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Second Corps Cadets Records

Second Corps Cadets Records

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SERIES I. Financial
11Treasurer's book (raising money for new armory)undated
2Treasurer's book1809-1825
3Unpaid bills from Treasurer's book1810-1829
4Fines and assessments1825-1827
5Treasurer's book1831-1888
6Receipts relating to purchasing uniforms1841, 1854-1856
7Treasurer's book1855-1861
8Treasurer's book1855
9Assessment list and other financial papers1857-1867, 1879, 1893-1895
10Receipts from Treasurer's book1860-1869
11Bills paid and insurance policy1862-1863
12Bills paid1863-1864
13Finance committee reports1864-1870
14Expenses, notes on activities1864-1873, undated
15Bills paid1865-1866
16Treasurer's and finance committee reports1865-1870
2Bills and receipts for Cadets sociables1867-1868
3Bills and receipts1868-1869
4Financial report for Promenade concert1868
5Bills and receipts1868-1869
6Bills paid1870
7Uniform committee report1870
8Bills paid1870-1887
9Bills paid1871
10Expenses booklet1871-1874
11Finance committee reports1871-1878
12Treasurer's book1871-1876
13Encampment expenses1872
31Bills paid1872
2Bills paid1873
3Bills paid1874
5Bills paid1875
6Bills paid1876
41Bills paid1877
2Bills paid1878
3Bills paid1879
4Annual meeting reports1879
5Bills and receipts: Party account1879-1880
6Bills paid1880
7Bills paid1880-1881
8Committee reports1880-1892
9Treasurer's reports1880-1882
51Bills paid1881-1882
2Insurance policy1882
3Bills paid1882-1883
4Treasurer's reports1883-1889
5Treasurer's book1883-1892
6Bills paid1883-1884
7Bills paid1884-1885
8Insurance policies of Edward A. Maloon1884-1887
9Bills paid1885-1886
61Salem Independent Rifle Association records1885-1888, undated
2Bills paid1886-1887
3Bills paid1887-1888
4Bills paid1888
5Bills paid1888-1889
6Treasurer's book1888-1893
7New York bills1889
8Bills paid1889
9Account record book and officers accounts1889-1891, 1911-1915, undated
71Financial ledger1899-1909
2Bills paid1890
3Bills paid1890
4Treasurer's book1890
5Treasurer's Fair committee cash book1890
48(OS)1Fair floor planundated [circa 1890]
1Fair bills list1890
76Fair committee minutes book1890
7Board of Aldermen order1890
8Bills and receiptsJan-Mar 1891
9Bills and receiptsApr-Jun 1891
81Bills and receiptsJul-Sept 1891
2Bills and receiptsOct-Dec 1891
3Billiards, Bowling Alley, and Robinson Carusoe Accounts1891-1893, undated
4Treasurer's reports1891-1915
5Bills and receiptsJan-Apr 1892
6Bills and receiptsMay-Aug 1892
7Bills and receiptsSept-Dec 1892
8Bills and receiptsJan-Apr 1893
91Bills and receiptsMay-Aug 1893
2Bills and receiptsSept-Dec 1893
3Treasurer's book1893-1898
4Bills and receiptsJan-Apr 1894
5Bills and receiptsMay-Aug 1894
6Bills and receiptsSept-Dec 1894
101Bills and receiptsJan-June 1895
2Bills and receiptsJul-Dec 1895
3Military Ball bills and receipts1895
4Bills and receiptsJan-Mar 1896
5Bills and receiptsApr-June 1896
111Bills and receiptsJul-Sept 1896
2Bills and receiptsOct-Dec 1896
3Entertainment committee record book1896-1900
4Reports of Treasurer of Trustees1896-1901
55Vol. 24Account book1896-1923
115Bills and receiptsJan-Mar 1897
6Bills and receiptsApr-June 1897
121Bills and receiptsJul-Sept 1897
2Bills and receiptsOct-Dec 1897
3Bills and receiptsJan-Mar 1898
4Bills and receiptsApr-June 1898
5Bills and receiptsJul-Sept 1898
131Bills and receiptsOct-Dec 1898
2Entertainment committee record bookundated [1899]
3Bills and receiptsJan-Apr 1899
4Bills and receiptsMay-Aug 1899
5Bills and receiptsSept-Dec 1899
6Bills and ReceiptsJan-Apr 1900
141Bills and receiptsMay-Aug 1900
2Bills and receiptsSept-Dec 1900
3Bills and receiptsJan-Mar 1901
4Bills and receiptsApr-June 1901
5Bills and receiptsJul-Sept 1901
6Bills and receiptsOct-Dec 1901
151Financial reports1901
2Bills and receiptsJan-June 1902
3Bills and receiptsJul-Dec 1902
4Bills and receiptsJan-Apr 1903
5Bills and receiptsMay-Aug 1903
6Bills and receiptsSept-Dec 1903
7Bills and receipts1904
161Check registers1905-1906
2Cancelled checks, Asiatic National Bank1905-1906
3Treasurer's report1905
4Cancelled checks and veterans receipts1905-1907, undated
5Bills and receipts1906-1915, undated
6Insurance policies1906-1915
7Check registers1906-1907
8Check registers1907-1908
9Cancelled checks, Asiatic National Bank1907
171Uniform Account bills and receipts1907
2Finance committee minutes1907-1908
3Bills, receipts and correspondence relating to old Armory1907-1908
4Correspondence regarding the sale of items from the old Armory1907-1909, undated
5Check registers1908-1909
6Bills and receipts1908-1915, undated
7Financial records (claim, orders, receipts)1908-1912, undated
8Cancelled checks1908
9Financial papers relating to Armory rededication1908-1909, undated
10Financial records and bank statements1908-1910
11Bills and receipts1909-1910
12Cancelled checks, Asiatic National Bank1909
13Cancelled checks, Naumkeag Trust Company1909
181Check register1909-1912
2Bank statements1909-1914
3Bills and receipts1910-1914
4Cancelled checks, Naumkeag Trust Company1910
5Cancelled checks, Naumkeag Trust Company1911
6Financial notesundated [circa 1911-1913]
7Financial papers1911-1912, undated
8Bank statements1912-1913
9Bank books1912-1913
10Cancelled checks1912-1913
191Cancelled checks, Naumkeag Trust Company1912
2Financial reports1912-1914, undated
3Cancelled checks, Naumkeag Trust Company1913
4Bills and receipts from Camp1913
5Papers relating to Washington DC trip and the Exposition Kar-ne-val1912-1913, undated
6Financial papers relating to Washington, DC trip and the Exposition Kar-ne-val1913, undated
7Cancelled checks, Naumkeag Trust Company1914-1915
8Bank statements1914
9Special duty pay, mileage and actual expenses reports1914
10Bills and receipts1915-1916
11Bank statements1915
12Financial papersundated
SERIES II. Administrative
A. Applications
201Enlistment applications1877
2Enlistment applications1878
3Enlistment applications1879
4Enlistment applications1880
5Enlistment applications1893-1895
6Enlistment applicationsJan-Jun 1896
7Enlistment applicationsJul-Dec 1896
8Enlistment applications1897
211Enlistment applications1898
2Enlistment applications with medical examinations1898
3Medical examinations of recruits A-L1898
4Medical examinations of recruits M-Z1898
5Enlistment applications1899
6Enlistment applications with medical examinations1899
221Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJan-Mar 1899
2Enlistment applications with medical examinationsMay-Jun 1899
3Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJul-Aug 1899
4Enlistment applications with medical examinationsSept-Oct 1899
5Recruit enlistment applications with examinationsNov-Dec 1899
231Medical examinations of recruits A-M1899
2Medical examinations of recruits N-Z1899
3Enlistment applications1900-1902
4Medical examinations of recruits1900-1903
5Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJan-June 1900
6Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJul-Dec 1900
241Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJan-June 1901
2Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJul-Dec 1901
3Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJan-Mar 1902
4Enlistment applications with medical examinationsApr-June 1902
251Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJul-Sept 1902
2Enlistment applications with medical examinationsOct-Dec 1902
3Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJan-Mar 1903
4Enlistment applications with medical examinationsApr-June 1903
5Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJul-Sept 1903
6Enlistment applications with medical examinationsOct-Dec 1903
261Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJan-Mar 1904
2Enlistment applications with medical examinationsApr 1904
3Enlistment applications with medical examinationsMay 1904
4Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJun-Dec 1904
5Enlistment applications1904-1906
6Medical examinations of recruits1904-1906
271Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJan-May 1905
2Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJune 1905
3Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJune 1905
4Enlistment applications with medical examinationsOct-Dec 1905
5Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJan-May 1906
6Enlistment applications with medical examinationsJune 1906
7Physical Examination Rejection Listundated
B. Correspondence
278Muster notices1805-1806
281Correspondence1821, 1834, 1844, 1858-1878
2Correspondence and miscellaneous papers1854, 1885-1886, undated
5Memo book1877-1880
6Letter book1877-1885
8Appointment returns and recommendations1898-1899
9Correspondence and receipt of donations to Essex Institute1898-1914
10Correspondence (includes 2 photographs)1899
11Personnel reports1899
3Correspondence regarding 125th Anniversary celebration1910
4Correspondence regarding Salem Common1921
C. Discharge Records
295Discharge circulars1877-1878
6Discharge papers1878-1880
7Discharge papers1881-1895
8Requests for discharge1890-1895
9Discharge applications and other personnel actions1898
10Requests for discharge1900
D. Military Property
49Vol. 21Clothing accounts1862
56Vol. 22Clothing accountsundated
2911Military property invoice1866
12Military property invoices and receipts1876
13Certificates of loss1876
14Inventory of state and company property1877
15Military property invoices and receipts1877-1879
16Certificates of loss and inventory vouchers1877-1879
17Certificate of loss or expenditure1880-1891, undated
18Invoices of military property1880-1891
301Receipts of military property1880-1889
2Military property records1885-1890
3Military property invoices and receipts1891-1894
4Military property invoices and receipts1895-1903, undated
5Return of military property and ration forms1900-1901
E. Roll Calls
50Vol. 3Roll1860
8Fort Warren roll1862
9Fort Warren roll1862
51Vol. 4Descriptive roll1862
Vol. 5Roll (Morning reports)1862
49(OS)Vol. 6Roll1877-1879
11Roll (Discharge endorsements)1877-1894
49(OS)Vol. 7Roll1879-1881
31(OS)1Muster-in rolls1873-1874, undated
2Muster-in rolls1875
3Muster-in rolls1876
4Return of roll calls1876-1877
5Muster-in rolls1877
6Muster-in rolls1878
7Muster-in rolls1879
8Muster rolls1879-1882
48(OS)2Annual rolls1878-1880
2Muster-in rolls1880
48(OS)3Muster-in rolls1880
323Muster-in rolls1881
4Muster-in rolls1882
5Muster-in rolls1883
6Muster-in rolls1884
7Roll1885-1889, undated
331Muster-in rolls1885
2Muster-in and discharge cards1885-1887
3Muster-in rolls1886
4Muster-in rolls1887
5Muster-in rolls1888
6Muster-in rolls1889
51Vol. 8Roll1889-1895
337Muster-in rolls1890
48(OS)4Muster rolls1890
9Muster-in rolls1891
341Muster-in rolls1892
48(OS)5Muster rolls1892
6Assignment and Muster Rolls1892-1894, undated
342Muster-in rolls1893
48(OS)7Muster rolls1893, undated
343Muster-in rolls1894
51Vol. 9Roll1894-1902
344Muster-in rolls1895
48(OS)8Muster rolls1895
9Muster rolls1895
345Muster-in rolls1896
52Vol. 10Roll1896-1900
346Muster-in rolls1897
7Muster-in rolls1898
9Muster-in rolls1899
10Muster-in rolls1900
52Vol. 11Roll1900-1906
3411Muster-in rolls1901-1903
12Muster-in rolls1902-1905
52Vol. 12Roll1902-1908
3413Muster-in rolls1904-1906
57Vol. 25Blank Muster-In bookundated
F. Orders
351Orderly book1797-1814
2Orderly book1800-1814
3Orders1803, 1856-1869
56Vol. 14Orders, programs, and invitations1860-1881
53Vol. 15Orders and letters1867-1897
9Orders issued1875-1883
53Vol. 16Orders and letters1876-1877
54Vol. 17Orders and letters1876-1890
Vol. 18Orders1876-1890
58Vol. 26Orders1876-1897
3510Orders issued1883-1894
54Vol. 19Orders1895-1899
55Vol. 20Orders and letters1897-1899
3Orders1902-1905, 1911-1912
G. Payroll
37(OS)1Payroll lists1874-1875
2Payroll lists1876
3Muster pay roll1876
4Payroll lists1877
5Muster pay roll1877
6Muster pay roll1877
7Muster pay roll1877
8Payroll lists1878
9Payroll lists and assignment rolls1879
38(OS)1Payroll lists and assignment rolls1880
2Payroll lists and assignment rolls1881
3Payroll lists and assignment rolls1882
4Payroll lists and assignment rolls1883
5Payroll lists and assignment rolls1884
6Payroll lists and assignment rolls1885
7Payroll lists1890
8Payroll lists1893-1894
9Payroll lists1895
10Payroll lists1896
364Payroll1909, 1911
48(OS)10Payroll1909, 1911
365Payroll1912, undated
H. Organizational History
391Constitution and founding papers1785-1793, 1865, undated
1AConstitution and members1865
2History of Uniforms (1760-1803 and 1785-1910)undated [circa 1910]
3Records and History of the Corps (1787-1823)undated
48(OS)1Circular The Great Attraction1835
394Social records (invitations, dinner listing, dance orders)1839, 1852-1870, 1890-1894, 1904, undated
56Vol. 14Orders, programs, and invitations1860-1881
50Vol. 1Memorials of the Cadets from 1786 to 1861undated [circa 1860s]
395Social Record book (meeting minutes)1885-1895
6Miscellaneous papers:undated
Newspaper clippingsundated
Essex Institute Itinerary1895
Program from The Rainbow Chasers, a musical performed in 19031903
Menu from a cruise1913
Daily List of Legislative Committee Hearings1914
50Vol. 2Scrapbook of newspaper clippings including one photograph – History of organization1890-1893, undated
49Vol. 23Non-Commissioned Officers' Association photograph album1897
59Photograph album with advertisements1897
397Bureau of Instruction course lesson memorandums1904, undated
8Bureau of Instruction course lesson memorandums1904, undated
9Service School records (blank) and problem from Course B1905-1906, undated
10Papers relating to Presidential Inauguration trip1908-1909, undated
11Miscellaneous notes1909-1918, undated
12Privileges and other papers1910-1913, undated
13Papers relating to Presidential Inauguration trip1913, undated
14Adjusters' passes from Salem fireundated [circa 1914]
49(OS)1Photograph of Company H, 8th Regiment, Mexican Border Service1916
3915Miscellaneous papers1917-1930, undated
16Cloth banner with pins “Sherman’s Battery”undated
I. Encampments
401Photographs [5 stereographs of encampment]undated
2Maneuver cards and Statement of Muskets1840-1842, undated
3Roll of members and Fort Warren rations list1862
4Report on tent availability1867
5Journal of encampment at Woburn1867-1869
6Return of salt reports1872-1873, undated
7Morning reports for camp at Magnolia1874-1876
8Returns and morning reports for camp at Magnolia1875-1878
9Guard reports1876-1879
10Surgeon's morning report for camp at Magnolia1876-1879
48(OS)1Camp plans, Magnolia, MA1876-1881
1Camp plans, Magnolia, MA1877
4011Morning reports1877
12Morning reports for camp at Boston and Salem1877-1880
13Morning reports for camp at Magnolia1877-1880
411Battalion drill, parade, and inspection Reports1877-1880
2Target practice roster1878
3Morning and drill reports1879-1881
4Rifle practice record1879-1883, undated
5Morning and guard reports1880
6Consolidated morning reports1881-1883
7Guard book1881-1905
8Inspection reports1883-1887
421Petition to encamp in Essex and related correspondence1884-1886
2Consolidated morning reports1884-1888
3Inspection reports1888-1889
48(OS)1Diagram "Pit for Wingate Target" [removed from Correspondence]1897
424Absentees reports1897-1898
5Duty reports1898
6Morning reports1898
48(OS)1Map of Camp at Boxford (removed from Correspondence)1899
427Inspector General's reports1890-1895
8Inspection reports1890-1896
9Drill and property reports1892-1898
10Medical inspection reports1894-1897
431Medical journal and prescription book1894-1898
2Sick reports1895-1900
3Morning and drill reports1899, undated
4Morning and sick reports1899-1900
5Company reports1900-1901
6Various reports1900-1901
7Guard detail papers1901-1905, undated
8Company reports1902-1903
9Company reports1904-1906
J. Legal Records
441Rules and regulations, by-laws, and other legal papers1853-1861, 1884, 1900-1902, 1911, undated
2By-law drafts and report1878, undated
3Record book (meeting minutes)1788-1826
4Record book (meeting minutes)1824-1860
5Commission, warrants, honorable discharges, and leave of absence1849-1868
6Massachusetts House of Representatives report Number 57 with letter1854, 1876
52Vol. 13By-laws, meeting minutes1860-1869
447Record book (meeting minutes)1860-1861
8Veterans Association papers1866-1867, 1883, 1909-1954, undated
451Miscellaneous papers1868, 1887-1888, 1899, 1901-1912, undated
2Company Officers election report1867
3Record book (meeting minutes)1873-1876
4Officer election records1874-1880
5Record book (meeting minutes)1877-1884
6Miscellaneous notes1898-1905, undated
7Appointment returns1900
8Appointment returns1901-1907
9Approved by-laws1901
10Furlough approval certificate1903
SERIES III. Camp Association
461Stockholder listundated
2Stephen Abbott Associates stockholders listundated
3Stock shares Stephen Abbot Associates1890-1899
4Stephen Abbot Association agreement1896
5Stock certificates book1896-1917
6Stock certificates and stockholder list1896-1930
7Stock ledger1896-1930
8Stock transfer book1897-1930
9Bills and receipts1898-1931, undated
471Financial papers1903-1931, undated
2Legal papers1909-1930
3Insurance policies1911-1915
4Bank books, check books, and checks1917-1931
5Correspondence re: capital stock tax1919-1926, undated
6Bank statements1921-1931
8Financial correspondence1926-1931
9Stockholder lists, share receipts1930, undated
10Liquidation checks to stockholders1930
11Indemnity agreements1930
SERIES IV. Personal Papers of Jenkins Family
4712Papers of Lawrence W. Jenkins (1872-1961)1897-1915, undated
13Papers of Benjamin Gilbert Jenkins (1908-1985)1924-1928
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