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King Family Papers

King Family Papers

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King Family Papers
11Letters to Eben Upton from family members, written while Eben was at school in Lee, New Hampshire1847-1849
2Letters from Eben Upton, written while at school to his parents and three to his brother, Samuel Warren, many containing details of his illnesses as well as school and local news1848-1849
3Letters from Eben to parents, writing of his health, school matters and local news from Lee, New Hampshire1850-1852
4Letters to Eben from his mother, Hannah Goodale King, containing news of home, family members, and advice about his health1849-1852, undated
5Letters to Eben from various friends and relatives, including Moses A. Cartland, director of the Oak Grove School. Includes a letter from Eben's cousin, Cleve Hutchinson, relating experience in the Union Army during the Civil War. Also included is a poetic valentine to Eben from Fannie Gray1846-1864
6Letters from Eben to Mary Louise Trow, prior to their marriage1863-1864
7Letters to Mary Louise Trow from various relatives and friends, receipts, a list of Trow family members and a small, undated fragment singed by L. T. King, "Articles that were mostly stepmother's"1858-1871, undated
8Three diaries of Louise Trow King. Entries for 1892 relate the illness and death of her husband, Eben King1875, 1892, 1893
9Two account and memoranda books of Mary Louise Trow1856-1858, 1859
10Letters from Samuel W. King to his father while at school in Andover1833-1834
11Contents involve the affairs of Samuel Warren King as Schoolteacher in Ward 4 of the Lynn Public School System. Included is Samuel's alleged inappropriate conduct with some of his students. Letters of condolence to his parents indicated Samuel's death in the same year as the report. Included is a newspaper clipping of a letter to the editor of the Lynn News, in reference to the investigation. Also included are several printed announcements of meetings and other school related matters1853-1857
12Letters to member of the King family from various friends or relatives, including a letter from Warren King, son of Eben and Louise King, to his mother describing in great detail his trips to the World's Fair in Chicago in 1893. Also included are accounts and receipts and a document entitled "Mother's Bequests," apparently dictated, providing for distribution of personal property, presumably upon her death1848-1895, undated
13Miscellaneous letters, writers and recipients possibly friends or relatives of the King or Trow families. Receipt for purchase of coffin, a list of names and addresses, and a lock of hair1834-1866
14Three account books. One book lists the weight and cost of hogs for 1811-1813. A book for 1814-1822 accounts for labor done for proprietors of the sheep pasture by a member of the King family. The third is entitled "Day Book, 1823" Ownership is unknown.1811-1823
15One account book belonging to Perley King for the year 1867, and one notebook listing names and assignment of religious or literary topics, owner unknown.1867, undated
21Letters of congratulation to Sue King, wife of Warren King, on the birth of their daughter1895-1896
2Visiting cards and invitations addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Eben U. King1882-1894, undated
3Visiting cards and invitations addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Eben U. King1871-1891, undated
4Invitations and visiting cards addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Eben U. King1860-1890, undated
5Invitations and visiting cards addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Eben U. King1872-1891, undated
6Invitations and visiting cards addressed to Mr. Perley King, Samuel King and Family, Warren King Family and Mary Louise Trow1891-1896, undated
7Miscellaneous visiting cards, empty envelopes addressed to various members of the King familyundated
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