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Jacob Hiler (1755-1835) Papers

Jacob Hiler (1755-1835) Papers

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SERIES I. Business Papers
A. Bills and Receipts Unbound
11Bills and receipts1805-1812
2Bills and receipts1816-1818
3Bills and receipts1819
4Bills and receipts1820
5Bills and receipts1821
6Bills and receipts1822
7Bills and receipts1823
8Bills and receipts1824
9Bills and receipts1825
10Bills and receipts1826
11Bills and receipts1827
12Bills and receipts1828
13Bills and receipts1829
14Bills and receipts1830-1836
15Bills and receipts1837-1839
16Bills and receipts1840-1841
17Bills and receipts1843-1848
18Bills and receiptsundated
21Orders for a canal boat1809-1814
2Orders for Sally (Sloop)1819-1822, undated
3Tax bills paid1809-1834, undated
B. Bills and Receipts Bound Together
24Accounts and bills settled from 1806 to 18211806-1828, undated
5Accounts settled1810-1819
6Accounts settled1813-1825, undated
8(OS)2Accounts settled1822
27Accounts settled1817-1819, undated
8Accounts settled1820-1830
9Accounts settled1823-1829
10Bills and accounts paid in 18121797-1812, undated
11Bills and receipts 1816 to 1824, inclusive1810-1835, undated
12Bills and receipts 1825 to 1828, inclusive1797-1806, 1825-1831, undated
31Bills and receipts1795-1802
2Bills and receipts1805-1829
3Bills and receipts1811-1832
8(OS)1Sundry accounts settled1806, undated
34Sundry accounts settled1819-1824, undated
5Sundry accounts settled1820-1827, undated
8(OS)1Sundry accounts settled1821-1827
36Sundry accounts settled1820-1830
7Sundry accounts1821-1829, undated
8Sundry accounts and bills settled 1827 to 18301809-1830, undated
9Sundry workmen's bills on ships1829
10Bills on sundry vessels1820-1826
11Sundry bills and other papers1804, 1817-1830, undated
12Private bills against sundry persons1812-1818
13Sundry bills paid1817-1828
41Sundry bills paid1819-1834, undated
2Sundry bills and receipts 1825 to 18351820-1824, undated
3Sundry bills paid1821-1831, undated
4Sundry bills paid of Jacob Hiler1822-1834, undated
5Bills and receipts1821-1829
6Bills and receipts1826-1828, undated
7Bills and receipts inclusive, Jacob Hiler 1829-18351826-1835
8Bills paid and settled1836-1852, undated
9Jacob Hiler miscellaneous accounts1804-1824
10Bills on vessels and memorandums1825-1832, undated
11Orders on vessels [from/for] Bigelow and Bangs1828
51Bills paid from 1820 to 1833 by Jacob Hiler for stock1820-1833, undated
2Bills paid by Jacob Hiler for stock1824-1836, undated
3Bills paid by Jacob Hiler for stock1825-1828
4Workmen's accounts 18161808-1817, undated
5Workmen's bills 18171811-1818
6Workmen's bills for 1819 and 18201817-1826, undated
8(OS)1Workmen's bills settled1815-1821
57Workmen's bills settled in 18211818-1821
8Thomas and R. Badgers bills and accounts1825-1826
8(OS)3Thomas and R. Badgers bills and accounts1825-1826
59Bigelow and Bangs accounts up to July 20, 18301828-1829
10Accounts with Bela Cushing, Thomas Badger, Robert Badger, William Dillaway, [Clark and Lears], and John Rice1817-1833
8(OS)2Accounts with Bela Cushing, John Rice, Thomas Badger, and Robert Badger1815-1833
511Bela Cushing work and receipts1818-1819, undated
12William Dodd's receipts for cash from February 19, 1813 to September 18, 1819, filed January 11, 18201806-1821
13Joseph Eustis bills, board, and receipts1833-1849
14Bills and receipts from Noah Lincoln1823-1824
15Orders drawn on Joseph Hiler by James Howe1812-1816, undated
16Notes and bills paid by Jacob Hiler for [W. H. and Ly] Hiler1817-1830, undated
61Jacob Hiler and sons accounts1818-1828, undated
2Mathias Hiler's account current from January 27, 1816 to May 1, 1819 and from May 1 to December 31, 18191820
3Edward Smith's accounts1806-1817
4Kilby Smith's papers1807-1817
8(OS)1Kilby Smith's papers1811
C. Account books
65General account books1800, 1820-1822
7Volume 1Accounts of repairs to vessels, labor and materialsApril 10, 1784-July 29, 1789
Volume 2Day bookAugust 19, 1792-March 7, 1798
Volume 3Account, laborFebruary 15, 1793-January 9, 1794
Volume 4Day bookFebruary 27, 1795-March 2, 1799
Volume 5Accounts of laborNovember 5, 1796-October 14, 1798
Volume 6Accounts of repairs to vessels and laborJuly 11, 1797-January 8, 1798
Volume 7Accounts of laborMarch 15, 1798-April 13, 1805
Volume 8Day bookApril 11, 1798-April 29, 1802
Volume 9DisbursementsNovember 8, 1802-January 21, 1807
Volume 10Labor and day bookJuly 14, 1804-October 28, 1804
9Volume 11Account book of repairs to vessels, labor, and materialsJanuary 8, 1805-April 26, 1819
Volume 12Day bookOctober 1, 1806-October 3, 1820
Volume 13Account book of bills and repairs to vesselsOctober 22, 1806-June 28, 1819
Volume 14Account book of repairs to vessels, labor, and materialsJuly 28, 1817-June 25, 1835
9Volume 15DisbursementsMay 3, 1820-December 18, 1828
ReceiptsMay 3, 1820-December 27, 1828
Volume 16Accounts of Stephen Hiler with Jacob HilerMay 6, 1820-July 18, 1835
Volume 17Account book of wagesMay 6, 1820-January 10, 1826
Volume 18Vessels repairedMay 15, 1820-December 22, 1827
Bills for repairsMay 1820-December 18, 1828
Volume 19Account book of bills, and repairs to vesselsJuly 5, 1820-June 13, 1828
9Volume 20Vessels repairedJuly 13, 1820-December 23, 1828
Volume 21Day bookOctober 4, 1820-July 12, 1835
Volume 22Accounts of repairs to vessels, labor, and materialFebruary 6, 1828-May 13, 1830
9Disbursements of materialMay 5, 1820-February 13, 1828
Volume 23Account book of wagesJanuary 10, 1826-December 7, 1827
SERIES II. Personal Papers
A. Second Baptist Church
66Bills paid sundry persons for year 1817, Sabbath School of the Second Baptist Church1817-1818
7Bills paid sundry persons for supplies to the pupils of the Sabbath School of the Second Baptist Church, 18181818-1819
8Bills paid sundry persons for supplies to the pupils of the Sabbath School for the Second Baptist Church, 18191818-1819, undated
9Second Baptist Church1818-1821, undated
B. Other
8(OS)3Accounts of [P] Smith's estate with Jacob Hiler1805-1806
610Accounts of [P] Smith's estate with Jacob Hiler1806-1812
11Engine man certificate1810
C. Estate of Jacob Hiler
612Notes due from sundry persons to the estate of Jacob Hiler1807-1828
13Policies of insurance on houses belonging to the heirs of Jacob Hiler1836-1840
14Sundry notes, estate of J. Hiler of Boston1803-1811, 1824-1835
8(OS)4News articles on Jacob Hiler's estate1836
9Volume 24Accounts for the estate of Jacob Hiler1835
Volume 29Accounts paid to the heirs of Jacob Hiler1840
SERIES III. Other Hiler Family Papers
615A. P. Young's bills paid by Mrs. Grace Hiler1836-1839
16Mrs. Grace Hiler's bills paid by Mary and Jane Hiler after her death by September 21, 18311836-1839
17Bills on house in Unity Street paid by Thomas [Y.] Hiler1843-1845
18Bills on house in Williams Court 1829-18341828-1834, undated
19Legal documents and accounts related to Benjamin and Mehitable Hathorne1805-1816, 1833-1835
20Bills and receipts found with the legal documents and accounts related to Benjamin and Mehitable Hathorne1809-1816, undated
21S. G. Hiler accounts March 18, 1836, settled July 8, 1836 [Thomas] G. Hiler1814-1835
8(OS)4S. G. Hiler accounts March 18, 1836, settled July 8, 1836 [Thomas] G. Hiler1833
9Volume 25Captain Thomas G. Hiler letter bookDecember 20, 1860-December 21, 1861
Account book of expensesNovember 1860-April 1861
Volume 26Account book of Thomas G. Hiler in account with Mrs. Grace Hiler, Mr. James R. Hiler, and Mary [C.] Hiler1828
Accounts with Stephen G. Hiler and Daniel Bluesdell1836-1837
Accounts for house in Lime Alley occupied by S. G. Hiler, Joseph Cottes accounts1838
Volume 27Accounts with the occupant of the house belonging to the heirs of Jacob Hiler, deceased1839-1841
Volume 28Accounts of rents received by Mary, Jane and Thomas G. Hiler, account with the heirs of Jacob Hiler1838-1842
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