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Pickering Family Papers

Pickering Family Papers

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SERIES I. Third Generation Business Papers
A. John Pickering (1658-1722)
11Account book1684-1720, 1724
B. William Pickering (1670-1723)
13Business papers1695-1719, undated
4Business papers1694-1709
5Business papers1710-1718
6Business papers1719-1733, undated
7Report of reconnaissance in Brig Hope1709
251Oversize papersundated
SERIES II. Fourth Generation Business and Personal Papers
A. Lydia Pickering (1698-1702)
21Coroner's inquest1702
B. Theophilus Pickering (1700-1747)
22Business papers1736-1746
252Oversize papersundated
C. Timothy Pickering (1702-1778)
23Papers and notebooks1736-1772, undated
4Ledger, farmer's accounts1732-1757
SERIES III. Fifth Generation Business and Personal Papers
A. John Pickering (1740-1811)
25Business papers1772-1792, undated
7Interleaved diary on gardening1762-1773
8Notebooks, Essex County Bar1768-1771, 1782-1786
253Oversize papersundated
B. Timothy Pickering (1745-1829)
i. Business Papers and Correspondence
29Notebook, Samuel Orne's books1774
10Journal of Committee to form Massachusetts Constitution1777
11Land deed, Danvers1803
12Business papers and correspondence1769-1777
13Business papers and correspondence1778
14Business papers and correspondence1779
31Business papers and correspondence1780
2Business papers and correspondence1781
3Business papers and correspondence1782-1784
4Business papers and correspondence1785-1788
5Business papers and correspondence1789-1790
6Business papers and correspondence1791-1795
7Business papers and correspondence1796-1797
41Business papers and correspondence1798
2Business papers and correspondence1799
3Business papers and correspondence1800
4Business papers and correspondence1801
5Business papers and correspondence1803-1815
6Business papers and correspondence1816-1828
7Business correspondence: invitations1787-1799, undated
8Review of Adams and Cunningham correspondence I1823, undated
51Review of Adams and Cunningham correspondence II1823, undated
2Review of Adams and Cunningham correspondence III1823, undated
3Review of Adams and Cunningham correspondence IV1823
4Business notes and memoranda1767-1824, undated
5Miscellaneous notes and pamphlets1787-1826
6Speeches and addresses regarding Indian affairs1790-1791
7First Church in Salem1718-1824
61Partial speeches and addresses1826, undated
ii. Legal Papers
62Legal papers: powers of attorney1764-1816, undated
3Legal papers: summons1770-1803
4Legal papers: warrants and complaints1768-1783
5Legal papers: certificates1768-1817
6Legal papers: deeds1754-1783
7Legal papers: indentures1765-1796
8Legal papers: mortgages and wills1704-1796, undated
Cabinet 2Drawer 9Deed for mortgage of land in Wilkesbarre, PA, to W. Ross by Timothy Pickering1796
69Miscellaneous legal papers1686-1822
10Legal papers and correspondence: late years and death1820-1830, undated
iii. Family Correspondence
71Family correspondence (typescript) to wife Rebecca1775-1779
2Family correspondence (typescript) to wife Rebecca1780-1783
3Family correspondence (typescript) to wife Rebecca1784-1800
4Family correspondence (typescript) to wife Rebecca1801-1814
5Family correspondence (typescript) to wife Rebecca1815-1827
81Family correspondence to brother John1774-1782
2Family correspondence (typescript) to son John1786-1800
3Family correspondence (typescript) to son John1801-1806
4Family correspondence (typescript) to son John1807-1828
5Family correspondence to sons1792-1816
6Family correspondence with daughters and sons-in-law1800-1823, undated
7Miscellaneous family correspondence1774-1829
8Family correspondence of Rebecca Pickering1788-1827, undated
9White family papers1757-1800, 1887
iv. Business Records
91Business records: inventories and accounts1767-1780, undated
2Business records: inventories and accounts1781-1817
3Business records: bills1767-1787
4Business records: receipts1765-1783
5Business records: receipts1784-1828
7Cashbook, including lands surveyed in Virginia1784-1803
8Bankbooks (3)1799-1826
27Ledger of expenses, Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania1787-1791
v. Journals and Memoranda Books
101Journals (4) regarding Continental Army1776-1781
2Journal regarding travel to Pennsylvania1786
3Memorandum books (2)1793-1828, 1864
4Memorandum book (copy)1793-1883
5Shorthand manuscript book1769
6Copybook regarding First Church in Salem1824
7Missionary journal of William Torrey1823-1824
8Miscellaneous maps1726-1839, undated
9Agricultural journal1771-1790
10Agricultural journals (2)1788, undated
111Agricultural journal1803-1806
2Agricultural memoranda (2)1804-1814
3Agricultural journal1806-1818
4Agricultural journal1807-1820
5Agricultural memorandum1812-1815, undated
6Agricultural journal1821-1823
7Agricultural journals (3)1822-1826
8Agricultural extracts: Communication to the Board of Agriculture in Great Britain1802
9Agricultural extracts by John Sinclair and Bonington Mowbray1813, 1819
10Agricultural extract: William Cobbett, A Year's Residence in the United States1818
11Agricultural extract: Chateavieux, Italy: Its Agriculture1819
12Agricultural extract: Loriot, Cementundated
13Agricultural memorandum: directions for brewing beerundated
vi. Printed Materials and Newspaper Clippings
121Printed materials: United States Congress1796, 1816-1825
2Printed materials: Massachusetts1816-1828, undated
3Printed materials: letters (in French) on white slaves in Africa1814-1816
4Portrait of Timothy Pickering (9 copies)undated
5Miscellaneous printed materials1773-1859, undated
6Newspaper clippings regarding Timothy Pickering1800-1868, undated
7Miscellaneous newspaper clippings1789-1871, undated
253Oversize papersundated
261Oversize papersundated
SERIES IV. Sixth Generation Business and Personal Papers
A. John Pickering (1777-1846)
i. Business Papers
131Business papers: Essex County1789-1824, undated
2Business papers: General Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts1795-1815
3Business papers: General Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts1816-1819
4Business papers: City of Boston1801-1838
5Business papers: Court of Common Pleas1803-1827
28John Pickering Manuscripts, Vol. VIII: City of Boston1830-1844
29John Pickering Manuscripts, Vol. IX: City of Boston, miscellaneous1843-1845, 1781-1835
30John Pickering Manuscripts, Vol. X: Miscellaneous1831-1845
141Business papers: Worcester v. Bridges1824
2Business papers: Nelson v. Merrimack Insurance Company1824
3Business papers: Barker v. Barker1824-1826
4Business papers: Ayer v. Bartlett1824-1828
5Business papers: Ayer v. Bartlett1829
6Business papers: Charlestown Bridge1827, undated
7Business papers: Earl of Stirling legal case1828-1837
151Business papers: Parks v. City of Boston1828-1830
2Business papers: Parks v. City of Boston1830
3Business papers: Hills v. Gregerson1829-1835
4Business papers: Hills v. Gregerson1836-1837
5Business papers: White estate1831-1839
6Business papers: Crosby v. Davis1831-1832
7Business papers: Tisdale estate1831-1844
8Business papers: Knight v. New England Insurance Company1832-1834
9Business papers: Knight v. New England Insurance Company1833-1834
161Business papers: interrogations regarding Brig Oscar, Court of Common Pleas1834
2Business papers: Fiske v. New England Insurance Company1833-1834
3Business papers: Woods v. Clark1834
4Business papers: Adams v. Vernon1836-1841
5Business papers: Eastern Railroad Company1836-1845, undated
6Business papers: Eastern Railroad Company1845-1846, undated
171Business papers: Prime, Ward and King legal case1836-1844
2Business papers: Harrod and Quarles v. Garesche1838-1841
3Business papers: Prentiss v. Coolidge1839-1840
4Miscellaneous business papers1804-1819
5Miscellaneous business papers1820-1827
6Miscellaneous business papers1828-1833
7Miscellaneous business papers1835-1836, undated
8Miscellaneous business papers1837-1839
181Miscellaneous business papers1840-1842
2Miscellaneous business papers1843-1848, undated
ii. Personal Papers
183Personal correspondence: Greek lexicon1820-1828, undated
4Personal papers: Greek lexicon1825-1843
5Personal papers: revision of Greek lexicon1822-1843, undated
6Personal papers: Indian language and affairs1823-1845, undated
7Personal papers: military lawundated
8Personal papers: remarks on classical educationundated
9Personal papers: address to American Academy1845
191Miscellaneous personal papers1797-1844, undated
2Family correspondence (typescript) to father Timothy1797-1799
3Family correspondence (typescript) to father Timothy1800-1817
4Family correspondence from John C. Lee1820-1823
5Miscellaneous personal correspondence1822-1844, undated
6Memo books (2)1801-1814, undated
7Bankbooks (5)1822-1845
8Bank slips1818-1846, undated
9Plan of Sewall estate (copy), Salemcirca 1753
iii. Printed Materials
201Printed materials: City of Boston1807-1834
2Printed materials: Rules and Regulations of the Bar of the County of Essex1819
3Printed materials: Commonwealth of Massachusetts1798-1844
4Printed materials: United States1812-1839
5Printed materials: Rees' Cyclopedia1806-1815, undated
6Printed materials: orthography of American Indian and other languages1812-1843, undated
7Printed materials: Greek lexicon1820-1846
8Printed materials: Dover Manufacturing Company1821-1828
9Printed materials: ephemera1833-1844, undated
10Printed materials: railroad plans1836-1845
11Printed materials: map of Exeter, New Hampshire1802
12Miscellaneous printed materials1794-1850, undated
13Newspaper clippings: Webster's dictionary1785-1831, undated
14Newspaper clippings: maritime affairs1795-1826, undated
iv. Newspaper Clippings
211Newspaper clippings: legal affairs1797-1845, undated
2Newspaper clippings: English admiralty cases1797-1817
3Newspaper clippings: judicial decisions1798-1827, undated
4Newspaper clippings: insurance cases1798-1824
5Newspaper clippings: banking1821-1839, undated
6Newspaper clippings: Indian affairs1821-1845, undated
7Newspaper clippings: Charlestown Bridge1824-1828, undated
8Newspaper clippings: Sandwich Islands1824-1845, undated
9Newspaper clippings: railroads1826-1828
10Newspaper clippings: Egyptian history scrapbook1842-1843
11Miscellaneous newspaper clippings1789-1846, undated
254Oversize papersundated
262Oversize papersundated
B. Henry Pickering (1781-1838)
221Family correspondence to father Timothy1818-1828
2Family correspondence to mother Rebecca1825-1828
3Family correspondence with sister Mary and Benjamin Ropes Nichols1812-1838
4Family correspondence from uncle Paine Wingate1822
5Memorials of mother Rebecca1822-1828
6Business record: accountundated
C. George Pickering (1789-1826)
227Miscellaneous papers1821, undated
D. Octavius Pickering (1791-1868)
228Correspondence for The Life of Timothy Pickering1829-1868
9Notes for The Life of Timothy Pickeringundated
10Notes for The Life of Timothy Pickeringundated
11Notes for The Life of Timothy Pickeringundated
231Notes for The Life of Timothy Pickeringundated
2Memorandum books (3) for The Life of Timothy Pickeringundated
3Manuscript book for The Life of Timothy Pickering1850, undated
E. Pickering Dodge (1778-1833)
235Account, Brig Alert1798
SERIES V. Seventh Generation Business and Personal Papers
A. Mary Orne Pickering (1805-1886)
236Music book1814
7Report of lectures by Arnold Guyot1852
8Miscellaneous papers1847, undated
B. John Pickering (1808-1882)
239Document, Probate Court1879
C. Mary Orne, John and Henry White Pickering
SERIES VI. Pickering Family Miscellaneous Papers
241Correspondence, Richard Pickering1845
2Account, William Pickering1851
3Papers, John Pickering Jr (1820-1894)1864-1865, undated
4Prescription book, John Pickering Jr (1820-1894)1864-1865
5Miscellaneous papers1662-1781, 1819
6Miscellaneous papersundated
7Merchant's account book, also newspaper clippings1792-1796, 1844-1864
8Memo book1817, undated
9Notebook, Masonic Lodgeundated
10Gravestone inscriptions, Warwick, England1636-1700, undated
11Photograph of Pickering Tor, Dovedale, Englandundated
255Oversize papersundated
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