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Topsfield, Massachusetts Town Records

Topsfield, Massachusetts Town Records

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SERIES I. Town Offices and Committees
A. Selectmen
Vol. 5Selectmen's book for Topsfield1704-1757
11Correspondence, Burgess versus the town of Topsfield1912-1913, undated
2Correspondence, Board of Assessors1913
3Correspondence, land dispute between the town of Topsfield and the Congregational Parish1913, undated
4Correspondence, Fire Wards, Boston Maine fire claims1912-1913, undated
5Correspondence, Fire Wards1913
6Correspondence, Moth Commission and State Forrester1913-1914, undated
221Correspondence, appointments by Selectmen1912
17Correspondence, appointments by Selectmen1913, undated
8General correspondence1886-1898, 1936, undated
222General correspondence1895-1899, 1910-1911
3General correspondenceJanuary-June 1912
4General correspondenceJuly 1912-1913
29Town meeting warrants1778-1787
110Town meeting warrants1803-1810
225Town meeting warrants1804-1812
21(OS)1Town meeting warrants1810-1841
111Town meeting warrants1811-1815
19(OS)1Town meeting warrants1812-1868
112Town meeting warrants1816-1818
21Town meeting warrants1819-1823
2Town meeting warrants1824-1829
3Town meeting warrants1829-1831
4Town meeting warrants1833-1835
5Town meeting warrants1836-1839
6Town meeting warrants1840-1841, undated
226Town meeting warrantsJ1840-1845
7Town meeting warrants1846-1849
8Town meeting warrant1850-1859
21(OS)2Town meeting warrants1853-1873
229Town meeting warrants1860-1873
27Selectmen's petitions1758-1764, 1783-1787, 1814-1839
19(OS)2Selectmen's petitions1783, 1844-1856, 1870-1883, 1897-1905
28Selectmen's petitions1840-1887, undated
9Perambulations1736, 1757, 1775, 1810-1839
10Perambulations1840-1890, undated
Vol. 17Perambulation bookcirca 1911
Vol. 77Selectmen's and Treasurer's records1763-1810
31Selectmen's records1813-1836
2Selectmen's records1840-1858, 1869
3Selectmen's records1872-1879
4Selectmen's records1880-1885
5Selectmen's records1886-1889
6Selectmen's records1890-1899
Vol. 47Selectmen's record book1897-1910
2210Selectmen's records1897, 1911-1913, undated
37Selectmen's records1900
8Selectmen's records1901
9Selectmen's records1902
41Selectmen's records1903
2Selectmen's records1904
3Selectmen's records1905
4Selectmen's records1906
5Selectmen's records1907
6Selectmen's records1908
51Selectmen's records1909
2Selectmen's records1910
3Selectmen's records1911
4Selectmen's recordsJanuary-June 1912
5Selectmen's recordsJuly-December 1912
Vol. 51Selectmen's and Treasurer's records1912-1914
56Selectmen's records1913
7Selectmen's records1914-1918
Vol. 108Selectmen's record book1914-1947
Microfilm 2Volume 108, Selectmen's record book2006
61Selectmen's records1926-1929
2Selectmen's records1931-1936
3Selectmen's records1941-1944
4Selectmen's records1951-1971
5Selectmen's recordsundated
17(OS)1Petitions to and from the Selectmen1822-1879, 1909, undated
19(OS)3Selectmen committee reports1883-1901
Vol. 102Selectmen's Payment Authorization Book1872-1890
Vol. 101Selectmen's Payment Authorization Book1890-1900
Vol. 98Selectmen's Payment Authorization Book1901-1904
Vol. 37Selectmen and Board of Health1939-1947
B. Treasurer
71Office holder bonds1826-1858
2Office holder bonds1860-1879
3Office holder bonds1880-1894
Flat file 1Office holder bonds1891-1910
74Liquor bills1806
5Treasurer's orders and receipts1768-1793
17(OS)2Treasurer's orders and receipts1789-1817, 1865, 1907-1909
231Treasurer's orders and receipts1789-1795, 1819-1820, undated
76Treasurer's orders and receipts1794-1799
7Treasurer's orders and receipts1800-1809
8Treasurer's orders and receipts1810-1819
9Treasurer's orders and receipts1825-1838
10Treasurer's orders and receipts1880-1891, undated
232Treasurer's record books [2 volumes]1793-1794
3Treasurer's record books [2 volumes]1794-1800
Vol. 29Treasurer's record book1810-1836
Vol. 7Treasurer's account book1810-1846
Vol. 96Treasurer's book1836-1856
Vol. 71Treasurer's payment book1846-1884
Vol. 97Treasurer's book1856-1872
Vol. 40Treasurer's expenditure records1875-1883
Vol. 55Treasurer's record of payments1883-1889
Vol. 56Treasurer's record of payments1889-1894
Vol. 57Treasurer's record of payments1897-1900
Vol. 53Treasurer's record of payments1900-1906
Vol. 54Treasurer's record of payments1906-1909
Vol. 107Treasurer's book1906-1914
Microfilm 3Volume 107, Treasurer's book2006
Vol. 36Town accountant's book1908
Vol. 58Treasurer's record of payments1909-1912
Vol. 52Treasurer's records per account1912-1914
Vol. 59Treasurer's payment book1916-1917
Vol. 100Treasurer's book1916-1921
Vol. 110Treasurer's record1917-1925
C. Town Clerk
81Correspondence1671, 1825-1891, undated
83Voter registration1863-1868, 1881-1889
17(OS)6Voter lists1783-1786, 1834, 1850-1887, undated
Flat file 1List of persons qualified to vote1869-1871
Flat file 2List of persons qualified to vote1872-1877
Flat file 3List of persons qualified to vote1878-1880
Flat file 4List of persons qualified to vote1881-1884
Flat file 5List of persons qualified to vote1885-1887
Flat file 6List of persons qualified to vote 1886-1888
Flat file 8List of persons qualified to vote1889-1891
84Voter registration1890-1891, undated
5Election candidates1885-1889, 1913, undated
17(OS)3Election candidates1886-1890
4Voting instructions1844-1852
86Ballot transmission instructions1846, 1887-1890
7Ballot and voting instructions1886-1890
Vol. 91Town Clerk's record book1661-1735
Vol. 2Town Clerk's book1734-1768
Vol. 87Town Clerk's record book1807-1840
16Vol. 1Transcription of Town Clerk's record books from 1809-18402002
Vol. 2Transcription of Town Clerk's record books from 1840-18502002
Vol. 88Town Clerk's record book1840-1868
Vol. 89Town Clerk's record book1868-1901
Vol. 103Town Clerk's book1900-1923
19(OS)4Town Hall policies and contracts1900-1907, undated
20(OS)1Bonds1838, 1893-1906
88Miscellaneous1854, 1913-1914, undated
D. Schools
17(OS)7School Committee petitions1826, undated
Deeds of the school grounds1828
89School Committee reports1826-1830, 1848, undated
Vol. 39School Committee1838-1884
Vol. 27School Committee meetings minute book1884-1907
Microfilm 1Volume 27, School Committee book2006
810School expenditures1756-1769, 1826-1837, undated
11Teacher recommendations1850-1881, undated
Vol. 42School Committee record book1920-1933
17(OS)7Lists of students1829, undated
Vol. 81School Board list of children1888-1898
812Miscellaneous1798, 1830, undated
E. Assessors
813Correspondence and miscellaneous papers1828-1837
14Correspondence and miscellaneous papers1884-1889, 1931, undated
Vol. 83Assessor's book1805-1811
815Town valuation list1869-1870, undated
Vol. 109Assessor's book1918
F. Finance Committee
Vol. 106Finance Committee1932-1947
Microfilm 4Volume 106, Finance Committee2006
816Report of the Finance Committee1944
SERIES II. Town Records
A. Tax Records
91Essex county tax warrants1767-1890
20(OS)2State tax warrants1769-1799
3State tax warrants1802-1831
92State tax warrants1709, 1761-1782
3State tax warrants1860-1890
Flat file 7Tax list1816
94Tax lists1848-1875
Flat file 7Tax lists1848, 1864-1865, 1890
Vol. 15Tax lists1853
Vol. 12Tax lists1866
20(OS)1Tax lists1887, 1935, undated
95Invoices, bills, and statements1726, 1768-1799
234Invoices, bills, and statements1768-1809
96Invoices, bills, and statements1800-1837
235Invoices, bills, and statements1811-1840, 1890
97Invoices, bills, and statements1841-1842, 1861-1889
8Invoices, bills, and statements1890-1897, undated
236Invoices, bills, and statementsundated
17(OS)9Invoices, bills, and statements1911, undated
Vol. 46Tax book1851
Vol. 68Tax book1863
Vol. 78Tax book1864
Vol. 19Tax book1867
Vol. 20Tax book1869
Vol. 28Tax book1874
Vol. 104Tax book1879
Vol. 44Tax collection book1870
Vol. 23Tax collection book1896-1898
237Account books of land owners [6 volumes]undated
B. Demographic Records
99First book of town records: births, marriages, and deaths 1645-1750 [verbatim transcript]1878
20(OS)4Number of births1844-1848
Vol. 75Births, deaths and marriages1845
Vol. 1Index of births books E1849
Vol. 85Index to deaths1743-1833
Vol. 86Index to deaths1743-1833
910Mortality list1850-1860
11Death certificates and burial permits1852, 1878
12Death certificates and burial permits1879-1880
101Death certificates and burial permits1881-1882
2Death certificates and burial permits1883-1884
3Death certificates and burial permits1885-1886
4Death certificates and burial permits1887-1888
5Death certificates and burial permits1889-1890
6Marriage certificates1825-1849
7Marriage certificates1850-1862
111Marriage certificates1863-1870
2Marriage certificates1871-1878
3Marriage certificates1879-1884
4Marriage certificates1885-1891
Vol. 84Index to marriages1743-1833
Vol. 74Town Clerk's marriage book1833-1850
Vol. 14Index to marriages1849
Vol. 49Index to marriages1849
108Marriages of Topsfield residents in other towns in the 1700s1857-1858
Vol. 33Marriage intentions1887-1905
Vol. 69Record of contagious diseases1884-1913
Vol. 66Communicable disease record book1930-1936
C. Pauper Registry and Overseers of the Poor
115Letters to Overseers of the Poor1774-1785, 1800-1810, 1822-1859
18(OS)2Letters of Overseers of the Poor1799, 1820-1869, 1888
116Letters to Overseers of the Poor1860-1869
7Letters to Overseers of the Poor1870-1886, 1902, undated
8Overseers of the Poor records1768-1889
Vol. 65Poor house records1821-1869
Vol. 43Record book of Overseers of the Poor1870-1900
Vol. 38Overseers of the Poor notebook1880-1883
121Overseers of the Poor binding children to service1799-1881
18(OS)1Accounts, bills, and receipts1804-1867, undated
Vol. 16Account book of Supervisor of Poor Farm1825-1835
Vol. 64Pauper registry1867-1872
Vol. 63Pauper registry1888-1901
Vol. 61Pauper registry1901-1912
Vol. 60Pauper registry1913-1938
20(OS)5Pauper schedules1864-1868
Travelers lodged and persons sent to the state almshouse1868
122Poor House records1865, undated
D. Charters and Writs
Vol. 11Charter Granted by King William and Queen Mary1742
Vol. 112Charter Granted by King William and Mary1759
Vol. 73Journal of House of Representatives of Massachusetts1773-1774
Vol. 113Perpetual Laws of Massachusetts1789
4Writs1851-1889, undated
E. Proprietors
Vol. 3Topsfield proprietors' book1714-1791
Vol. 6Stickey Meadows proprietors' book1790
Vol. 50Common land proprietors' book1816-1851
F. Highways and Roads
125Highway book1861
6Highway land deed1932
Vol. 31Highway tax1867
Vol. 18Highway limits1880s
18(OS)3Miscellaneous highway1841, 1856, 1890, 1904
G. Telephone Poles and Electricity Records
Vol. 111Pole Location Book1883-1990
21(OS)3Blueprints1921-1926, 1947
238Telephone pole records1912-1925
127Telephone pole records1914-1915
8Telephone pole records1920-1925
9Telephone pole records1926-1929
10Telephone pole records1930-1933
239Telephone pole records1931-1947
1211Telephone pole records1934-1939
131Telephone pole records1940-1946
2Telephone pole records1947-1949
3Electric lights1909-1914, 1939-1940
4Petition for the determination for transmission of electricity on railroad locations1927
SERIES III. Town Military Records
A. Revolutionary War
135Revolutionary and militia papers (#1-7)1775-1777
6Revolutionary and militia papers (#8-14)1777
7Revolutionary and militia papers (#15-21)1777-1782
8Revolutionary and militia papers (#22-30)1778-1779
9Revolutionary and militia papers (#31-39)1779-1780
10Revolutionary and militia papers (40-49)1779-1782
11Revolutionary and militia papers (#50-60)1780-1781
12Revolutionary and militia papers (#61-69)1781-1784
13Revolutionary and militia papers (#70-79)1785-1786, undated
14Revolutionary and militia papers (#80-83)1779-1780, undated
15Revolutionary and militia papers (#84-89)1784, undated
16Revolutionary and militia papers (#90-108)1788-1793
17Revolutionary and militia papers (#109-122)1819-1841
18Correspondence about continental taxundated
2310Civil War papers (#2-65)1861-1891
11Civil War papers (#66-201)1844-1883
241Civil War papers (#202-313)1861-1877
Lists and inventories1777-1794, undated
Vol. 13Topsfield Militia Company1811-1837
B. Civil War and World War I
Vol. 79Civil War personnel book1860s
Vol. 21Civil War family support book1863-1865
Vol. 30Civil War pension book1873-1893
Vol. 4Civil War pension book1894-1935
Vol. 80Civil War and WWI personnel bookundated
Flat file 7List of draft names1863
18(OS)5Enlistment and draft notices1861-1864, undated
Correspondence and notices1861-1866, undated
1319Transcribed Civil War service recordsundated
SERIES IV. Private Business
A. General Store Records
Vol. 41General Store record book1834-1838
Vol. 82General Store record book1837
Vol. 35General Store record book1838-1839
Vol. 8Day book no. 41839-1840
B. Mortgage Records
1320Mortgages, deeds, and pew rights1813-1814, 1828-1841
21Mortgages, deeds, and personal property1842-1890
Vol. 32Mortgage book1833-1834
Vol. 48Personal property mortgage book1843-1883
Vol. 45Personal property mortgage book1885-1903
Vol. 70Personal property mortgage book1904-1940
C. Trust Fund
Vol. 72Trust funds journal1917-1920
Vol. 34Trust fund book1922-1934
SERIES V. Individual Deeds and Houses [WPA Transcripts]
141Bixbyundated [circa 1930s]
2Brownundated [circa 1930s]
3Cummings, Fosterundated [circa 1930s]
4Dwinellundated [circa 1930s]
5Dwinell, Rea, McLeadundated [circa 1930s]
242Fiske Farmundated [circa 1930s]
3Gilbert Mason and Eden Towne houseundated [circa 1930s]
4Charles Peabody houseundated [circa 1930s]
5Perkinsundated [circa 1930s]
146Perkins, Balch, Pingreeundated [circa 1930s]
7Pike housesundated [circa 1930s]
8Porterundated [circa 1930s]
9Porterundated [circa 1930s]
10Porterundated [circa 1930s]
11Porter, Grantundated [circa 1930s]
12Putnamundated [circa 1930s]
246John Rea Jr.undated [circa 1930s]
1413Towneundated [circa 1930s]
151Towneundated [circa 1930s]
2Towneundated [circa 1930s]
3Towne, Wells, Peabodyundated [circa 1930s]
4Wells, Peabodyundated [circa 1930s]
5Toll houseundated [circa 1930s]
6List of common landsundated [circa 1930s]
7Miscellaneousundated [circa 1930s]
8Bi monthly project inspection reportundated [circa 1930s]
159Histories of Peter Shumuary and William Towne and family by George Francis Dowundated
Vol. 105Notes on the history of Topsfieldcirca 1950
1510Lamson family wills and deeds1736-1764, 1792-1797, 1824-1837, 1859, undated
18(OS)6Lamson family wills and deeds1700-1837
247Fire insurance policy for Benjamin Towne1853
8Autographs of teachers from Topsfield Academy1858
1511Slides of a scrapbook2000
Vol. 22Common lands book1711-1779
Vol. 24Burial ground family plots1835
Vol. 25Liquor Agent Book1857-1858
Vol. 9Dogs1858-1892
Vol. 99Index of instruments records1885-1903
Vol. 26Sunday school attendance book1891
Vol. 67Records of fires1884-1905
249Records of town meetings and general court proceedingsundated
Flat file 7Salem Evening News1905
20(OS)6The Boston Herald1864
2410Miscellaneous1757, 1778-1785, undated
18(OS)6Miscellaneous1899, 1934, undated
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