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Edwin Tappan Adney (1868-1950) Papers

Edwin Tappan Adney (1868-1950) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Linguistics
A. Language and Grammar
11Notes about different languages1947, undated
2Notes about Maliseet language1944-1949, undated
46(OS)1Notes about Micmac language1938, 1950
13Notes about Micmac language1946, undated
4Classifications of health, sickness, medicine, and well-beingundated
5Classifications, parts of the bodyundated
7Collective vowels1940-1945
8Maliseet propositions and adverbsundated
9Etymology1947, undated
10Names of similar form and construction given to different objects, Beothuk and Algonkianundated
11Algonkian family1927-1934, undated
12St. Francis Abenakiundated
21Beothuk language1949, undated
2Notes on European languagesundated
3Beginnings and evolution of Maliseet writing language1941-1946, undated
4Notes on the alphabet1941-1948, undated
5Family and tribal names1943-1945, undated
6Kinship, personsundated
7The "Penobscots"undated
8Notes on various topics1945-1946, undated
9Maliseet textsundated
10Maliseet text revisionundated
11"The Language of the Malecite or Etchemin Dialect of Algonkian", first draft1948-1949
31"The Language of the Malecite or Etchemin Dialect of Algonkian", first draft (continued)1948-1949
2"The Language of the Beothuk or Red Indians of Newfoundland: an Algonkian Dialect"1946, undated
3"The Beothuk or Red Indians of Newfoundland: an Algonkian People"1945-1949
4"The Language of the Malecite or Etchemin Indians: Illustrating a Method of Analysis…"1943, undated
5"The Common Alphabet and Its Relation of the Primary Elements of Speech…"undated
6"Alphabetical Methods of Analysis"1942-1944, undated
7"The Language of the Beothuk or Red Indians of Newfoundland: a Dialect of Algonkian"1941
8"A New Method of Language Analysis"1945-1947, undated
41"A New Method of Language Analysis", notes/part of a manuscript1940-1945
2Introduction to a manuscriptundated
3"The Malecite or Etchemin Language, a Dialect of the Algonkian Family of Languages…"1935-1944, undated
4"Malecite Grammar and Analysis"1942
5"The River People"1950
6Forms of the verb, non-declarative1942
7Plan of layout for record of the Malecite language1944, undated
8Plan of layout for record of the Malecite language (continued)1944, undated
51Malecite language, part of a manuscript1944-1945, undated
2Grammar and vocabulary, notes/part of a manuscript1942-1949, undated
3Grammar and vocabulary, notes/part of a manuscript1942-1947, undated
4Grammar and vocabulary, notes/part of a manuscript1940-1944, undated
5Grammar and vocabulary, notes/part of a manuscript1943-1945, undated
6Method of analysis, notes/part of a manuscript1945-1946, undated
61Method of analysis, roots1945-1948, undated
2Method of analysis, primary particles1941-1947, undated
3Method of analysis, vocalizations not primary1947, undated
4Methods of analysis, particle groups1942-1947, undated
5"B" particle groups1942-1949, undated
6"BP" particleundated
7"BP" particle analysis1943-1946, undated
8"The BP particle of lips and particle groups in which BP is one of the two elements"1943, undated
9"BP" particle of lips1942-1943, undated
10"D" particle1942-1948, undated
11"Dji, Tshi, Tchi, Chi" particles1940-1947, undated
71"DT" particle1942-1946, undated
2"G" particle group1942-1949, undated
3"The Instrumental Suffix –GUN in the Languages of the Algonkian Indians"1946, undated
4"K" particle group1940-1943, undated
5"K_dt" particle1940-1946, undated
6"The KG particle and Particle Groups in which KG is One of the Twp Elements"undated
7"K_kg" particle1940-1947, undated
8"K_k" particle1944, undated
9"Kg_sz" particleundated
10"K_l" particleundated
11"K_m" particle1942-1945, undated
12"K_n, G_n" particle1944-1947, undated
13"K_r" particleundated
14"L" particle group1945-1947, undated
81"L" particle group1945-1946
2"L" particle group1945-1948, undated
3"L" particle group1946, undated
4"The L Particle Verb to Go"1943
5"L" particle group1946-1949, undated
6"L" particle group1942-1946, undated
91"L" particle group1940-1947, undated
2"L" particle group1942-1945, undated
3"L" particle group1942-1950, undated
4"L" particle group, Eskimo language1947
5"M" particle group1942-1948, undated
6"M" particle group1943-1947, undated
7"M" particle, resemblance, similarity, expressing movement1940-1948, undated
8"The M particle of Mouth, and Particle Groups in which M is one of the two elements…"1943, undated
9"M" particle, action of the mouth, eating1941-1947, undated
10"M" particle, action of the mind1945-1946, undated
11"Ma" particle, negation1945-1947, undated
101"M" particle, horizontal extension1942-1945, undated
2"M_l" particle group1947, undated
3"M_n" particle group, inside hand1946, undated
4"M_sz" particle groupundated
5"N" particle group1941-1948, undated
6"N" particle group1942-1949, undated
7"N" particle of hand1941-1945, undated
8"N" particle of noseundated
9"_Os" particle group1942, undated
10"P" particle group1939-1948, undated
11"P_, Pb_" particle group1943-1946, undated
111"S" particle group1940-1948, undated
2"S" particle group1942-1949, undated
3"Sz" particle group1941-1946, undated
4"T" particle group1943-1947, undated
5"Td" particle group1941-1946, undated
6"The Td particle and particle groups in which DT is one of the two elements"1943, undated
7"W" particle group1936-1948, undated
8"W" particle group1942-1948
9"W" particle group1940, undated
10"W" particle group, unfinished [manuscript?]1944, undated
121"W" particle, breath1946, undated
2"The W Particle of Breath and Particle Groups in Which the W Sound is One of the Two Elements"undated
3Miscellaneous language and grammar notes1931-1949, undated
4Miscellaneous language notes1947-1949, undated
5Miscellaneous language notes1947-1948, undated
6Linguistic notes1848, undated
7Linguistic notes, unsorted1931, 1945-1948, undated
8Miscellaneous linguistic notes1946-1947, undated
9Miscellaneous notes1935-1946, undated
131Notations [notes]1945-1950, undated
2Notebooks with linguistic dataundated
3Notebooks with linguistic dataundated
4Extracts from A First Reading Book in the Micmac Language by Rand1948, undated
5Introduction to the Study of Indian Languages, by J. W. Powell1880
6Notes removed from Introduction to the Study of Indian Languages [1880], by J. W. Powell 1948-1949, undated
B. Vocabulary
141Vocabulary notes1943, undated
2Parts, namesundated
3Evolution, Malecite language and vocabulary1943-1948
4Natural history1945
5Names of the calendar and colors1944, undated
6Tribal names1946-1947, undated
7Place names1946, undated
8Personal and family namesundated
9Algonkian names based on sense of smellundated
10Penobscot names of animals and various objects from [Frank] Speck's Penobscot Manundated
11Beothuk language vocabularyundated
12Maliseet verbs1940
13Maliseet verbs1941-1942, undated
14Father Pacifique, Restigouche Micmacsundated
15Plants, trees, and foodundated
151Maliseet vocabulary notes1941-1950, undated
2Maliseet language and vocabulary1945-1948, undated
3Maliseet language, grammar, and vocabularyundated
5Collective vowel and vowel sounds in generalundated
6Examples of European particles1941, undated
7Vocabulary tools1940, undated
8Miscellaneous language and vocabulary notes1941
9Miscellaneous language and vocabulary notes1942-1948, undated
10Miscellaneous language and vocabulary notes1948-1949, undated
161Miscellaneous language and vocabulary notes1940-1941, undated
2Vocabulary notes1942-1950, undated
3Vocabulary notescirca 1939-1940
4Vocabulary notes1941-1947, undated
5Vocabulary notes1944-1945, undated
6Vocabulary notesundated
171"The Malecite or Etchemin Language: A Dialect of Algonkian…"1941
2"The Malecite or Etchemin Language: A Dialect of Algonkian…" (continued)1941
3"Malecite Vocabulary with Analysis"1941, undated
4"Malecite Vocabulary with Analysis" (continued)1941, undated
5Vocabulary notes; appear to be part of a manuscript1948-1949, undated
6Vocabulary notes; appear to be part of a manuscript1948-1949, undated
SERIES II. Individual Tribes
181Beothuk, notes about1945-1949, undated
2Beothuk, notes about1934-1950, undated
3Beothuk, red paint culture1945-1948, undated
4Red paint culture1945-1949, undated
5Original Blackfoot Texts from the Southern Peigans Blackfoot reservation Teton County Montana, by C. C. Uhlenbeck, with Adney's notes1911, undated
6[Blackfeet], Eastern homeland1947, undated
7Blackfeet notes1947-1950, undated
8Blackfeet notes1947-1949, undated
191Eskimo notes and sketches1885, 1948, undated
2Eskimo notes and sketches1932, undated
3Iroquois notes and sketches1880, 1926-1930, undated
4Iroquois people and placesundated
5"Extracts from Officially Authorized Indian Version of the Founding of the Great League of Peace, or Iroquois Confederacy…"1924-1941
6News clippings about Iroquois1927-1929, undated
7Iroquois warsundated
8Maliseet Theogony1942-1943, undated
9"The Mythical Legendary Beings of the Malecite Indians of New Brunswick and Eastern Maine"1942
10"The Mythical Legendary Beings of the Malecite Indians of New Brunswick and Eastern Maine" (continued)1942
11Maliseet theogony and primitive astronomy1945-1946, undated
201Maliseet natural historyundated
2"Milicete Indian Natural History", paper presented to the Linnaean Society1892
3"The Natural History of the Malecite Indians of New Brunswick and Eastern Maine, from the Standpoint of their Names"undated
4Maliseet natural history, birds1949, undated
5Maliseet natural history, water birds1942, undated
6Maliseet natural history, Herons1943, undated
7Maliseet natural history, land birds1940, undated
8Maliseet natural history, Eagles1940-1942, undated
9Maliseet natural history, Owls1943-1944, undated
10Maliseet natural history, Woodpeckers1940-1949, undated
11"Bird Names of the Malecite Indians…"1937
12"Old Malecite Stories"1926-1949, undated
13"Old Malecite Stories" (continued)1947-1949, undated
211Maliseets, Lescarbot, Champlain1947-1950, undated
2Maliseet historical notes1937-1942, undated
4Maliseet, archaeology of St. John River1932-1937, undated
5Maliseet bowl gameundated
6Maliseet families1934-1947, undated
7Maliseet families (continued)1948-1949, undated
8Maliseet families (continued)1945-1949, undated
9Maliseet ethnologyundated
221Maliseet natural history1945-1950, undated
2Maliseet natural history1944-1950, undated
3Maliseet natural history, Fisher Black Cat1944-1945, undated
4Maliseet natural history1944-1945, undated
5Maliseet natural history1944, undated
6Maliseet natural history1940-1949, undated
231Maliseet natural history1947-1949, undated
2"The Natural History of the Malecite or Etchemin Indians…", introduction1945-1946, undated
3Maliseet unsorted [inquiries]1945-1949, undated
4Maliseet portrait sketches and photographs1888-1903, 1938, undated
5Maliseet sketches and photographs1887-1896, 1920, undated
6Maliseet pictorial signatures1926-1940
7Drawings on birch bark of marks used by Maliseets on their canoes and paddles; some of the images are identified as Micmac1890, 1920-1927, undated
2Passamaquoddy general notes1926, 1945-1946, undated
3"The ancestry of the St. John River Passamaquoddy and Old Penobscot Indians"undated
4Photograph of Ute tribeundated
5Notes on Western tribes1949, undated
45(OS)1Noes on Western tribes1910
246Miscellaneous notes on First Nations1901, 1945-1947, undated
7Miscellaneous notes on First Nations with drawings1890, undated
SERIES III. Other Research/Topics of Interest
A. Canoes
248Athapascan-Eskimo canoes1931-1932, undated
9Athapascan-Eskimo canoes, material from Hearneundated
10Athapascan-large canoes, Chipewyanundated
11Athapascan-large canoes, slavery1916, undated
12Athapascan-large canoes, yellow knivesundated
13Beothuk canoe notes with linguistic references1927-1942
46(OS)2Beothuk canoes, sketchesundated
2414Dogribs-large canoesundated
15Dogribs-small canoes1913, undated
16Eastern Woodlands elm and spruce canoesundated
251Middle Mackenzie River canoesundated
2Montagnais canoesundated
3Tierra del Fuego, "Fuegian Canoe", indigenous canoes1910, 1932, undated
45(OS)2Tierra del Fuego indigenous canoes1904, 1935
254Western Cree-large canoesundated
5Yellow knives-small canoesundated
6Yukon canoes, general information and miscellaneous notes1928, undated
7Yukon canoes, notes from various publications1885, undated
8Yukon canoes, materials relating to Aleuts and Eskimos1887, undated
9Yukon canoes, relating to lower Yukonundated
10Yukon canoes, lower and middle Yukon Eskimo canoe forms, some notes from G. A. Pinkerundated
11Yukon canoes, middle and upper Yukon canoes and models from Tara, Dall, and Copper Rivers (most seen at Dawson)1885-1898, 1932, undated
12Yukon canoes, middle and upper Yukon, Tanana and Copper Rivers, notes from Allenundated
13Yukon canoes, Ft. Yukon-lower Mackenzie River, notes from Mason's The Arctic Forests1932, undated
14Yukon canoes, middle and upper Yukon Dall River, notes from Report of the Nunivak-Operationscirca 1900, undated
15Yukon canoes, lower and middle Yukon, notes from Stuckundated
16Yukon canoes, upper Yukon with particular reference to Schwatka1924, undated
17Yukon canoes, lower and middle Yukon, notes from Whymperundated
18Other early water transportationundated
19Photograph of a canoeundated
20Canoe collection1910, 1929-1948
21"The Adney Canoe-Model Collection"undated
22Descriptions of remaining canoe models1940
23Agreements with Mariners' Museum to purchase canoe collection1931-1946
24Miscellaneous notes about canoes1946, undated
25Miscellaneous notes about canoes1950, undated
46(OS)3Sketches of various canoes1898, 1913, undated
Flat file 1Sketches of canoes1898, 1927-1933, undated
46(OS)4Sketches of canoersundated
B. Heraldic Art
261Monumental brasses and effigiesundated
2Pedigree and genealogy for heraldry studyundated
3Roll of arms1901-1902, undated
4Canadian crests1922-1929, undated
5Canadian crests Ffoulkes1922, undated
6Canadian crests, Warenneundated
7Description of crestsundated
8Heraldry art and "science"undated
10Sketches of deerundated
11Heraldry from around the world1922-1928, undated
271Heraldic art manuscriptundated
2French heraldry, including Canada1910 1928, undated
4Heraldry sketches of crests1916, undated
5Heraldry sketchesundated
Flat file 2Heraldry sketchesundated
276"Heraldic Design: Guide to the Interpretation of Modern British Heraldic Materials in Terms of Medieval Armory", outline of proposed book1924
7"The Colors of Heraldry"undated
8Notes about Thomas Wall's Book of Crests, [1530]undated
9News clippings about heraldry1929, undated
Flat file 2News clippings about heraldryundated
2710Miscellaneous notes1895, undated
11Miscellaneous notes1949, undated
281Miscellaneous notes1924, undated
2Miscellaneous notesundated
C.Treaties/Political Status of First Nations
291"Copies of signatures of delegates of the Eastern Indians to Treaty of [1713-1714] and 1717…"undated
2Original documents from Maliseet treaties, with transcriptions1848, undated
46(OS)5Maliseet treaties1848
293Pamphlet on Native American subscription1940
4House of Commons debate about the limitation of education in First Nations schools1949
5Native citizenshipundated
6Notes on treaties and political rights1940, undated
7Notes on rightsundated
8Miscellaneous notes on treaties1947, undated
9News clippings about treaties and political status1943-1949, undated
Flat file 2News clippings about treaties, political status, and rights1943-1949, undated
D. Mythology, Astronomy, and Natural History
2910The number sevenundated
13Ursa Majorundated
15Turtle1946, undated
16"The Astronomy of the Malecite Indians of New Brunswick"undated
17Astronomy, directions, divisions of time, winds1944-1948, undated
18Astronomy, directions, divisions of time, winds (continued)undated
20"The Months in Kennebec 1724 (Rasles)"undated
21[First Nations'] calendars1946, undated
301Miscellaneous astronomy1942-1947, undated
2Fiddleheads 1948, undated
45(OS)3Fiddleheads1948, undated
303Plants and trees1913, 1940-1948, undated
4Winds and natural history notes1947-1949, undated
5Glooskap1946-1948, undated
6Glooskap, origins and familyundated
7Notes on Kuloskap the Master1902, undated
9Tall stories, folklore, balladsundated
10Naskapi professional conjuring1922, 1946, undated
11Maliseet and other First Nations' natural history and myths1943-1948, undated
311Maliseet and other First Nations' natural history and myths1943-1949, undated
2Maliseet and other First Nations' natural history and myths1942-1950, undated
45(OS)3Maliseet and other First Nations' natural history and myths1948
313Maliseet and other First Nations' natural history and myths1946-1948, undated
4"The Natural history of the Maliseet or Etchemin Indians"1940
5Religion1946, undated
6"Chi-bel'-akw, the Charon of the Malecite Indians"undated
7General mythology1944-1947, undated
8Mythical beings1942-1943, undated
9Mythical beings, Chibelakw "7"1944, undated
321"The Chi-bel'-akw or Chibel-ak'-we the Charon of the Malecite Indians of New Brunswick"1945, undated
2Maliseet folklore, "Chi-bel-akw"1942, undated
3"Myths and Legends" uncompletedundated
4Medéulins1945, undated
5Myths and magic1942-1948, undated
6Fairies1944-1949, undated
7Dragons, Wiwilamenkw1946, undated
8Wi-wil-a-menkw1949, undated
9Wi-wil-a-menkw1945-1946, undated
10Wi-wil-a-menkw1945, undated
11Figures, mythical beasts: dragon –serpent, unicorn, he-goat (with wild boar)undated
12"The Dragon Myth"1945, undated
331"Mythical Beings of the Malecite Indians of New Brunswick and Eastern Maine"1942
2"The Dragon Myth of the Northeastern Algonkians"undated
3Eastern First Nations' natural history1945-1947, undated
4Miscellaneous natural history1950, undated
46(OS)6Map of Lake Missinaibiundated
E. Ethnology
335First Nations' reserves in the Micmac countryundated
6"Some Indian Place Names in New Brunswick and adjacent territory, with rectifications of earlier Translations"1948, undated
7Notes about First Nations' place names1938-1949, undated
8Notes about First Nations' place names1943-1949, undated
341Notes about First Nations' place names1944-1950, undated
2Notes about First Nations' place names1945-1949, undated
3Notes about First Nations' place names1945-1949, undated
4Notes about First Nations' place names1946-1949, undated
5Notes about First Nations' place names1947-1949, undated
7"Similarity and Dissimilarity in Human Culture"1947
8Notes about dwellings, marriage, shamanism, and Medaulinundated
9"Color Names and Significance among the Northeastern Algonkins"undated
10First Nations' art symbolsundated
2Button gameundated
3Birch bark boxesundated
46(OS)7Ethnologic source material1902
355Ethnologic source materialundated
6Clark Wissler's The American Indian and other references on ethnologyundated
7Miscellaneous ethnology notesundated
8Sketches of Toboggan and salmon spearundated
9Sketches of bark dishesundated
10Sketches of toboggansundated
46(OS)7Sketches of toboggansundated
3511Miscellaneous sketchesundated
12Picture writingundated
13Picture writing at Lake Missinaibi, volumecirca 1930
F. Norse Correlations
361Relation between Norse and other cultures1948, undated
2Norsemen in America1939-1949, undated
3Norsemen in America, legends and myths1948-1949, undated
46(OS)8Norsemen in America, legends and myths1939-1948, undated
364The Wineland Voyages by John R. Swanton1947
5Roll of Carlaverockundated
6Norsemen in New Brunswick1949, undated
46(OS)8Norsemen in New Brunswick1949
367Early Norse Irish1948, undated
8Norsemen, ancestry of Maliseet1948, undated
46(OS)8Norsemen, ancestry of Maliseetundated
369Miscellaneous Norse correlation notes1948-1950, undated
10Miscellaneous Norse correlation notes1948, undated
371Miscellaneous Norse correlation notes1946-1948, undated
G. Animals and Trapping
372Mammals1941-1944, undated
3Mammals1943, undated
4Deer familyundated
5Naskapi-Montagnais names of animals, etc.undated
6Eastern First Nations reptiles, insects, fish, and shellfishundated
7Articles about the fur industry1895, undated
8Maliseet deadfall traps1892-1893, 1948, undated
2Blankets and capots of the fur tradeundated
3"Case Against Indians Charged with Unlawfully Trapping Beaver Dismissed"undated
4Advertisements for trapsundated
5Miscellaneous research and notes on trapping1894-1896, undated
46(OS)9Research on trapping1894
H. Tobacco
386"The Canadian Wild Tobacco, Nicotiana rustica, Its early use by the northeastern Indians, and present use by Iroquois at Caughnawaga with photographs"1919, 1937-1949, undated
7Photographs and negatives of tobacco and tobacco farmersundated
8Wild tobacco seeds1944
I. Notebooks and Miscellaneous Research
389Notebook, "The Museum Moose: Fourth Trip to New Brunswick…"circa 1893
10Notebooks about First Nations' languages [6 volumes]undated
391Notebooks about First Nations' languages [6 volumes]1948, undated
2Notebooks about First Nations' languages and other topics [5 volumes]1946, undated
3Notebooks about First Nations' languages and other topics [7 volumes]undated
4Notebooks and loose pages about First Nations' languages and other topics [5 volumes]undated
401Notebooks about First Nations' languages and other topics [5 volumes]undated
2Notebook about Beothuk language and vocabularyundated
3Notebooks about Norse correlations [3 volumes]undated
4Notebook with loose pages on miscellaneous topicsundated
5Research on plants1947-1950, undated
6Miscellaneous research and notes1920, undated
7"The Wasteful West" by Emerson Hough1930-1933
8News articles about "Bat" Masterson and the noted gun fighters of Dodge City1905
9"The Settlement of the West: A Study in Transportation" by Emerson Houghundated
10Articles by R. P. Gorham1942-1946, undated
11Articles by Frederick Irland1895-1900
12"The Fiddlehead", an anthology of poems1947
13Excerpts from "Wilderness Journeys in New Brunswick in 1862-3"undated
411Miscellaneous articles1932-1949, undated
2Miscellaneous brochuresundated
4Newspaper articles and poetry written by Adney1904-1913
5Notes removed from correspondence because they did not relate to the correspondence1946-1948, undated
6Notes removed from correspondence because they did not relate to the correspondenceundated
7News clippings1890-1950
45(OS)4News clippings1890-1901, 1924-1926
46(OS)10News clippings1904, 1927-1929
11News clippings1930-1938
45(OS)5News clippings1932-1938
6News clippings1940-1947
46(OS)12News clippings1941-1949
45(OS)7News clippings1948
8News clippings1949
9News clippings1950, undated
46(OS)13News clippings1950, undated
418News clippingsundated
SERIES IV. Correspondence
A. From Adney
419Business correspondence1925-1939
46(OS)14Personal correspondence1931
4110Personal correspondence1932-1949, undated
421Business correspondence1940-1941
2Business correspondence1943
3Business correspondence1944
4Business correspondence1945
5Business correspondence1946
6Business correspondence1947
7Business correspondenceJanuary-June 1948
8Business correspondenceJuly-December 1948
431Business correspondence1949
2Business correspondence1950, undated
B. To Adney
433Business correspondence1893-1897
4Business correspondence1901-1903
5Business correspondence1920-1929
6Business correspondence1930-1939
46(OS)14Personal correspondence1931
437Personal correspondence1931-1949, undated
46(OS)14Business correspondence1937-1943
438Business correspondence1940-1943
9Business correspondence1944
10Business correspondence1945
11Business correspondence1946
441Business correspondence1947-1948
2Business correspondence1949
3Business correspondence1950, undated
C. Other Correspondence
444Correspondence to Dr. Waterhouse1821
5Correspondence to/from a third party1945-1949, undated
6Glen Adney's correspondence1932, 1950
447Royal Military College Club of Canada, brochure1920
8Bill of sale of a dog1931
9Personal diary/journal entries1931-1933, undated
10Itemized list of ethnological models, other than canoes, some of which are now at McGill Ethnological Museum1932, undated
11Financial papers1935-1949, undated
12Deed of gift1947
13Honorary membership1948
14Adney genealogyundated
15Program for a religious serviceundated
16Miscellaneous personal papersundated
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