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Pejepscot Proprietors Records

Pejepscot Proprietors Records

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SERIES I. Title to Pejepscot Lands: Chain of Title into Pejepscot Proprietors
11Documents tracing chain of title into Pejepscot Proprietors1639-1714
2Documents relating to Pejepscot Proprietors title to claimed lands1715-1796
3Documents relating to boundary settlement between Pejepscot Proprietors and Kennebec Company1635-1816
SERIES II. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay v. Pejepscot Proprietors and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay v. Josiah Little
14Summary of Pejepscot claims to title and extent of landundated
5Documents relating to Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay v. Pejepscot Proprietors and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay v. Josiah Little1714-1799
6Documents relating to Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay v. Pejepscot Proprietors and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay v. Josiah Little1800-1821, undated
7Depositions and affidavits related to Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay v. Pejepscot Proprietors and Commonwealth of Massachusetts Bay v. Josiah Little1714-1822, undated
SERIES III. Proceedings, Accounts, and Travel Journals of the Pejepscot Proprietors
21Notices of meetings, minutes of meetings, Proprietors' accounts1750-1799
2Notices of meetings, minutes of meetings, Proprietors' accounts1800-1821, undated
3Pejepscot Proprietors' account book1740
4Journals, accounts of activities on behalf of Proprietors1781-1822
SERIES IV. Miscellaneous Journals and Accounts; Activities in Eastern Lands
31Journals and accounts1763-1799
2Journals and accounts1800-1820
3Journals and accounts1821-1834, undated
4Moses Little account book1776-1819, undated
SERIES V. Plans and Surveys
4(OS)1Map of original Pejepscot Claim to "Uppermost Falls;" Maps showing initial divisions along portion of Androscoggin River1764-1769
2Maps and plans showing subdivision of town of Lewistown, Maine; grants to Proprietors1768-1774
3Subdivisions of various towns in Maine1743-1838, undated
4Miscellaneous plans in Maine1732-1833, undated
5Miscellaneous unmarked plansundated
SERIES VI. Land Transactions, Taxes, and Town Proceedings
51Acton land transactions1834-1843
2Arundel land transactions1770-1796
3Augusta land transactions1804-1805
4Berwick/Kittery land transactions1738-1819
5Berwick land transactions1820-1840
6Brunswick land transactions1746-1830
7Canaan land transactions1799-1808
8Clinton taxes1816-1822
9Danville land transactions1830-1834
10Durham land transactions1789-1821
11Durham taxes1790-1810
12Eliot land transactions1831-1848
13Gorham land transactions1785-1852, undated
14Green land transactions1790-1826, undated
15Green taxes1791-1830
16Hebron land transactions1801
17Kennebunk land transactions1816-1839, 1855-1857
18Lebanon land transactions1787-1848
19Lebanon town proceedings1821-1823, undated
20Lebanon sawmill shares1779-1813
21Leeds land transactions1805-1832
22Leeds taxes1806-1830
23Lewiston land transactions and list of families1772-1827, undated
24Lewiston taxes and accounts1777-1830
61Littleboro land transactions1790
2Narragansett land transactions1791, 1797
3Lisbon land transactions1828-1880
4Newfield land transactions1831-1834
5New Gloucester land transactions1770-1813
6New Gloucester taxes1808-1831
7New Berwick land transactions1832-1847
8Norway taxes1830-1832
9Palermo land transactions1838-1847, undated
10Pejepscot land transactions and list of settlers1807-1816, undated
11Penobscot land transactions1817-1829
12Pepperellboro land transactions1775-1785
13Pepperellboro town proceedings1798-1799
14Portland land transactions1796-1814
15Royalsborough land transactions1767-1813
16Royalsborough taxes1780-1782
17Royalsborough town proceedings1769-1786, undated
18Royalston land transactions1774
19Saco land transactions1716-1847
20Saco town proceedings1808
21Sanford land transactions1815-1845, undated
22Scarborough/Biddeford land transactions1733-1793
23Shapleigh land transactions1785-1843
24Shapleigh taxes1788-1805
25Shepardston land transactions1800
26Somerset County land transactions1835-1838
27South Berwick land transactions1814-1838
28South Berwick land transactions1839-1849, undated
29Standish land transactions1793-1796
30Topsham land transactions1758-1766
31Unity land transactions1818-1819
32Vanceborough land transactions1835-1837
33Wells land transactions1772-1847
34York land transactions1746-1849, undated
35York town proceedings1695-1867
71Roads and bridges1773-1831
2Deeds conveying land to individual proprietors1764-1832, undated
3Massachusetts land transactions outside Maine district1784-1840
4Miscellaneous Maine land transactions1717-1847, undated
5New Hampshire land transactions1776-1848, undated
6Deeds: New York, New Jersey, Connecticut1772, 1837, undated
7Vermont land transactions1780-1829
8Miscellaneous land purchases1797-1829, undated
9"Account of Settlers in Eastern Lands"undated
SERIES VII. William and Andrew Rogers Accounts
81Bills and receipts1764-1780
2Bills and receipts1781-1790
3Bills and receipts1791-1795
4Bills and receipts1796-1800
5Bills and receipts1801-1805
91Bills and receipts1806-1810
2Bills and receipts1811-1815
3Bills and receipts1816-1820
4Bills and receipts1821-1825
5Bills and receipts1826-1857
6Bills and receiptsundated
7Estate of David Moore1762-1783, undated
8Employment agreements1797, undated
9Receipt book of William Rogers1774, undated
SERIES VIII. Hayes and Cogswell Papers
101Hayes and Cogswell accounts1816-1840, undated
2Hayes and Cogswell correspondence1828-1839
3Hayes and Cogswell correspondence1840-1849
4Hayes and Cogswell docket entries1822, 1828, undated
5Hayes and Cogswell writs1824-1843
6Hayes and Cogswell miscellaneous documents1826-1848, undated
7Estate of Charles Northend Cogswell1846-1849
8Extension of Boston and Maine Railroad1841-1848, undated
9Great Works Manufacturing Company1840-1843, undated
10Notes and accounts of land transactions1783-1831
11Notes and accounts of land transactionsundated
111Docket book of Charles Northend Cogswell1830-1836
2Corporate stock book and minutes of Quamphegan Manufacturing Company1826-1831
121Bills and receipts1713-1790
2Bills and receipts1791-1800
3Bills and receipts1801-1805
4Bills and receipts1806-1810
5Bills and receipts1811-1815
6Bills and receipts1816-1820
131Bills and receipts1821-1825
2Bills and receipts1826-1830
3Bills and receipts1831-1840
4Bills and receipts1841-1864
5Bills and receiptsundated
6Bills and receiptsundated
SERIES X. Miscellaneous Litigation
141Miscellaneous litigation, Maine1771-1810
2Miscellaneous litigation, Maine1811-1830
3Miscellaneous litigation, Maine1831-1849, undated
4Miscellaneous litigation, other jurisdictions1800-1830, undated
SERIES XI. Miscellaneous Documents
151Deeds of sale of personalty1762-1843
2Contracts and releases1778-1843, undated
3Performance bonds1746-1846, undated
4Powers of attorney1778-1823
5Statement of notes1802-1843, undated
6Maine documents, district and state1767-1826, undated
7Estate of Jonathan Bagley1774-1818
8Miscellaneous probate documents1730-1828, undated
9Miscellaneous business and corporate matters1731-1849, undated
10Miscellaneous documents1740-1850, undated
11Incomplete documents and fragmentsundated
SERIES XII. Little Family Letters
161Letters from Col. Josiah Little to others1790-1830, undated
2Letters from Col. Josiah Little to sons and grandson1803-1826
3Letters to Col. Josiah Little from son, Michael1794-1825
4Letters to Col. Josiah Little from son, Josiah, Jr.1808-1829
5Letters to Col. Josiah Little from grandsons1817-1830
6Letters to Col. Josiah Little from various relatives1785-1819
7Letters to Col. Josiah Little from Amos Davis1782-1790, undated
8Letters to Col. Josiah Little from others1782-1799
9Letters to Col. Josiah Little from others1800-1809
10Letters to Col. Josiah Little from others1810-1830, undated
171Letters to Col. Josiah Little from brother, Moses1824, 1827
2Letter to Col. Josiah Little to wife, Sarahundated
3Letters to Col. Josiah Little from son, Edward1790-1810
4Letters to Col. Josiah Little from son, Edward1811-1815
5Letters to Col. Josiah Little from son, Edward1816-1818
6Letters to Col. Josiah Little from son, Edward1819-1820
7Letters to Col. Josiah Little from son, Edward1821-1823
8Letters to Col. Josiah Little from son, Edward1824-1830, undated
181Letters to and from Capt. Moses Little1768-1792, undated
2Letters from Josiah Little, Jr. to wife, Sophronia1825-1843
3Letters from Josiah Little, Jr. from brother, Edward1810-1815
4Letters from Josiah Little, Jr. from brother, Edward1816-1841
5Letters from Josiah Little, Jr. from other relatives1810-1841
6Miscellaneous letters to Edward Little1802-1832, undated
7Letters from Edward Little to others1806-1837
8Letters to and from Michael Little1795-1826
9Miscellaneous Little family letters1805-1828
10Sewall family correspondence1797-1852
11Letters to Paul Pinkham1798-1807
12Letters to Major W. S. Dodge1877-1878
13Miscellaneous letters1778-1885, undated
14Papers of the First Regiment, First Brigade, and First Division of the Maine State Militia1817-1840
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