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Franklin S. Phelps & Company Records

Franklin S. Phelps & Company Records

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SERIES I. Correspondence
11Adriatic Fire Insurance Company1872
2Albany City Insurance Company1871-1872
3Alden and Edmands1871
4Andes Insurance Company1871-1872
5Andes, Amazon, and Triumph Insurance Company1871-1872
6American Button Hole, Overseaming and Sewing Machine Company1872
7American Fire Insurance Company1872
8American Insurance Company1871-1872
9Anthracite Insurance Company1871
10Atlantic Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company1873
11James Bailey and Company1871
12Ezra Baker1871-1873
13Baltimore Underwriter1872-1873
14John G. Barstow1871
15Batchelder Brothers1871
16John Bates1871
17Z. H. Blair1871
18Bowen Emerson and Company1871
19Boyd and Arnton1871
20Boyd and Arnton1872-1873
21Brewers Fire Insurance Company1872
22Brewster and Graves1872
23William H. Brewster1871
24Andrew S. Briggs (Commercial Insurance Company)1873
25Briggs and Cushing1872
26N. Bromundated
27T. Quincy Brome1871
28James Bryar1871
29Samuel Bucknam1871-1873
30Carbray and Routh1872
31Cardell and D'Evelyn1873
32B. F. Carter and Company1871
33Eugene Chapin1871
34T. C. Chubb1872
35Citizen's Insurance Company1873
36F. Clapp and Sons1873
37Clinton Fire Insurance Company1871
38James Cook1871-1872
39Samuel H. Cook1871
40Sewall Cram1871
41Andre Cushing and Company1872-1873
42Davis and Furber1871
43Jonathan H. Derby and Company1871
44John S. DeWolf1871
45D. F. Davis1872
46Davis and Furber1873
47Joseph Day1871
48A. E. Dickens1872
49J. B. Drake1872
50Eastern Insurance Company1871
51S. & S. C. Eastman1871
52Morton Eddy1871
53Erb and Bowman1871
21Caleb Farnum (Western Insurance Company)1871
2Firemen's Insurance Company1871
3First National Bank of Bath [Maine]1871
4Franklin Fire Insurance Company1873
5W. A. Fuller's Insurance Agency1873
6Eliphalet W. French1873
7C. H. Frothingham1872
8E. B. Gardner1872
9German American Insurance Agency1872
10Samuel L. Gerould1872
11Royal Gilkey and Company1871
12Gilly and Pivers1872
13A. B. Goodier1872
14Enoch G. Goodwin1872
15George C. Goodwin and Company1871
16James W. Grant1871-1872
17James M. Hagar1871-1873
18Mary M. Hall1872
19M. J. Hale1871
20F. Hallet1872
21John V. Harriott1871
22George Heard and Company1873
23James Hendrick187-
24Hollinshead's Insurance Agency1871
25F. Houdlette1871-1872
26N. F. Houston1871
27Humboldt Fire Insurance Company1871
28S. B. Hume and Son1872-1873
29E. W. Hunt1873
30H. Hunt1871
31George W. Hunter and Company1871-1872
32Philo Hurd1871-1873
33C. S. Huston1871
34Hutchins and Wheeler1872
35Z. Hyde and Company1871
36Importers and Traders Insurance Company1871
37Irving, Frank and Perkins1871
38C. C. Jones Company1873
39Henry C. Jones1871
40William Jones and Son1871
41Katterhorn and DeBevoise1873
42E. A. Kellogg1871-1872
43P. V. King1873
44Lamar Insurance Agency1871
45E. D. Larre1872-1873
46Lawrence Brothers and Company1871-1873
47Lethbridge, Gallaher and Cornwell1873
48William Lincoln and Company1872
49Long Island and Company187-
50R. C. Luckett and Son1873
51Benjamin F. Macintire1872
52J. H. McLarren1871-1872
53Albert Mauwick1872
54Moody and Telfair1871
55A. G. Montgomery, Jr.1872
56C. C. Morton1871
57R. Murray, Jr.1873
58Maine Mutual Marine Insurance Company1871
59Maine Mutual Marine Insurance Company1872
60Commonwealth of Massachusetts Office of Insurance Commissioner1871-1872
61Mechanics' Banking Association1871
62W. L. Melcher and Company1873
63S. L. Merchant and Company1872
64Merchants Marine Insurance Company1871-1872
65Merrimack Suspender Company1872
66Robert Mowe1871
67Owen Murphy1871-1872
68Lindley Murray1873
69B. A. Neal1872
70Narragansett Fire and Marine Insurance Company1871-1873
71Ocean Insurance Company1873
31National Insurance Company1871
2National Insurance Company1872
3New York and Yonkers Fire Insurance Company1873
4Newport Fire and Marine Insurance Company1873
5Pacific Insurance Company1872
6Pacific Mutual Insurance Company1871-1872
7Pacific Mutual Insurance Company1873
8T. E. Packer's General Insurance Agency1871-1872
9C. Albert Palmer1872
10Patton and Ginn1871
11Phenix Insurance Company1873
12M. Pomay1871
13John Popham1871-1873
14William H. Potter and Company1871-1873
15N. H. and G. G. Powers1872
16John S. Pray1871-1873
17Pray and Dickens1872
18Robert Prington1871
19Quebec and Gulf Ports Steamship Company1871-1872
20Henry Raeder and Company1872
21Read Stevenson and Company1872
22A. R. Reed1872
23J. A. Remington1872
24Republic Insurance Company1872
25Resolute Fire Insurance Company1871
26J. D. Richardsonundated
26AB. T. Richitson1871
27J. B. Robinson1871
28J. W. Robinson1872
29Rockland Marine Insurance Company1872
41Roger Williams Insurance Company1871-1873
2H. M. Roome1873
3Roxbury Carpet Company1871
4D. A. Sanborn1873
5E. W. Sanbornundated
6R. G. S. Shelton1871
7R. Sibley and Son1872
8Skeels, Bowers and Boughton1871
9Smith and Company187-
10Snow and Burgess187-
11E. C. Soule1871-1872
12Spaulding and Stuart1871-1872
13Star Fire Insurance Company1871
14State Fire Insurance Company1872
15Stephenson and McGibbon1873
16Nathaniel Stevens and Sons1871
17R. M. Stevens1871
18H. R. Stickney1873
19J. D. Storer1871
20Suffolk Glass Company1871
21M. Sumner1871
22John B. Taft1873
23T. J. Temple's Fire Insurance Company1873
24Thomas A. Temple1871
25George H. Theobald1872
26George A. Thomas1873
27G. E. Thomas1873
28James Thompson1871
29W. Thompson1871
30Tradesmen's Fire Insurance Company1871-1873
31Trans Pacific Railroad Company1871
32Triumph Insurance Company1871-1872
33Webster Treat1871-1873
34J. M. Tredick1871-1873
35Turner and Armstrong Fire and Marine Insurance Company1871-1872
36L. S. Twomblyundated
37Union Insurance Company1871-1872
38Union Mutual Insurance Company1871-1872
39United States Internal Revenue Collector's Office1871
40United States Lloyds1871-1872
41Vennard, Black and Company1872
42Hammond Vinton's Insurance Agency187-
43William P. Wadsworth1871
44Dexter H. Walker187-
45John Walker1871-1872
46D. H. Wendell1871
47Westchester Fire Insurance Company1872-1873
48Western Insurance Company1872
49Henry S. Wetmore1872
50O. D. Wetmore1871
51Willis Odell and Baldwin1872
52S. A. Williams1871
53Joseph F. Winne1873
54Winnepissiogee Lake Cotton and Woolen Manufacturing Company1873
55Wilkinson Wood and Company1872
56John Wishart1871-1872
57E. Wheelwright1871
58W. H. Whitcomb and Company1871
59B. S. Wood1873
60John Wood and Company1873
61Charles Woodberry and Son1873
62Charles F. Wreaks1871-1872
63A. J. Wright, Jr.1872
64A. Young1871-1872
65Letters from Phelps to Blake, William P. Howland1871-1872
66Bill for subscription to Lloyd's Register1871
67Lists of letters and telegrams received by date1871-1873
68Invitation to Marine Underwriters meetingundated
SERIES II. Ships' Papers
6(OS)1A. W. Stevens (Bark)1870
2Afton (Brigantine)1869-1870
3Ann McRae (Brig)1870
51Arthur Pickering (Bark)1870
6(OS)4Atalanta (Ship)1870
52Batavia (Bark)1873
6(OS)5Contest (Ship)1871
6Cosmopolite (Ship)1870
53Dolphin (Ship)1862
6(OS)7Ella (Brigantine)1870
54Emeline (Schooner)1872
6(OS)8Emily Fisher (Brig)1870
55Frances (Schooner)1874
6(OS)9Frank W. (Brig)1870
10Game Cock (Schooner)1871
11Iris (Brig)1869-1870
7(OS)1Jamestown (Ship)1873
2Lizzie Billings (Brig)1871
3Martha Riordan (Schooner)1871
4Mary Jane Wilbur (Brigantine)1871
5Minnie K. (Brig)1871
6Norway (Ship)undated [circa 1870s]
7Orion (Ship)1870
56Peri (Brigantine)1871
7Regina (Vessel)1871
7(OS)8St. Lawrence (Ship)1870
9St. Mary (Bark)1871
10Sarah Louisa (Schooner)1869
58Star Castle (Whaling Brig)1870
7(OS)11Tasmanian (Ship)1871
59Varnum H. Hill (Brig)1876
10W. D. (Whaling Schooner)undated
11White Star (Schooner)1874
12Yosemite (Ship)undated
SERIES III. Personal Papers
513Franklin Phelps personal letters1853-1859, 1869-1886
14Nomination for notary public1871
15Letters to "Meggie" (Mary Elizabeth Phelps)1866-1888, undated
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