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Nathaniel B. Mansfield (1834-1889) Papers

Nathaniel B. Mansfield (1834-1889) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Correspondence
A. General Business Correspondence
7Correspondence from West Africa1864-1883
Vol. 1Letter book1864-February 1865
21CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1865
2CorrespondenceJuly-December 1865
Vol. 2Letter bookAugust 1865-April 1868
4Correspondence from William H. Randall1866-1867
5Correspondence from Sierra Leone1866-1868
Vol. 3Letter bookFebruary 1867-May 1869
Vol. 4Letter bookApril 1868-July 1870
3Correspondence from Sierra Leone1869
Vol. 5Letter bookJune 1869-November 1873
34CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1870
5CorrespondenceJuly-December 1870
Vol. 6Letter bookJuly 1870-January 1873
41Correspondence from Sierra Leone1870-1871
2CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1871
3CorrespondenceJuly-December 1871
4CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1872
5CorrespondenceJuly-December 1872
6Correspondence from Sierra Leone1872
7CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1873
Vol. 7Letter bookJanuary 1873-December 1878
51CorrespondenceJuly-December 1873
Vol. 8Letter bookNovember 1873-December 1878
52Correspondence from Sierra Leone1873
3Correspondence from West Africa about the Ashanti War1873-1874
4CorrespondenceJanuary-March 1874
5CorrespondenceApril-June 1874
61CorrespondenceJuly-September 1874
2CorrespondenceOctober-December 1874
Vol. 9Domestic letter bookDecember 1878-February 1884
Vol. 10Foreign letter bookDecember 1878-June 1883
5Correspondence about land leased on Danoe Beach1879-1880
6CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1881
7CorrespondenceJuly-December 1881
8CorrespondenceJuly-December 1881
71CorrespondenceJuly-December 1882
Vol. 11Letter bookNovember 1882-May 1884
72CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1883
3CorrespondenceJuly-December 1883
4CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1884
Vol. 12Domestic letter bookMay 1884-July 1887
Vol. 13Foreign letter bookMay 1884-November 1886
75CorrespondenceJuly-December 1884
81CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1885
2CorrespondenceJuly-December 1885
3CorrespondenceJanuary-June 1886
4CorrespondenceJuly-December 1886
Vol. 14Foreign letter bookNovember 1886-May 1889
Vol. 15Letter bookNovember 1886-May 1888
85CorrespondenceJanuary-April 1887
6CorrespondenceMay-August 1887
Vol. 16Domestic letter bookJuly 1887-May 1889
91CorrespondenceSeptember-December 1887
2CorrespondenceJanuary-April 1888
3CorrespondenceMay-August 1888
Vol. 17Letter bookMay 1888-March 1889
94CorrespondenceSeptember-December 1888
B. Captains' Letters
3Correspondence1886-1887, undated
4Correspondence from Captains' wives1873-1884
5Correspondence from Captains' wives1885-1887, undated
C. Other
116Correspondence to and from unknown individuals1843, 1864-1884
Vol. 18Long Wharf letter book1894-1907
117Cable code book for Sierra Leone [2 volumes]undated
121Cable code bookundated
2Cable code book [2 volumes]undated
3Cable code bookundated
SERIES II. Financial Papers
A. Bills, Invoices, and Receipts
124Bills, invoices, and receipts1832-1849
5Notes paid1849-1863
6Bills, invoices, and receipts1850-1851
7Bills, invoices, and receipts1852
131Paid bills1853
2Paid bills1854
3Notes paid in 18541852-1856
4Paid bills1855
5Paid bills1856
6Paid bills1857
141Bills for shipments and surveys of lumber1857-1858
2Old invoices1858
3BillsJanuary-June 1859
4BillsJuly-December 1859
6BillsJanuary-June 1861
151BillsJuly-December 1861
2BillsJanuary-June 1862
3BillsJuly-December 1862
4Bills, invoices, and receipts1863
5Bills, invoices, and receipts1864
Vol. 19Invoices belonging to Charles B. Stevens1864-1868
157Bills from [Kiwlua] Coal Company1865-1871
8Bills, invoices, and receipts1866-1867
9Bills, invoices, and receipts1868-1869
161Bills and accounts for shipments of peaches to sundry ports1869-1875, undated
2Bills, invoices, and receipts1870
3Bills, invoices, and receipts1871
4Bills, invoices, and receipts1872
5Bills, invoices, and receiptsJanuary-June 1873
6Bills, invoices, and receiptsJuly-December 1873
75(OS)1Bills, invoices, and receipts1873
Vol. 20Invoice book1874-1882
167Bills, invoices, and receipts1874-1877
171Bills, invoices, and receipts1878-1879
2List of debts1879
3Bills, invoices, and receipts1880-1883, undated
Vol. 21Invoices of goods shipped to Africa1882-1888
174Bills, invoices, and receipts1884-1887
5Bills, invoices, and receipts1888-1889
6Bills, invoices, and receiptsundated
B. Accounts Current
177Howard, Son, and Co. accounts1849-1859
72(OS)1Howard, Son, and Co. accounts1849-1853
178Accounts from Melbourne1850-1860
72(OS)1Accounts from Melbourne1852-1860, undated
Miscellaneous accounts current1851-1853
179Various accounts from 18571851-1861, undated
10John Bertram's accounts1854-1856
181Accounts with Newell, Hooper, and Stevens1854-1858, undated
2Benjamin Howard, John Bertram, Flink of Peabody accounts1856-1861, undated
702Benjamin Howard, John Bertram, Flink of Peabody accounts1857-1862
183Accounts current1856-1861
4Tobacco accounts1856-1857, 1881-1882, undated
5Accounts with Glidden and Williams1857-1867
6Accounts with Newell, Hooper, and Stevens1858-1860, undated
7Accounts from the West Coast of Africa1858-1873
8Accounts with Newell and Co. in Melbourne1859-1863
9Accounts with Samuel Stevens1859-1865
10Accounts with Stevens and Co.1860-1862
11Accounts in Aspinwall1860-1867
72(OS)2Accounts in Aspinwall1863
1812Accounts from Melbourne1861-1863
13Accounts with Benjamin Howard's Sons1861-1865, undated
703Accounts with Benjamin Howard's Sons1863
191Accounts and sales at Melbourne1861-1863
2Accounts with H. C. Brooks1862-1872
3Accounts with Samuel Stevens and Co.1862-1864, undated
72(OS)2Accounts with Samuel Stevens and Co.1863
703Various small accounts current1863, 1887
194Various small accounts current1863-1866, 1888-1889, undated
5Sierra Leone accounts1865-1866, undated
72(OS)3Sierra Leone accounts1866
196Sierra Leone accounts1867
7Accounts current1868-1879
8Randal and Fisher and F. J. Grant's accounts current, accounts of sales, and sundry memos1869-1873, undated
9Unsettled accounts1872-1877, undated
201Miscellaneous accounts from the West Coast of Africa1874-1879, undated
2Accounts of Sierra Leone sales1877-1879
3Accounts of Sierra Leone sales1880-1882, undated
4Accounts current1880-1889
5Captain John Upton's accounts1881-1885
Vol. 22Accounts current1882-1888
Vol. 23Accounts current, inward1883-1888
206Accounts with Fisher and Randall Ltd.1885-1889, undated
7Accounts with A. R. Yates1887-1888, undated
C. Returned Checks
211Checks written by N. B. Mansfield1861-June 1865
2Checks written by Rideout and Roberts and C. B. Stevens1864
3Checks written by Rideout and Roberts1865
4Checks written by N. B. Mansfield1865
5Checks written by N. B. Mansfield1866
6Checks written by Rideout and RobertsJanuary-April 1868
221Checks written by Rideout and RobertsMay-December 1868
2Checks written by N. B. Mansfield1869
D. Account Books
223Account book with loose sheets1839-1853
4Memorandum and order book1841
Book of accounts current1843-1847
5Journal and ledger belonging to Nathaniel Mansfield (1796-1863)1845
6Book of accounts current1847-1849
Vol. 24Day book1855-1863
Vol. 25Ledger1862-1863
226Account book of office expenses1863-1864
Vol. 26Account book1864-1867
Vol. 27Journal1864-1893
Vol. 28Account book1865-1871
Vol. 29Ledger with index1868-1877
Vol. 30Journal1868-1882
231Office account book1868-1884
Vol. 31Ledger with index1877-1882
Vol. 32Account book1879
Vol. 33Ledger1879-1880
232Account book of deliveries from Africa1879-1880
3Account book1879-1880
Vol. 34Cargo book1880
Vol. 35Account book1881-1882
Vol. 36Account book, African cargoes1881-1882
Vol. 37Account book1881-1884
Vol. 38Ledger1882
Vol. 39Account book1882-1884
Vol. 40Ledger with index1882-1887
Vol. 41Ledger1882-1884
234Account bookundated
Account bookundated
5Account book of disbursementsundated
6Account book belonging to W. Junkinsundated
Vol. 42Sales book1863-1871
Vol. 43Sales book1871-1877
Vol. 44Sales book1877-1880
Vol. 45Sales book1880-1884
Vol. 46Sales book, outward1884-1888
Vol. 47Cash book1868-1877
Vol. 48Cash book1878-1883
Vol. 49Cash book1883-1886
Vol. 50Vessels' accounts and petty cash charges1871-1877
Vol. 51Vessels' accounts and petty cash charges1877-1883
Vol. 52Benefactor (Bark) account book1881-1885
Vol. 53Cremona (Bark) and Rebecca Goddard (Bark) account book1883
Vol. 54Cremona (Bark) and Rebecca Goddard (Bark) account book1884-1885
Vol. 55Gemsbok (Bark) account book1883-1884
Vol. 56Gemsbok (Bark) and White Cloud (Bark) account book1884
Vol. 57Gemsbok (Bark) and White Cloud (Bark) account book1885-1886
Vol. 58T. K. Weldon (Bark) account book1879
Vol. 59T. K. Weldon (Bark) account book1881
Vol. 60T. K. Weldon (Bark) account book1881
Vol. 61T. K. Weldon (Bark) cash book1881-1884
SERIES III. Shipping Papers
A. Insurance Papers
1. Policies
241A. Houghton (Bark)1866-1874
704A. Houghton (Bark)1873
242A. W. Stevens (Bark)1866-1867
Ajmeer (Schooner)1870
3Albertina (Bark)1867-1873
4Alice (Bark)1886
Annie Eldridge (Brig)1866-1867
5Beatrice (Brig)1867
6Benefactor (Bark)1881-1884
705Benefactor (Bark)1882
247Bolivia (Bark)1870-1874
705Bolivia (Bark)1873
248Charles A. Sparks (Schooner)1888
9Coquimbo (Ship)1856
10Cremona (Bark)1883-1886
73(OS)1Cremona (Bark)1886
251E. K. Kane (Schooner)1884
2Ellen Bernard (Brig)1867-1868
3Elmiranda (Bark)1886-1888
705Elmiranda (Bark)1887
254Eva C. Yates (Schooner)1884
5F. J. Merryman (Brig)1883
Fury (Bark)1881-1882
6Gemsbok (Bark)1883-1885
7Geneva (Barkentine)1887-1888
705Geneva (Barkentine)1888
257George Raynes (Ship)1857-1861
8Hancock (Brig)1862
Hattie (Brig)1882
9John H. Pearson (Bark)1883-1887
John Matthews (Bark)1873
10Lucy W. Snow (Brig)1882
73(OS)1Lucy W. Snow (Brig)1882
2511Minnie Abbie (Brig)1882-1887
12Modena (Bark)1867-1872
13Moses Wheeler (Ship)1853
261Navarino (Schooner)1882-1888
73(OS)1Navarino (Schooner)1883
75(OS)2Navarino (Schooner)1885-1887
706Navarino (Schooner)1888
262Nellie Fenwick (Bark)1869
Niobe (Ship)1859
Palestine (Steamship)1883
3Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1874-1884
73(OS)1Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1874-1884
264Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1885-1888
706Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1888
265Reliance (Ship)1856
6Rescue (Brig)1867-1873
706Rescue (Brig)1867
267Roman (Steamer)1887
Samaria (Steamer)1885
Samuel Appleton (Ship)1856
Spitfire (Ship)1854
8Sullivan (Brig)1884
9Susan L. Fitzgerald (Ship)1872-1875
10T. K. Weldon (Bark)1880-1881
11Wayfarer (Bark)1870-1871
271White Cloud (Bark)1884-1888
706White Cloud (Bark)1888
272Zuleika (Bark)1865-1866
3Insurance on cargo and merchandise1850-1868
4Insurance on cargo and merchandise1870-1887
73(OS)2Insurance on cargo and merchandise1874-1882
75(OS)3Insurance on cargo and merchandise1874-1885
707Insurance on cargo and merchandise1875-1885
73(OS)3Insurance on cargo and merchandise1884-1885
4Insurance on cargo and merchandise1886
75(OS)4Insurance on cargo and merchandise1886-1888
73(OS)5Insurance on cargo and merchandise1887-1888
275Insurance on locations1846-1881
73(OS)6Insurance on locations1869-1885
75(OS)5Insurance on locations1877-1887
276Insurance account book [2 volumes]1875-1879
7Insurance account book1875-1879
Insurance account book1877-1878
281Insurance account book1878
Insurance account bookundated
2Ledger of insurance on vessels and cargoundated
2. Claims
283A. Houghton (Bark)1867-1869
708A. Houghton (Bark)1868
A. W. Stevens (Bark)1866
284A. W. Stevens (Bark)1866
708Albertina (Bark)1873
285Albertina (Bark)1879
6Ann Elizabeth (Brig)1875
708Benefactor (Bark)1884
287Gemsbok (Bark)1886-1888, undated
8James Guthrie (Ship)1868
Modena (Bark)1867
9Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1874
10Rescue (Brig)1867
11Susan L. Fitzgerald (Bark)1876
709T. K. Weldon (Bark)1882
Wayfarer (Bark)1876
2812Zuleika (Brig)1865-1867
B. Bills of Sale
75(OS)6Africa (Ship)1865
Albertina (Bark)1867
291Albertina (Bark)1867
Ann Elizabeth (Brig)1873-1877
2Arthur Pickering (Bark)1864
3Bolivia (Bark)1870
Doris Eckhoff (Bark)undated
4Elmiranda (Bark)1874-1886
75(OS)6Elmiranda (Bark)1874
Emma F. Herriman (Bark)1862
295Emma F. Herriman (Bark)1873-1877
6General Sedgewick (Barkentine)1877-1878
7George Raynes (Ship)1852-1860
George Thatcher (Schooner)1878
8Hazard (Bark)1878
Henry Middleton (Schooner)1880
9Joseph Peabody (Ship)1860
10Louie A. Swett (Schooner)1875
Morning Light (Brig)1865
Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1874
11Salem (Steam tug)1873
75(OS)6Susan Fitzgerald (Bark)1871
2911Susan Fitzgerald (Ship)1872-1873
12T. K. Weldon (Bark)1877
75(OS)6T. K. Weldon (Bark)1882
7William H. Randall (Bark)1864-1865
2912Unidentified shipundated
C. Ships' Papers
301A. A. Drebert (Barque)1869
2A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1866-1867
76(OS)1A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1866-1867, undated
303A. Houghton (Bark), cargo receipts from 1st voyage1866-1867
4A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 1st voyage homeward1866-1867
5A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1867-1868
76(OS)2A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 2nd-5th voyages1868-1869
306A. Houghton (Bark), bills from 2nd voyage1867
7A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1867-1869
8A. Houghton (Bark), bills from 3rd voyage1867-1873
9A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1868-1869
311A. Houghton (Bark), bills and receipts from 4th voyage1868, undated
2A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 5th voyage1869
3A. Houghton (Bark), bills and receipts from 5th voyage1868-1869
4A. Houghton (Bark), cargo receipts from 5th voyage1869-1873
5A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 6th voyage1869-1870
6A. Houghton (Bark), bills and receipts from 6th voyage1868-1869
7010A. Houghton (Bark), bills and receipts from 6th voyage1869
317A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 7th voyage1870
76(OS)3A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 7th-10th voyages1870-1871
318A. Houghton (Bark), bills from 7th voyage1869-1870, undated
9A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 8th voyage1870, undated
10A. Houghton (Bark), bills and receipts from 8th voyage1870-1871
321A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 9th voyage1870-1871
2A. Houghton (Bark), cargo receipts from 9th voyage1868-1873, undated
3A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 10th voyage1871-1872
4A. Houghton (Bark), bills and receipts from 10th voyage1871
5A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 11th voyage1870-1872
72(OS)4A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 11th voyage1871
76(OS)4A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 11th-12th voyages1871-1872
326A. Houghton (Bark), bills and receipts from 11th voyage1871-1872
7A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 12th voyage1872
8A. Houghton (Bark), bills from 12th voyage1872
9A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 13th voyage1872-1873, undated
10A. Houghton (Bark), bills from 13th voyage1872-1873
7010A. Houghton (Bark), bills from 13th voyage1872
3211A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 14th voyage1873-1874
12A. Houghton (Bark), bills from 14th voyage1873-1874
331A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 15th voyage1873-1874
2A. Houghton (Bark), bills from 15th voyage1873
3A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 16th voyage1874, undated
4A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 17th voyage1874
5A. Houghton (Bark), papers from 18th voyage1874-1875
6A. W. Stevens (Bark)1863-1866
7Abbot Devereux (Schooner)1874-1876, undated
8Africa (Bark)1863-June 1865
9Africa (Bark)July-November 1865
76(OS)4Africa (Bark)1865, undated
341Africa (Bark)December 1865-1866, undated
2Africa (Bark), papers pertaining to the loss of the ship at Sierra Leone in March 18661866
3Africa (Steamship)1884
4Ajmeer (Schooner)1870, undated
76(OS)4Ajmeer (Schooner)1870
345Albert Adams (Brig)1861
Albert Butler (Schooner)1877
6Albertina (Bark), cargo book [2 volumes]1867, undated
7Albertina (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1867-1868
76(OS)4Albertina (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1864, undated
348Albertina (Bark), bills from 1st voyage1867
351Albertina (Bark), letters from 1st voyage1867
2Albertina (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1868-1869
76(OS)5Albertina (Bark), papers from 2nd-8th voyages1869-1873, undated
353Albertina (Bark), bills from 2nd voyage1868
4Albertina (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1869-1870
5Albertina (Bark), cargo receipts from 3rd voyage1869-1873
6Albertina (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1870-1871
Flat file 1Albertina (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1869-1870
357Albertina (Bark), papers from 5th voyage1870-1871
361Albertina (Bark), bills and receipts from 5th voyage1870-1871
2Albertina (Bark), papers from 6th voyage1871-1872
3Albertina (Bark), bills from 6th voyage1871-1872
4Albertina (Bark), papers from 7th voyage1872-1873
5Albertina (Bark), bills from 7th voyage1872-1873
6Albertina (Bark), papers from 8th voyage1872-1873
7Albertina (Bark), papers from 8th voyage1874, undated
8Albertina (Bark), bills from 8th voyage1873
7010Albertina (Bark), bill from 8th voyage1873
371Albertina (Bark), papers from 9th voyage1869-1875
2Albertina (Bark), bills from 9th voyage1873-1874, undated
7011Albertina (Bark), bills from 9th-10th voyages1874-1878
373Albertina (Bark), papers from 10th voyage1873-1875
4Albertina (Bark), bills from 10th voyage1874-1875
5Albertina (Bark), papers from 11th voyage1875-1876
6Albertina (Bark), account book1876
7Albertina (Bark), miscellaneous papers1878-1879, undated
8Alice (Bark)1886-1889
9Alida (Schooner)1887
Angola (Ship)1867
381Ann Elizabeth (Brig)1873-1880, undated
7012Ann Elizabeth (Brig)1873
382Ann Mitchell (Brig)1868
Anna (Bark)1864
3Annie Eldridge (Brig), bills from a voyage to Sierra Leone1866
4Annie Eldridge (Brig)1866-1867
5Aquiduck (Bark)1865
Ariel (Bark)1863
6Arthur Pickering (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1864-1865, undated
77(OS)1Arthur Pickering (Bark), papers from 1st-2nd voyages1864-1865
387Arthur Pickering (Bark), bills and receipts from 1st voyage1864
7012Arthur Pickering (Bark), bill from 1st voyage1864
388Arthur Pickering (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1864-1865
9Arthur Pickering (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1866, undated
10Arthur Pickering (Bark), cargo and outfits from 2nd voyage1865
7012Arthur Pickering (Bark), cargo and outfits from 2nd voyage1865
391Balear (Brig)undated
Bay State (Ship)1862
2Beatrice (Brig), papers from a voyage to Sierra Leone1867, undated
3Beatrice (Brig), bills and receipts1867
4Benefactor (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1878-1879
711Benefactor (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1879
395Benefactor (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1880, undated
6Benefactor (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1880
7Benefactor (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1881, undated
8Benefactor (Bark), account book of oil and gum1881-1884
401Benefactor (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1881
2Benefactor (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1882, undated
3Benefactor (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1882
4Benefactor (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1883-1885, undated
5Benguela (Ship)1878
6Benin (Ship)1876
7Benjamin Howard (Ship)1831-1832
8Bolivia (Bark), account book of cargo from 1st voyageundated
9Bolivia (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1870-1871, undated
72(OS)4Bolivia (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1870
77(OS)1Bolivia (Bark), papers from 1st-3rd voyages1870-1871
411Bolivia (Bark), cargo receipts from 1st voyage1870
2Bolivia (Bark), bills from 1st voyage1870-1873
3Bolivia (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1871-1872, undated
4Bolivia (Bark), bills and receipts from 2nd voyage1870-1871
72(OS)4Bolivia (Bark), bills from 2nd-4th voyages1871-1873
415Bolivia (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1871-1872, undated
6Bolivia (Bark), bills from 3rd voyage1871-1873, undated
7Bolivia (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1872-1874, undated
8Bolivia (Bark), bills and receipts from 4th voyage1872
421Bolivia (Bark), papers from 5th voyage1872-1874, undated
72(OS)5Bolivia (Bark), papers from 5th-6th voyages1873-1875
422Bolivia (Bark), papers from 6th voyage1872-1876, undated
3Bolivia (Bark), bills1876-1879, undated
4Bonny (Ship)1884
5Brothers (Bark)1866
6Bulgarian (Steamship)1878-1886
7Cabot (Schooner)1864
Cameroon (Steamship)1884
8Ceylon (Ship)1863
Chanticleer (Brig)1866
9Charles A. Sparks (Brig)1888, undated
10Chesapeake (Ship)1861
11Chili (Ship)1854-1856
72(OS)5Chili (Ship)1854
4212Congo (Ship)1882-1888, undated
13Coquimbo (Ship)1853-1861
77(OS)2Coquimbo (Ship)1858
4214Corsico (Steamship)1878-1879
15Cremona (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1870-1883
72(OS)6Cremona (Bark), papers from 1st-3rd voyages1883-1886
431Cremona (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1884-1886, undated
2Cremona (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1883-1888, undated
3Cremona (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1885-1886
4Cremona (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1887, undated
5Doretta Kahn (Schooner)1864
6E. K. Kane (Schooner)1883-1884, undated
72(OS)6E. K. Kane (Schooner)1884
437Ellen A. Parsons (Bark)1851-1852
441Ellen Bernard (Brig), papers from 1st voyage1867-1868, undated
77(OS)2Ellen Bernard (Brig), papers from 1st-2nd voyages1867-1869, undated
442Ellen Bernard (Brig), bills and receipts from 1st voyage1867-1868, undated
3Ellen Bernard (Brig), papers from 2nd voyage1868-1870, undated
4Ellen Bernard (Brig), papers pertaining to the 2nd voyage at Barbados1869
5Ellen Bernard (Brig), bills and receipts from 2nd voyage1868-1869, undated
6Elmiranda (Bark)1885-1886
74(OS)1Elmiranda (Bark)1886
447Elmiranda (Bark)1887
451Elmiranda (Bark)1888
2Elmiranda (Bark)1889, undated
3Emma F. Herriman (Bark)1869-1879
74(OS)1Emma F. Herriman (Bark)1875
454Emma F. Herriman (Bark)1880-1881, undated
5Ethiopia (Steamship)1878-1879
6Eva C. Yates (Schooner)1883-1884, undated
711Eva C. Yates (Schooner)undated
457F. J. Merryman (Brig)1883
8Fingari (Barque)1850-1851
Flying Fish (Clipper)1852
9Fury (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1880-1881, undated
461Fury (Bark), papers from 5th voyage1881, undated
2Fury (Bark), papers from 6th voyage1881-1882, undated
3Fury (Bark), papers from 7th voyage1881-1883, undated
711Fury (Bark), papers from 7th voyage1882
464Gaboon (Steamship)1878-1881, undated
Gambia (Ship)1876
5Gemsbok (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1882-1883
712Gemsbok (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1883
466Gemsbok (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1884, undated
7Gemsbok (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1883-1884
471Gemsbok (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1885-1887, undated
2Gemsbok (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1885
3Gemsbok (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1886-1888, undated
74(OS)1General Sedgwick (Bark)1877-1878
474General Sedgwick (Bark)1878, undated
5General Warren (Schooner)1861-1862
6Geneva (Barkentine)1887-1889, undated
7George E. Thatcher (Schooner)1871-1875
712Georg E. Thatcher (Schooner)1872-1877
478George Raynes (Ship)1852-1859
9Golden Fleece (Ship)1852
Good Return (Ship)1862-1863
10Hattie (Brig), papers from 1st voyage1881, undated
11Hattie (Brig), papers from 2nd voyage1881-1882, undated
481Hazard (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1877-1879
2Hazard (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1880, undated
3Hazard (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1879-1880, undated
712Hazard (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1878
484Hazard (Bark), papers from 5th voyage1880
5Hazard (Bark), papers from 5th voyage1881-1882, undated
6Helen A. Holmes (Brig)1874-1875, undated
7Helvettia (Steamship)1882
8Henry Middleton (Schooner)1880
74(OS)1Henry Middleton (Schooner)1880
489Henry Middleton (Schooner)1881-1882, undated
10Hoogly (Ship)1852-1853
491Howard (Brig)1854-1856, undated
77(OS)3Howard (Brig)1853-1856
492Iberian (Ship)1883, undated
2Isadora (Brig)undated
3Istrian (Ship)1888
James Guthrie (Ship)1864-1867
4Jan Breydel (Steamship)1887
J. C. Brooks (Schooner)1864
5John H. Pearson (Bark)1886-1887, undated
6John Matthews (Bark)1873, undated
7Jona (Bark)1887
8Joseph Peabody (Ship)1859, undated
Josie Nicholas (Bark)undated
9Juno (Schooner)1872-1873, undated
77(OS)3Juno (Schooner)1873
4910Kansas (Ship)1886-1887
Kinsimbo (Ship)1878-1881
11Lagos (Steamship)1888
Lamoine (Schooner)1874
12Lenox (Bark)1852
Loanda (Steamship)1879
Loch Lamar (Ship)1862
13Louie A. Swett (Schooner)1863-1877
713Louie A. Swett (Schooner)1875
4913Louisa (Bark)1871
14Lucy M. Snow (Brig)1881-1882, undated
15Magnolia (Ship)1854
Mandingo (Steamship)1858-1888
16Manlius (Ship)undated
17Maria White (Brig), molasses accounts1869-1870, undated
18Marseilles (Ship)1858-1859
Mason (Ship)1849
19Marshall (Brig)1864, undated
20Mattapan (Ship)1862-1863
21Medora (Bark)1865
Melissa (Brig)1863-1864, undated
501Minnie Abbe (Brig)1882-1887, undated
2Modena (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1866-1868, undated
77(OS)3Modena (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1867
503Modena (Bark), bills and receipts from 1st voyage1867-1871, undated
713Modena (Bark), bill from 1st voyage1867
504Modena (Bark), bills and receipts from 1st voyage1867-1868, undated
5Modena (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1867-1869, undated
77(OS)4Modena (Bark), papers from 2nd-5th voyages1868-1870, undated
506Modena (Bark), bills from 2nd voyage1868-1869, undated
7Modena (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1869-1870, undated
8Modena (Bark), bills and receipts from 3rd voyage1868-1869, undated
511Modena (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1869-1870, undated
2Modena (Bark), bills and receipts from 4th voyage1869-1870, undated
713Modena (Bark), bill from 4th voyage1869
513Modena (Bark), papers from 5th voyage1870-1871, undated
77(OS)5Modena (Bark), papers from 5th-8th voyages1871-1872
514Modena (Bark), bills and receipts from 5th voyage1870-1872, undated
5Modena (Bark), cargo receipts from 5th voyage1870
6Modena (Bark), papers from 6th voyage1871-1872, undated
7Modena (Bark), bills and receipts from 6th voyage1870-1873, undated
74(OS)1Modena (Bark), bills and receipts from 6th voyage1871
518Modena (Bark), papers from 7th voyage1871-1872, undated
9Modena (Bark), bills and receipts from 7th voyage1872
74(OS)2Modena (Bark), bills and receipts from 7th voyage1872
521Modena (Bark), papers from 8th voyage1870-1873, undated
2Modena (Bark), bills and receipts from 8th voyage1872, undated
3Morning Light (Brig), papers from 1st voyage1862-1866, undated
77(OS)5Morning Light (Brig), papers from 1st voyage1865
524Morning Light (Brig), cargo receipts1865
5Moses Wheeler (Ship)1849-1854, undated
6Navarino (Schooner), papers from 1st voyage1882-1883, undated
7Navarino (Schooner), papers from 2nd voyage1882-1883, undated
8Navarino (Schooner), papers from 3rd voyage1883-1886, undated
531Navarino (Schooner), papers from 5th voyage1885-1886, undated
2Navarino (Schooner), papers from 6th voyage1885-1886, undated
3Navarino (Schooner), papers from 7th voyage1885-1888, undated
714Navarino (Schooner), papers from 7th voyage1885
534Navarino (Schooner), papers from 8th voyage1887-1888, undated
5Nellie Fenwick (Bark)1869-1870, undated
6Neptune (Steamship)1868
Niobe (Ship)1859, undated
7Norseman (Ship)1881
Oxenbridge (Ship)1858-1860, undated
8Palestine (Ship)1883-1887
Pavonia (Ship)1884
Pieter de Coninck (Steamship)1887
9Rebecca Goddard (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1873-1874, undated
74(OS)2Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1874-1888, undated
541Rebecca Goddard (Bark), bills from 1st voyage1872-1875, undated
2Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1878-1879
3Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1880
4Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1881
5Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1882
551Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1883
2Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1884
3Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1885
4Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1886
561Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1887
2Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1888
3Rebecca Goddard (Bark)1889, undated
4Rescue (Brig), papers from 1st voyage1867-1868, undated
77(OS)6Rescue (Brig), papers from 1st-6th voyages1867-1869
565Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 1st voyage1867
714Rescue (Brig), bill from 1st voyage1867
571Rescue (Brig), papers from 2nd voyage1867-1868, undated
2Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 2nd voyage1867-1868
3Rescue (Brig), papers from 3rd voyage1867-1868
4Rescue (Brig), papers from 4th voyage1868, undated
5Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 4th voyage1868
6Rescue (Brig), papers from 5th voyage1868-1869, undated
7Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 5th voyage1868-1870
581Rescue (Brig), papers from 6th voyage1869-1870, undated
2Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 6th voyage1869-1870
3Rescue (Brig), papers from 7th voyage1870, undated
77(OS)7Rescue (Brig), papers from 7th-10th voyages1870-1871
584Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 7th voyage1870-1871
5Rescue (Brig), papers from 8th voyage1870-1871, undated
6Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 8th voyage1870
7Rescue (Brig), papers from 9th voyage1870-1871, undated
8Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 9th voyage1870-1871, undated
9Rescue (Brig), papers from 10th voyage1871-1872, undated
10Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 10th voyage1871-1872, undated
591Rescue (Brig), papers from 11th voyage1871-1872, undated
77(OS)8Rescue (Brig), papers from 11th-12th voyages1872
592Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 11th voyage1872
3Rescue (Brig), papers from 12th voyage1872-1873, undated
4Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 12th voyage1872-1873, undated
5Rescue (Brig), papers from 13th voyage1873, undated
714Rescue (Brig), papers from 13th-15th voyages1873-1874
596Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 13th voyage1872-1873, undated
7Rescue (Brig), papers from 14th voyage1873-1874, undated
8Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 14th voyage1873, undated
9Rescue (Brig), papers from 15th voyage1873-1874
10Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 15th voyage1873-1874, undated
11Rescue (Brig), papers from 16th voyage1874-1875, undated
601Rescue (Brig), bills and receipts from 16th voyage1874-1875, undated
2Rising (Ship)1862
Roman (Steamship)1887
Roquelle (Ship)1878-1889
3Salem (Tug boat)1873, undated
Samuel Gilman (Schooner)1864
Sarah L. Bryant (Bark)1852
3Sarah N. Smith (Schooner)1864
4Sea Eagle (Bark)1870
Senegal (Steamship)1878
Sirius (Ship)1881
Solomon (Bark)1866
St. Louis (Ship)1867
Staghound (Schooner)1855
5Star (Ship)1863-1864
6Sullivan (Brig)1884, undated
7Susan L. Fitzgerald (Ship), papers from 1st voyage1869-1873, undated
77(OS)8Susan L. Fitzgerald (Ship), papers from 1st voyage1872-1873
608Susan L. Fitzgerald (Ship), bills and receipts from 1st voyage1872-1874
9Susan L. Fitzgerald (Ship), papers from 2nd voyage1873-1875, undated
74(OS)3Susan L. Fitzgerald (Ship), papers from 2nd voyage1873-1874
6010Susan L. Fitzgerald (Ship), bills and receipts from 2nd voyage1872-1873
611Susan L. Fitzgerald (Ship), bills and receipts from 2nd voyage1874-1875, undated
2Susan L. Fitzgerald (Ship), papers from 3rd voyage1875-1877, undated
3Susan L. Fitzgerald (Ship), bills and receipts from 3rd voyage1874-1875, undated
4Teneriffe (Steamship)1886-1888
Texas (Schooner)undated
5T. K. Weldon (Bark), papers from 1st-3rd voyages1877-1880, undated
6T. K. Weldon (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1880-1881
74(OS)3T. K. Weldon (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1877-1882
617T. K. Weldon (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1882, undated
8T. Rennick (Brig)1878
Tonic (Bark)1867-1868, undated
Tropic (Ship)1859
621Venetian (Ship)1887, undated
Virginian (Steamship)1883-1886
Volta (Steamship)1878-1888
2Waverly (Brig)1862
3Wayfarer (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1870-1871, undated
77(OS)8Wayfarer (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1870-1871, undated
624Wayfarer (Bark), bills and receipts from 1st voyage1870-1871, undated
5Wayfarer (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1870-1871
78(OS)1Wayfarer (Bark), papers from 2nd-3rd voyages1871
626Wayfarer (Bark), bills and receipts from 2nd voyage1869-1871, undated
7Wayfarer (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1871
8Wayfarer (Bark), bills and receipts from 3rd voyage1871-1872, undated
9Wayfarer (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1871-1872
Flat file 1Wayfarer (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1870-1871
6210Wayfarer (Bark), bills and receipts from 4th voyage1871-1872, undated
11Webfoot (Ship)1863
Wessacumcon (Bark)1850-1857
74(OS)3Wessacumcon (Bark)1851
631White Cloud (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1883-1884
2White Cloud (Bark), papers from 1st voyage1885-1887, undated
3White Cloud (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1884-1888, undated
4White Cloud (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1886-1888, undated
715White Cloud (Bark), papers from 3rd voyage1884
641White Cloud (Bark), papers from 4th voyage1887-1889, undated
2White Cloud (Bark), papers from 5th voyage1888-1889, undated
74(OS)3White Cloud (Bark), papers from 5th voyage1889
643William H. Randall (Bark), papers from 1st or 2nd voyages1863-1865
4William H. Randall (Bark), papers from 1st or 2nd voyages1866, undated
78(OS)1William H. Randall (Bark), papers from 1st or 2nd voyages1865-1866
645William H. Randall (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1865
6William H. Randall (Bark), papers from 2nd voyage1866-1867
651William McKenzie (Schooner)1868
78(OS)1William McKenzie (Schooner)1868
652Winged Arrow (Ship)1852
3Zuleika (Brig), papers from 1st voyage1864
78(OS)1Zuleika (Brig), papers from 1st voyage1864-1865, undated
654Zuleika (Brig), papers from 1st voyage1865, undated
5Zuleika (Brig), bills and receipts from 1st voyage1864, undated
6Zuleika (Brig), papers from 2nd voyage1864-1865, undated
78(OS)2Zuleika (Brig), papers from 2nd-4th voyages1865-1867
657Zuleika (Brig), account book1864-1865
8Zuleika (Brig), papers from 3rd voyage1863-1867, undated
9Zuleika (Brig), papers from 4th voyage1866-1867, undated
661Zuleika (Brig), bills from 4th voyage1867, undated
D. Other
662Receipts for cargo1866-1878, undated
3Bill for crew1866
4Disbursements and freight lists1870-1887, undated
665Receipts for cargo1873
6Shipments to Europeundated
716Crew warrant1873
667Almanac with notes about ships1864
Logbook of ships' arrivals1865
Account book with ships' activities1866-1879
8Log book of the African fleet1870-1889
9Account book of officers, crew, and Kroo boys1880
10Log book of ships' and their cargo1883-1889
11News clippingsundated
12Miscellaneous1866, undated
671Captain Joseph Upton's papers1880-1883
2Captain Joseph Upton's papers1884-1887, undated
716Captain Joseph Upton's papers1884
SERIES IV. Other Business Papers
673Stocks and bonds1837, 1861-1877, undated
Flat file2Maps1847-1856, undated
674Contracts, agreements, and deeds1852-1888, undated
716Contracts, agreements, and deeds1859
675Patents1860-1866, undated
6Railroad companies' stock holder reports1869-1877
7Miscellaneous1866, undated
8Miscellaneous envelopesundated
SERIES V. Personal Papers
A. Financial Papers
679Bills, invoices, and receipts1844-1859
10Bills, invoices, and receipts1860-1864
11Bills, invoices, and receipts1865-1869
681Bills, invoices, and receipts1870-1874
74(OS)4Bills, invoices, and receipts1874-1879
682Bills, invoices, and receipts1875-1877
3Bills, invoices, and receipts1878-1879
4Bills, invoices, and receipts1880-1888, undated
5Family expenditure diaryundated
6Taxes on western lands1859-1877
B. Correspondence
687Personal correspondence1857-1879
691Personal correspondence1881-1887, undated
C. Other
692Illinois and Iowa lands1808, 1858-1888
74(OS)5Illinois and Iowa lands1852-1867, 1881
693Real estate1855-1875, undated
74(OS)6Real estate1865-1885
694Court order1860
5Estate of Nathaniel B. Mansfield (1796-1863)1863-1868, undated
6Nathaniel B. Mansfield's (1834-1889) certificate of non-liability for military duty1864
7Yacht built by John B. Herreshoff1871-1872, undated
8Schedule of propertyundated
9Home improvementsundated
74(OS)6Home improvements undated
6910Concert programundated
74(OS)6Concert programundated
6911Nathan Burrill (1786-1866) papers1838-1866
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