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Hodges Family Papers

Hodges Family Papers

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SERIES I. Gamaliel Hodges (1766-1850) Papers
A. Ships' Papers
11Active (Ship)1789, 1799-1805
2Admittance (Ship), protest and settlement1802-1803
3America (Ship)1809
4Astria (Ship), account1787
24(OS)1Betsy (Ship), sale of a share and settlement1798-1799
15Betsy (Ship), settlement1801-1803
6Catharine (Schooner), settlements1801-1802
81Ceres (Brig), account book1808-1818
17Ceres (Brig), bills of sale1811-1812
8Ceres (Brig), bills paid1813-1817
9Ceres (Brig), Joseph Strout, Jr. master1817
10Ceres (Brig), orders paid1817-1818, undated
24(OS)2Ceres (Brig), insurance policy and receipts1817-1820
3Ceres (Brig), nine hand-drawn charts tracking the voyage of the brig from Salem to Sumatra1817
27(OS)1Ceres (Brig), insurance policy and seamen's agreement1817, undated
111Ceres (Brig), account book1818
12Ceres (Brig), seamen's accounts and impost bonds1818
13Ceres (Brig), bills paid Calcutta and two account books1818
14Ceres (Brig), Invoices and pilot's certificate1818
15Ceres (Brig), letters and accounts1818-1819
16Ceres (Brig), bills paidSept.-Oct. 1819
27(OS)2Ceres (Brig), seamen's agreements1819-1826
117Ceres (Brig), bills paid (some personal)1821-1822
18Ceres (Brig), invoices outward1821-1825
82Ceres (Brig), account books [3 volumes]1821-1834
119Ceres (Brig), 2nd voyage to Brazil1822-1823, undated
21Ceres (Brig), 3rd voyage1824
2Ceres (Brig), bills paid 3rd voyage1824
24(OS)4Ceres (Brig), insurance policy and account, 3rd voyage1824
23Ceres (Brig), bills paid voyage to "Campeachy"1824-1826
4Ceres (Brig), Campeche and Gibraltar including Robert Read's seamen's protection1806, 1824-1826, undated
24(OS)5Ceres (Brig), insurance policy1825
25Ceres (Brig), bills paid, Joseph Osborne master1825-1826
6Cincinnatus (Ship), receipt from Joseph Peabody1808
7Edwin (Brigantine), papers1805-1808
24(OS)6Edwin (Brigantine), insurance, certification, invoice, account1805-1808
28Eliza (Bark), portage bill1796-1798
24(OS)7Eliza (Bark), insurance policy1796
29Eunice (Brig) and Friendship (Brig), invoices1796
24(OS)8Eunice (Brig) and Friendship (Brig), bills of sale1796
9George (Brig), passport1794
George (Brig), invoice1795
26(OS)1George (Brig), seamen's agreement and passport1795
210George (Brig), papers1795-1796
24(OS)10Hannah (Schooner), insurance policy [James Buffington]1801
11Hypsia & Jane (Brig), bill of sale1807
211Hypsia & Jane (Brig), papers1807-1832, undated
24(OS)11Jason (Brigantine), insurance policy1799
212Jason (Schooner), papers1805-1808, undated
24(OS)12Jason (Schooner), papers1806
213John (Ship), note about prize money 1815
14Lively (Schooner), invoices1802, undated
15Malabar (Ship), impost bond1819
16Mercury (Schooner), invoice1805
17Neptune (Schooner), portage bill and impost bonds1791, 1810
18Polly & Betsey (Vessel), receipt and invoice1794-1795
19Reaper (Bark), copy of invoice of clothing put on boardundated
83Reaper (Bark), rates of lay and other ship suppliesundated
220Sally (Schooner), invoices and accounts1802
Sally (Brigantine), invoice1804
21Tabitha (Schooner), invoices of merchandise shipped1795
22Washington (Schooner), 1st voyage, Jonathan Ropes, Jr. 1804-1805
24(OS)13Washington (Schooner), bills of sale, customs certificates1804-1805
27(OS)3Washington (Schooner), seamen's agreements, portage bills, and crew wages1804-1810
26(OS)2Washington (Schooner), seamen's agreement1805
223Washington (Schooner), 2nd voyage, Nathaniel Knight1805
24Washington (Schooner), bills paid1805-Jan. 1806
25Washington (Schooner), 3rd voyage, Nathaniel Knight1805-1806
26Washington (Schooner), settlementFeb. 1806
27Washington (Schooner), bills and accounts1806
31Washington (Schooner), papers, Edward Smith, master1806-1807, undated
2Washington (Schooner), bills paid1807
24(OS)13Washington (Schooner), letter from Edward Smith1807
33Washington (Schooner), papers1808
4Washington (Schooner), bills paid1808
5Washington (Schooner), sales of corn, molasses, and codfish [2 volumes]1809-1810
6Washington (Schooner), papersJan.-Aug. 1809
24(OS)13Washington (Schooner), account and disbursements1809
37Washington (Schooner), bills and papers from HavanaDec. 1809-1810
27(OS)4A New Mapp of the Island of St Christophers by Andrew Norwoodundated [1761]
38Letters received, accounts, and power of attorney1793-1796
9Shipping correspondence1800-1806
10Invoices for goods shipped on Polly (Schooner), Messenger (Schooner), Eliza (Schooner), Hazard (Schooner), Wellcome Return (Brig), and Perseverance (Schooner)1801-1809, undated
11Seamen's certifications [7]1812-1829
12Prices current, Rio de Janeiro1824
Prices current, Antwerp1827-1828
24(OS)14Prices current, Rio de Janeiro1830
313Bill of ladingundated
24(OS)15Blank shipping formsundated
B. Financial Records
314Accounts1783-1802, undated
15Bills paid1789-1800
23(OS)Vol. 1Account book including estate of Abigail Williams and shipping accounts1789-1819
316"Storage book"1800-1831
41Bills paid1801-1804, undated
2Bills paid1805
3Bills paid1806
4Mortgages, deeds1806-1844
5Neal & Hodges: Shipping correspondence and accounts1806
6Neal & Hodges: Correspondence and merchants' accounts1807-1810
7Bills paid1807
84Salem Bank account books [4 volumes]1807-1848
5Account books [6 volumes]1807-1849
Inventory of storeundated
48Account with estate of Benjamin Hodges1808
9Bills paid1808
10Receipts for the Salem Union Street Corporation1808-1809
11Bills paid1809
12Bills paid1810
13Bills paid1811
14Account of coffee with Francis Quarles1811
15Bills paid1812
16Bills paid1813-1814
17Receipts from rent paid to Gamaliel1813, 1821-1846
81Account book1813-1817
418Bills paid1815
19Bills paid1816
51Bills paid1817
2Account with George Hodges1817, undated
3Notes payable1817-1834
4Bills paid1818
5Bills paid1819
6Bills paid1820
7Bills paid1821
81Union Bank account book1821
24(OS)16Union Bank blank checks1821
23(OS)Vol. 2Account book1821-1832
58Bills paid to Robert and William Manning1821-1826
9Bills paid1822
10Bills paid1823
11Hodges & Rea [store]: bills paid1823-1824
12Bills paid1824
13Bills paid1825
14Bills paid1826
15Bills paid1827
16Bills paid1828
17Bills paid1829
61Bills paid1830-1832
2Bills paid1833
3Bills paid1834-1836
4Stock certificates1834-1835
5Purchase of a church pew, Barton Square Church1836
6Wharfage accounts1836-1841
7Bills paid1837-1838
8Bills paid1839
9Personal letter from William Williams and notes payable1839-1845
10Bills paid1840-1842
11Bills paid1843-1845
12Bills paid1846-1850
13Salem Bank blank checksundated [184- ]
86Account bookundated
C. Union Wharf Records
614Deeds, Thomas Mason and George Williams1766-1773
24(OS)17Accounts and deed1801, 1808
16Bills paid and agreements1808-1815
17Deeds and legal documents1817-1835
D. Other
618Examples of shipping papers [1 volume]1789
19Letter to his father, John Hodges (1723/4-1799)1789
20Receipts paid for Abigail Williams' estate1789, 1807-1814
21Letter of introduction from Francis Boardman1791
22Purchase of pew from John Hodges1794
23Letter from brother, Benjamin Hodges1798
27(OS)5Massachusetts District, Supervisor's Office. Boston, May 31, 1798. A table or list of the different rates of stamp duties upon stamped paper, prepared and sent out to the collectors of the revenue in said district…1798
624"Book of Assurance" [insurance]1799-1802
87By-Laws and Regulations of the East India Marine Society1800
625James King's Insurance Office, accounts1800-1802
26Dividends paid to stockholders of the Salem Marine Insurance Company1801-1837
24(OS)18Inventory of the estate of Mrs. Susannah Hathorne1802
627Jonathan Hodges' Insurance Office, account statements1802-1805
28"Benjamin Tappan School settlement", accounts with Ichabod Nichols1803-1807, undated
71Guardianship of Sally Webb1804-1807
87Laws of the Marine Society at Salem1807
72Union Street Building Corporation1808-1810, undated
3Letters from Samuel Adams [instructor]1811
4Salem Turnpike and Chelsea Bridge Corp. shares transfer1811-1818
5Business correspondence1811-1819, undated
88Margaret Manning (1734-1813): Receipt book and loose receipts1811-1813
Margaret Manning (1734-1813): Salem Bank book1811-1817
76Letter from Samuel Putnam regarding legal expenses in a lawsuit1812
7Correspondence with Asa Cummings and receipts for land in Albany, Maine1813-1835, undated
8Letters from his son, Gamaliel (1797-1816)1814
89Hannah Manning (1739-1817): Estate1817-1820
79Inventory of the estate of Sarah Hahn and correspondence1816
10Ephemera1816, 1844, undated
11Letters received from his son, Joseph (1789-1863)1818
12Letters received1824
13Letter to the Hon. John Pickering, President of the Salem Mill Dam Corporation by L. Baldwin1826
14Letter from Nathaniel Lord Jr. to Capt. Nathaniel Knight regarding Rebecca Williams guardianship1828
15"Notification relative to the windows on the western side of Dr. [George] Choate's house" [his son-in-law]1834
16Insurance company meetings1841-1842
810Charter of the Washington Marine Insurance Company1842
Act to Incorporate the East River Fire Insurance Company1842
717Copy of will, probate document and inventory1851, undated
18Rules of the Proprietors of the Salem and Danvers Aqueduct, Regulating the Use of Waterundated [post-1797]
19Hand-drawn plan of a wharfundated
Hand-drawn map of Turner Street, Salemundated
20Legal notesundated
86Memorandum bookundated
27(OS)6Plan of Allen Wharf and Manning Wharfundated
7Regulations at Derby Wharfundated
SERIES II. John (1802-1882) and Joseph (1789-1863) Hodges Papers
A. Ships' Papers
721Amazon (Brig), receipt1837
22Ceres (Brig), account sale of cargo and receipts of voyage from Pernambuco1822-1824
23Ceres (Brig), bills paid at Rio de Janeiro1823
24Ceres (Brig) and Sereno (Brig), account book kept by John Hodges1823-1825
25(OS)1Ceres (Brig), insurance policies1824-1834
725Ceres (Brig), account sales, correspondence1825
26Ceres (Brig), bills paid1825-1828
27Ceres (Brig), impost bonds1826
25(OS)2Ceres (Brig), protest1826
27(OS)8Ceres (Brig), seamen's agreements1827-1836
728Ceres (Brig), crew receipts1827
29Ceres (Brig), papers, George Hodges, Jr. voyage to Sumatra1827-1829
30Ceres (Brig), papers1827-1838
31Ceres (Brig), papers, 1st voyage, William Skerry master1827-1828
32Ceres (Brig), sales of pepper, 1st voyage1827-1828
91Ceres (Brig), bills paid, William Skerry master1827-1828, undated
2Ceres (Brig), bills paidSept. 1828-Dec. 1828
3Ceres (Brig), papers, 2nd voyage1828-1829
4Ceres (Brig), bills paid1828-1830, undated
5Ceres (Brig), papers, 3rd voyage, William Skerry master1829
6Ceres (Brig), accounts and measurements1829-1830, undated
7Ceres (Brig), invoices, bills of lading, and instructions, pepper to Europe1829-1831
8Ceres (Brig), accounts of pepper sales, 2nd voyage1829-1831, undated
9Ceres (Brig), notes payable1829-1837
10Ceres (Brig), papers, William Skerry master1830-1831
11Ceres (Brig), bills outward1830-1833
12Ceres (Brig), bills homeward1830-1831
13Ceres (Brig), insurance policies1831-1832
14Ceres (Brig), papers, Sylvester P. Fogg master1831
15Ceres (Brig), papers1832-1833
16Ceres (Brig), bills, William A. Davis master1833-1835
101Ceres (Brig), papers, William A. Davis master1834-1836, undated
2Ceres (Brig), bills at Montevideo and Buenos Aires1834-1835
3Ceres (Brig), papers, Francis A. Winn master1835-1836
4Ceres (Brig), bills1835-1836
5Ceres (Brig), papers, William Purbeck master1836-1837
6Cherokee (Brig), accounts and insurance1835-1837
26(OS)4Cherokee (Brig), Bill of sale1835
811Cherokee (Brig), John Hodges' inventory of tools, bank book1835, undated
25(OS)3Cherokee (Brig), protest1836
107Eagle (Brig), bills paid and inventory1837-1839, undated
8Franklin (Schooner), receipt1837
Marblehead (Bark), invoice, bill of lading1836, undated
9Nymph (Schooner), bill of lading1827, 1829
10Olinda (Brig), bill of lading1830
Plant (Brig), accounts1836
11Richard (Bark), bills paid1826-1828
12Richard (Bark), accounts, 1st voyage1827-1828
13Richard (Bark), bills paid at Havana1827-1830, undated
111Richard (Bark), letters to John Hodges1827-1828
2Richard (Bark), bills paid on account1827-1829
812Richard (Bark), John Hodges' account books [4 volumes]1827-1839
113Richard (Bark), papers, 2nd voyage1828
4Richard (Bark), bills paid AntwerpJun.-Jul. 1828, undated
5Richard (Bark), disbursements1828-1829
25(OS)4Richard (Bark), insurance policies1828-1836
27(OS)9Richard (Brig), seamen's agreements1829-1835, undated [1827]
116Richard (Bark), accounts1829-1830
7Richard (Bark), papers, 3rd voyage1829-1831, undated
8Richard (Bark), bills paid1829
9Richard (Bark), papers, 4th voyage1830-1831
10Richard (Bark), bills paid1830
11Richard (Bark), papers, Rio de Janeiro1830
12Richard (Bark), bills paid1831-1832
13Richard (Bark), bills and disbursements, Havana and Marseilles1831
121Richard (Bark), papers1832-1833
2Richard (Bark), bills1833
3Richard (Bark), bills paid1833
4Richard (Bark), papers1833-1834
5Richard (Bark), bills paid1833-1834
6Richard (Bark), papers, Joseph Hodges master1834-1835
7Richard (Bark), papers, Nathaniel Ingersoll master1834-1836
8Richard (Bark), papers relating to settlement with Baring Brothers1834-1836
25(OS)5Richard (Bark), charter party agreement1835
129Richard (Bark), shares1835
10Richard (Bark), bills paid1835
11Richard (Bark), bills paid1835-1836
12Richard (Bark), papers1835-1837
13Richard (Bark), papers, whaling voyage, Joseph Dewing1835-1836
14Richard (Bark), letters received, 1st voyage1836-1837
15Richard (Bark), subscriptions1837
16Richard (Bark), bills paid, 1st voyage1837-1839
131Richard (Bark), letters received, 2nd voyage1837-1838
2Richard (Bark), letters received and account book1837-1839
3Richard (Bark), bills paid1837-1839
4Richard (Bark), catalogue of the libraryundated
27(OS)10Rockingham (Brig), seamen's agreementundated
135Roscius (Brig), account of sales1825
6Sally Ann (Brig), Angenora (Schooner), Crusoe (Ship), Effort (Brig), Henry (Schooner), Leader (Schooner), Nymph (Schooner), Rebecca (Schooner), Rising Son (Schooner), Scion (Brig), Tattler (Schooner), Triton (Brig), invoices and bills of lading of pepper shipped from Salem1828-1829
7Serano (Brig), accounts of sales, disbursements, hospital return, bill1824-1826
8Susan (Ship), bills paid1838
9Tuscany (Ship), correspondence1830-1833
10Miscellaneous shipping papers1828, undated
B. Correspondence
1311Letters received1822-1823
12Letters received1824
13Letters received1827
14Letters receivedJan. - Jun. 1828
15Letter to John from Joseph re: Custom House debenture bondJuly 1828
16Letters receivedJul.-Sept. 1828
141Letters receivedOct. - Dec. 1828
2Letters receivedJan. - Jun. 1829
3Letters receivedJul. - Dec. 1829
4Letters receivedJan. - Mar. 1830
5Letters receivedApr. - Jun. 1830
151Letters receivedJul. - Sept. 1830
2Letters receivedOct- Dec. 1830, undated
3Letters receivedJan. - Feb. 1831
4Letters receivedMar. - May 1831
5Letters receivedJun. - Aug. 1831
161Letters receivedSept. - Dec. 1831
2Letters receivedJan. - Mar. 1832
3Letters receivedApr. - Jul. 1832
4Letters receivedAug. - Dec. 1832
5Letters receivedJan. - Jun. 1833
6Letters receivedAug. - Dec. 1833
171Letters receivedJan. - Jun. 1834
2Letters receivedJul. - Dec. 1834
3Letters receivedJan. - Mar. 1835
4Letters receivedApr. - May 1835
5Letters receivedJun. - Aug. 1835
181Letters receivedSept. - Dec. 1835
2Letters receivedJan. - Feb. 1836
3Letters receivedMar. - May 1836
4Letters receivedJun. - Dec. 1836
5Letters receivedJan. - May 1837
6Letters receivedJun. - Dec. 1837
7Letters received1838
8Letters received1839
C. Prices Current/Correspondence
3Bahia1824-1833, undated
7Buenos Aires1828-1836
13New York1832
15Puerto Rico1831
St. Thomas1831-1832
201Rio de Janeiro1824-1832
2Rio de Janeiro, to Joseph Hodges, Jr.1827-1830
3Rio de Janeiro1833-1838
26(OS)5Rio de Janeiro1835-1837
D. Financial Records
207"Good notes" and miscellaneous financial papers1813-1850
8John Hodges, Jr.'s private account in Calcutta1818
813John Hodges: Salem Bank account books [2 volumes]1825-1829
14John Hodges: Cash book and receipt1826-1831
209Accounts current1828-1836
815Joseph Hodges: Mercantile Bank account book1829-1834
2010Statement of beef shipped to Havana on various ships1830, undated
11Bills paid1830-1836
12Invoice for opium shipped on board the Daniel Webster (Brig)1831
815Joseph Hodges: Salem Bank account book1831-1833
16John Hodges: Asiatic Bank book1831-1833
13John Hodges: Mercantile Bank account book1832-1835
2013Accounts current; trial balance1833-1837; undated
14Notes and receipts1835
211Bills paid1836-1837
2Stocks including letter about the Ceres (Brig)1836-1845
3Bills paid for whale bone and oilMay 1838
4Union Wharf and David Pingree1850-1862, undated
5Blank checks, Asiatic Bankundated [183- ]
E. Other
216John Hodges' French work book1818
7John Hodges' bookkeeping work books [4 volumes]1818, undated
26(OS)6John Hodges' Masonic certificate1824
218Gibraltar Commercial Library card and Sala Argentina Billete Personal1828
9Personal letter to John Hodges from R. M. Hodges1830
10Seaman certificate for William Butler [black man]1831
817Massachusetts Family Almanac1834
Laws of the Salem Marine Society1838
18Articles of the Relief Fire Club and meeting invitation1835
25(OS)6Petition regarding land on Union Wharf1862
2111Joseph Hodges' bookkeeping work bookundated
12Joseph Hodges' drawing for geography courseundated
13Bookkeeping work book [Joseph Hodges?] [2 volumes]undated
14Tracks of voyagesundated
814John Hodges: "Alphabet" [index] for bookkeeping courseundated
SERIES III. Richard Manning (1731-1811) Papers
A. Personal Papers
2115Union (Brig), letter of instruction1763
Salem (Brigantine), invoice of merchandise1764
Union (Brigantine), letter to Capt. Edward Gibaut1767
Sales of molasses with John Hodges1768
25(OS)7Ship journal1796-1797
2116Lease and bond documents1797
25(OS)8Land deeds1808, 1809
2117"Bad notes"1809-1810
18Notes payable including Jacob Manning (1737-1815)1809-1813
819Memorandum of Notes and Bonds belonging to his estate [4 volumes]1811
2119Estate papers1811-1814
B. Justice of the Peace Papers
25(OS)9John Higginson (Registrar) legal papers1718, 1738, 1750
2120John Higginson (Registrar) legal papers1726-1770
21Joshua Ward account1744
22Mary Silsbee/Nathaniel Silsbee deed1749
26(OS)7Richard Elllis deed1749
2123Inventory of Benjamin Manning's (1696-1768) estate1768
24Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1769-1799
25Inventory of Hannah Manning's (1696-1771) estate; division of property; estate account1771-1811
26John Felt's estate papers1772-1774, 1783-1789
26(OS)8"A Plan of Salem Hospital Yard"1773
9Legal papers1777-1778
2127Various Justices of the Peace legal papers1777-1802, undated
28Deeds of land of the estate of Francis Boardman1782-1790, 1832, undated
29Inventory of Richard Derby, Jr.'s estate1784
30Copy of John Touzel's will1785
31Penn Townsend's bond to Mary Benew1794
32Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1800-1810
26(OS)10Hannah Manning (1739-1817), bill of sale for schooner Hero1812
25(OS)10Hannah Manning (1739-1817), deed1813
2133Hannah Manning (1739-1817), estate papers1815-1817
SERIES IV. Other Family Members
221George Hodges (died 1709), deeds1657, 1670, 1676, 1712
26(OS)11George Hodges (died 1709), deeds1674, 1681
222Gamaliel Hodges (1685-1765), deeds, indentures, will1709-1773
25(OS)11Gamaliel Hodges (1685-1765), indenture1737
23(OS)Vol. 3Gamaliel Hodges (1685-1765), cooperage accounts ledger1738-1765
223Joseph Hodges (1759-1778), legal papers, copy of will1757, 1778
4John Hodges (1723/4-1799), receipt for silver tankard and enameled ring; other receipts; warrant for a meeting of East Parish, Salem; and inventory of his estate1761, 1786, 1789, 1799
5Abigail (Brown) Williams (1745-1812), deeds and legal papers1767, 1791-1800
6William Williams (1742-1781), deed of land in Salem1771
7Joseph Hodges, note payable from William Young1782
8Richard Hodges (1762-1787), letter to George Crowninshield and accounts (Brigantine George & Jacob)1787
9Abigail Browne (1711-1781), estate activities1790
10Benjamin Hodges (1754-1806), company invoice book with Ichabod Nichols includes Active (Schooner), Dolphin (Schooner), Friendship (Brigantine), Neptune (Schooner), Olive Branch (Schooner)1794-1797
11Benjamin Hodges (1754-1806), letter and accounts (Brigs Eunice and Betsy)1796-1803
12Sarah Hodges, invoice and account with Enoch Swett (Ship Brutus)1798
13Capt. Mile Hodges, receipt and letter (Schooner Fox)1803, 1806
14George Hodges (1765-1827), account of gin sales on Union (Ship)1804
William Coming bill1814
William Gray letter1815
Happy Couple (Schooner), report of spirts and wineundated
15I. Hodges, bookkeeping work book1805
16Hannah Hodges (1755-1814), receipts from Gamaliel1806-1809
Account from Benjamin Hodges' (1754-1806) estate1810, undated
17Jonathan Hodges (1764-1837), bills and receipts1808
18Margaret M. Hodges (1805- ), copy book1819
Elizabeth H. Ward, cyphering book1817
19Margaret M. Hodges (1805- ), writings and poetry1820, undated
20George Hodges, account and letter from Aushootos Day1829
21Jonathan Hodges, receipt for tax paid by James Chamberlain1831
820The New Testament of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ1834
Part of a Bibleundated
2222Notice of meeting to lay out Barton Square as a public way, Thomas Needham named agent for R. H. Bryant1840
23John Hodges (1841-1864), letter copy book1855-1856
24Nathaniel D. C. Hodges (1852-1927), account1874
25Gamaliel Hodges (1797-1816), penmanship work bookundated
26Cyphering book, unknown authorundated
27"An Epitaph by Mr. Fisbie"undated
28History of Hodges land deeds, most in this collectionundated
29Receipt of J. H. Foster; note payable from Samuel Archer; copy of Edward Smith letter; letter from John Gordon to Capt. Addison Richardson; promissory note to Baker & Hodges1808-1810, 1820
30Non-family papers1812, 1819, undated
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