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Tolles Architectural Collection

Tolles Architectural Collection

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SERIES I. Salem Architecture
11Salem Architecture, maps and brochures1975-1980, undated
2Salem Architecture, photocopies of articles1975-1980, undated
3Information on architects and builders (Salem)1977-1978, undated
4Samuel McIntire (1757-1811), articlesundated
5Additional houses researchedundated
SERIES II. Salem Common
16Salem Common, Washington Square1978, undated
7Thomas Needham House, 125 Essex Streetundated
8John T. Daland House; Plummer Hall (Essex Institute) 132-134 Essex Street1980, undated
9Gardner-Pingree House (Essex Institute), 128 Essex Streetundated
10Gideon Tucker House (Father Mathew Hall), 129 Essex Street1981, undated
21Crowninshield-Bentley House (Essex Institute), 126 Essex Street1975, undated
2Andrew-Safford House (Essex Institute), 13 Washington Square, Westundated
3John Ward House (Essex Institute), 7 Brown Streetundated
4Essex Institute outbuildings, 132-134 Essex Streetundated
5Ives-Webb House, 18 Brown Streetundated
6Joseph Howard House, 8 Brown Streetundated
7Daniel Bray House (Essex Institute), 1 Brown Streetundated
8East Church (Witch Museum), 19 ½ Washington Square, North1980, undated
9Asa Wiggins House, 4 Kimball Courtundated
10John Crowninshield House, 2 Kimball Courtundated
11Nathaniel Weston House, 21 Washington Square, Northundated
12Nathaniel B. Perkins House, 5 Oliver Streetundated
13Barton House, 21 Washington Square, Northundated
14[John] Forrester-Peabody House (Bertram Home for Aged Men), 29 Washington Square, Northundated
15White-Lord [-Rogers] House, 31 Washington Square, Northundated
16White-Silsbee/Hodges-Mott Double House, 33-35 Washington Square, Northundated
17Joseph Story House, 26 Winter Streetundated
18Charles H. Odell House, 24 ½ Winter Streetundated
19Payson-[Dole-] Fettyplace House, 16 Winter Streetundated
20Ephraim Brown, Jr. House, 11 Winter Streetundated
21[Jonathan] Kinsman-Cole House, 2 Winter Streetundated
22Capt. Isaac Smith House, 121 Bridge Street at Pleasant St.undated
23Hose No. 2 Firehouse, 121 Webb Streetundated
24Thomas March Woodbridge House, 48 Bridge Streetundated
25Cook-Bertram House, 12 Pickman Streetundated
26[Robert] Cook-Kimball House, 14 Pickman Streetundated
27Mack House, 17 Pickman Streetundated
28Millet-Varney House, 31 Pleasant Streetundated
29William B. Parker House, 33 Pleasant Streetundated
30Charles Odell House, 35 Pleasant Streetundated
31Roberts-Shepard-[Brown-] Thorndike House, 39-41 Washington Square, Northundated
32Nathaniel Silsbee Jr. House, 96 Washington Square, Eastundated
33Nathaniel Silsbee House, 94 Washington Square, Eastundated
34Baldwin-Lyman House, 92 Washington Square, Eastundated
35Dr. Hardy Phippen House, 81 Washington Square, Eastundated
36Frances Boardman House, 82 Washington Square, Eastundated
37Hosmer-Townsend-Waters House, 80 Washington Square, Eastundated
38Boardman Street Houses, between Washington Square, East, and Webb Streetundated
39Webb-Briggs-Whipple House, 1 Forrester Street at Washington Square, East1978, undated
40Bates/Benson House, 2-4 Forrester Streetundated
41Charles E. Fairfield House, 9 Forrester Streetundated
42St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, 64 Forrester Street at Webb Street1976-1982, undated
43Clifford Crowninshield [-Devereux-Waters] House, 74 Washington Square, East1984, undated
44Daniels House, 1 Daniels Streetundated
45Murphy-Dalrymple House, 10 Essex Streetundated
46Sage-Webb-Wilkins House, 52 Essex Streetundated
47Christopher Babbidge House, 46 ½ Essex Streetundated
48Narbonne House (Salem Maritime National Historic Site), 71 Essex Streetundated
49Joseph Danforth House, 76-78 Essex Streetundated
50John Hodges [-Webb-Meek] House, 81 Essex Street and 1 Orange Streetundated
31Oakes-Gray-Perkins House, 38 Washington Square, Southundated
2Brown Building (Merchant's Building; Union Building), 2-4 Union Street and 105-107 Essex Streetundated
3Hawthorne Inn, 18 Washington Square, West, at Essex Street1976, undated
SERIES III. Derby Street
34Derby Street, general1980-1981, undated
5Joseph Fenno House (Women's Friend Society), 12-14 Hawthorne Boulevardundated
6Immaculate Conception Church, 15 Hawthorne Boulevardundated
7Lydia E. Pinkham memorial, 264 New Derby Street and 26 Hawthorne Boulevardundated
8Pickering Wharf development, Derby and Congress Street1978-1981, undated
9Derby-Ward House, 27 Hardy Street at Derby Streetundated
10Simon Forrester House, 188 Derby Streetundated
11Benjamin W. Crowninshield House (Home for Aged Women), 180 Derby Street1980, undated
12Custom House; Scale House (Salem Maritime National Historic Site), 178 Derby Street1977, undated
13Benjamin Hawkes House (Salem Maritime National Historic Site), 174 Derby Street and 4 Custom House Courtundated
14[Capt. Richard] Derby House; West India Goods Store (Salem Maritime National Historic Site), 168 Derby Streetundated
15Sarah Silsbee House, 35 Daniels Streetundated
16Capt. Edward Allen House, 125 Derby Streetundated
17Capt. Joseph Waters House (Caroline Emmerton Hall), 114 Derby Streetundated
18Ebenezer Bowditch House, 42 Turner Streetundated
19John Turner House (House of the Seven Gables), 54 Turner Street1981, undated
20Retire Becket House; Hooper-Hathaway House; Nathaniel Hawthorne Birthplace, 54 Turner Streetundated
21Jonathan Whipple House, 49 Turner Streetundated
SERIES IV. Center City
322Central City, Essex Street Mall and Washington Street1977-1981, undated
23Second Corps Cadets Armory, 136 Essex Streetundated
24Empire Clothing Building, 133a Essex Streetundated
25[Samuel] Pickman-Goult House, 20 Liberty Street at Charter Streetundated
26Peabody Museum of Salem: East India Marine Society and New Wing, 161 Essex Street Mall1975-1983, undated
27Bowker (Manning) Block, 144-156 Essex Streetundated
28East India Mall and Parking Garage, East India Square Mall, Brown and Liberty Streets and St. Peter's Square1977-1981, undated
29Downing Block, 173-177 Essex Street Mall1976, undated
30Old Custom House, 4-10 Central Street and Essex Street Mallundated
31Essex Bank Building (Salem Fraternity), 11 Central Streetundated
32Salem Police Station, 17 Central Streetundated
33Century North Shore Bank, 36 Central Streetundated
34Main Fire Station, 48 Lafayette Streetundated
35Pickman-Derby Block, 213-215 Essex Street; 1 and 7 Derby Squareundated
36Old Town Hall and Market House, 32 Derby Squareundated
37Pickman and Henfield Buildings, 6-26 Front Streetundated
38Varney-Reynolds-Ropes Building, 17-23 Front Street; Old Police Station, 15 Front Streetundated
41Salem Five Cents Bank Building, 206-208, 210 Essex Street Mallundated
2Naumkeag Trust Co. (Hoyt Block), 217 Essex Street Mallundated
3Hale (Mercantile) Building, 221-225 Essex Street Mallundated
4Jacob Rust Brick Store, 216-220 Essex Street Mallundated
5First Church (Daniel Low Building), 121 Washington Street; 231 Essex Street Mallundated
6Neal and Newhall (Shribman) Building, 101 Washington Streetundated
7Salem (Eastern) Savings Bank, 125 Washington Streetundated
8Peabody Building, 120-128 Washington Streetundated
9Power Block, 138-144 Washington Streetundated
10Lawrence Place, 133 and 137 Washington Street; 34 Front Streetundated
1132 Front Street (Deacon Giles Distillery – Beef and Oyster House)undated
12Joshua Ward House, 148 Washington Streetundated
13United States Post Office Building, 2 Margin Streetundated
14St. Mary's Italian Church, 56 Margin Street1981, undated
15Gedney House (SPNEA), 21 High Streetundated
16Holyoke Mutual (Fire) Insurance Co. Building, 39 Norman Street1980, undated
17West Triple House, 5-9 Summer Streetundated
18[Chapman-] Tobias David House, 18 Summer Streetundated
19Shepard Block, 298-304 Essex Streetundated
20Y.M.C.A Building, 284-296 Essex Street at Sewall Street1980, undated
21Crombie Street Church, 7 Crombie Streetundated
22Bowker House, 9 Crombie Streetundated
23Merchants National (Shawmut Merchants) Bank, 253 Essex Streetundated
24Thorndike Proctor Block, 244-248 Essex Streetundated
25City Hall, 93 Washington Streetundated
26Kinsman Block, 81 Washington Streetundated
27Heritage Cooperative Bank Building (Cate's Block), 71 Washington Streetundated
28Masonic Temple, 68-74 Washington Street1982, undated
29First District Court of Essex County, 60 Washington Street1977, undated
30Steam Fire Engine House, 34 Church Streetundated
31Old Salem Water Department Building, 1 and 30 Church Streetundated
32One Salem Green, off Church Street near Washington Streetundated
33St. Peter's Church, 24 St. Peter Streetundated
34St. John the Baptist Church and Rectory, 24-28 St. Peter Streetundated
35Salem Jail; jailer's (Sheriff's House), 50 and 48 St. Peter Street1980
36First Universalist Meeting House, 6 Rush Street; 9 Ash Street1980, undated
37Federal Street Condominiums, 20 and 30 Federal Street1980, undated
38Tabernacle Church, 58 Washington Streetundated
39Essex County Courthouses, 32-36-42 Federal Street1980-1982, undated
40First Baptist Church, 56 Federal Streetundated
41Capt. John Felt House, 47 Federal Streetundated
42Joshua Loring House, 55-57 Federal Streetundated
43Nathaniel Treadwell House, 63 Federal Streetundated
44Wesley United Methodist Church, 8-10 North Streetundated
45Capt. James Barr House, 25 Lynde Streetundated
46Bowditch-Osgood House, 9 North Streetundated
SERIES V. Upper Federal and Upper Essex Streets
51Federal and Essex Streetsundated
2Peirce-Nichols House (Essex Institute), 80 Federal Streetundated
3Albert P. Goodhue House, 87 Federal Streetundated
488 Federal Streetundated
5Mason-Roberts-Colby House, 91-93 Federal Streetundated
6Glover-Cook-Chapman House, 101-103 Federal Streetundated
7Beckford-Whipple House, 2 Andover Streetundated
8Orne-Prince; Page-Lawrence-Farrington House; McLeach-Nichols House, 108-118 Federal Streetundated
9Joseph Felt House, 113 Federal Streetundated
10Nancy Curtis House, 117-119 Federal Streetundated
11Joseph Winn, Jr. House, 121 Federal Streetundated
12Saunders-Ward House, 123 Federal Streetundated
13Ropes-Waldo House, 124 Federal Streetundated
14Jacob and Elijah Sanderson Double House, 120-122 Federal Streetundated
15Ebenezer Shillaber House, 128-130 Federal Streetundated
16Ireland-Emery House, 131 Federal Streetundated
17Gould House, 10 Munroe Streetundated
18Benjamin Carpenter House, 135 Federal Streetundated
19Benjamin Blanchard House, 134 Federal Streetundated
20Joseph Edwards' House, 5 Carpenter Streetundated
21Assembly House (Essex Institute), 138 Federal Streetundated
22Richard Harrington House, 141 Federal Streetundated
23Cook-Oliver House, 142 Federal Streetundated
24John Warden House, 140 Federal Streetundated
25John Culliton House, 145 Federal Streetundated
26Thomas Whittredge House, 144-146 Federal Streetundated
27St. James Church, 152 Federal Streetundated
28James Braden House, 170 Federal Streetundated
29John Huse House, 171 Federal Streetundated
30William Shepard Gray House, 177-179 Federal Streetundated
31Jabez Smith House, 397 Essex Streetundated
32Lindall-Barnard-Andrews House, 393 Essex Streetundated
33Stephen Fogg Store and House, 391 Essex Streetundated
34Ives-Putnam House, 392 Essex Streetundated
35Willard Goldthwait House, 386 Essex Streetundated
36Lemuel Higbee House, 387 Essex Streetundated
37David Kiley House, 389 Essex Streetundated
38Dean-Sprague-Stearns House, 384 Essex Streetundated
39Grace Church; Burrill House (Parish House), 385 Essex Streetundated
40Sprague-Peabody-Silsbee House, 380 Essex Streetundated
41Ford-Emerson-Ives-Gifford House, 377 Essex Streetundated
42Clarence S. Clark House, 376 Essex Streetundated
43Buffington-Goodhue-Wheatland House, 374 Essex Streetundated
44Bertram-Waters House (Salem Public Library), 370 Essex Streetundated
45Chaplin-Bowditch-Williams House, 5 Munroe Streetundated
46Cabot-Endicott-Low House, 365 Essex Streetundated
47Mary Ann Ropes House, 373 Essex Streetundated
48Smith-Crosby-Endicott House, 359 Essex Streetundated
49Capt. Nicholas Crosby House, 361 Essex Streetundated
50Emery S. Johnson House, 360 Essex Streetundated
51Clark-Morgan-Benson House, 358-358 ½ Essex Streetundated
52Z. Augustus Gallup House, 357 Essex Streetundated
53Joseph H. Hanson House, 355 Essex Streetundated
54Rogers/Russell Double House, 350-352 Essex Streetundated
55Samuel C. Oliver House, 348 Essex Streetundated
56346 Essex Streetundated
57Cook-Daland House, 14 Beckford Streetundated
61William M. Jelley House, 16 Beckford Streetundated
2Henry L. Williams House, 342 Essex Streetundated
3Capt. William Pickering House, 343 Essex Streetundated
4Salem Athenaeum (Plummer Hall), 337 Essex Streetundated
5Curwen-Gillis Double House, 331-333 Essex Streetundated
6Holman-Price House, 330 Essex Streetundated
7Loring-Emmerton House, 328 Essex Streetundated
8Putnam-Balch House ("Greymoor"), 329 Essex Streetundated
9Capt. Thomas Mason House, 1 Cambridge Streetundated
10Ropes Mansion (Essex Institute), 318 Essex Streetundated
11First Church, 316 Essex Streetundated
12Lindall-Gibbs-Osgood House, 314 Essex Streetundated
13Jonathan Corwin House ("Witch House"), 310 ½ Essex Street1975, undated
SERIES VI. Chestnut and Broad Streets
614Chestnut and Broad Streets1976, undated
15Francis Cox House, 1 Chestnut Streetundated
16"The Studio" Double House, 2-4 Chestnut Streetundated
17Charles S. Nichols House, 6 Chestnut Streetundated
18Gregg-Stone House, 8 Chestnut Streetundated
19Hamilton Hall, 9 Chestnut Street, 7 Cambridge Streetundated
20Thomas Butnam House, 14 Cambridge Streetundated
21Robinson-Little House, 10 Chestnut Streetundated
22Elizabeth King House, 13 Chestnut Streetundated
23[Jonathan] Hodges-Peele-West House, 12 Chestnut Streetundated
24Lee-Benson House, 14 Chestnut Streetundated
25Amos and Solomon Town House, 15 Chestnut Streetundated
26Capt. Stephen Phillips House, 17 Chestnut Streetundated
27Bott-Fabens House, 18 Chestnut Streetundated
28Thompson/Rea Double House, 20-22 Chestnut Streetundated
29Henry P. Benson House, 7 Hamilton Streetundated
30Williams-Peabody-Rantoul House, 19 Chestnut Streetundated
31Pickering-Mack-Stone Double House, 21-23 Chestnut Streetundated
32Dodge-Barstow-West House, 25 Chestnut Streetundated
33Devereaux-Hoffman-Simpson House, 26 Chestnut Streetundated
34Peele House, 24 Chestnut Streetundated
35Pickman-Shreve-Little House, 27 Chestnut Streetundated
36Ichabod Tucker House, 28 Chestnut Streetundated
37Dodge-Shreve House, 29 Chestnut Streetundated
38Wheatland-Phillips House, 30 Chestnut Streetundated
39Allen-Osgood-Huntington Triple House, 31-33-35 Chestnut Streetundated
40Stephen Phillips Memorial Trust House, 34 Chestnut Streetundated
41George Nichols House, 37 Chestnut Streetundated
42Thompson/West Double House, 38-40 Chestnut Streetundated
43Capt. Thomas Saunders House, 39 Chestnut Streetundated
44Saunders-Saltonstall-Tuckerman Double House, 41-43 Chestnut Streetundated
45Maria Ropes House, 42 Chestnut Streetundated
46Curwen/Webb Double House, 44-46 Chestnut Streetundated
47Francis A. Seamans House, 48 Chestnut Streetundated
48Kimball-Fogg House, 25 Flint Streetundated
49Leonard Harrington House, 19 Flint Streetundated
50George W. Brown House, 21 Flint Streetundated
51Robert M. Mahoney House, 39 Warren Streetundated
52Phillips Triple House, 31-33-35 Warren Streetundated
53Dr. Fred G. Robbins House, 50 Dalton Parkwayundated
54Charles M. Richardson House, 31 Broad Streetundated
5535 Broad Streetundated
56Ezekiel Savage House, 29 Broad Streetundated
57Driver-Mansfield-Nichols House, 27 Broad Streetundated
58William Brown Cottage, 19 Broad Streetundated
59Pickering House, 18 Broad Street1976, undated
60Harlan P. Kelsey House, 1 Pickering Streetundated
61William Stevens House, 14 Broad Streetundated
62Jonathan Neal House, 12 Broad Streetundated
632 Broad Streetundated
71Josiah Woodbury House, 6 Broad Streetundated
2State Normal School, 1 Broad Street1979, undated
3Latin Grammar and English High School, 3 Broad Streetundated
4Classical and High School, 5 Broad Streetundated
5Eden-Browne-Sanders House, 0 Broad and 40 Summer Streetundated
SERIES VII. South Salem
76South Salemundated
7Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company Complex; Pequot House, 20 Congress Streetundated
8St. Joseph's Church, 135 Lafayette Streetundated
9George A. Morrill House, 2 Cedar Streetundated
10B. Parker Babbidge House, 12 Fairfield Streetundated
11George W. Hooper House, 11 Fairfield Streetundated
12William H. Gove House, 254 Lafayette Streetundated
13Henry M. Brooks House, 260 Lafayette Streetundated
14Harris/Webb Double House, 265-267 Lafayette Streetundated
15Langmaid House, 266-268 Lafayette Streetundated
16Francis S. Barrows House, 270 Lafayette Streetundated
17Edward S. Thayer House, 274 Lafayette Streetundated
18Mary A. Devine House, 278 Lafayette Streetundated
19Ephraim A. Emmerton House, 284 Lafayette Streetundated
20William S. Nichols House, 300 Lafayette Streetundated
21Richard B. O'Keefe Physical Education/Athletic Center, Salem State College, Canal Street at Forest Avenue1978, undated
22Albert C. Pettingill House, 36 Ocean Avenueundated
23Edward P. Balcomb Cottage, 4 Ocean Avenueundated
24Pioneer Village, Forest River Park1979, undated
25Salem State College Library, 352 Lafayette Street1979, undated
26James F. Almy House, 395 Lafayette Streetundated
27Morgan-Metcalf-Atwood House, 416 Lafayette Streetundated
28Benjamin G. Hathaway House, 452 Lafayette Streetundated
SERIES VIII. North Salem
729North Salemundated
30Carlton-Waters Cottage, 4 Buffum Streetundated
31Job V. Hanson House, 18 Buffum Streetundated
32Blake Memorial Chapel, 30 Grove Streetundated
33Superintendent's House, Harmony Grove Cemetery, 30 Grove Streetundated
34St. Thomas the Apostle Church, 260 North Streetundated
35Caleb A. Smith House, 3 Ridgeway Streetundated
36Dunckley-Sargent House, 161 North Streetundated
37John Hanson House, 162 North Streetundated
38North Street (Hose Company #6) Firehouse, 142 North Streetundated
39Devereux Dennis House, 15 Dearborn Streetundated
40Capt. Edward Pousland, 19 Dearborn Streetundated
41Manning Cottage, 26 Dearborn Streetundated
42Manning House, 33 Dearborn Streetundated
43Nathaniel Heard House, 26 Walter Streetundated
44Albert N. Locke House, 35 Dearborn Streetundated
45James Dugan House, 41 Dearborn Streetundated
46Dodge-Bertram-Whipple House, 46 Dearborn Streetundated
47Brooks-Bell House, 40 Felt Streetundated
48Dickson Memorial Chapel and Conservatory, Greenlawn Cemetery, off Orne Street1981-1982, undated
SERIES IX. Outlying Buildings
749Outlying Buildings1971-1979, undated
50Old Salem High School, 29 Highland Avenueundated
51Salem Hospital, 81 Highland Avenue1966, undated
52Salem High School, 77 Willson Street1976-1977, undated
53Witchcraft Heights Elementary School, 1 Frederick Street1973, undated
54Almshouse, Memorial Boulevardundated
55Juniper Point Cottages, Beach and Columbus Avenuesundated
56Baker's Island Lighthouse, Baker's Islandundated
SERIES X. Non-Salem
A. Beverly
757Beverly Architectureundated
81John Balch House, 448 Cabot Streetundated
2John Cabot House, 117 Cabot Streetundated
2AJohn Hale House, 39 Hale Streetundated
3First Parish Unitarian Church, 225 Cabot Streetundated
B. Danvers
84Danvers Architecture1977, undated
5Danvers State Hospital, 450 Maple Streetundated
6Samuel Fowler House, 166 High Streetundated
7Derby Summer House (Glen Magna Estate), 57 Forest Streetundated
8Glen Magna Mansion, 57 Forest Street1964, undated
9Judge Samuel Holten House, 171 Holten Streetundated
10Rebecca Nurse House, 149 Pine Streetundated
11Jeremiah Page House, 11 Page Street1977, undated
12General Israel Putnam House, 431 Maple Streetundated
13Peabody Institute, 15 Sylvan Streetundated
C. Marblehead
814Marblehead Architecture1977, undated
15Abbot Hall, 2 Washington Squareundated
16Old North Congregational Church, 41 Washington Streetundated
17King Hooper Mansion, 8 Hooper Streetundated
18Hooper-Parker House, 181 Washington Streetundated
19Col. Jeremiah Lee Mansion, 161 Washington Streetundated
20Col. William R. Lee Mansion, 185 Washington Streetundated
21St. Michael's Church, 26 Pleasant Streetundated
22Town House, Market Square1976, undated
D. Peabody
823Peabody Architectureundated
24Gen. Gideon Foster House, 35 Washington Street1976
25City Hall, 24 Lowell Streetundated
26Peabody Institute, 82 Main Streetundated
E. Swampscott
827Swampscott Architectureundated
28John Humphrey House, 99 Paradise Roadundated
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