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John Francis Stimson (1883-1958) Papers

John Francis Stimson (1883-1958) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Informant Manuscripts
A. Paea a Avehe
11Memo Book 1undated
2Memo Book 2undated
3Memo Book 3undated
4Memo Book 4undated
5Memo Book 5undated
6Memo Book 6undated
7Memo Book 7undated
8Memo Book 8, 9undated
9Memo Book 10, 11, 12undated
21Memo Book 13, 14undated
2Memo Book 15, 16undated
3Memo Book 17, 18undated
4Memo Book 19, 20undated
5Memo Book 21undated
6Memo Book 200, 201undated
7Memo Book Aundated
8Memo Book Bundated
9Memo Book Cundated
10Memo Book Dundated
31Memo Book Iundated
2Memo Book J(a), J(b)undated
3Memo Book Kundated
4Memo Book Lundated
5Memo Book M, N, O, P, Qundated
6Memo Book R, S, T(b), U(b)undated
7Memo Book Vundated
8Memo Book V(a), W, X, Yundated
9Memo Book A-Aundated
Vol. 1Memo Book B-Bundated
41Memo Book C-Cundated
2Memo Book D-Dundated
3Memo Book E-Eundated
4Memo Book J-Jundated
5Loose-leaf misc. notesundated
19Vol. 1Memo Book F-Fundated
Vol. 2Memo Book G-Gundated
Vol. 3Memo Book I-Iundated
Vol. 4Memo Book T(a)undated
Vol. 5Memo Book U(a)undated
B. Hapai
46Memo Book Aundated
7Memo Book Bundated
8Memo Book Cundated
9Memo Book Dundated
10Memo Book Eundated
11Memo Book Fundated
51Memo Book H [opposite end: Memo Book H2 by Paea]undated
2Memo Book Iundated
3Memo Book Jundated
4Memo Book Kundated
5Memo Book Lundated
6Memo Book Mundated
7Memo Book Nundated
8Memo Book Oundated
9Memo Book Pundated
6Vol. 1Memo Book A-A1945
1Memo Book B-B1946
2Memo Book C-C, D-D, E-E, F-F1947-1948
3Memo Book G-G, H-H, I-I1948-1949
4Memo Book J-J, K-K1950
5Memo Book L-L, M-M1951
C. Fariua a Makitua
66Loose-leaf misc. notesundated
7Loose-leaf misc. notesundated
8Loose-leaf misc. notesundated
9Loose-leaf Maui notesundated
10Loose-leaf affidavitsundated
D. Tama a Tama
611Tama a Tama Loose-Leaf Notes on Vahitahiundated
19Vol. 6Tama a Tama ledger bookundated
E. Unknown Author
612Memo Book 100undated
13Memo Book 101undated
14Memo Book 102undated
71Memo Book 103undated
2Memo Book 104undated
3Memo Book 105undated
4Memo Book 106undated
5Memo Book 107undated
6Memo Book 108undated
7Memo Book 109undated
8Memo Book 110undated
9Memo Book 111undated
10Memo Book 112undated
11Memo Book 112undated
12Island Notes Anaaundated
13Island Notes Anaaundated
14Island Notes Tatakoto "Te Kurarere"undated
15Island Notes Vahitahi Genealogiesundated
16Notes on Vaiariundated
204Islands of Amanu and Tahitiundated
5Various informants' manuscriptsundated
7Legend of Hono'ura and material on Rata and Tikiundated
81Legend of Hiroundated
2Legend of Rataundated
3Loose-leaf notes, misc.undated
SERIES II. Informant Transcripts
A. Paea a Avehe
84Notes on island of Anaa [pp 1100-1171]undated
5Notes on island of Anaa [pp 1172-1300]undated
6Notes on island of Anaa [pp 1301-1339]undated
7Notes on island of Anaa [pp 1340-1421]undated
8Memo Book B [pp 1-51]undated
9Memo Book B [pp 52-115]undated
10Memo Book [pp 190-242]undated
11Memo Book [pp 243-325]undated
12Memo Book [pp 326-364]undated
13Memo Book [pp 366-406]undated
14Memo Book [pp 412-456]undated
15Memo Book "Animal Tales" [pp 457-624]undated
16Memo Book Uundated
17Memo Book Tundated
18Unfinished legends "Te Piri-o-te-ragi"undated
19Memo Bookundated
91Memo Bookundated
2Memo Bookundated
3Memo Book [pp 45-88]undated
4Memo Book [pp 89-158]undated
5Memo Book pp [159-197]undated
6Memo Book K [pp 200-254]undated
7Memo Book L [pp 300-364]undated
8Memo Book M [pp 400-434]undated
9Memo Book N [pp 500-530]undated
10Memo Book O [pp 600-633]undated
11Memo Book P [pp 700-734]undated
12Memo Book Q [pp 800-825]undated
13Memo Book R [pp 900-936]undated
14Memo Book S [pp 1000-1031]undated
B. Fariua
915Accounts from island of Fagatauundated
16Accounts from island of Fagatauundated
17Accounts from island of Fagatauundated
C. Unknown Author
101Island of Amanuundated
2Island of Amanuundated
3Island of Fakahina [labeled Book J]undated
4Island of Fakaravaundated
5Island of Haoundated
6Island of Haoundated
7Island of Haoundated
8Island of Makateaundated
9Island of Marokauundated
10Island of Marokauundated
11Island of Nukutavakeundated
12Island of Nukutavakeundated
13Island of Reao-Roaundated
14Island of Raroiaundated
15Island of Takaroaundated
16Island of Takaroaundated
17Island of Takaroaundated
18Island of Takaroaundated
111Island of Takaroaundated
2Island of Takaroaundated
3Island of Takaroaundated
4Island of Takotoundated
5Island of Takoto: "Te Kurarere"undated
6Island of Takotoundated
7Island of Takotoundated
8Island of Takotoundated
9Island of Takotoundated
10Island of Tauereundated
11Island of Vahitahiundated
12Island of Vahitahiundated
13Island of Vahitahiundated
14Island of Vahitahiundated
15Island of Vahitahiundated
16Island of Vahitahiundated
17Island of Vahitahiundated
18Island of Vahitahiundated
19Island of Vahitahiundated
20Island of Vahitahiundated
21Island of Vahitahiundated
121Island of Vahitahiundated
2Island of Vahitahiundated
3Island of Vahitahiundated
4Island of Vahitahiundated
5Island of Vahitahiundated
6Island of Vahitahiundated
7Index Fundated
8Index Mundated
9Index Rundated
10Various index materialsundated
11Incomplete indicesundated
SERIES III. John Francis Stimson Material
1212Island Vahitahiundated
13Various islandsundated
14Chants from "The Cult of Kiho-Tumu"undated
15"The Cult of Kiho-Tumu"undated
16"Kiho on Easter Island"undated
17"Kiho on Easter Island"undated
18"Kiho on Easter Island a Procreation Formula"undated
19"A Procreation Formula of Easter Island"undated
20"Procreation Formula of Easter Island"undated
21"Kiho Kio and the Polynesian Pantheon"undated
131"Kiho Kio and the Polynesian Pantheon"undated
2"Kiho Kio and the Polynesian Pantheon"undated
3"Kiho Kio and the Polynesian Pantheon with Supplementary Songs"undated
4Versions of the Kiho Prayer Comparedundated
5Pedigree from Puka-Puka and Families in Napukaundated
6Genealogies of Takotoundated
7Preliminary Report1928-1931
8Preliminary Report1928-1931
141Notes to Preliminary Reportundated
2Preliminary Report version 4undated
3Program for Linguistic Research in Polynesiaundated
4Program for Linguistic Research in Polynesiaundated
5"The Legend of Hema and Nuauri"undated
6Various materials from "The Hiro Cycle"undated
7"The Hiro Cycle"undated
8"The Kahu-Kura Cycle"undated
9"The Hono-Kura Cycle"undated
10"The Legend of the Warrior Mamo and the Princess Mata-Rigorigo"undated
11"The Legend of Maui"undated
12"The Legend of Maui"undated
13"The Maui Cycle"undated
14Maui Chants not included in the Published Legend of Mauiundated
151"The Maui Cycle"undated
2"The Rata Cycle"undated
3"The Rata Cycle"undated
4"The Legend of Rua" and "Songs of the Vanaga"undated
5Two versions of the "Ritual of Rua"undated
6"A Polynesian Voyage" and "The Ritual of Rua"undated
7"The Legend of Rua" (early version)undated
8"The Legend of Tahaki"undated
9"The Tahaki Cycle"undated
10"The Tahaki Cycle"undated
11Various chants from "The Tahaki Cycle"undated
161"Myth of Tiki with Chants"undated
2"Myth of Tiki"undated
3"Legend of Turi"undated
4"Turi Cycle of Myths and Legends"undated
5Various Myths and Legendsundated
6"Chant of the Sacred Crimson Bird"undated
7"Chant of the Return of the Great Ship Marama"undated
8"Chants of the Vanaga"undated
9"Chant of the Fire of Mahuike"undated
10Translations of Paea's account of the Teachings of Vanagaundated
11"Myths and Traditions of Tuamotuans"undated
12"Songs of the Polynesian Voyager"undated
13"Eulogy of Rio-a-Himu"undated
14"Songs of the Tuamotus: The Road of the Winds"undated
15"The Sacred Ritual of Taputapuatea"undated
16"Rite of Purification of Turtle"undated
17Notes on Tuamotuan Temples and Calendarundated
18Account on Te Porionuuundated
19Translations of Legendsundated
20"The Son of Tagaroa Avehe"undated
201Hawaii Kumu-Lipoundated
2Hawaii Kumu-Lipoundated
3Hawaii Kumu-Lipoundated
1621Notes on String Figuresundated
22General Indicesundated
23Content & Task Listundated
24Austral Island Reference Content Listundated
25Cosmogenesis Content Listundated
26Copies of newspaper clippings1951
21(OS)1Newspaper clippings: New Zealand Maori1951
2Newspaper clippings: New Zealand Maori1951
Vol. 1Stimson, "A Comparative Vocabulary of Tuamotuan Dialects"undated
207Correspondence to mother, sister, and others1899, 1923-1926, 1941-1958
SERIES IV. Kenneth P. Emory Material
171"Book 7" [pp 1-93]undated
2Island of Napukaundated
3Notes "Duplicates 1"undated
4Notes "Duplicates 2"undated
SERIES V. Related Authors Material
175Brisson, materials collected from informantsundated
6Hervé, notesundated
7Susanne McConnaughey, notes on Raivavaeundated
8Craighill, three articles on Polynesian Societyundated
9Vernier, Gospel of St. John (in Marquesan)undated
10Various documents labeled "incompletes"undated
206John F.G. Stokes, "A Rapan Vocabulary"undated
8A Final Report on the Collaboration between J. Frank Stimson and Donald S. Marshall submitted to the directors and trustees of the Peabody Museum of Salemundated
SERIES VI. Photographs
5Local scenery and cultureundated
6Local scenery and cultureundated
7Local scenery and cultureundated
8Local scenery and cultureundated
9Local scenery and. Cultureundated
10Local scenery and cultureundated
Vol. 1Photo album assembled by Stimsonundated
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