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Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925) Papers

Edward Sylvester Morse (1838-1925) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Correspondence
A. Incoming
11Miscellaneous1845-1935, undated
2"A" Miscellaneous1912-1915, undated
3Abbe - Adler1858-1924, undated
4Agassiz - Agge1863-1925, undated
5Albrecht - Allen1864-1923, undated
6American Art Association - Appleton1861-1924, undated
7Archer - Aydelotte1869-1925, undated
8"B" Miscellaneous1885
9Babcock - Baltimore City Medical Society1866-1925, undated
10Bancroft - Barus1870-1924, undated
11Bassett - Bates 1870-1917, undated
12Baur - Becker 1861-1924, undated
21Beecher - Bigelow, Henry J.1867-1924, undated
2Bigelow, Poutney1902-1918, undated
3Bigelow, Poutney1919-1925, undated
4Bigelow, William S. - Binney 1858-1924, undated
5Binney, William Greene1868-1878, undated
6Bishop - Bland, Thomas1862-1923, undated
7Bland, Thomas1866-1880, undated
8Blaney - Borlase 1866-1925, undated
9Boston and Maine Railroad - Bowen 1865-1923, undated
10Bowes - Brinton1861-1924, undated
31British Museum - Browne1865-1919, undated
2Brunn - Burton1872-1921, undated
3"C" Miscellaneousundated
4Cabot - Chadwick1866-1925, undated
5Chamberlain - Church1867-1923, undated
6Claflin - Clarke1872-1925, undated
7Clement - Cooke1875-1925, undated
8Coolidge - Crounse1870-1922, undated
9Culin - Cutter1875-1922, undated
10Dahlgren - Dan1866-1925, undated
11Dana - Darwin1863-1914, undated
12DaSilva - Deane1870-1922, undated
41Degroot - Diller1868-1924, undated
2Dillingham - Dwight1858-1925, undated
3Ebell - Emmons1868-1923, undated
4Endicott - Everett1871-1925, undated
5Fairbanks - Fewkes1880-1924, undated
6Field - Flynn1871-1925, undated
7Forbes - Fuse1870-1924, undated
8"G" Miscellaneous1878, 1902, 1918
9Gage - Gavit1865-1921, undated
10Geary - Gonse1875-1922, undated
11Goodale, George Lincoln - Goodale, Joseph Lincoln1892-1925, undated
12Goode - Goto1868-1921, undated
51Gould, Alice - Gould, Benjamin Apthorp1865-1920, undated
2Gould, Johnundated
3Gould, John1854-1855
4Gould, John1856
5Gould, John1858
6Gould, John1861-1874
7Gould, John1875-1878
8Gould, John1879-1907
9Gould, John1908-1911
10Gould, John1911
61Gould, John1912-1913
2Gould, John1914
3Gould, John1915-1917
4Gould, John1918-1921
5Gould, John1922-1925
6Gould, Julia - Gould, Maria1917, 1923
71Graban - Gray1871-1922, undated
2Greely - Gwyer1875-1925, undated
3Haddon - Hapgood1865-1925, undated
4Harada - Hastings1860-1925, undated
5Hatton - Hemenway1880-1921, undated
6Henry - Higginson1864-1916, undated
7Hijakata - Hollis1871-1925, undated
8Holme - Hooper1886-1924, undated
9Hopkins - Howard1886-1924, undated
10Howe - Humphrey1866-1924, undated
11Hunt - Hyatt1865-1916, undated
81Iaccaci - Iwakawa1877-1924, undated
2"J" miscellaneous1902, 1911
3Jackson - Jastrow1886-1924, undated
4Jefferson - Joubin1868-1925, undated
5Kanda - Kato1879-1924, undated
6Kedzie - Kes1869-1925, undated
7Kidder - Kurara1875-1924, undated
8"L" miscellaneous1907-1913, undated
9Ladd - Latimer1873-1925, undated
10Laufer - Lichtwark1857-1926, undated
11Lieders - Logan1873-1925, undated
12Longfellow - Lowell, John A.1868-1925, undated
91Lowell, Percival1884-1916, undated
2Lucas - Lythgoe1865-1918, undated
3"M" miscellaneous1886, 1904
4Mabie - Manning1867-1914, undated
5Mansfield, Burton - Mansfield, Helen1894-1925, undated
6Marcou - Marston1853-1914, undated
7Martin - Mather1882-1917, undated
8Matsuki - Meigs1864-1912, undated
9Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin1874-1881, undated
10Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin1883-1922, undated
11Mercer - Miller1881-1925, undated
12Millet - Mixter1871-1925, undated
101Miyaoka1892-1913, undated
2Miyaoka - Mollendorff1883-1925, undated
3Monks - Morgan1865-1925, undated
4Mori - Mstue1872-1924, undated
95(OS)1Morse1860, undated
105Mueller - Murtfeldtundated
6Museum of Bergen - Myres1878-1925, undated
7"N" miscellaneous1874, 1911
8Naense - Nicholas1874-1925, undated
9Nichols - Norton1865-1916
10Nowell - Nylander1877-1922, undated
11Ober - Osborne1880-1923, undated
111Osgood - Oye1846-1925, undated
2Packard - Parkman1865-1923, undated
3Parshley - Penrose1867-1923, undated
4Perkins - Phillips1873-1925, undated
5Pickering - Pott1861-1925, undated
6Potts - Prime1860-1917, undated
7Prince - Putnam1862-1925, undated
9"R" miscellaneous1903, 1906, undated
10Rantoul - Readwin1858-1917, undated
11Reed - Reynolds1890-1925, undated
12Rhodes1896-1923, undated
13Rice - Robinson, Edward1885-1925, undated
121Robinson, John1867-1895
2Robinson, John1896-1901
3Robinson, John1902-1914, undated
4Robinson, Johnundated
5Robinson, Johnundated
6Robinson, Johnundated
7Robinson, Johnundated
8Robinson, Johnundated
9Robinson, M - Russell1872-1924, undated
10"S" miscellaneous1900-1917
131Sabine - Sawyer1872-1924, undated
2Sayce - Scidmore1874-1924, undated
3Scott - Seawall1891-1922, undated
4Sedgwick -Sedwick1888-1925, undated
5Sellers - Short1853-1925, undated
6Shufeldt - Smiley1874-1921, undated
7Smith - Smithsonian1869-1925, undated
8Society of Antiquaries of London - Stedman1855-1925, undated
9Steenberg - Story1861-1925, undated
10Straight - Swasey1892-1923, undated
141Tahara - Terry1865-1920, undated
2Thacher - Thomson, Elihu1886-1924, undated
3Thomson, John - Togi1859-1924, undated
4Tokyo University - Trower1879-1925, undated
5Trumbell - Tylor1863-1925, undated
6Ubell - Upham1882-1921, undated
7Valentine - Vaux1886-1923, undated
8Verrill, Addison E. - Verrill, Alpheus H.1862-1920, undated
9Vining - Vose1869-1913, undated
10"W" miscellaneous1889-1918, undated
11Wade - Walden1888-1925, undated
12Walker - Waseda University1866-1921, undated
151Washington - Welch1896-1920, undated
2Weld, Caroline - Weld, Charles1897-1908, undated
3Weld, Charles - Weld, Hannah1901-1911, undated
4Wells - Whelpley1866-1925, undated
5White - Wilkes1868-1924, undated
6Willard - Wilson, Edm.1870-1925, undated
7Wilson, Francis1899-1925, undated
8Wilson, H. - Woodbury1865-1924, undated
9Woodruff - Wyman1865-1925, undated
10Yale University - Young1873-1925, undated
11Yu, Kil Chun originals1884-1897, undated
12Yu, Kil Chun photocopies and transcripts1884-1897, undated
13Yu, Kil Chun photocopies and transcripts1884-1897, undated
106(OS)1Yu, Kil Chun original with translationundated [circa 1880s]
1514Zalinski - Zetek1899-1918, undated
B. Outgoing
171Morse to Gould, Johnundated
2Morse to Gould, John1854
3Morse to Gould, John1855
4Morse to Gould, John1856
5Morse to Gould, John1858
6Morse to Gould, John1860
7Morse to Gould, John1861
8Morse to Gould, John1862-1877
9Morse to Gould, John1878-1884
10Morse to Gould, John1885-1889
181Morse to Gould, John1890-1909
2Morse to Gould, John1910-1912
3Morse to Gould, John1913-1916
4Morse to Gould, John1917-1919
5Morse to Gould, John1920-1925
SERIES II. Diaries
A. Miscellaneous Diaries
186DiaryJan. 1856-Aug. 1856
7DiaryJan. 1957-Sep. 1857
8DiaryFeb. 1860; 1866
191Diaries1871, undated
Vol. 1Diary1858-1863
2114Travel sketch bookscirca 1877-1889
15Travel sketch bookscirca 1877-1889
16Miscellaneous diaries and notes1913, undated
B. Japan Diary
201Maps of travel in Japancirca 1877-1882
2Pages 1-200, sketches 2-301877
3Pages 201-400, sketches 31-921877
4Pages 401-600, sketches 93-1491877
5Pages 601-799, sketches 150-1861877
6Pages 800-999, sketches 187-2241877
7Pages 1000-1200, sketches 225-2911877
8Pages 1201-1401, sketches 292-3251877
9Pages 1401-1601, sketches 326-2711877
10Pages 1602-1800, sketches 373-4481877
11Pages 1801-2000, sketches 449-5151877
12Pages 2001-2250, sketches 513-6021877
13Pages 1-200, sketches 613-6571882
14Pages 201-400, sketches 658-6911882
15Pages 401-600, sketches 693-7081882
16Pages 601-849, sketches 714-7641882
C. European Diaries
211France and England diary, pages 1-1001883
2France and England diary, pages 101-2071883
3Europe and England diary, pages 1-199circa 1887
4Europe and England diary, pages 200-299circa 1887
5Europe and England diary, pages 300-400circa 1887
6Europe and England diary, pages 401-499circa 1887
7Europe and England diary, pages 500-600circa 1887
8Europe and England diary, pages 601-699circa 1887
9Europe and England diary, pages 700-800circa 1887
10Europe and England diary, pages 801-899circa 1887
11Europe and England diary, pages 900-990circa 1887
12Europe diary, pages 1-1531888
13Europe diary, pages 1-351889
SERIES III. Scrapbooks
22Vol. 2"Scientific Papers,"1862-1876
Vol. 3"Newspaper Articles,"1856-1893
23Vol. 4"Lecture Notes"1868-1886
24Vol. 5"Lecture Notes"1887-1893
25Vol. 6"Japanese Pottery"1882-1897
1"Personal Notices"1859-1894
2"Personal Notices"1859-1894
26Vol. 7"Personal Notices"1870-1886
27Vol. 8"Personal Notices"1887-1893
28Vol. 9"Personal Notices"1893-1896
29Vol. 10"Personal Notices"1897-1900
30Vol. 11"Personal Notices"1901-1903
31Vol. 12"Personal Notices"1904-1906
32Vol. 13"Personal Notices"1907-1908
33Vol. 14"Personal Notices"1909-1912
34Vol. 15"Personal Notices"1913-1916
1"Personal Notices"1917-1925
2"Personal Notices"1917-1925
3"Personal Notices"1917-1925
4"Personal Notices"1917-1925
5"Personal Notices"1917-1925
35Vol. 16"Early Miscellaneous Papers"1854-1876, undated
Vol. 17"Miscellaneous Papers, Etc."1862-1866, undated
36Vol. 18Scrapbook1853-1875, undated
37Vol. 19"Miscellaneous Papers"1872-1893
38Vol. 20"Miscellaneous Papers"1894-1900
39Vol. 21"Miscellaneous Papers"1901-1912
40Vol. 22"Miscellaneous Papers"1913-1921
1Catalog of Objects for Peabody Academy of Sciencecirca 1882
94(OS)Vol. 24"Scrapbook, 1904-1924"1904-1924
SERIES IV. Natural History
411"Cabinet, Edward S. Morse, Portland, Maine"undated
2"Essay on winds…,"undated
3Natural history notebooks [3 volumes]undated
4"Notes of Agassiz Lectures"undated
5Notes, Professor Agassiz1860-1861, undated
6"Lectures on Insects," Professor Agassiz1861
7Miscellaneous notes1860-1862, undated
8Notebook, re. Mollusca, Maine1864
9"Catalogue of Simple Physical Apparatus,"1882
10Sketches made for W.G. Binneyundated
11Sketches made for A.A. Gouldundated
12Sketches made for T. Primeundated
13Miscellaneous sketches1870-1871, undated
14Miscellaneous sketchesundated
15Miscellaneous sketchesundated
16Miscellaneous sketches1870, undated
17Sketches, orchids, botanical garden1872, undated
19Star fish and sea urchinsundated
21Relations of Polyzoa and Braciopodaundated
22Shell fishundated
421"Insects General"undated
2Wasp nestsundated
4"Insects, Lecture"undated
5"Fertilization of Flowers by Insects"undated
10"Course of Six Lectures"undated
11"Sketches of Animal Life," Notesundated
12"Ideas for First Book of Zoology"undated
13"Marine Zoology"1857-1861, undated
14"Paper No. 1," "Paper No. 2," and miscellaneousundated
15Sketch and notes, re. "The Young Naturalist"undated
16Mollusca, notes, generalundated
17Mollusca, notes, generalundated
18Mollusca, notes, generalundated
19Mollusca, notes, generalundated
30"List of Terrestrial and Fluviatile Mollusks of Maine"1856-1860, undated
431"List of chemritzia… mentioned to Stimpson"undated
2Mollusca, Goose Island, Maineundated
3Mollusca, Japan1877-1878, undated
4Mollusca, Mya Arenariaundated
5Mollusca, Solenomyaundated
6Mollusca, homologiesundated
7Mollusca, visionundated
8Mollusca, measurementsundated
9Mollusca, measurementsundated
10Mollusca, modelundated
11"Notes on the Pulmoniferous Mollusca of Maine"undated
12Mollusca sketches1855-1858, undated
13Mollusca sketches1860-1865, undated
14Miscellaneous Mollusca sketchesundated
15Miscellaneous Mollusca prints1864, undated
16Mollusca correspondence1865-1922, undated
17Mollusca notes and sketches, Mollusca, Bivalviaundated
18Mollusca notes and sketchesundated
19Mollusca, notes and sketches, re. Fort Macon, N.C.1870, undated
20Mollusca, Bivalvia, sketches, New Englandundated
21Mollusca, sketches, New Englandundated
95(OS)2Mollusca, Bivalvia sketches, New Englandundated
4322Mollusca, sketches, Gastropodaundated
95(OS)3Mollusca, sketches, Mollusia, Gastropodaundated
4323Mollusca, Gastropodaundated
24Mollusca, Gastropoda, Caecumundated
25Mollusca, notes for a paper1915, undated
26Mollusca, correspondence1921
27Mollusca, Cephalopoda, sketchesundated
28Mollusca, "An Index"undated
441Brachiopoda "…record… Jan. 14, 1871 a discussion with Prof. Agassiz."1871
2Brachiopoda, notesundated
3Brachiopoda, notes1888-1890, undated
4Brachiopoda, notes1846-1868, undated
5Brachiopoda, notes1886-1997, undated
6Brachiopoda, Japan, notesundated
7Brachiopoda, Japan, sketchesundated
8Brachiopoda, Japan, re. "Parasite in Lingula"1879, undated
9Brachiopoda, Peruundated
10Brachiopoda, Eastport, Maineundated
11Brachiopoda, North Carolinaundated
12Brachiopoda, Murray Bayundated
95 (OS)4Brachiopoda, U.S. and abroadundated
4413Brachiopoda, papers collected by Morseundated
14Brachiopoda, papers collected by Morseundated
15Brachiopoda, papers collected by Morseundated
16Brachiopoda, papers collected by Morseundated
17Brachiopoda, papers collected by Morseundated
95(OS)5Brachiopoda, papers collected by Morseundated
4418Brachiopoda, papers collected by Morse, correspondence1881-1901
19Brachiopoda, papers collected by Morse, correspondence1902
20Brachiopoda, papers collected by Morse, correspondence1903-1904
21Brachiopoda, papers collected by Morse, other phylaundated
451Comparisons of phylaundated
2Comparisons of phylaundated
3Comparisons of phylaundated
4Brachiopoda, modelundated
5Evolution, notesundated
6Evolution, notesundated
7Evolution, notesundated
8Evolution, notesundated
461Evolution, "The Social Status of Man Based on the Pricniple of Cephalization"undated
2Evolution, lecture notes, re "Why Darwin is so Important"1872-1877, undated
SERIES V. Archaeology Field Work
463Shell mounts, Japan, and a comparison with middens of Ipswich, MAundated
4Shell mounds, Botanical Gardens, Tokyoundated
5Shell mounds, Hakodateundated
6Shell mounds, Okadairaundated
7Shell mounds, Omoriundated
8Shell mounds, Onomura, Higoundated
9Shell mounds, Otarunai, Yezo, West Coast Hakkadoundated
10Shell mounds, comparisons and faunaundated
11Notes and sketches, implements and potteryundated
13Sketches, including Koreanundated
14Sketches, Goose Island, Maineundated
15Prehistoric manundated
16Prehistoric pottery1878, undated
17Sketches, photostats (photocopy), Omoriundated
18Article, re. excavation at Totomi, Choya Shinbun, March 30, 1877 (translated)undated
19Materials collected by Morse1883-1889, undated
20Materials collected by Morse1884, undated
95(OS)6Materials collected by Morseundated
7Materials collected by Morseundated
SERIES VI. Ethnology
A. Japan
471Appointment and establishment of the Museum of Biology as an instructor in the Department of Science, the Imperial University of Tokyoundated [1877]
2"Articles of Agreement between Mr. Hiroyuki Kato Sori…in Tokio Daigaku… and Edward S. Morse…"undated
95(OS)7Sayohiko, regarding Memorial for Matsuraundated
473"List of books, pamphlets received in exchange for the Omori Memoir"undated
95 (OS)9Sayohiko, Mapundated
474Sayohiko, Lists of books [2]undated
5Sayohiko, library card, University of Tokyoundated
6Sayohiko, note, "Ask Library for this Book," [Essays on Wisdom]undated
7Sayohiko, papers, Morse's studentsundated
8Sayohiko, Invitation to Emperor's banquet1879
9Sayohiko, notes, regarding studying Japaneseundated
10Sayohiko, notes, regarding studying Japaneseundated
11Sayohiko, notes, regarding studying Japaneseundated
12Sayohiko, notes, regarding studying Japaneseundated
58Sayohiko, flash cards, regarding studying Japanese [in Japanese]undated
4713Sayohiko, "History of the primitive ages of Japan, attributed to Morseundated
14Sayohiko, fragment of itineraryundated
15Sayohiko, "Farewell to Dr. Morse on His Return to America"1879, undated
16Sayohiko, memory album and sketches1877-1882
95(OS)10Sayohiko, on the steamerundated
4717Sayohiko, Ninagawa's houseundated
18Sayohiko, Ninegawa's officeundated
95(OS)11Sayohiko, laboratory at Enoshimaundated
12Sayohiko, shops and stop signsundated
13Sayohiko, boatsundated
4719Sayohiko, potteryundated
95(OS)14Sayohiko, ornamentsundated
15Sayohiko, musicundated
96(OS)1Sayohiko, mountains and viewsundated
2Sayohiko, figuresundated
3Sayohiko, gamesundated
4Sayohiko, flowers and gardensundated
5Sayohiko, printing shopundated
6Sayohiko, theaterundated
7Sayohiko, carts and vehiclesundated
8Sayohiko, industriesundated
9Sayohiko, bridgesundated
10Sayohiko, carpentry toolsundated
11Sayohiko, farming toolsundated
12Sayohiko, foodundated
13Sayohiko, housesundated
4720Sayohiko, roofsundated
21Sayohiko, architectureundated
22Sayohiko, miscellaneous notesundated
23Sayohiko, miscellaneous notesundated
24Sayohiko, miscellaneous notesundated
25Sayohiko, miscellaneous notesundated
26Sayohiko, house constructionundated
481Sayohiko, Ainu1879, undated
2Sayohiko, sword guardsundated
3Sayohiko, hairpinsundated
4Sayohiko, falconry1891, undated
5Sayohiko, fireworks1877
6Sayohiko, gamesundated
7Sayohiko, list, regarding armor collectionsundated
8Sayohiko, insane asylumsundated
9Calling cards1870, undated
10Address of Nose Kumatoro (fragment)undated
96(OS)14Study tableundated
15Instructions for house constructionundated
4811Chinese poem, Masuma Fumiusu1867-1868
12Kano Yeitan's certificate for Eitokuundated
13Horoscope, star and age chartundated
14Names of musical instrumentsundated
15Song, "Praise Oh Soldier"undated
16Dates and numbers of peopleundated
17Sketches, Nakaomiundated
18Sketch of a ceramicundated
19Letters of the Japanese alphabetundated
20Poem, Ishi Jimaundated
21Chinese family historyundated
22Regarding government official in Shimane prefectures [fragment]undated
24Clipping from a newspaperundated
25Newspaper clippings, regarding ceramics, Kyotoundated
26Newspaper clippings, letterhead of Yamnaka Co.undated
27Schedule of arrivals and departures of Mitsubishi Company, Yokohamaundated
28Circular of Römaji Zasshi Dai Ichi Gō No Furokuundated
29Morse's name in Chineseundated
96(OS)16Map and ticket to visit Asamaundated
4830Calendar, 1878, Year of the Tigerundated
31Advertisement for women's medicineundated
32Tags on boxes to label potteryundated
33Japanese anthemundated
33AFrom University of Tokyoundated [pre-1912]
96(OS)17Writing samplesundated
18Genealogy of kettle makersundated
19Genealogy of Kambayashi family, regarding tea ceremonyundated
20Genealogies of pottersundated
21Household records of a Samurai familyundated
22Record for a tea ceremonyundated
23Measurements for a tea houseundated
24Study of tea ceremony, Senrikyo, etc.undated
25List of staff members of a Gisaido1882
4834Proof sheets: science and religionundated
35Proof sheets: eye diseaseundated
36Proof sheets: science textbook, University of Tokyoundated
37Proof sheets: Label of an ink manufactured by Yamatoya Companyundated
38Proof sheets: cloisonnéundated
39Proof sheets: travel in Chinaundated
40Proof sheets: local government and taxationundated
41Proof sheets: family lawundated
42Proof sheets: restrictions on munitionsundated
43Proof sheets: laws of navigationundated
44Proof sheets: geographyundated
96(OS)26Proof sheets: geology and faunaundated
27Proof sheets: requirements for higher educationundated
28Proof sheets: meteorology1877
29Proof sheets: Japanese envelopesundated
4845Proof sheets: miscellaneousundated
97(OS)1Letters of persons associated with Morse in Japan travels1882, undated
4847"Catalogue of Ethnological Objects for the Peabody Academy of Science"1882
48Correspondence1882-1883, undated
B. China
491"China, Singapore. Java Journal," pages 24-192, 301-343 (incomplete)undated
2Sketches, prints, re. "Glimpse of China"undated
3Materials collected by Morseundated
4Language and writingundated
5Language and writingundated
6Address, regarding exclusionundated
7Exclusion, materials collected by Morse1902
498Korea, notesundated
9Korea, notes1897, undated
10Korea, notes1882, undated
11Kitchens, notes1885, undated
12Kitchens, materials collected by Morse1882-1896, undated
13Utensils1911, undated
15Ploughs, notesundated
501Ploughs, materials collected1869-1906, undated
2Ploughs, correspondence1880-1898
3Roofing tiles, notesundated
4Roofing tiles, sketchesundated
97(OS)3Roofing tiles, sketchesundated
505Roofing tiles, materials collected1892-1899, undated
6Roofing tiles, company brochuresundated
9Migration, paperundated
10Arrow release, notesundated
11Arrow release, notes1891, undated
12Arrow release, notes and sketchesundated
13Arrow release, sketchesundated
14Arrow release, mechanicalsundated
15Arrow release, notes and sketches, bows and arrowsundated
16"Bow-Pullers," notes1895, undated
511"Bow-Pullers," sketches, mechanical and proofsundated
2"Bow-Pullers," sketches, printsundated
3Satire, "On the So-Called Bow-Pullers by Prof. Lichen"undated
4"Thumb Rings, Arm Guard, Etc.," notes and sketchesundated
5"Thumb Rings, Arm Guard, Etc.," articles and clippings1899, undated
6Notes and sketches re. "Ancient and Prehistoric Bows and Arrows"undated
7Notes and sketches, regarding "Stone and Clay Ball Bows"undated
C. Museums
10Notes, regarding Hemenway Southwestern Archeological Expeditionundated
11Notes and sketches, Europeundated
12Notes and sketches, Amsterdamundated
13Notes and sketches, British Museum, Nuremberg, Royal Museum of Berlinundated
14Notes and sketches, St. Germainundated
15Notes and sketches, Volkeskunde, Berlinundated
16Notes and sketches, Zurichundated
17Floor plansundated
97(OS)4Floor plans1884
Flat fileFloor plan of the Ethnologisches Museum in Berlin1884
SERIES VII. Japanese Pottery
52Vol. 23Notebook1877-1882
2Notes, translation, Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu notes, pottery judgingundated
3Notes, translation, Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu notes, pottery, Morse collectionundated
4Notes, translation, Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu notes, pottery, Margaretta Brooks to arrange the cases at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston1900, undated
97(OS)5Notes, translation, Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu notes, pottery, Margaretta Brooks to arrange the cases at the Museum of Fine Arts, Bostonundated
525Notes, translation, Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu notes, pottery, Nenagawa and Morse collectionundated
97(OS)6Notes, translation, Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu notes, pottery, Ninegawa collection, sketchesundated
7Keeper of the potter, original, (2) lists of ceramicsundated
526Notes, translation, Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu notes, pottery, Nigishi collectionundated
7Notes, translation, Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu notes, pottery, Matusra collectionundated
8Notes, translation, Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu notes, pottery, for a popular workundated
9Notes and sketches, potters and potteries, Kamiokaundated
10Notes, potters and potteries, Koyetsuundated
11Notes, potters and potteries, Rakuundated
12Notes, potters and potteries, Raku drawings by Phillip White1888
13Notes, potters and potteries, Yamashiroundated
14Pottery marks, provinces, Aki-Iwamiundated
531Pottery marks, provinces, Kaga-Owariundated
2Pottery marks, provinces, Sado-Yamashiroundated
3Pottery marks, provinces, "Unidentified"undated
4Pottery marks, provinces, listsundated
5Pottery marks, Bizen provinceundated
6Pottery marks, provinces, miscellaneousundated
7List identified by Okakura Kakuzoundated
8Lists of pottery stamps (2)undated
9Color plate "Preliminary experiment…"undated
10Correspondence (photocopy)1886-1925
11Correspondence, regarding "Catalog of the Morse Collection of Japanese Pottery"1880-1917
12Reviews of "Catalog of the Morse Collection of Japanese Pottery"1887-1903, undated
13Announcements of "Catalog of the Morse Collection of Japanese Pottery"undated
14Translations, "Banpozensho," [no author]undated
15Translations, "Tokikio," [pottery examination, no author]undated
16Translations, "Ko Seto Setomura Owari,"[no author]undated
17Translations, regarding Iwakura-Yaki, [no title, no author]undated
18Translations, "Nihon Tomei Zusetsu," Ninagawaundated
541Translations, "Toki-Shirabegaki," Ninagawaundated
2Translations, "Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu," Ninagawa, copied by Morse and Margaretta Brooksundated
3Translations, "Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu," Ninagawa, copied by Morse and Margaretta Brooksundated
4Translations, "Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu," Ninagawa, copied by Morse and Margaretta Brooksundated
5Translations, "Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu," Ninagawa, copied by Morse and Margaretta Brooksundated
6Translations, "Kwan Ko Dzu Setsu," Ninagawa, copied by Morse and Margaretta Brooksundated
7Translations, miscellaneous1881, undated
8Morse, "The Adventures of a Pottery Collector"undated
9Morse, "A day among the Kioto potteries"undated
10Materials collected by Morse, making ceramicsundated
11Materials collected by Morse, history of Korean and Japanese potteryundated
12Materials collected by Morse, types of pottery of Korea and southern Japanundated
13Materials collected by Morse, Miagawa Kazan1899
14Materials collected by Morse, distance of kilns from Tokyoundated
15Materials collected by Morse, kilns and provincesundated
16Materials collected by Morse, kilns of Higoundated
17Materials collected by Morse, kilns of Satsumaundated
18Materials collected by Morse, kilns of Setoundated
19Materials collected by Morse, Kakeimonundated
20Materials collected by Morse, letter to the potter Kamura Matsuke to Matsukiundated
21Materials collected by Morse, notebooks of Keigan regarding Raku1804
22Articles about Morse's collection1902, undated
107(OS)1Article, "The Morse Collection of Japanese Pottery at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, " Parts I and II1892
A. Miscellaneous Lecture Materials
551"To Lecture Committees…"undated
2Lists of lectures1876-1878, undated
3"Subjects for Lectures"1907, undated
35News clippings1875, 1890-1925, undated
107(OS)2News clippings1875, 1890-1925, undated
B. Lowell Institute Lectures
554Notes, country, people and languageundated
5Notes, traits of the peopleundated
6Notes, houses, food, and toiletundated
7Notes, homes and their surroundingsundated
8Notes, children, toys, and gamesundated
9Notes, temples, theatres, and musicundated
10Notes, city life and health mattersundated
11Notes, country life and natural sceneryundated
12Notes, educational matters and studentsundated
13Notes, industrial occupationsundated
14Notes, ceramic and pictorial artsundated
15Notes, antiquitiesundated
16Notes, scienceundated
17Lectures (series A), Agassiz and othersundated
18Lectures (series A), ancient manundated
19Lectures (series A), archaeologyundated
20Lectures (series A), arts of illustrationundated
21Lectures (series A), Asiatic contactundated
22Lectures (series A), bow-pullersundated
23Lectures (series A), glaciersundated
24Lectures (series A), mimicry, and how to make city life attractiveundated
25Lectures (series A), religionundated
26Lectures (series B), "Lecture on New England Land and Fresh Water Mollusca"undated
27Lectures (series B), insects, 6 lecturesundated
28Lectures (series B), astronomy and geology, 6 lecturesundated
29Lectures (series B), people and institutions of Europe, 6 lecturesundated
30Lectures (series B), primitive peoples, 6 lecturesundated
31Lectures (series B), arts of illustrationundated
32Lectures (series B), Japan, 4 lectures, given in Baltimoreundated
33Lectures (series B), protective coloring and mimicryundated
34Lectures (series B), boys and girls of other countriesundated
561Lectures (series B), Boston Museum of Fine Artsundated
2Lectures (series B), evolutionundated
3Lectures (series B), history of Japanundated
4Lectures (series B), education of Japanundated
5Lectures (series B), Worlds Fair, 6 lecturesundated
6Lectures (series B), how animals growundated
7Lectures (series B), left hand-nessundated
8Lectures (series B), Java, Singaporeundated
9Lectures (series B), temples, theatres, etc. Japanundated
10Lectures (series B), household art in Japanundated
11Lectures (series B), Worlds Fair, single lectureundated
12Lectures (series B), astronomicalundated
13Lectures (series B), Nurembergundated
14Lectures (series B), city life, Tokyoundated
15Lectures (series B), archaeology, Japanundated
16Lectures (series B), arrow releaseundated
17Lectures, re. Japan, notes, including two lists: "Regular Lyceum Lectures," and "Special Lectures"undated
18Lectures, regarding Japan, notesundated
19Lectures, regarding Japan, notesundated
20Lectures, regarding Japan, notesundated
21Lectures, regarding Japan, notesundated
22Lectures, regarding Japan, notesundated
23Lectures, regarding Japan, superstitionundated
97(OS)8Lectures, regarding Japan, advertisements, Morse lectures1885-1887, undated
571Lecture tickets, invitation to attend a lecture (in Japanese) Tickets for lecture sponsored by Tokyo Society of Biology1868-1904
591"List of gentlemen who attended Mr. Morse lecture on Evolution" (in Japan)undated
SERIES IX. Publications
A. Articles
592"A Classification of Mollusca Based On the Principle of Cephalization"1865
3"Synopsis of the Fluviatile and Terrestrial Mollusca of the State of Maine"1865
4"On the Landslide in the Vicinity of Portland, Maine" and notes1870
5"Old Houses of Sale" and correspondence (photocopy)1870
6"On the Early States of an Ascidian"1871
7"Remarks on the Adaptive Coloration of Mollusca"1871
8"On the Oviducts and Ebryology of Terebratulina"1872
100(OS)1"On the Tarsus and Carpus of Birds"1872
599"On the Systematic Position of the Brachiopoda"1873
10"What American Zoologists Have Done for Evolution," and correspondence [photocopy]1876
100(OS)2"An Address by the Vice President E. S. Morse, Before the American Association for the Advancement of Science"1876
5911"A Pet Hen"1877
12"Health Matters in Japan"1878
100(OS)3"Note on the Extension of the Coiled Arms in Rhynchonella"1878
4"A Comparison Between the Ancient and Modern Molluscan Fauna of Omori, Japan"1879
5913"Evidences of Cannibalism in an Early Race in Japan"1879
14"Traces of an Early Race in Japan"1879
15"Dolmens in Japan"1880
16"Prehistoric Man in America," and correspondence (photocopy)1881
100(OS)17"The Omori Shell Mounds"1880
5"The Gradual Dispersion of Certain Mollusks in New England"1880
6"The Omori Shell Mounds: Some Recent Publications…"1880
15"Worked Shells in New England Shellheaps"1881
5917"Man in the Tertiaries"1884
100(OS)7"Notes on the Condition of Zoology, Fifty Years Ago…"1884
5918"Ancient and Modern Methods of Arrow-Release," and correspondence (photocopy)1885
19"Address of Edward S. Morse, President of the American Association for the Advancement of Science," and Correspondence1887
20"Old Satsuma"1888
21"Olden-Time Music," Henry M. Brooks, with an introduction by Morse1888
22"The Utilization of the Sun's Rays in Heating and Ventilating Apartments"1888
23"Pre-Columbian Musical Instruments in America," and correspondence (photocopy)1889
100(OS)8"Reviews for the New York Nation, Boston Transcript and New York Studio of the Work of James L. Bowes, Entitled 'Japanese Pottery'"1891
5924"Museums of Art and Their Influences"1892
25"Natural Selection and Crime," notes, and correspondence (photocopy)1892
26"On the Older Forms of Terra-Cotta Roofing Tiles," and correspondence (photocopy)1892
27"A Curious Aino Toy," notes, and correspondence (photocopy)1893
601"Henry Wheatland"1893
2"Home of the Rude Race," notes, and correspondence (photocopy)1893
3"If Public Libraries Why Not Public Museums?" and correspondence (photocopy)1893
4"Latrines of the East"1893
5"The Proposed Columbian Bell," and correspondence (photocopy)1893
6"The Distribution of Government Publications," and correspondence [photocopy]1894
7"On the So-Called Bow-Puller of Antiquity," notes, and correspondence [photocopy]1894
8"On the Importance of Good Manners," notes and correspondence [photocopy]1895
9"Korean Interviews," and correspondence [photocopy]1897
10"Henry Mason Brooks, A Memoir"1898
11"Spiritualism as Survival," and correspondence [photocopy]1898
12"Was Middle America Peopled from Asia?" and correspondence [photocopy]1898
100(OS)9Review and reprint of Dr. Ratzel's "The History of Mankind"1899
6013"A Bubble Blowing Insect," notes, and correspondence [photocopy]1900
14"Can City Life Be Made Endurable?" and correspondence [photocopy]1900
15"A Brief Sketch of the Peabody Academy of Science"1900
16"Memorial of Professor Alpheus Hyatt"1902
17"Appeal to Stop Steam Whistles"1903
18"The Steam Whistle as Menace to Public Health"1905
611Review of Frank H. Chalfant's Early Chinese Writing, and correspondence [photocopy]1906
2"Jean Louis Rudolphe Agassiz," notes and correspondence, [photocopy]1907
3"Whistling Nuisances," and correspondence [photocopy]1909
4"An Early Stage of Acmea, "and correspondence [photocopy]1910
100(OS)10Book reviews1910
615"Biographical Memoir of Charles Otis Whitman," notes and correspondence [photocopy]1912
6"The Suppression of Unnecessary Noise," and correspondence [photocopy]1912
7"Ninagawa's types of Japanese pottery," Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts, v. 11, n. 611913
8"Observations on Living Solenomya (Velum and Borealis)," and correspondence [photocopy]1913
100(OS)11"Notes on Thracia Conradi"1913
619"Frederic Ward Putnam, 1839-1915"1915
10"Fireflies Flashing in Unison," notes, and correspondence [photocopy]1916
11"Too Few Holes," notes, and correspondence [photocopy]1917
100(OS)12"The German Punishment"1918
6112"Biographical Memoir of Charles Sedgwick Minot, 1852-1914," and correspondence [photocopy]1919
13"New Forms of Caecum in New England," and correspondence [photocopy]1919
14"Observations on Living Lamellibranchs of New England," and correspondence [photocopy]1919
100(OS)15"Observations on Living Lamellibranchs of New England," and correspondence [photocopy]1919
6116"Observations on Living Lamellibranchs of New England," and correspondence [photocopy]1919
17"Review of a Chinese Lamp in a Yucatan Mound"1919
18"On Certain Fossil Shells in the Bowlder Clay of Boston Basin," and correspondence [photocopy)]1920
100(OS)13"On the Occurance of Pyramidula Rupestris in Maine"1920
6119"An Abnormal Shell of Mya Arenaria"1922
20"Additional Notes on Arrow Release," notes and correspondence [photocopy]1922
21"Observations on Living Gateropods of New England," mechanicalsundated
100(OS)14"Joseph Leidy's Influence on Science," notes and correspondence [photocopy]1923
15"Shell mounds and Changes in the Shells Composing Them," and correspondence [photocopy]1925
B. Monographs
1. Miscellaneous/Unpublished
621First book of zoology, printed copy shell mounds of Omori1875
2First book of zoology, printed copy shell mounds of Omori1875
3First book of zoology, printed copy shell mounds of Omori1875
4Preliminary sketches and pottery marks1879
97(OS)9Prints of plates, 1-2; 4-6; 10; 12; 14; 16-171879
10Preliminary sketches, 12undated
749Unpublished writings, "Art and its Utility"undated
10Unpublished writings, "Essay on Afterlife"undated
11Unpublished writings, "Narrow Escape"undated
12Unpublished writings "Discontent," (poem)undated
13Newspaper articles1880-1924
107(OS)3Japanese publication, in Japanese, co-authored by Morse (not in English)undated
2. Japanese Homes and Their Surroundings
625Preliminarysketches, 4-19undated
6Preliminary sketches, 20-39undated
7Preliminary sketches, 40-58undated
8Preliminary sketches, 61-89undated
97(OS)11Preliminary sketches, 103undated
631Preliminary sketches, 91-119undated
2Preliminary sketches, 120-139undated
3Preliminary sketches, 140-169undated
4Preliminary sketches, 170-192undated
5Preliminary sketches, 193-219undated
641Preliminary sketches, 220-239undated
2Preliminary sketches, 241-269undated
3Preliminary sketches, 273-307undated
4Mechanicals, 1-19undated
97(OS)12Mechanicals, 19undated
651Mechanicals, 20-39undated
2Mechanicals, 40-59undated
3Mechanicals, 60-79undated
97(OS)13Mechanicals, 83-84undated
654Mechanicals, 80-99undated
97(OS)14Mechanicals, 103undated
661Mechanicals, 100-119undated
97(OS)15Mechanicals, 122undated
662Mechanicals, 120-139undated
3Mechanicals, 140-159undated
4Mechanicals, 160-179undated
671Mechanicals, 180-199undated
2Mechanicals, 200-219undated
3Mechanicals, 220-239undated
4Mechanicals, 240-259undated
5Mechanicals, 260-279undated
97(OS)16Mechanicals, 281undated
17Mechanicals, 295undated
676Mechanicals, 280-307undated
97(OS)18Proofs of sketches, sheets, not cut up and numberedundated
2Printed copies, 1-19undated
3Printed copies, 20-39undated
4Printed copies, 40-59undated
5Printed copies, 60-79undated
6Printed copies, 80-99undated
691Printed copies, 101-112undated
2Printed copies, 120-139undated
3Printed copies, 140-169undated
4Printed copies, 170-198undated
5Printed copies, 220-229undated
70(B)1Printed copies, 231-259undated
2Printed copies, 260-305undated
3Reviews1885, undated
4Reviews1885-1886, undated
5Reviews1885-1886, undated
6Reviews1885-1888, undated
7Reviews1885-1889, undated
3. Catalogue of the Morse Collection of Japanese Pottery
70(B)8Proof sheet, text, incompleteundated
9Proof sheet, plates, 2-28undated
97(OS)19Proof sheet, cases, 1-10undated
20Proof sheet, cases, 11-18undated
98(OS)1Proof sheet, cases, 19-30undated
2Proof sheet, cases 31-40undated
70(B)10Proof sheet, prints of the cases, incompleteundated
98(OS)3Proof sheet, proofs of the pottery marks, "To Cut Up"undated
4. Observations of Living Brachiopoda
EnvelopeObservations of Living Brachiopoda from the "Memoirs of the Boston Society of Natural History"1902
711Sketches, drafts, 39-61undated
2Sketches, mechanicals, 39-44undated
3Sketches, mechanicals, 45-49undated
4Sketches, mechanicals, 50-56undated
5Sketches, mechanicals, 57-60undated
6Sketches, proofs, 39-49undated
7Sketches, proofs, 50-61undated
97(OS)4Sketches, prints, 39-49undated
5Sketches, prints, 50-61undated
5. Mars and Its Mystery
718Notes, including lecture notesundated
9Notes, including lecture notes1906, undated
11"Ms. No. 2"undated
12"Ms. No. 2"undated
98(OS)6Materials collectedundated
6. Japan Day by Day
721Pages 1-491873, undated
2Pages 50-99undated
3Pages 100-149undated
4Pages 150-199undated
5Pages 200-249undated
6Pages 250-299undated
7Pages 300-349undated
8Pages 350-399undated
9Pages 400-449undated
10Pages 450-499undated
11Pages 500-549undated
12Pages 550-599undated
13Pages 600-649undated
14Pages 650-674undated
731Preliminary sketches, 3-229undated
2Preliminary sketches, 271-375undated
3Preliminary sketches, 376-399undated
4Preliminary sketches, 400-472undated
5Preliminary sketches, 507-601undated
6Preliminary sketches, 603-777undated
741Final sketches, 3-117undated
2Final sketches, 120-199undated
3Final sketches, 207-320undated
4Final sketches, 329-599undated
5Final sketches, 600-695undated
6Final sketches, 718-777undated
7Miscellaneous proofsundated
8Correspondence1917-1918, undated
98(OS)7Proofs of sketches, 1-228undated
8Proofs of sketches, 230-460undated
9Proofs of sketches, 462-763undated
SERIES X. Inventions
2Patent, "Shelf Bracket"1868
3Patent, "Warming and Ventilating Apartments by the Sun's Rays"1881
4Notes, regarding solar heatundated
5Patent, "Pamphlet Jackets"1886
7Materials collected by Morseundated
SERIES XI. Materials Collected by Morse
758Art, 2 drawings, C.T. Kimballundated
9Art, 1 drawing, Ross Turnerundated
10Art, 1 drawing, no authorundated
99(OS)1Art, miscellaneous litho reproductions of portraitsundated
2Art collected, "…the capitol, gift of Bartlett"undated
3Art, printing samples1887-1903, undated
7511Art, children's drawingsundated
12Maps, 5 maps, Yesso, Japan1876-1882
13Maps, 5 maps, Yesso, Japan1876-1882
14Maps, Japanese book jacketsundated
761Articles and notes, archaeology1821-1897, undated
2Articles and notes, arrow release1886-1922, undated
3Articles and notes, art and education1795-1892
4Articles and notes, astronomy1866-1906, undated
5Articles and notes, "Biographical and Scientific"1871-1916, undated
6Articles and notes, "Biographical and Scientific"1861-1902, undated
7Articles and notes, child prodigies1920-1925, undated
8Articles and notes, China1882-1912, undated
9Articles and notes, China1879-1902, undated
771Articles and notes, China1894-1900, undated
2Articles and notes, China1868-1900, undated
3Articles and notes, China1899-1901, undated
4Articles and notes, education1868-1891, undated
5Articles and notes, England1882-1904, undated
6Articles and notes, ethnology I1882-1893, undated
7Articles and notes, ethnology II1884-1900, undated
8Articles and notes, ethnology II1874-1896, undated
9Articles and notes, ethnology II1884-1895, undated
10Articles and notes, ethnology III1873-1904, undated
781Articles and notes, evolution1874-1896, undated
2Articles and notes, evolution1874-1897, undated
3Articles and notes, geology1874
4Articles and notes, health and vital statistics1883-1892, undated
5Articles and notes, Japan1880-1907, undated
6Articles and notes, Japan1876-1904, undated
7Articles and notes, Japan1881-1904, undated
8Articles and notes, Japan1881-1894, undated
9Articles and notes, Japan1883-1909, undated
10Articles and notes, Japan1873-1899, undated
11Articles and notes, Japan1858-1895, undated
791Articles and notes, Japan1880-1895, undated
2Articles and notes, Japan1848-1907, undated
3Articles and notes, Japan1885-1908, undated
4Articles and notes, Japan1874-1907, undated
5Articles and notes, Japan1879-1909, undated
6Articles and notes, Japan1794-1896, undated
7Articles and notes, Japan1890-1893, undated
8Articles and notes, Japan1808-1897, undated
9Articles and notes, Japan1871-1898, undated
801Articles and notes, Japan1888-1900, undated
2Articles and notes, Japan1891-1904, undated
3Articles and notes, Japan1879-1901, undated
4Articles and notes, Japan1875-1886, undated
5Articles and notes, Japan1884-1904, undated
6Articles and notes, Japan: calling cards [photocopy]undated
811Articles and notes, Korea1883-1894, undated
2Articles and notes, Korea1884, undated
3Articles and notes, manners1894, undated
4Articles and notes, municipal1892-1907, undated
5Articles and notes, museums1888-1925, undated
6Articles and notes, music and art1874, undated
7Articles and notes, natural history1862-1889, undated
8Articles and notes, natural history1892, undated
9Articles and notes, natural history1889-1907, undated
10Articles and notes, natural history1882, undated
821Articles and notes, political1877-1909, undated
2Articles and notes, pottery1812-1904, undated
3Articles and notes, pottery1820-1898
4Articles and notes, pottery1897-1898, undated
5Articles and notes, poverty1890-1905, undated
6Articles and notes, poverty and crime1885-1912, undated
7Articles and notes, poverty and crime1888-1905, undated
8Articles and notes, religion1898-1924, undated
9Articles and notes, science1896, undated
10Articles and notes, science1836-1900, undated
11Articles and notes, vivisection1849-1902, undated
831Articles and notes, miscellaneous1890-1910, undated
2Articles and notes, miscellaneous1874-1898, undated
3Articles and notes, miscellaneous1886-1887, undated
4Articles and notes, miscellaneous1886-1897, undated
5Articles and notes, miscellaneous1886-1909, undated
6Articles and notes, miscellaneous1875-1926, undated
7Articles and notes, miscellaneous1864-1887, undated
8Articles and notes, miscellaneous1892-1930, undated
9Articles and notes, miscellaneous1879-1901, undated
841Articles and notes, miscellaneous1899-1921, undated
2Articles and notes, miscellaneous1879-1899, undated
3Articles and notes, miscellaneous1856-1901, undated
4Articles and notes, miscellaneous1873-1920, undated
851Monograph: Proceedings of the Boston Society of Natural History1873
2Monograph: Doctrine of Evolution… not in Englishundated
3Monograph: Land and Fresh Water Mollusca of Maine1864
4Monograph: Shell Mound of Omori1879
5Shipping records in English and Japanese (?)1911, undated
6Articles and news clippings1923, 1927, undated
7"Conchologia Cestrica," note inside credits Morse with some of the illustrations1874
8Newspaper clippings1909, undated
99(OS)4Articles and notes, Japanese newspapersundated
5Articles and notes, Japanese newspapersundated
6Articles and notes, Japanese newspapers1882-1901, undated
7Articles and notes, Japanese newspapers1926, undated
8Articles and notes, American newspapers1862, undated
SERIES XII. Financial Records
861Accounts, cabinet expenses1856
2Accounts, book purchases1862-1874
3Accounts, drawing and engraving1863
4Accounts, cash received1865
5Accounts, "In Account with Hyatt, Gould, Packard, Verrill…"1866-1867
6Account book1868-Mar. 1869
7List of expenditures, house at 12 Linden Street, Salemundated
8Contract with Samuel Appleton and Companyundated
9Advertisement of Byron Gennoughundated
99(OS)9Bills and receipts, regarding pottery purchase, charge account, Matsura Takeshiroundated
10Pottery, Kobeundated
8610Pottery, Rokubeiundated
11Pottery, Rokubeiundated
99(OS)11Pottery, Ninagawaundated
12Pottery, Ninagawacirca 1883
13Ninagawa Tatsuundated
8614Pottery, 10 pieces, from numerous kilnsundated
99(OS)1514 pieces, Echigoyaundated
8615Pottery, for Peabody Museum of Salem, and Museum of Fine Arts, Bostonundated
1627 swords, for Peabody Museum, Machida Heikichi1883
17Pottery and lacquer boxundated
18Tea caddy, Rokubeiundated
19Tea ball, Ninseiundated
21Books, Ninagaway1878
22Drawing, Baron Kiotoundated
23Regarding "Armor Paper Published by the Government," Machida Heikichundated
24Bureau and deskundated
25Receipt from an antiques shop in Tokyoundated
26Large wooden tubundated
28Printing 300 copies of "Shell Mounds of Omori"undated
29Printing, Kawai Shojirocirca 1879
99(OS)16Regarding writer's workundated
8630List of miscellaneous itemsundated
32Restaurants, Naraundated
33Restaurants, Tokyoundated
35Regarding William Sturgis Bigelow, restaurant at Naraundated
99(OS)17Regarding William Sturgis Bigelow, donation at Temple, Nara and for a shrine danceundated
8636Regarding William Sturgis Bigelow, watch repairundated
37Regarding William Sturgis Bigelow, hotel at Yokohama [in English]1882
38Mailing packages to Morseundated
39Mailing packages to E. Fenollosaundated
99(OS)18Miscellaneous bills, unidentified [in Japanese]undated
8640Miscellaneous expenditures from travelundated
41Estimates, statements, bills, and receipts, A-U1864-1901, undated
42Earnings from lectures1900-1910
43Wills and testaments1915-1927
44Tavern club1900
45Miscellaneous [fragments]undated
46Receipt for milkundated [January 1879 or 1883]
SERIES XIII. Noise Abatement
871Correspondence, A-C1904-1915
2Correspondence, D-O1904-1915
3Correspondence, P-Z, miscellaneous1904-1915
4Legislation1906-1907, undated
5Articles and pamphlets1899-1915
6Articles and pamphlets1899-1915
7Articles and pamphlets1899-1915
881Newspaper clippings1878-1920
2Newspaper clippings1878-1920
3Newspaper clippings1878-1920
6Smoke nuisanceundated
7Statements and ordinances1905-1906, undated
SERIES XIV. Biographical and Personal
106(OS)2Biographical sketch of Morse1893
892Mores, Edward Sylvester, biographical sketches1922-1927
1011Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: miscellaneous materials1952, undated
2Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: frontmatter1941
3Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: letters 1-311860, undated
4Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: pages 15-149undated
5Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: pages 150-419undated
6Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: back matter1941
7Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: secondary sourcesundated
8Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: primary sourcesundated
9Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: edited transcripts of Morse's journal, and letters to his motherJanuary 1860-December 1861
10Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: edited transcripts of Morse's journalJanuary 1861-September 1862, January 1863, December 1865
11Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: draft, chapters 2-8undated
12Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: the Japanese yearsundated
13Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: first draft, chapters 12-141939-1940
14Dorothy G. Wayman's biography of Morse: first draft, chapters 15-171939-1940
1081Dorothy G. Wayman: transcription of Morse's European diary, for use in preparing biography1883, 1887-1889
2Dorothy G. Wayman: transcription of one of Morse's journals1858
3Dorothy G. Wayman: transcription of one of Morse's journals1859
4Dorothy G. Wayman: transcription of one of Morse's journalsJanuary 1860
5Dorothy G. Wayman: transcription of one of Morse's journals, page 101-?1860-1862
6Dorothy G. Wayman: transcription of Morse's third journal, two copiesbegins June 18, 1882
7Dorothy G. Wayman: handwritten transcription of Morse's third journalbegins June 18, 1882
8Dorothy G. Wayman: transcription of Morse's third journal, pages 202-400undated
9Dorothy G. Wayman: transcription of one of Morse's journals, chapter XXIV, page 401-?undated
10Dorothy G. Wayman: handwritten transcription of Morse's third journal, pages 500-600undated
11Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 1-100begins June 4, unknown year
1091Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 401-498begins June 4, unknown year
2Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 499-700undated
3Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 701-899undated
4Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 900-1099undated
5Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 1100-1200undated
6Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 1201-1401undated
7Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 1402-1601undated
8Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 1602-1800undated
1101Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 1801-1999undated
2Dorothy G. Wayman: typed and handwritten transcription of one of Morse's journals, pages 2001-2274undated
893Materials collected by E.S. Morse and M. Brooksundated
1021Materials collected by M. Brooks: illustrationsundated
2Materials collected by M. Brooks: glass frames from the illustrationsundated
3Materials collected by M. Brooks: materials on J. J. Audubon1941
4Materials collected by M. Brooks: floral album belonging to "Pet"1879-1886
5Materials collected by M. Brooks: album with newspaper clippings1903-1921, undated
6Materials collected by M. Brooks: collections of curious handwriting, etc.1887-1918
99(OS)19Diplomas, honorary degrees and awards1918, undated
894Morse auditorium, Museum of Science, Boston, MA: dedication ceremonies1953
5Obituaries and memorials, relating to Morse's death1925-1935
6Obituaries and memorials, relating to Morse's death1925-1935
7Obituaries and memorials, relating to Morse's death1925-1935
9319Obituaries and memorials, relating to Morse's death1925-1927, undated
20Obituaries and memorials, relating to Morse's death, in Japanese1926
107(OS)4Obituaries and memorials, relating to Morse's death1925-1926
5Obituaries and memorials, relating to Morse's death, not in Englishundated
901Scrapbook compiled by M. Brooks1925-1926
2"Photographs and Newspaper Articles in Relation to Professor E.S. Morse"1984
3Omori Shell Mound Monument1985
4"A Study of the Brains of Three Scholars," by H.H. Donaldson, Journal of Comparative Neurology, vol. 46, no. 1Aug. 1928
5Morse, Ellen Elizabeth Owen, correspondence1874-1878
6Morse, Ellen Elizabeth Owen, diaries1855-1870
7Morse, John S., correspondence1879-1881, undated
8Robb, Edith Owen Morse, correspondence1878-1947
9Robb, Russell, correspondence1917-1927
SERIES XV. Miscellaneous
911Addresses1897, undated
2Bird class, participant lists1897-1913
3Calling cardsundated
4Clubs and organizations, Ends of the Earth1909-1910
5Clubs and organizations, Japan Society of London1896-1926, undated
6Clubs and organizations, Japan Society of London1893-1911, undated
7Clubs and organizations, Japan Society of London1893-1913, undated
8Clubs and organizations, Japan Society of London1892-1909, undated
9Clubs and organizations, Japan Society of London1892-1909, undated
10Clubs and organizations, Japan Society of New York1914-1926, undated
11Clubs and organizations, Naturalist Dinner club1886, undated
12Clubs and organizations, Portland Society of Natural History1842-1911, undated
13Clubs and organizations, St. Botolph's1900-1912, undated
14Clubs and organizations, Tavern Club1892-1921, undated
15Clubs and organizations, Tavern Club1893-1920, undated
921Clubs and organizations, Tavern Club1900-1925, undated
2Clubs and organizations, Tavern Club1897-1925, undated
3Clubs and organizations, Tavern Club1899-1916, undated
4Clubs and organizations, Tavern Club1898-1906, undated
5Clubs and organizations, Tavern Club1909, 1916, undated
99(OS)20Clubs and organizations, certificates of membership1852-1915, undated
926Clubs and organizations, miscellaneous1882-1922, undated
7Greeting cards (English and Japanese)1906, undated
8Greeting cards (Japanese)undated
99(OS)21Letter of Imperial household to Young Man's Christian Association of Japan, Meiji 38 (copy)undated
929Newspaper clippings1883-1922, undated
10Postcards (blank)undated
931Miscellaneous original sketches1856-1877, undated
2Miscellaneous original sketches1812-1911, undated
4Sheet musicundated
5Miscellaneous papers1870-1921
6Tufts College, Doctor of Lettersundated
7Japanese manuscript not in Englishundated
8Donations of materialsundated
9Program from Centennial Anniversary of Birth of Alexander bon Homboldt1864
10Works Morse is cited in1887-1930
107(OS)6Works Morse is cited in1906, undated
9311Works Morse is cited in (not in English)undated
12Gould, John1859-1924
13Gould, John: incoming correspondence1852-1914, 1939
14Gould, John: miscellaneous correspondence and notes1901-1926
15Whitman, Charles O.: information about1904-1911
16Gould, John: correspondence to and from Nellie Morse1864-1878
17Brooks, Margarette M.: incoming correspondence1896-1947
18Brooks, Margarette M.: correspondence with John Gould1913-1926
106(OS)Yu, Kil Chun honorary diploma from Governor Dummer Academy, Byfield, Massachusetts2003
SERIES XVI. Peabody Museum
1031Financial contributors1903-1904, undated
2Contributions towards the purchase of a gorilla skeleton1895
3Miscellaneous correspondence1879-1904, undated
4Incoming correspondence to E. S. Morse1890-1918
5Asiatic Institute correspondence1914
6Museum committee, letters and bills1886, 1900-1913
7Correspondence to and from C. Emerson Brown (taxidermist)1911
106(OS)3Items bought by and shipped to the Museum1911, undated
1038Accounts with E. S. Morse1894-1899
9John Robinson (Treasurer), correspondence with E. S. Morse1890-1903, undated
10Letter regarding name change1896
11Museum report1880
12List of catalogs and lists of items1885-1891, 1941, undated
13"A Catalogue of Shells in the Museum…"undated
14"Publications of U. S. Government in the Library of the Peabody Academy of Science"1886
15Items bought by and shipped by the Museum1911, undated
16News clippings about the museum1901-1910, undated
107(OS)7News clippings about the Museum1905-1911
10317News clippings about exhibits in honor of E. S. Morse1914, 1926
107(OS)8"The Museum Benefactor: Tender Tribute to the Memory of the Late Dr. Charles G. Weld…"1911
SERIES XVII. Photographs
1041Portraits of Edward S. Morse: photocopies with notes1863-1925, undated
2Portraits of Edward S. Morse: photographs and snapshots1863-1925, undated
3Portraits of Edward S. Morse: photographs and snapshots1863-1925, undated
4Photographs of the Morse family, etc.: photocopies with notes1800-1899, undated
5Photographs of the Morse family, etc.1800-1899, undated
6Portraits and snapshots: photocopies with notes1897-1915, undated
7Portraits and snapshots1897-1915, undated
8Residences and laboratories, Lowell Observatory: photocopies with notes1878, undated
9Residences and laboratories, Lowell Observatory1878, undated
10Photographs of associates, miscellaneous portraits; photocopies with notes1862-1919, undated
11Photographs of associates, miscellaneous portraits1862-1919, undated
1051Photographs of associates, miscellaneous portraits1862-1919, undated
2Photographs of associates, miscellaneous portraits1862-1919, undated
3Portraits, Japanese associates, pupils: photocopies with notes1880-1923, undated
4Portraits, Japanese associates, pupils1880-1923, undated
5Visit of Japanese Association to Omori Shell Mound: photocopies with notes1978, undated
6Visit of Japanese Association to Omori Shell Mound1978, undated
7Nathaniel Hawthorne's birthplace: photograph with notesundated
8Photocopies of additional images with notesundated
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