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John Robinson (1846-1925) Papers

John Robinson (1846-1925) Papers

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SERIES I. Research and Manuscripts
11Barstow and Forrester ships1920, undated
2"Behind the Times"undated
3Benson etchings1920
4Bibliography for an unidentified manuscript1919
5"Billy Sunday a View on Him"undated
6"The Boston Numismatic Society in the 1870s"1917
7"Botrychium Simplex"1877-1886, undated
8Captain A. H. Clark collectionundated
9"Chinese Coins"1917, undated
10Commission of Johnathan Jackson as Inspector of Revenue for survey #21912-1921, undated
6(OS)1Commission of Johnathan Jackson as Inspector of Revenue for survey #2undated
111"Condition of Vegetation"1901
12"E. Hersey Derby Garden in 1855" for Mrs. Thorton1925
13"Electric R. R. Needs in Salem"1916
4VolumeFerns: In Their Homes and Ours, scrapbook1878-1879, undated
114"Flying Cloud," manuscript by F. B. C. Bradlee1911
15"The General R. E. Lee Memorial: Disgust of J. R."1909
16Joseph and Samuel McIntire1916, undated
17List of American consuls1918
18"Memo in Relation to Jacob Crowninshield Extracted From the Original Records and Manuscripts of the East India Marine Society of Salem"undated
19"Mode of Nomination and Election"1895
20"Municipal Record Association Report"1900
21"New England Colonial Architecture"1925
22"Non-Attendance at Church: a Layman's View"undated
23"The North Church Decorations"1906
24Note on the building of E.I.M.S. Hall1895
25Numismatic journal1892
26Items removed from the numismatic journalundated
27"Old Glory at E.I. Opinions as to Genuineness"1922
28"The Old Trading Post"1921, undated
29"Opinions of KKK"1922
30"A Personal and Family Sketch", autobiography[RESTRICTED]undated
31"Plan of Salvation, 1861-1919"undated
32"Plants Growing in an Uncovered Cellar"1908, undated
33"Pope and President"1918
34Portrait notesundated
35"Prehistoric Relics of Essex County"undated
36Review of M.H. Northend's "Garden Ornaments"1916
37Review of S.E. Morison's "Maritime History of Massachusetts"1921
38S. S. Ocean1918
39"Salem 30 Years After"1908
21Salem Athenaeum by-laws1903-1915
2Salem city ordinances1896
3"Salem Commerce"undated
4"Samuel McIntire of Salem: Carpenter and Architect"1920, undated
5Ship notes and memosundated
6Ship pictures at Marblehead1911
7Sketches of broken grave stones from Charter Street Cemetery in Salemundated
8"Special Exhibits" for Museum Association meeting1919
9"Time Honored Traditions"undated
10"Tree Talk"1914
11"Trees"1903-1905, undated
6(OS)1"Trees"1894-1904, undated
212"Trees and Their Treatment"undated
13"Two Platoon System," rebuttal (not sent)1919
14Whaling notes1907, undated
15William Oakes (1799-1848), photographundated
16Zanzibar article (not used)undated
17Miscellaneous topics1911, 1922, undated
18Stamps attached to envelopes1889, 1903-1926, undated
19Loose stampsundated
20Stamps on part of a wooden crateundated
5VolumeUnbound scrapbook of stamps and postmarksundated
SERIES II. Personal Papers
221Stock certificate1848
22Catalogue of the coins of the USA, created for the Essex Institute1863
23Donation of annuals to the New York Public Library1902
SERIES III. Correspondence
225Correspondence to Robinson1862, 1874-1925, undated
26Correspondence to Robinson from C. S. Sargent of the Arnold Arboretum about "Crataegus"1900-1901, undated
27Correspondence to Robinson from Richard Dana1911, undated
31Correspondence from Robinson1902-1912
2Correspondence about a loan from the U.S. Navy1912
3Correspondence to George Peabody1908-1925, undated
4Correspondence about Charter Street Cemetery tablets1921
5Correspondence to and from Francis B. C. Bradlee1900-1927, undated
6Correspondence about Francis B. C. Bradlee's will, with a copy of the will1928
7Correspondence to or involving Captain Trumball1926
8Other correspondence1903-1934, undated
SERIES IV. Museum Papers
39Catalog of a collection of negatives given to the Peabody Academy of Science1888
10Treasurer's report1897
11Alteration fund1903
12Thank you note/deed of gift from the Essex Institute1906
6(OS)2News clippings1907, undated
313News clippings1910-1921, undated
6(OS)3Financial statement1910
314Annual reports of the treasurer to the trustees of the Peabody Academy of Science1912-1924
15Proposals for the Ropes Memorial lectures1917
16U.S. Fish and Wildlife permits issued to the Peabody Museum1950-1974, undated
17Oriental Numismatics catalog mailing listundated
SERIES V. Numismatics
71Correspondence1898-1913, undated
2Bills, receipts, and statements1802, 1898-1917, undated
3Notes and sketchesundated
6(OS)4Catalog of coins and medals from China, Cochinchina, Japan and Korea presented to the Peabody Museum of Ethnology by Percival Lowell Everettundated
76Empty envelopes or parts of envelopes found with catalogs1900-1912, undated
7Pamphlets1916, undated
8Contents from scrapbook "Acknowledgements received for catalog of Library of Oriental Numismatics sent out 1913-1915"1908-1913
81Contents from scrapbook "Acknowledgements received for catalog of Library of Oriental Numismatics sent out 1913-1915"1913-1914
2Contents from scrapbook "Acknowledgements received for catalog of Library of Oriental Numismatics sent out 1913-1915"1914-1915
3Contents from scrapbook "A Numismatic Bibliography of Asia: Being a List of Books and Articles not comprised in the Robinson Collection. Compiled by Malcolm Storer M.D."1913
4Contents from scrapbook "Jun Kobayagawa Co. circulars, etc."1908-1914
5Contents from scrapbook "Letters Howland Woods, 1904-1913"1904-1917
6Contents from scrapbook "Letters Howland Woods, 1904-1913"1904-1917
7Contents from scrapbook "Letters Henry A. Ramsden originals, 1909-1912"1908-1911
8Contents from scrapbook "Letters Henry A. Ramsden originals, 1909-1912"1911-1912
6(OS)5Contents from scrapbook "Letters Henry A. Ramsden originals, 1909-1912"undated
88Contents from scrapbook "Letters Henry A. Ramsden originals, 1912-"1912
91Contents from scrapbook "Letters Henry A. Ramsden originals, 1912-"1913-1914
2Contents from scrapbook "Letters Henry A. Ramsden abstracts, 1909-1913"undated
3Contents from scrapbook "Letters Henry A. Ramsden abstracts, 1909-1913"undated
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