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Chamberlain Farm and Dam and Telos Canal Records

Chamberlain Farm and Dam and Telos Canal Records

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SERIES I. Financial Records
A. Chamberlain Farm
11J. T. Hardy papers1835-1858, 1882, undated
2S. K. Howard and S. Smith accounts1845-1850, undated
12(OS)1S. K. Howard accounts1845-1848
13Copies of labor bills paid by Smith and Howard during the construction of Chamberlain Dam1845
4Account book for Chamberlain Farm, belonging to H. W. Sampson1847-1849
5Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18471846-1848
12(OS)2Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18471847
16Bills1847-1851, undated
17Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18491847-1850
12(OS)2Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18491849
18Bills for merchandise bought for Chamberlain Farm in the winter of 1848-18491849, undated
9Bills for merchandise bought for Chamberlain Farm in the winter of 1849-18501849-1850
21Vouchers paid for Chamberlain Farm from March 1850-January 18511850
2Chamberlain Farm vouchers1851-1858, undated
3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18511850-1851
12(OS)3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18511851
24Merchandise sent to Chamberlain Farm in the winter of 18511850-1851
5E. Crane's vouchers paid at Chamberlain Farm1851-1856
6Chamberlain Farm accounts1852
7Cash books1852-1856
8Vouchers returned by E. Crane in June 18531852-1853, undated
9Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18521852-1853
12(OS)3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18521852
210Time books1852-1855
11Miscellaneous accounts1852-1854
12Receipts for hay and orders returned by E. Crane1853-1854
13Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18531852-1853, undated
14Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18541853-1854
12(OS)3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18541853
215E. Crane's receipts for supplies hauled by A. H. Buzzell to Chamberlain Farm for Rogers, Ross, and the Farm during the winter of 1854-18551854-1855, undated
31Settlement with Jeff. Lake1855
12(OS)4Settlement with Jeff. Lake1855
32R. Moor's papers relating to J. Ross' bill1855, undated
3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18551852-1855
12(OS)4Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18551855-1856
34Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18561847-1857
5Chamberlain Farm vouchers returned by John Johnston March 18571856-1857, undated
6Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18571856-1858
7Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18581858-1859
12(OS)5Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18581858-1859
38Chamberlain Farm vouchers paid by A. B. Trogg (?)1858-1860, undated
12(OS)6Chamberlain Farm vouchers paid by A. B. Trogg (?)1858-1859
39Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18591855-1859
12(OS)7Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18591856-1859
310Bills paid by Charles Locke for Chamberlain Farm1860-1861
11Alvin Foss receipts for merchandise [for] Chamberlain Farm1860-1861
12Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18601860
12(OS)7Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18601859-1860
313Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18611860-1861
12(OS)9Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18611861
41Bills paid by Charles Locke for Chamberlain Farm1861-1862
12(OS)8Bills paid by Charles Locke for Chamberlain Farm1861
42Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18621862
12(OS)9Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18621861-1862
43Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18631862-1863
12(OS)9Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18631863
44Bills paid by Charles Locke at Chamberlain Farm on June 22, 18631862-1863, undated
13(OS)1Bills paid by Charles Locke at Chamberlain Farm on June 22, 18631862-1863
45Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18641862-1864
13(OS)1Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18641863-1864
46Vouchers returned by C. Locke, Chamberlain Farm 1865, charged in his account1864-1865
7Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18651864-1865
13(OS)1Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18651865
48Chamberlain Farm vouchers returned by C. Locke on June 11, 18661865-1866
9Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18661864-1866
10Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18671866-1867
13(OS)2Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18671866-1867
411Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18681863-1868
13(OS)2Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18681866-1868
412Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18691868-1869
13(OS)3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18691868-1869
413J. S. E. Thissells, Huntington and McDonald, and J. Murphey receipts given at Chamberlain Farm in the winter of 1869-18701869-1870
14P. K. Patten vouchers, Chamberlain Farm account left July 7, 1869-June 3, 18701868-1870
13(OS)3P. K. Patten vouchers, Chamberlain Farm account left July 7, 1869-June 3, 18701869
51Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18701869-1870
13(OS)3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18701868-1870
52Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18711870-1871
13(OS)4Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18711871
53Vouchers from R. C. Rich to Chamberlain Farm1870-1871, undated
4Receipts of E. H. Huntings from Chamberlain Farm1871-1872
5Vouchers from R. C. Rich to Chamberlain Farm1871-1872
6Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18721870-1872
13(OS)4Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18721872
57Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18731873
13(OS)4Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18731873
58Receipts given for hay from Chamberlain Farm1873-1874
9Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18741874
13(OS)5Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18741873-1874
510Vouchers from R. C. Rich to Chamberlain Farm in July 18741873-1874
13(OS)5Vouchers from R. C. Rich to Chamberlain Farm in July 18741872-1874
511Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18751875
12E. Bean, Chamberlain Farm vouchers from December 18751874-1875
13Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18761876-1877
13(OS)5Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18761876
514Vouchers from E. Bean, Chamberlain Farm1877
15Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18771876-1877
16Receipts for hay [received] at Chamberlain Farm in the winter of 1877-18781877-1878
61Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18781877-1878
2Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18791879
14(OS)1Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18791879
63Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18801879-1880
14(OS)1Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18801880
64Sutherland and Davis receipts for hay, oats [received] at Chamberlain Farm1880-1881, undated
5Chamberlain Farm vouchers from A. J. Nutter, received March 16, 18811880-1881, undated
6Receipts for Chamberlain Farm merchandise1881-1883
7Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18811880-1881
14(OS)2Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18811880-1881
68Sutherland and Dans' receipts for hay, etc. at Chamberlain Farm1881-1882
9Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18821881-1882
14(OS)2Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18821882
610J. H. and P. Lawler receipts for merchandise at Chamberlain Farm April 18831882-1883
11Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18831882-1883
14(OS)2Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18831882-1883
612Chamberlain Farm receipts given for supplies sold1883-1884
13Chamberlain Farm papers from J. Steen1884
14(OS)2Chamberlain Farm papers from J. Steen1884
614Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18841884
14(OS)3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18841883-1884
615Vouchers from John Steen to Chamberlain Farm, April 18841883
16Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18851884-1885
17Chamberlain Farm bills rendered by John Steen, spring 18851884-1885
18Chamberlain Farm papers from John Steen cash account, April 1, 18861885-1886
14(OS)3Chamberlain Farm papers from John Steen cash account, April 1, 18861883-1885
71Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18861885-1886
14(OS)4Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18861885-1886
72Duplicates of scale bills, etc.1887, undated
3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18871887
14(OS)4Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18871886-1887
74Vouchers from John Steen charged in this account with Chamberlain Farm April 9, 18871886-1887, undated
5Lawlers, Oakes and Spencer, Perry, and Rush receipts given at Chamberlain Farm1887
6Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18881887-1888
7Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18891888-1889
14(OS)4Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18891889
78Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18901889-1890
14(OS)5Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18901889-1890
79Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18911890-1891
14(OS)5Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18911891
710Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18921889-1892
14(OS)6Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18921892
81Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18931892-1894
14(OS)7Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18931892-1894
82Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18941893-1894
15(OS)1Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18941894
16(OS)1Chamberlain Farm vouchers and miscellaneous1894-1895
83Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18951894-1895
4Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18961894-1896
15(OS)2Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18961896
16(OS)2Chamberlain Farm vouchers and miscellaneous1896-1897
85Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18971897
15(OS)2Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18971897
86Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18981897-1898
15(OS)3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18981898
16(OS)3Chamberlain Farm vouchers and miscellaneous1898-1899
87Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18991898-1900
15(OS)3Chamberlain Farm vouchers from 18991899
91Chamberlain Farm bills and receipts1899-1900
16(OS)4Chamberlain Farm bills and receipts1900
92Chamberlain Farm account book1900-1901
3Chamberlain Farm bills and receipts1901
B. Telos Farm
94Telos Farm accounts1849
5Merchandise from Telos Farm1850-1851
6Telos Farm account books (three volumes)1850-1851
7Receipts for hay delivered and orders, winter of 1851-18521850-1852
8Telos Farm labor accounts1852-1854
9Telos Farm vouchers from 18521852-1853
10Telos Farm papers returned by A. J. Lougee (?)1852-1853
11Telos Farm vouchers from 1853-18541852-1855
15(OS)4Telos Farm vouchers from 1853-18541853-1854
912Telos Farm bills and paper from A. J. Lougee (?)1853-1854
101Telos Farm vouchers from 18551855
15(OS)4Telos Farm vouchers from 18551855
102Telos Farm vouchers from 18571857, undated
15(OS)4Telos Farm vouchers from 18571856
103Telos Canal Company checkbook1899-1902
SERIES II. Inventories
104Inventories of Chamberlain Farm (seven volumes)1856-1858
5Inventories of Chamberlain Farm (three volumes)1883, undated
6Chamberlain Farm inventory1899
7Inventories of Chamberlain Farm (one volume)1899-1907, undated
8Chamberlain Farm inventory1901
9Inventory of stock and fixtures at Chamberlain Farm1901
10Inventory of stock and fixtures at Chamberlain Farm1903
11Telos Farm inventory1853
16(OS)5Inventory of unidentified locationundated
4Correspondence1859-1861, 1882
5Miscellaneous business and land agreements, deeds, etc.1840-1847, undated
6Memos about cuttings from Chamberlain Farm1876, 1898
7Chamberlain Farm miscellaneous papers1851-1853
8Chamberlain Farm miscellaneous papers1901-1911, undated
9List of Telos Canal Company stockholders1891
10Day book1898
Flat fileSurvey of Chamberlain Farm1899
16(OS)6Sketches of lots1900, undated
1111Sketch of Chamberlain Farm lot1909
12Photographs1912, 1968, undated
13"The Telos Canal" article1928
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