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Joseph Peabody Family Papers

Joseph Peabody Family Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Joseph Peabody (1757-1844) Papers
A. Business Papers
11Receipts and accounts1791-1835, undated
3Expenses to equip Sally (Bark)1799
4Correspondence1800-1840, undated
5Correspondence from 1800-1840, undated [transcript]undated
6Cincinnatus (Ship) papers1800-1804
7Account with Benjamin Chamberlain1801
37(OS)1Monthly schedule of bonds taken and liquidated in the District of Salem and Beverly1803, 1805
18Crew list, entries of merchandise, and weigher's certificates for many different ships1803, 1808-1820
9Letters from William Prescott (1762-1844)1805-1832
Cab. 2Drawer 3"Return of Sea Letters in the District of Salem and Beverly"Dates
110Crew lists of Peabody vessels (1 volume)1811-1839
11Promissory notes and receipt1811-1819
12China (Ship) papers1818, 1824-1827
36(OS)1Duty receipts for materials for new house at 134 Essex Street1819
37(OS)2Columbian Centinel [Salem, Mass.]May 13, 1820
21Account book1822
2China (Ship) letter, account, and invoice book1822-1829
3China (Ship) letter book1823-1828
4Correspondence, 1823-1830 [transcript]undated
5China (Ship) account books (2 volumes)1824-1828
6China (Ship) account books (3 volumes)1825-1828
37(OS)3George (Ship) manifests1825
36(OS)2Leander (Brig) manifestundated [circa 1825]
27China (Ship) papers1827-1829, undated
8China (Ship) copper receipt books (2 volumes)1828
31Sumatra (Ship) cargo certifications1829
2Shipping invoice and account book for various ships1828-1836
3Shipping letter, invoice, and disbursement book for various ships1829-1836
4Catherine (Ship) papers1829, 1833
5Mexican (Brig) letter, invoice, and account book1830-1834
6Catherine (Ship) and Bengal (Ship) account book1831-1833
7Letters from Lowell and Gardner and John L. Gardner [plus transcripts]1833, undated
8Account book1833-1842
41Account book1833-1842
2Leander (Brig) cargo book1836
3George (Ship) invoice book and general invoice book for goat skins, shellac, indigo, and cow hides1836-1837
37(OS)4Mexican (Brig) crew list1845
44Sally (Brig) verificationundated
B. Legal Papers
6Deed of Trust Assembly House, Salem1806
36(OS)3Deeds1806-1819, 1827, 1842
8Building contracts for house at 134 Essex Street, Salem [transcript]1818-1820
9Contracts and receipts for house at 134 Essex Street, Salem1819-1821
36(OS)4Justice of the Peace certificate1820
52Joseph Peabody et. als. Exrs. vs. John R. Norfolk, et. al.1868-1869
C. Personal Papers
53“Guide through Life” [plus transcript]1781, undated
4Diaries dated 1804, 1811-1829 [transcript]undated
5Invitations and tickets1809, 1822, 1829, 1831, undated
6Recommendation for a domestic worker1831
D. Estate Papers
57Will1833, 1839, 1844
8Will, 1833, 1839, 1844 [transcript]undated
9Trustees' papers1844-1849
10"Discourse delivered in the North Church, Salem, Massachusetts, on the Sunday succeeding the internment of the late Joseph Peabody" [plus transcript]1844, undated
11Obituaries of Joseph Peabody from 1844 [transcript]undated
12Salem East India Marine Society correspondence about donation of portrait of Joseph Peabody1847, 1849
13Trustees' papers1850-1854
14Account book1852-1892
15Trustees' taxes1854-1880
16Correspondence about Salem Athenaeum1855, 1857
61Trustees' papers1855-1858
2Trustees' papers1854-1863
3Trustees' papers1859-1860
4Trustees' papers / Union Wharf Company1853, 1863-1876
7Income of trust fund1870-1875
8Trustees' papers: receipts and income1877-1879
9Trustees' papers1880-1883
71Trustees' papers1884-1888
2List of property, expenses, and profits, 1803-18431886
3Trustees' papers1887-1892
36(OS)5Statistics on Joseph Peabody's businessesundated
E. Elizabeth Peabody (1767-1854) Papers
74Correspondence with Joseph Peabody [plus transcript]1810, 1820
7Estate inventory1854-1855
8Estate receipts, probate papers1853-1854
9Obituaryundated [1854]
SERIES II. George Peabody (1804-1892) Papers
A. Correspondence
81Letters to his father and mother while at Lime Grove Academy (boarding school) [plus transcripts]1817
2Letters from George to family members and letters of introduction1822-1827
3Letters from George to family members and letters of introduction, 1822-1827 [transcript]undated
4Invitations and programs1822, 1844, 1886, undated
5Letters to George Peabody1823-1891, undated
6Letters to George Peabody, 1823-1890 [transcript]undated
7Letters from George to father during trip to Europe1832-1833
8Letters from George to father during trip to Europe, 1832-1833 [transcript]undated
9Correspondence1834-1889, undated
10Correspondence, 1834-1889, undated [transcript]undated
91Letter copy book1837-1838
2Letter copy book1841-1843
3Letters to his father, Joseph Peabody1842-1844
4Letters to his father, Joseph Peabody, 1842-1844 [transcript]undated
5Correspondence with George A. Ward and others [originals and transcripts]1844-1851
6Letter copy book1844-1846
7Letter copy book1846-1849
8Letters between George Peabody and John L. Gardner [originals and transcripts]1846-1854, undated
9Letters received as representative of North Church and Society [Salem]1847
101Letter book1849-1852
2Letters from Russell Sturgis and Dr. Henry Wheatland1883-1884
3Letters and music programs from Jean M. Missud regarding Army hymn1886-1891, undated
B. Financial, Legal, and Other Papers
104Porcellian Club medalundated [1821]
5Catalogue of the members of the Porcellian Club of Harvard and Dress Code at Harvard University1822
6Mr. [William] Prescott's Law Course [bibliography][transcript]undated [1823]
7Bills and receipts1823-1892
36(OS)6Two passports1825
108Receipts for house and furnishings1827-1849
9Membership to Essex Historical Society1828
36(OS)7Military commission and discharges1828, 1834
1010Military commission and discharges1828-1837
11Accounts as executor of parents' estates1834-1844
12Checks and accounts1834, 1883-1891
13Eastern Rail Road documents1835-1841
14Eastern Rail Road documents [transcript], 1835-1841undated
36(OS)8Legal papers1835-1873, undated
1015"Report on the phrenological examination of Mr. George Peabody, made by S. Jones" [with transcript] plus reports of phrenological examinations of Mr. and Mrs. George Peabody by Professor Charles Adams 1836, 1848, undated
36(OS)9Appointment to Militia commission1838
10Justice of the Peace commission1838
37(OS)5Salem Gazette, Settlement of Joseph Peabody's estateMarch 1, 1844
Salem Gazette, Settlement of Joseph Peabody's estateApril 8, 1844
Salem Gazette, Settlement of Joseph Peabody's estateApril 19, 1844
38(OS)Vol. 1Account book1844-1845
39(OS)Vol. 1Account book1844-1845
37(OS)6Salem Gazette, List of taxpayersNovember 7, 1845
1016"Money Expended Loss and Depreciation Each Year From 1845"1845-1890
11Vol. 1Account book1845-1871
Vol. 2Account book1845-1871
1017Ledger (notes and bills payable)1847-1851
18Bills and receipts1847-1859
19Cancelled checks1849, 1851
121Expense book1849, 1855-1858
2Personal and family account book1852-1858
36(OS)11Account with George S. Hale1854-1862
37(OS)7Peabody estate plan1855
123Bills and receipts1858, 1864-1865
4Accounts with Baring Brothers, Inc.1864-1886, 1891
13Vol. 1Account book1872-1892
Vol. 2Account book1872-1892
125Receipts for repair of Nahant house1875-1879
6Account books with A. W. Warren (3 vols.)1880
7Harvard Musical Association, list of members1887
8J. T. Wilson's bills for Nahant house1889
Cab. 2Drawer 3Newspaper articles about Salem Light InfantryOctober, 1889
129Description of Francis Peabody's house on Essex Street in Salem and proposal of Salem Cadets to buy it1890
10Bill from Dr. L[uther] D[immick] Shepard (dentist)1890
11Signatures taken from checksundated
36(OS)12Peabody genealogy from Londonundated
C. Writings
1212Printed poems [from Harvard]1821, 1823
13Diary and accounts of journeys to Washington and Paris1822, 1825-1826, 1832-1833
14Journal of a trip to EuropeFebruary-March 1825
15Journal of a trip to EuropeMarch-October 1825
141Journal of a trip Europe, 1825 [transcript]undated
36(OS)13Two newspapers celebrating 50th anniversary of American Independence:
Galignani's MessengerJuly 12, 1826
Le ConstitutionelJuly 11, 1826
142Poems1829-1863, undated
3Poems, 1829-1864 [transcript]1923
5Diary, 1831-1839 [typescript]undated
6"Ocean Voyage" journalSeptember-October 1832
37(OS)8Salem Commercial Advertiser containing George Peabody speech on tariffsJune 6, 1832
151Journal in Europe1832-1833
2Journal in Europe, 1832-1833 [typescript]undated
3Florence, Italy opera bill1833
4Introduction to the Art of Painting in Oil Colours by John Cawse, hand copied by George Peabody1836
5Resolution upon the resignation of Leverett Saltonstall from Office of Mayor [written by George Peabody][with transcript]undated [1837]
7"Voyage to France" journal1842
8"Voyage to France" journal, 1842 [typescript]undated
2"Family Gatherings"1851
3"Family gatherings" and memories of his grandfather, Rev. Elias Smith1851-1856, undated
4"Family gatherings" and "A Memoir of the Rev. Elias Smith, Pastor of Middleton, by his grandson, George Peabody" [transcript]1928
5Account of Clara Peabody's illness [with transcript]1865, undated
6Historical Collections of the Essex Institute containing article on the origin of the municipal seal of Salem which was designed by George Peabody March 1866
7Hymn for dedication of Nahant Church1868
8Receipts [recipes]1868, undated
9Program from North Church and Society Centennial Anniversary featuring hymn by George Peabody1872
Cab. 2Drawer 3The Salem Gazette featuring Centennial Hymn by George PeabodyJuly 26, 1872
1610Newspaper clippings and notes1885-1888
11Information regarding New Hampshire regiment and Col. Blanchardundated
12"Dates", a notebook containing notes about various life eventsundated [post 1888]
13"Translation of a declaration of several ladies formerly nuns at St. Cyr relating to God Save the King"undated
14Will and estate papers1845-1892
15The Visitor with obituary of George Peabody (4 copies)February 13, 1892
16Estate papers1892-1905
D. Fiske Wharf Records
1617Samuel Whitney estate and deeds1807-1855, undated
18Deeds and mortgages1807-1838, 1861
19Samuel Whitney accounts1813
171Amory vs. Hayward papers1816-1821
2Charles Blanchard papers1817
3Legal documents1819-1881
4Receipts, rents, indentures, memoranda1822-1862, undated
36(OS)14Charles Blanchard legal papers1838
175Tremont Wharf Company Act of Incorporation1854
6Insurance policies1859-1861
7George Peabody agreement1860-1862
8Amory vs. Hayward suit1861
9Letter to George Peabody regarding suit1862
10Legal papersundated
E. Clarissa (Clara) Peabody (1806-1892) Papers
181Correspondence1829-1886, undated
2Correspondence, 1829-1886 [transcript]undated
3Letters from Eliza Endicott, 1832-1833 [transcript]undated
4Letters from Mrs. Francis Peabody (Martha) [with transcripts]1832-1850
5Letters from Eliza Endicott, 1835-1836 [transcript]undated
6Letters from her sister, Mrs. Augustus Perry, 1842-1844 [transcript]undated
SERIES III. George Augustus Peabody (1831-1929) Papers
A. Correspondence
188Letter to father, George Peabodyundated [1840s]
9Letter to Francis Peabody [plus transcript]1842
37(OS)9Harvard College degrees1852, 1853
11Letters to his mother, Mrs. George Peabody [plus transcript]1868, 1874-1875
37(OS)10Passports1881, 1900
191Letters to him1882-1899
2Doctor's orders1899
3Letters to him1900-1906
4Letters to him1910-1917
6Letters and postcards to him1925-1929
7Letter to Mrs. George A. Peabody, 1884 [transcript]undated
B. Financial Papers
201Income statements1865-1871
37(OS)11Estimate of value of the estate of George Peabody held by his trustees1924
C. Writings and Other Papers
202School essaysundated [1841]
4Journal, 1846-1847 [transcript]undated
5Journal and expenses1850-1853
6Journal and expenses, 1850-1853 [transcript]undated
7Hasty Pudding Club medalundated [early 1850s]
37(OS)12Hand-drawn map of the west bank of the Chesuncook Lake, Maine1851-1852
9Journal, 1852-1908 [transcript]undated
10Hunting/fishing notes, maps, boat plans1852-1908, undated
211Scrapbook of news clippings1852-1912
2Ledger of distances walked, etc.1852-1914
3Notes from History of The War in the Peninsula and in the South of France, from the Year 1807 to the Year 1814 by Sir William Francis Patrick Napier1853
4Court cases notebook1853
6Journal, 1855 [typescript]undated
221Hunting/fishing journals (3 volumes)1855-1866, 1859-1908, 1877-1878
3Journal, 1856 [typescript]undated
5Journal, 1856-1862 [typescript]undated
6South American Journal1858-1859
231South American Journal, 1858-1859 [transcript]undated
2South American Memorandum Bookundated [1858-1859]
3South American Memorandum Book, [undated, 1858-1859] [transcript]undated
5Journal and expenses, Europe1860-1861
6Journal1860, 1867
241Lists of camping supplies1866-1872, undated
3Poetry copybook1869-1884
6Journal, Europe1881-1882
7Scrapbook of news clippings1881-1906
251Vegetable garden notebook1883-1925
2News clippings and information about rhododendrons1883-1884
3News clippings of horses1891-1904, undated
4List of items packed on "Nile Journey"1901
37(OS)13Certificates1899, 1920, undated
255Certificates and trustee appointment1910-1911, undated
6Low fat diet listundated
7"Members of my family who have died since we lived at Burley Farm"undated
8List of silver by Marie Praetorius with notes added by George A. Peabody in 19171905, 1917
37(OS)14Hand-drawn maps (mostly Essex County, Mass.)undated
259Flowers sent and seating arrangements from funeral1929
10Porcellian Club medal1931
D. Publications
2511A Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Harvard College (4 volumes)1844, 1848-1850
12Catalogue of the Honorary and Immediate members and of the library of the Porcellian Club of Harvard University (2 volumes)1846, 1850
13An Oration, Poem and Ode, delivered before the members of the H.L. of I.O. of O.F. [Harvard Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows]1849
14Catalogue of the Officers and Members of the Hasty-Pudding Club in Harvard College1850
15A Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Harvard College (4 volumes)1851, 1853-1854
16Article about him [with transcript]1922
17Inventory of George A. Peabody's library [presented to the Peabody Museum]1929
SERIES IV. William Crowninshield Endicott, Jr. (1860-1936) Papers
A. Correspondence
261Letters to George A. Peabody 1905
2Letter and pamphlet from Augustus P. Gardner Campaign1913, undated
3Letters to William C. Endicott, Jr.1923-1929
4Letters about the Smith-Blanchard book1928-1929
37(OS)15Membership certificate to New England Historic and Genealogical Society1929
265Letters to William C. Endicott, Jr.1931-1938
6Letters to William C. Endicott, Jr.undated
7Letters from Katharine Peabody Loring1931
B. Genealogical Research
268Genealogy and signatures of Joseph Peabody1877, 1904, undated
9Information about Knapp school, William Amory1899, undated
10Genealogy research on Peabody and Endicott families1900-1923, undated
11Research on whether Samuel Endicott was a prisoner at Dartmoor Prison1906, undated
12Peabody family genealogy1906-1928, undated
13Coolidge family research1912-1936, undated
271History of Peabody farm in Danvers, Massachusetts1918, 1923-1926
2Correspondence with Grace Blanchard of Concord, NH1920-1928
3Research on Loring branch of family1920-1936
4Crosby family research1921
5Correspondence regarding erecting a bronze tablet in the Sanders house in Salem to commemorate development of the telephone1921-1922
6Blanchard family research1921-1925
7Information and correspondence about family portraits1922-1936
Cab. 2Drawer 3Map of Woodlawn Cemetery [New York]1923
278Smith family research done at Flint Public Library in Middleton, MA1923-1924
9Smith and Boardman families genealogical research1923-1926, undated
10Genealogy research on Peabody and Endicott families1924, undated
11Dedication of Peabody Memorial window in Black Memorial Chapel and copies of newspaper articles from 18921925, undated
12Kennedy family genealogy1923, 1925
13Knight family data1925
14Research on Gordon/Smith/Blanchard families1925-1929, undated
15Account of the disaster to the ship Eclipse and the murder of her captain Charles F. Wilkins1926, undated
16Peabody Farm titles, plans, and history [typed]1930, 1933, undated
Cab. 2Drawer 3Blueprint of Burley Farm and Cherry Hill Farm, Danvers and Beverly, Massachusetts1933
2717Letter from Town Clerk in Stockbridge, Mass regarding Francis Peabody1936
18Julian Lowell Coolidge research1936, undated
19Copy of Isaac Peabody will, 1726/7 [transcript]undated
281Accounts of the battle in the Ranger (1782) as told by Joseph Peabody
2Floor plan of Thayer's Oil Store/Peabody Counting House on Derby Wharfundated
3Phippen genealogyundated
4Family recipes, 1883-1893 [transcript]undated
5Real estate titles and history, 1816-1888, [transcript]undated
6Benjamin Peabody (1741-1829): Military orders, 1780 [transcript]undated
7Benjamin Peabody (1741-1829): Account book, 1784-1809 [transcript]undated
8Copy of will and transcription of Lt. Francis Pebody of Topsfield dated 1695/6undated
9Elias Smith (1731-1792) documents and sermons, 1751-1775 [transcript]undated
10Elias Smith (1731-1792) genealogy and notesundated
11Notes on various family membersundated
12Part of Reminiscences of the Civil War and Autobiography of William Gurdon Saltonstall [describes trip taken with Augustus Peabody, 1858-1859] [typescript]undated
13Notes about Joseph Augustus Peabodyundated
14Information about Joseph A. Peabody and transcripts of letters Vol. Iundated
15Genealogical data Balch familyundated
291"Various Notes regarding the Peabody Family made by Charles Moses Endicott and C. A. Peabody and William C. Endicott"undated
2Handwritten biography of Rev. Ebenezer Hubbard (1783-1858)undated
3Deed David Smith of Salem to Bethiah Ruck [transcript]undated [1771]
4Copies of Augustus Peabody Loring's documents dated 1818, 1831undated
5Lucy Ward Lawrence: Letter to Thomas Wren Ward, 1855 [transcript]undated
36(OS)15Smith family genealogyundated
C. Manuscript Drafts
296"The Ancestry and Descendants of Joseph Peabody, Merchant of Salem, Massachusetts" compiled by William Crowninshield Endicott, Jr. galley proof1918
7"Descendants of Joseph Peabody of Salem, Vol. I"undated
8"Descendants of Joseph Peabody of Salem, Vol. II" (Seventh Generation)undated
9"Descendants of Joseph Peabody of Salem, Vol. III" (Eighth Generation)undated
10"Descendants of Joseph Peabody of Salem, Vol. IV" (Ninth Generation)undated
11"Descendants of Joseph Peabody of Salem, Vol. V" (Tenth Generation)undated
301"Joseph Peabody of Salem, Massachusetts and His Descendants Vol. 1"1919, 1936, undated
2"Joseph Peabody of Salem, Massachusetts and His Descendants Vol. 2"1936
SERIES V. Other Family Members' Papers
36(OS)16Joseph Grafton: Land deed1721
303Elias Smith (1731-1791): Account book1754-1756
4Elias Smith (1731-1791): Papers and sermons1783-1796, 1850-1896
5Samuel Endicott (1763-1828): Correspondence, 1799-1826 [transcript]undated
6Nathaniel Peabody (1741-1823): Letters1801-1817
7Samuel Peabody: Affidavit that Jacob Peabody is United States citizen1803
8Joseph Augustus Peabody (1796-1828): Correspondence [with transcript]1819, 1825-1826, undated
9Louisa Putnam Peabody (Mrs. Joseph Augustus Peabody): Correspondence, 1824-1843 [transcript]undated
10Francis Peabody: Business correspondence1836
11Edward Everett (1794-1865): Letter to Mrs. Augustus Perry1838
12F. Marion Ward: Letter to Samuel Ward1840
13Ellen Peabody (1828-1856): Letters from her sister, Clara E. Peabody1842-1843
14Samuel Endicott Peabody (b. 1825): Letter from his mother, Mrs. Francis Peabody1847
15William C. Endicott (1826-1900): Poem “Thanksgiving Evening at the home of Mrs. Joseph Peabody” and "Rules of Prudence Conversation"1847, undated
311William C. Endicott (1826-1900): Correspondence1850, 1862-1867
2Nathan Peabody: Letter to Lydia Peabody1852
3Obituaries and church service programs of various family members1867-1929
4Journal [possibly Elizabeth S. Peabody (1822-1869): see letter February 29,1844]1873-1874
5John L. Gardner: Letter to George A. Gardner1886
6Francis Peabody (1854-1938): Letter to him1891
7Obituaries of Peabody family members, 1828-1892 [transcript]undated
8Letters from Peabody family members dated 1842-1850 [transcript]undated
9Nathan Endicott: Letter from Elisa E. Peabodyundated
SERIES VI. Photographic Images
3110Daguerreotype of George Peabody and his son, George Augustus Peabody1847
11Daguerreotype of George Augustus Peabody1849, 1852
12Tintype and photographs of George Augustus Peabody1874, 1893, 1904, undated
13Tintype and photographs of Augusta Jay Balch (Mrs. George Augustus Peabody)1869, 1874, 1876
14Photographs of Marie Praetorius (who lived for many years with Mr. and Mrs. George Augustus Peabody as housekeeper and companion)1881, 1891
15Photograph of George Peabody (4 copies)1891
16Photographs of Peabody homes in Salem and Danvers1904, 1924-1925, undated
36(OS)17Images of George Peabody of Londonundated [1852, 1875]
3117Photographs of family burial grounds and tombstonesundated
18Unidentified silhouettesundated
321“Family Portraits” (photographs of family members' portraits with list of portraits)1936, undated
2Photogravure images used in Captain Joseph Peabody bookundated
3Photogravure images of Joseph Peabody and familyundated
4Photogravure images of John Lowell Gardner and familyundated
5Photogravures of Mathen Moran (1807-1881), watercolors of ships George and Glide, and pitcher with ship Francis on it used in Captain Joseph Peabody bookundated
33Glass plate negatives, family of Joseph Peabodyundated
34Glass plate negatives, family of George Peabodyundated
3564 steel plate negatives for illustrations in Captain Joseph Peabody, East India Merchant of Salem (1757-1844), A Record of his Ships and of his Family compiled by William Crowninshield Endicott (1860-1936), edited and completed with a Sketch of Joseph Peabody's Life by Walter Muir Whitehillundated [1962]
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