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Seven Islands Land Company Records

Seven Islands Land Company Records

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SERIES I. Land Deeds and Titles
A. Deeds and Abstracts of Titles
11Index to alphabetized deeds and abstracts of titles1938, undated
2"A"1844, 1862, 1888-1889, 1901
28(OS)1"B"1844-1858, 1902-1903
14"B"1870-1899, 1911
5"C", northern Maine1848-1866
28(OS)2"C", northern Maine1849-1860, 1937-1942
16"C", northern Maine1875-1915, 1930
7"C", Androscoggin County1852-1878
28(OS)2"C", Androscoggin County1858-1879
18"C", Androscoggin County1881-1897
21"D"1844-1864, 1880, 1893, 1915
28(OS)3"D"1889, 1902
21"E"1869-1882, 1923
"F"1848-1850, 1878-1888, 1901
22"G"1833, 1855, 1902-1915
28(OS)3"G"1852, 1868
22"H"1853-1878, 1891-1910
23"J"1864-1889, 1903-1905
"L"1853-1865, 1892
24"M", Androscoggin County1836-1837, 1852-1893, 1915-1919
28(OS)4"M", Androscoggin County1835-1836, 1857-1868, 1881
32(OS)1"M", Androscoggin County1864-1866
25"M", northern Maine1843-1859
28(OS)5"M", northern Maine1840-1858
27(OS)1"M", northern Maine1843-1846
26"M", northern Maine1860-1888, 1900-1902, 1927-1929
32(OS)1"M", northern Maine1903, 1921
8"P", Androscoggin County1853-1877
28(OS)5"P", Androscoggin County1865-1874, 1929
31"P", Androscoggin County1878-1926
Flat file 1"P", Androscoggin County1915
32"P", Androscoggin County, township C, Oxford County1848-1859
3"P", Androscoggin County, W 1/2 3. R.1, Franklin County1853-1858
27(OS)2"P", Androscoggin County, W ½ 3. R.1, Franklin County1853
34"P", Androscoggin County, settlers' lots as made from Mr. Barker's survey1887-1901
5"P", northern Maine1847-1899
29(OS)1"P", northern Maine1848, 1860-1866, 1922
32(OS)1"P", northern Maine1859-1860, 1928
Flat file 1"P", northern Maine1860
36"P", northern Maine1900-1931
7"S", Androscoggin County1850, 1870, 1889-1893
29(OS)1"S", Androscoggin County1888
38"S", northern Maine1844-1845, 1865-1868, 1902-1906
27(OS)2"S", northern Maine1899-1909
41"S", northern Maine, settlers' claims on 18 R.101901-1905
27(OS)3"S", northern Maine, settlers' claims on 18 R. 101902-1904
42"S", northern Maine, settlers' claims on 13 R. 14-151905-1906
29(OS)1"S", northern Maine, settlers' claims on 13 R. 14-151867-1869, 1882-1905
27(OS)2"S", Upton, Maine1867
43"T", Androscoggin County1866-1893
27(OS)4"T", Androscoggin County1889
44"T", northern Maine1844-1863, 1900-1905
29(OS)2"T", northern Maine1860-1863
45"V"1850-1852, 1931
6"W", Androscoggin County1797, 1856-1893
27(OS)4"W", Androscoggin County1889
47"W", northern Maine1854, 1871-1886, 1909
8"Y", northern Maine1900-1902
9Miscellaneous1796, 1835-1893, undated
29(OS)3Miscellaneous1859, 1891-1893
410Old abstracts of titles1832-1861
11Abstracts of titles for 5 R.11845-1872, undated
51Old abstracts of titles of lots conveyed by W. Parsons to C. B. Sanford1849-1865
2Old abstracts of titlescirca 1850s, 1879, undated
3Old abstracts of titles, conveyances from William I. McCrillis (?)1850-1874
4Abstracts of titles for 5 R.21851-1872, undated
5Abstracts of titles for 4 R.1 and 4 R.31852, 1866-1877
619 R.111853-1856, 1902, undated
718 R.131853-1862, 1902, undated
8Original Dummer deeds1853-1898
29(OS)5Original Dummer deeds1885-1889
59Old abstracts, abstracts of conveyances1855-1864
10Abstracts of titles of land in [?] owned by Jacob Fish1859-1875
11Abstracts of titles of Hinkley interests1863-1944
12Deeds of Milford and Mills, Maine to executors and trustees1864-1873
29(OS)6Deeds of Milford and Mills, Maine to executors and trustees1871-1872
513Old abstracts of titles, conveyances to and from I. S. Griswald1873
Old abstracts of titles, conveyances to and from John Demorritt1854-1859
27(OS)5Deeds for ranges 8 to 10, inclusive1853
61Deeds for ranges 8 to 10, inclusive1873-1906, 1930-1941
2Deeds for ranges 8 to 10, inclusive1876-1900, 1941
3Abstract of title for Daniel W. Garland's house and lot1874
4Deeds and copies in northern Maine1880, 1920, 1941
5Copies of deeds in northern Maine, 9 R.51883, 1901, 1921, 1941, undated
6Abstracts of titles for 4 R.21885, 1939
7Deeds for ranges 11 to 16, inclusive1901-1905, 1941
71Deeds for ranges 11 to 16, inclusive1914, 1941
2Abstract of title for 4 R.1 W.B.K.P, Oxford County, Maine1925, 1963-1964
3Abstract of title to Ryder and Simpson from H. S. Crawford, Jr.1929
4Exchanges of lands with Prentiss and Carlisle et. al.1929
5Exchanges of lands with Prentiss and Carlisle et. al.1930-1931
6Copies of deeds and abstracts1935-1951, undated
7Deeds and copies from northern Maine1941
81Ownership changes from 1895 to 1945, part I.1945
2Ownership changes from 1895-1945, part II.1945
3Abstract of title from Upton, Oxford County, Maine1955
4Quit claim to Magalloway Plantation1955
5Abstract of title for 195 acre lot, west division 5 R.1, Magalloway Plantation1955
6Abstract of title for state public lot No. 2, Maine1955
7Abstract of title for the north half of 8 R.7 W.E.L.S., Penobscot County, Maine1956
8Abstract of title for the south half of 4 R.7 W.E.L.S., Penobscot County, Maine1956
9Abstract of title for 8 R.81957
10Abstract of title for 4 R.2, Oxford County, Maine1962
11Abstract of title for 4 R.5-6, typed summaryundated
12Abstracts of titles and memos for Franklin County, copies of original Rangeley title law and equity suits from Dyer, Burnham, and others1823-1877, 1900
13Abstracts of titles and memos from Franklin County1839-1876, 1922, 1951
91Abstracts of titles and memos from Coos County, New Hampshire1852-1895, 1939
2Abstracts of titles and memos from lands sold1856-1924, 1948-1950
3Abstracts of titles and memos from 4 R.5-6, and Gore W.B.K.P1891
4Deeds and copies of deeds from tracts sold, received from the Salem office1829-1859
29(OS)4Deeds and copies of deeds from tracts sold, received from the Salem office1832-1876, 1892
95Deeds and copies of deeds from tracts sold in Plymouth, Stetson, Newport, and Hermon1832-1875
27(OS)5Deeds and copies of deeds from tracts sold in Plymouth, Stetson, Newport, and Hermon1840, 1878
Flat file 1Deeds and copies of deeds from tracts sold in Plymouth, Stetson, Newport, and Hermon1855, 1901
96Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold, received from the Salem office1832-1878
29(OS)6Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold, received from the Salem office1863-1869
97Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold1846-1874
27(OS)6Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold1859-1906
32(OS)2Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold1905
101Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold in Dummer, New Hampshire1859, 1875-1898
30(OS)1Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold in Dummer, New Hampshire1870-1898
102Deeds and copies of deeds from tracts sold, received from the Salem office1860-1889
3Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold, received from the Salem office, copies of Asa Pingree deeds1863-1866
29(OS)6Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold, received from the Salem office, copies of Asa Pingree deeds1865
104Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold in Dummer, New Hampshire, salvage rights on the Androscoggin River1877
5Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold, received from the Salem office1880-1900, 1924
6Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold1886-1899
7Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold in Plymouth, Stetson, Newport, and Hermon1886-1920
8Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold, received from the Salem office, land in Coos and Carroll Counties, New Hampshire1887-1895
111Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold in Androscoggin County, Maine1890-1900
2Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold, received from the Salem office1893-1929, undated
3Deeds and copies of deeds of tracts sold1900-1929
B. Deeds and Abstracts of Titles Indexed in 1953
"A"1859-1901, 1937-1940
30(OS)2"B"1855-1858, 1874, 1899
121"C"1847-1878, 1923
30(OS)2"C"1858-1878, 1911-1917
4"D"1852-1853, 1893-1904, 1945-1946
125"E"1852-1893, 1923
127"G"1835-1886, 1905-1922
8"G"1936-1947, undated
2"J"1853-1878, 1901, 1936
133"K"1849-1851, 1910
134"L"1848-1865, 1881
5"M"1799, 1832-1858
30(OS)3"M"1825, 1857-1881, 1906, 1922
7"M"1900, 1927-1943
138"N"1796, 1893-1897, 1910
27(OS)9"P"1848, 1898, 1922
30(OS)4"P"1866, 1929
141"P"1872-1876, 1895-1910
Flat file 1"P"1912
143"R"1828-1838, 1859-1890, 1948
144"S"1833, 1850-1879, 1895-1910
145"T"1850-1892, 1910
146"U"1853-1854, 1894-1908
7"W"1835, 1853-1875, 1895
27(OS)10"W"1835, 1906
9"Y"1854, 1900
C. Abstracts of Titles and Memos
221Index of abstracts of titles and memosundated
2Northern Maine1842-1869
3Northern Maine1871-1899
4Northern Maine1900-1910
5Northern Maine1917-1948, undated
SERIES II. Field Work and Exploration
A. Field and Exploration Notes
15Volume 1Dam site exploration of 10 R.15, minutes of the leveling1853
Volume 2Minutes of settlers' lots 12 R.61854
Volume 3Field notes of grant to Maine Female Seminary1857
Volume 4Exploration of 9 R.51864
Volume 5Exploration of 16 and 17 R.14, 16 and 17 R.11-121871
Volume 6Exploration of 10 and 11 R.15, 13 R.14, 10 R.7, 12 R.17, 5 R.18, 8 R.191872
Volume 7Exploration of 13 R.14, 10 R.15-16, 7 R.17, 12 R.17, 5 R.18, 8 R.19, 11 R.151872
Volume 8Exploration of 14-18 R.10; 13, 14, 15, 18, 19, 20 R.11; 13, 15, 20 R.12; 18 R.131872
Volume 9 Camp lots for lease1875-1893
Volume 10 Exploring account of No. 6 and Cambridge1877
Volume 11 Exploration of 8 and 9 R.101880
Volume 12 Memorandum book of townships for logging operations1880-1882
Volume 13 Exploration of 10 R.8 and 11 R.91883
Volume 14 Exploration of 4 R.15-161884
Volume 15 Exploration of 9 R.11-14, 8 R.11-13, and northwest part of 7 R.111884
Volume 16 Exploration of 4 R.4, Oxford County1885
Volume 17 Exploration of east division 5 R.11886
Volume 18 Exploration of 4 R.11886
Volume 19 Exploration of 4 R.2 and 3 R.41886
Volume 20 Exploration of west half of 3 R.31888
Volume 21 Renewal of town lines of 13 R.8-9, 14 R.8-91888
Volume 22 Exploration of 4 R.151890
Volume 23 Exploration of 5 R.21890
Volume 24 Survey and exploration of 4 R.51890
Volume 25 Field notes of 14 and 15 R.111890
Volume 26 Exploration of Wentworth's location1891
Volume 27 Field notes on 13-15 R.12, 14-15 R.111891
Vol. 79Rangeley and vicinity1892-1894
15Volume 28 Exploration notes of C. Surplus and Upton1894
Volume 29 Exploration notes with sketch plan of north part1894
16Volume 30 Field notes for 13 R.11-13, 14 R.13, 15 R.111894-1895
Volume 31 Exploration of Cambridge, New Hampshire1895
Volume 32 Exploration of southeast quarter of 4 R.71896
Volume 33 Exploration of southeast quarter of 4 R.71897
Volume 34 Report of exploration of Coe and Pingree lots in Errol1897
Volume 35 Exploration of 4 R.71898
Volume 36 Exploration of 9 R.14, 7 R.121898
Volume 37 Exploration of Upton lots1898
Volume 38 Exploration of 8 R.121898-1899
Volume 39 Exploration of 13 R.51899
Volume 40 Exploration of 4 R.51899
Volume 41 Exploration of 16 R.61899
31(OS)1Map from volume 411899
16Volume 42 Exploration of 10 R.61900
31(OS)1Map from volume 421900
16Volume 43 Exploration of 9 R.51900
Volume 44 Exploration and survey of 11 R.61900
Volume 45 Exploration of West Middlesex lots1900
Volume 46 Exploration of poplar land, 4 R.11900
Volume 47 Field notes of Aroostook County1902-1904
Volume 48 Exploration notes of 3 R.31903
Volume 49 Exploration of 20 R.11-121904
Flat file 1Map from volume 491904
16Volume 50Exploration of 9 R.81904
31(OS)1Map from volume 501904
16Volume 51 Exploration of 9 R.91904
31(OS)1Map from volume 511904
16Volume 52 Exploration of 4 R.51905
Volume 53 Field notes of chain section lines1906-1911
Volume 54 Exploration of 4 R.151907
Volume 55 Exploration of 17 R.111907
31(OS)1Map from volume 551907
16Volume 56 Exploration of 18 R.111907
31(OS)1Map from volume 561907
17Volume 57 Exploration of 8 R.11-13, 9 R.131908
Volume 58 Exploration of 7 R.131908-1909
Volume 59 Exploration of 16 R.61909
31(OS)1Map from volume 591909
17Volume 60 Exploration of part of Errol, New Hampshire1909
Volume 61 Exploration of part of Errol, New Hampshire1909
Volume 62 Exploration of part of Errol, New Hampshire1909
Volume 63 Exploration of part of Errol, New Hampshire1909
Volume 64 Exploration of Errol, New Hampshire lots1909
Volume 65 Exploration of the northwest quarter of 5 R-15 and the south half of 6 R.151910
Volume 66 Exploration of 9 R.71910
Volume 67 Exploration of 12 R.61910
Volume 68 Exploration of 10 R.71910
Volume 69 Exploration of 8 R.141911
Flat file 1Map from volume 691911
17Volume 70 Exploration of 8 R.141911
Volume 71 Exploration of the west half of 6 R.81911
Volume 72 Notes of a survey of 4 R.161911
Volume 73 Exploration of 16 R.10, book 11917
Volume 74 Exploration of 16 R.10, book 21917
Volume 75 Exploration of 16 R.10, book 31917
Volume 76 Exploration of 16 R.111917
Volume 77 Field notes of line renewal of 3 R.11921-1922
Volume 78 Exploration of 14 R.5undated
Volume 80 Field notes from 11 R.6, 12 R.6, and 9 R.51900-1903
181Notebook, survey of Toothaker's1868
Notebook, explorations of Rangeley, Maine1875-1876
Notebook, explorations of Argyle, Maine1876
2Notebook, explorations of 5 R.6 (Mt. Chase, Maine)1876
Notebook, field notes of Mt. Chase and 5 R.61876
Notebook, R.9, Middle Dam, letter C, 4 R.1, 4 R.3, 3 R.31876
2Notebook, Pontocook Railroad survey1876
3Notebook, 4 R.2, 4 R.1, missing content1877
Notebook, trip to Errol, survey of Marshfield Station1877
Notebook, survey of lots on Kennebago Stream in Rangeley, Maine1877
Notebook, survey of Frye Point, Maine1878
4Notebook, exploration of Upton, survey of railroad at Milford, exploration of 7 R.13 and 8 R.131878
Notebook, exploration of 8 and 9 R.14 and 2 R.81878
Notebook, survey of 4 R.91878
5Day book, No. 11878
Notebook, survey of Richardson Pond, Pond Road, and Student Island, Maine1878-1879
Notebook, survey of Wentworth location1879
Notebook, survey of lots in Errol, New Hampshire1879
6Notebook, survey of lots in Errol, New Hampshire1879
Notebook, 13 and 14 R.51879
Notebook, survey of lots in Stetson, Maine1879
7Notebook, field notes of 13 and 14 R.51879
Notebook, south line of Rangeley, Maine1880
Notebook, Dam at pond in river1880-1881
8Notebook, survey of lots in Dallas Place, exploration of Marshfield Station and No. 6, survey of 12 and 13 R.10 and east half of 61881
Notebook, Dallas lots1881
Notebook, exploration of 4 R.41881
Notebook, survey of Upton lots1881-1882
9Day book, exploration of No. 21882
Notebook, survey of Dummer Falls and 3 R.31883
Notebook, survey of 3 R.31883
Notebook, survey of 3 R.3, contents missing1883
10Notebook, field notes and levels of Mt. Washington branch road1883
Notebook, log scales at Errol cut in Upton and Errol1883
Notebook, lot in Dixfieldundated
11Notebook, field notes of success in the south lineundated
191Survey of six ranges of townships west of Bingham's Kennebec purchase1794-1796
2Exploration of township No. 221794, 1888
3William Plummer's land book1829
4Exploration of township No. 111843-1871
5Memorandum of the lands 14 R.6, 16 R.6, 9 R.7, 9 R.5, 10 R.7, and A R. 121844
6Report of survey for Sebuois improvements1848
7Exploration of township No. 11848-1851, 1876
8Exploration of 4 R.2, 3 R.6, and 5 R.21850-1856
33(OS)1Plan and survey of West Umcolus Stream1850
199Exploration of 5/16 of the north half of A R.6 from Earl line Salmon Stream1851
10Exploration of Black Brook1851
11Exploration of township No. 131851
12Exploration of townships No. 7 and 81851, undated
13Exploration of township No. 71851-1864
14Exploration of townships No. 5 and 61851, 1870
15Exploration of township No. 81851-1863, 1892, undated
16Exploration of township No. 141851-1864, 1889
17Exploration of township No. 41851-1891, undated
30(OS)6Exploration of township No. 41876
1918Exploration of township No. 31851-1867, undated
33(OS)1Exploration of township No. 31881-1903
1919Exploration of township No. 61851-1875, 1892-1894
20Exploration of Aroostook lots1851, 1873-1878
21Exploration of 10-12 R.17, 12 R.13, 16, 171852
22Exploration of Thomhegan township1852
23Exploration of townships No. 2 and 31852, 1864
24Exploration of township No. 21852-1870, undated
25Exploration of township No. 51852-1895
26Middlesex lots1852-1933
33(OS)2Middlesex lots1859, 1913, undated
30(OS)6Middlesex lots1930, undated
1927Survey of "Hutchinson" property, Berlin Mills Co.1852
28Exploration of townships No. 4 and 51853-1873
29Exploration of township No. 171853, 1881-1895
30Exploration of township No. 101853, 1884
31Exploration of township No. 91854-1871, 1909
201Miscellaneous explorations1854-1859, 1888-1901, undated
31(OS)2Richardson Lake1854, 1876
202Exploration of Edinburgh1860-1868
3Exploration of Milford1863
4Exploration of South Gate purchase1863
5Exploration of townships No. 6 and 71863-1870
6Exploration of 15 R.7, 14 R.6, and 12 R.61864
7Exploration of 9 R.3, 15 R.7, and 14 R.61864
8Exploration of fires1864
9Exploration of township No. 321864-1878
10Exploration of poplar and birch by D. Baker, and correspondence about the success of the wood1868
11Explorations by Daniel Baker1866-1890, undated
12Exploration of the west half of 3 R.1-2, and 5 R.21867
13Explorations of Dummer, Milan, and Wentworth lots1867-1874
14Exploration of Plumbago tract and poor land, Andover1868-1876
Flat file 2Exploration of Plumbago tract and poor land, Andoverundated
2015D. Barker's exploration1868
16Notes and correspondence about Milo, Maine1868-1900
17Exploration of lot 84 in Dummer1870
18Exploration of 5 R.5, 7 R.15, and 6 R.151870
19Exploration for birch and poplar1871-1886
20Exploration of township No. 121871, 1888
21Explorations by H. W. Averill1872
22Exploration of townships No. 10 and 111872
31(OS)2Exploration of townships No. 10 and 111862
2023Exploration of townships No. 11 and 121872
24Exploration of townships No. 12 and 131873
25Exploration of Cambridge1873, 1891-1892
26Exploration of Errol lots1875
27Exploration of North Auburn lots1878
211Explorations of townships in Maine1878-1881
2Memo about 6 R.8, 7, and 4 R.71881
3Exploration of Upton and C. Surplus1882
4Bottle Brook1882-1893
27(OS)11Bottle Brook1881-1885
215Exploration of 15 R. 8-10, 16 and 18 R.10, 14 R.14, 15 R.15, and 13 R. 161886
6Exploration of 14-15 R.10 and 16-17 R.91886
7Exploration of township No. 221887
2015Eugene Bean's exploration1889-1891
Flat file 2Eugene Bean's exploration1890
30(OS)6Exploration of 3 R.11890
218Estimate of spruce standing upon Blackcat Brook waters1891-1892
9John West's exploration of Dummer lots 165, 270, and 2711891-1893
10Estimate on the right of way1892
11Explorations of townships No. 14 and 151894
12Exploration of townships No. 18 and 191895
13West Branch reservoir1900-1901, undated
14List of 9 R.5 and 12 R.6 road outfit1922
15Chain notes1936-1942
33(OS)2Partition of 17 R. 111936
2116Exploration of townships No. 9 and 10undated
17Exploration of 8 R.16, 6 R.16, and 5 R.16undated
B. Maps, Sketches, and Surveys
32(OS)5Maps and surveys, Maine1864-1916
6Maps and surveys, Maine1920-1930, undated
Flat file 5Maps and surveys, Maine1843-1853, 1888-1906
Flat file 7Maps and surveys, Maine1907-1941
Flat file 6Maps and surveys, Maineundated
2118Milo, Maine surveys and sketches1884-1915
Flat file 4Milo, Maine surveys and sketches1884-1889, undated
2119J. C. West's sketch of a dam on Stearn's Brook1892
20Androscoggin block, plans to be corrected1904-1906
21Maps and surveys, Maine1906-1929, undated
Flat file 4Maps and surveys, New Hampshire1802, undated
Flat file 6Maps and surveys, New Hampshire1889-1890, 1908, 1922
32(OS)4Maps and surveys, New Hampshire1910-1914, undated
2122Maps and surveys, New Hampshire1930
Flat file 3Maps and surveys, unknown state or location1866, 1888-1890, undated
33(OS)3Miscellaneous maps and surveys1796, 1830, 1875-1908, 1920, undated
32(OS)4Miscellaneous tracings1838, 1886, undated
2123Miscellaneous maps and surveys1847, 1894, undated
Flat file 3Miscellaneous tracings1861, undated
C. Other
226Estimate of timber on public lots1856
7Report of meeting of timberland owners and their representatives1922
8Cutting summary for 1903 to 1924 for St. John River1924
9Hurricane reports and salvage plans1938-1939
33(OS)4Hurricane reports and salvage plans1919, 1939
229Reports by H. A. Brickett1948
10Reports by H. H. Umphrey1948
11Scale book1911
Scale book1911-1912
12Madawaska Co. Mill check scale1937
13Scale rule computationcirca 1940
14Circular on snow shoes1878
14Patent for a loading and decking machine1912
15Logging road cable patent1891-1892, undated
31(OS)3Logging road cable patentundated
231Railroad tie specifications1919
2Copy of European and North American railway report1923
2124Information and instructions for aerial mapping and volume measurement1944-1948, undated
233Copy of appraisal of Androscoggin, Maine lands1921
4Copy of appraisal of New Hampshire lands1921
5Forest insect pests1937-1951
6Forest practices regulation1940-1941
7Log marks1940
SERIES III. Other Business Records
A. Financial Records
238Prices of public lots1850
9Valuation papers, tax information1880-1932
10Scale bill of birch hauled to Hamlin and Son1890
11Notices of foreclosure on lot No. 81892-1893
33(OS)4Notices of foreclosure on lot No. 81892
2312Miscellaneous land purchases1893-1898
13Account book1913-1914
14Stumpage rates1913-1940
15District tax1920
16Trend of valuation rates and taxes for 25 towns1922
17State tax valuation1924
18Uncollected accounts1930-1967
19News clippings about the sale of wild lands1933-1943
20Maine forestry district financial statements and inventories1935-1950
30(OS)7Maine forestry district financial statements and inventories1948-1953
2321Land sales1936
241Pay roll for Stephen Wheatland, attorney1937
2State tax assessor procedure for unincorporated lands1938
3Stumpage rates1940-1965
4Wage rates1948-1952
30(OS)1Wage rages1948
245Miscellaneous outgoing invoices paid1951
B. Correspondence
246Correspondence about Student Island1878-1884
7Miscellaneous correspondence1897-1909, 1922-1923, 1950-1955
8Correspondence about stumpage prices1897
9Memoranda relating to stumpage1906
10Correspondence about the lease policy of Allagash Lake region1939
26Index to letter references1906-1911
C. Other
2411Copy of the charter of the Swift River Dam Company1855
12Sale and transfer of the Androscoggin dams and water rights and payments thereafter1876-1880
33(OS)5Sale and transfer of the Androscoggin dams and water rights and payments thereafter1877-1878
27(OS)4Sale and transfer of the Androscoggin dams and water rights and payments thereafter1877
2413Act to incorporate the Swift River Improvement Company1891
Act to incorporate Webb's River Improvement Company1891
14Act to incorporate the Rumford Falls Sluice and Improvement Company1895
15House bill No. 1311897
16Index to Aroostook Land Company interest acquired from Harold Hinckley1907
17Report from the Committee of Chemical Fiber Manufacturers1921
18Statement of financial condition of the Advance Bag and Paper Company1922
19Statement of state aid1922
20Land company merger plans, including Piscataquis and Garfield Land Companies, and Dustin Land Company1937-1939
21Land company permits, assignments of leases, and sportsman's leases1937-1946, undated
22Questions posed to Stephen Wheatland and answers1981
23Photograph of Eben S. Coeundated
24Miscellaneous1891, undated
SERIES IV. Wills and Trusts
251Copies of wills1853-1878, 1904-1928
2Trust under the will of Ann Maria Wheatland involving the Great Northern Paper Company1927-1928
3Copies of wills and trusts1935-1959
33(OS)5Copies of wills1938
254Anna P. Phillips estate appraisal figures1938-1939, undated
30(OS)7Anna P. Phillips estate appraisal figures1916, 1931-1932
255Copies of wills1939-1956
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