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Peele Family Papers

Peele Family Papers

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SERIES I. Peele Family Papers
A. Robert Peele (1712-1773)
11Legal documents, accounts, and receipts1741-1745, 1772-1773
3(OS)1Letter to James Allen regarding shipments1732/1733
Inventory of Peele's estate1773
B. Robert Peele (1736/7-1792)
12Legal documents, receipts, and copy of will1755-1775, 1789, 1792
3(OS)1Legal document1757
Inventory of Peele's estate [2 versions]1792, undated
C. Robert Peele (1767-1842)
13Tax bills1781-1807
4Accounts and receipts1792-1821, undated
5Legal documents1794, 1801, 1828, undated
6Notebook (history of Salem)1806-1835
8Salem Firemen's Insurance Company meeting minutes1829
9Shipping papers1830-1836
10Notes from the Salem Book of Grants of Land1836
11Minutes from a meeting of Engine Company Number 51842
D. Josiah Bartlett Peele (1765-1784)
112Lesson books1805-1807
E. Robert Peele (b. circa 1800)
113Meeting notice for South Church and notes1861
F. Willard Peele (1773-1835)
114Letter, legal documents regarding land, and will of his father, Jonathan Peele1807-1811, 1827
SERIES II. Other Papers
A. Individuals Relating to Peele Family
115Josiah Bartlett, copy of will1744
16Captain David Smith papers1760-1780, 1801-1802
3(OS)1Captain David Smith, estate papers1799
117Captain Thomas Smith papers1782-1785
3(OS)1Captain Thomas Smith, letter of instruction1782
118James Bott papers1788-1799, 1812-1828
B. Papers Collected by Peele Family
119Samuel Adams deed1704
20Land descriptions1705, undated
21Benjamin Gerrish papers1713/14, 1733-1734, 1755, 1801
3(OS)1Benjamin Gerrish: account with Mr. Bez Toppan1749
Benjamin Gerrish: bond to Richard Pike1794
122Notes for building a new meeting house in Salem for the Friends [Quakers]1714-1718
23Letter to Thomas Fitch from James Lindall1715
24Apportionment of stone wall1717
25Deposition of John Simson1721
26Miscellaneous documents1726, 1764, 1777, undated
27Disposition of Benjamin Holten and David Judd1731
28Deposition of Cornelius Tarbell and Samuel Felton1732
29Jonathan Read's legal opinion re: Benjamin Flint1732
30Benjamin Browne's account for cutting of ice1732
31Eleazar Giles' proof of right1733
32Account of Lee and Gerrish with Joseph Gavet1739-1741
33Letters about Mr. Pelham from W. B.1747
3(OS)2"Lynde's Sheet" [map]1753, 1772
134Note for 10 pounds for building bridge over the North River, Salem1756
35John Rand's interactions with Lyndeborough [NH] Church Council1762
36Letter from Benjamin Punchard regarding shipping1762
37Receipts for Archibald Greenfield1764
38Contract between Benjamin Bourne and Oswald Hoskyns1770
39Contract with Joseph Eberden1770
40Disposal of income for estate of Judge Lynde1771
41List of subscribers to Salem Hospital1773
42Deed for William Green and copy of his will1776, undated
43Certificate that Jonathan Waldo furnished medicines to Capt. Flagg's company1778
44Inventory of goods on Junius Brutus (Privateer)1778
3(OS)2Description of Joshua Ward's land1779
145Petition of Josiah Orne, Joshua Ward, and Jonathan Waldo1782
46Invoice of merchandise shipped by William Gray, Jr. on board the brig Favorite1784
3(OS)2Number of inhabitants in Salem in 17841785
142Copy of will of Anna Creely1791
3(OS)2Indenture of Nabby Lions to Jeremiah and Rebecakah Emmerton1797
147Dispute between Ezekiel Fowler and Jonathan Dean1799
3(OS)2"The process of tax making"1799
148Salem bill of mortality1810-1811
49Referees bill1825
50List of Newbury inhabitants1826
3(OS)2"List of people 70 years old and upwards in Salem"1825
151Income statement of Salem Turnpike1829
52Handwritten history of Crombie Street Church [1 page]1838
53Samuel Tucker notice to prevent privilege of air or light1833
54Copy of Samuel Gerrish's will1842-1844
55List of stockholders in Salem Aqueduct1850
56News clippings regarding Sir Robert Peel (1788-1850) of Englandundated [1850]
57Subscription list for building a gun houseundated
58Andrew Oliver 1758 legal case (copy)undated
59Abstract from the 1762 records regarding road by D. Templemanundated
60Tables, mathematical calculations, and historical factsundated
21Letters to Mr. Hilyard from William Fergisonundated
2Inventory of Colonel Plaistedundated
3Religious writings [1 page]undated
4Deposition of Samuel Ebourn, Sr. of Salemundated
5Letter to James J. Stevens from Matthew Robinsonundated
6Map: division of Goldthwait's field among Edward Flint's childrenundated
7Handwritten plans and maps of Salemundated
3(OS)3Map: "Road by Uplons to North Precinct of Reading"undated
"A list of owners in the North Field 1683"undated
Handwritten plans of Salemundated
Notes on mortgages and land transfers from Salem town records [2 sheets]undated
28Return of rations, 20th Regiment, William G. Daughtreyundated
9Blank form for Return of Seamenundated
10"Minutes of William Gibbs of Lexington" [burial plots]undated
11Notes from a meeting of the Proprietors of Bartholomew and Dog Pond Rocks Pasture [Danvers] dated 1752-1753, copied from the Proprietors Bookundated
12Copy of 1735 deed from Samuel Sewall to Mitchell Sewallundated
13Copy of a 1689 agreement of Joshua Buffum to build a saw millundated
14Copies of Salem Town records from 1670 and notesundated
15Deposition of Capt. Samuel Gardner and Elizabeth Good in 1659 concerning Dr. Woodcock's houseundated
16Castle Hill [Ipswich] and Mill notes and testimony from 1667 to 1769undated
17Peele family genealogical notesundated
3(OS)3Luke Bemis (1759-1845) of Watertown: book jacketundated
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