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Remond Family Papers

Remond Family Papers

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SERIES I. John Remond Papers
A. Agreements
11Undersigned agree to pay out respective proportions of the expenses of a ball to be held at Hamilton Hall on such evening as shall be determined by the subscribers (59 signatures)February 8, 1830
Agreement for John Remond to furnish a dinner for 75 persons on the 7th of March for the installation of Rev. I. W. Thompson - $1.50 personFebruary 22, 1832
Agreement for John Remond to provide dinner on the arrival of the president at Salem, to include mock turtle soup, for 150 people at $3.25 per head; if 200 or more attend, cost to be $3.00 per headJune 20, 1833
Agreement to furnish a ball for 60 subscribers at $5.50 eachundated
Agreement to provide cake, rolls, wine, lemonade and coffee for cotillion party. Other services to include furnishing fire and light, washing the hall after, and furnishing musicundated
Agreement by John Remond to furnish military ball on the 22nd of February for 60 subscribers for $175.00—if less then 60, $162.00; all over 60 to pay $2.50 each night. Each gentleman entitled to two ladiesundated
Agreement of subscribers to pay proportional parts of expenses of two or three assemblies to be held as soon as sufficient number of subscribers could be obtained, expenses not to exceed $2.50 each night (57 signatures)undated
B. Correspondence
12Henry Scott, New York, to John Remond. Acknowledges receipt of 5 barrels onions. Requests bill for above. Requests cranberries – 10 barrels at $1/bushelNovember 15, 1830
Henry Scott, New York, 217 Water Street, to John Remond, No. 8 Derby Square, Salem. Request for 8 barrels of small white onions and 15-20 barrels of cranberriesSeptember 20, 1831
Henry Scott to John Remond. Re: Currie powder and cranberries. Shipping champagne on sloop Anawan, Capt. GodfreyOctober 1, 1831
Henry Scott to John Remond. Request for cranberriesOctober 17, 1831
Augustus Carter, Charlestown, to John Remond. Request for price for 50 barrels cranberriesNovember 11, 1831
William Newcomb, Wellfleet, to John Remond. Proposal to furnish oysters at 57 ½ cents per bushelFebruary 24, 1832
John Remond to Mrs. Silsbee. Proposal for girls to prepare fish for East Church FairMarch 2, 1869
C. Menus
13Publick (sic) Dinner at Exchange Coffee House, Congress Square, Boston, Wednesday, July 30, 1823, Captain Issac HullJuly 30, 1823
Dinner on the 200th Anniversary of the First Settlement of Salem, Hamilton Hall for 170 persons (2 copies)September 18, 1828
Public dinner Hamilton Hall, Thursday, September 3, 1829 to Hon. Judge Story by John Remond, Caterer (3 copies)September 3, 1829
Boston Light Infantry's Dinner to the Salem Light Infantry, Thursday, August 4, 1831August 4, 1831
D. Invoices
14Account with David Pingree1824-1825
Lafayette Dinner, August 30, 1824, $361.501824
Committee for reception of Genl. Lafayette, August 31, 1824, $15.701824
East India Marine Society, Dinner for 123 persons, $546.13.October 14, 1825
Account with David Pingree, $384.191825-1826
Joseph Martin to John Remond, Bill for wines, rice, tobacco, pepper and olives, $144.52May 27, 1833
Settlement between John Remond and Joseph S. Leavitt for Lafayette Dinnerundated
E. Bills of Lading
145 boxes Cider & Watermelons, 1 Green Turtle. Shipped to John Remond, Salem, c/o William Brown, Boston, on schooner Cashier, bound from New York to Boston, Joshua Nickerson, MasterSeptember 11, 1828
6 Baskets wine. Schooner Anawan, New York to Boston, Captain Godfrey (note on the back by Thomas Downing, New York, August 24, 1831)August 23, 1831
F. Miscellaneous
15Ad for "Pickled Lobsters" [4 copies]undated
Assessment to subscribers, ten dollars each (55 names)undated
List of namesundated
Voted that the 7th article be adopted that each subscriber be permitted to introduce one or more strangers (list of names)undated
Ad: John Remond, Perfumery & Dressing Room, Newport, RI.undated
Scrap of paper; "…my mother the day I sailed from Curece (sic) the 25th of July 1798…."undated
Poems: Acknowledgement of divine Favours; A Generous Mind Does Not, Repine At the Advantages Other Enjoy ….Dyerundated
6Photocopies of John Remond Papersundated
SERIES II. Charles Lenox Remond Papers
17Letter from CLR at Hallowell to Mrs. Ellen Sands, Hollis, MaineApril 1, 1840
Letter from CLR at Newport, RI, to Mrs. E. SandsApril 20, 1840
Letter from CLR to Newport, RI, to Martha A. Usher, Hollis, MaineApril 29, 1840
Letter from CLR at Portland, to Rebecca & Martha Usher, Hollis, MaineDecember 17, 1844
Letter from CLR, 5 Higginson Square, Salem, to Martha H. Usher, Portland, MaineMay 22, 1845
Letter from Salem to Martha UsherSeptember 1, 1845
Letter from Salem to Mr. R. RobinsonDecember 13, 1860
8Photocopies of Charles Lenox Remond lettersundated
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