topan (Bark)1882
691Taria Topan (Bark)Jan.-Jul. 1883
2Taria Topan (Bark)Aug-Dec. 1883
3Taria Topan (Bark)Jan.-Mar. 1884
4Taria Topan (Bark)Apr.-Jul. 1884
5Taria Topan (Bark)Aug.-Dec. 1884
6Taria Topan (Bark)Jan.-Jul. 1885
7Taria Topan (Bark)Aug.-Dec. 1885
701Taria Topan (Bark)Jan.-Aug. 23, 1886
2Taria Topan (Bark)Aug. 24, 1886-Feb. 1887
3Taria Topan (Bark)Mar.-Aug. 1887
4Taria Topan (Bark)Sep.-Nov. 1887
5Taria Topan (Bark)Nov.-Dec. 1887
711Taria Topan (Bark)Jan.-Apr. 18, 1888
2Taria Topan (Bark)Apr. 19-Aug. 1888
3Taria Topan (Bark)Sep. 1888-Jan. 1889
4Taria Topan (Bark)Feb.-June 1889
5Taria Topan (Bark)June-Oct. 1889
6Taria Topan (Bark), protestNov. 04, 1889
721Taria Topan (Bark)Nov.-Dec. 1889
2Taria Topan (Bark)Jan.-Sep. 1890
3Taria Topan (Bark)Oct.-Dec. 1890
4Taria Topan (Bark)Feb.-Jul. 1891
5Taria Topan (Bark)Aug.-Dec. 1891
6Taria Topan (Bark)Mar.-Apr. 1892
7Taria Topan (Bark)May-Nov. 1892
731Taria Topan (Bark)Dec. 1892-1893
2Thomas A. Goodard (Bark)1890-1891
3Miscellaneous shipping papers1883-1887
Series IV. Pratt Read & Company Records
741Correspondence and reports1883-June 1884
2Correspondence and reportsJul. 1884-Aug. 1886
3Correspondence and reportsSep. 1886-Jul. 1888
4Correspondence and reportsAug. 1888-Oct. 1890
5Correspondence and reportsNov. 1890-Mar. 1892
6Correspondence and reportsApr. 1892-May 1893
751Correspondence and reportsJune 1893-May 1894
2Correspondence and reportsJune 1894-Mar. 1895
3Correspondence and reportsApr.-Nov. 1895
4Correspondence and reportsDec. 1895-1896
5Correspondence and reports1897-Apr. 1898
6Correspondence and reportsMay 1898-Sep. 1899
761Correspondence and reportsOct. 1899-1901
4Inventories1899, undated
5Legal papers1890-1897
6Miscellaneous financial papers1875-1897
Series V. Miscellaneous Papers
771William G. Webb guardianship receipts for the Kerivan children1874-1876
2William G. Webb guardianship receipts for the Kerivan children1877-1878
3William G. Webb guardianship receipts for the Kerivan children1879-1880
4Miscellaneous papers1867-1892, undated
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