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Thomas Perkins Pingree (1830-1876) Papers

Thomas Perkins Pingree (1830-1876) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Correspondence
A. Business Correspondence
2CorrespondenceMar 1863-Jun 1863
3CorrespondenceJul 1863-Sep 1863
4CorrespondenceOct 1863-Dec 1863
15CorrespondenceJan 1864-Mar 1864
6CorrespondenceApr 1864-Jun 1864
7CorrespondenceJul 1864-Sep 1864
8CorrespondenceOct 1864-Dec 1864
21CorrespondenceJan 1865-Mar 1865
2CorrespondenceApr 1865-Jun 1865
3CorrespondenceJul 1865-Sep 1865
4CorrespondenceOct 1865-Dec 1865
5CorrespondenceJan 1866-Mar 1866
6CorrespondenceApr 1866-Jun 1866
7CorrespondenceJul 1866-Sep 1866
8CorrespondenceOct 1866-Dec 1866
9CorrespondenceJan 1867-Mar 1867
10CorrespondenceApr 1867-Jun 1867
11CorrespondenceJul 1867-Sep 1867
12CorrespondenceOct 1867-Dec 1867
31CorrespondenceJan 1868-Mar 1868
2CorrespondenceApr 1868-Jun 1868
3CorrespondenceJul 1868-Sep 1868
4CorrespondenceOct 1868-Dec 1868
5CorrespondenceJan 1869-Mar 1869
6CorrespondenceApr 1869-Jun 1869
7CorrespondenceJul 1869-Sep 1869
8CorrespondenceOct 1869-Dec 1869
9CorrespondenceJan 1870-Mar 1870
10CorrespondenceApr 1870-Jun 1870
11CorrespondenceJul 1870-Sep 1870
12CorrespondenceOct 1870-Dec 1870
41CorrespondenceJan 1871-Mar 1871
2CorrespondenceApr 1871-Jun 1871
3Correspondence sent [volume]Jul 1871-Jan 1875
4CorrespondenceJul 1871-Sep 1871
5CorrespondenceOct 1871-Dec 1871
6CorrespondenceJan 1872-Mar 1872
7CorrespondenceApr 1872-Jun 1872
8CorrespondenceJul 1872-Sep 1872
9CorrespondenceOct 1872-Dec 1872
10CorrespondenceJan 1873-Mar 1873
11CorrespondenceApr 1873-Jun 1873
12CorrespondenceJul 1873-Sep 1873
51CorrespondenceOct 1873-Dec 1873
2CorrespondenceJan 1874-Mar 1874
3CorrespondenceApr 1874-Jun 1874
4CorrespondenceJul 1874-Sep 1874
5CorrespondenceOct 1874-Dec 1874
56CorrespondenceJan 1875-Mar 1875
7Correspondence sent, includes correspondence sent by Pingree, as well as correspondence sent by George Harrington and David Pingree after his death [volume]Feb 1875-Jul 1876
8CorrespondenceApr 1875-Jun 1875
9CorrespondenceJul 1875-Sep 1875
10CorrespondenceOct 1875-Dec 1875
11CorrespondenceJan 1876-Mar 1876
12CorrespondenceApr 1876-May 1876
B. Shipping Trade Correspondence
15CorrespondenceJan 1872-Apr 1872
61CorrespondenceMay 1872-Dec 1872
2CorrespondenceJan 1873-Dec 1873
3CorrespondenceJan 1874-Jun 1874
4CorrespondenceJul 1874-Dec 1874
5Foreign correspondenceJan 1875-Jun 1875
6Domestic correspondenceJan 1875-Jul 1875
7Foreign correspondenceJul 1875-Dec 1875
71Domestic correspondenceAug 1875-Dec 1875
2Foreign correspondenceJan 1876-May 1876
3Domestic correspondenceJan 1876-May 1876
SERIES II. Shipping Papers
A. Ships' Papers
74"Departures" [bound volume tracking ships' arrivals, departures, and cargo]1871-1877
5Ann Elizabeth (Brig)1861-1872
6Ann Elizabeth (Brig): voyage 11871
7Ann Elizabeth (Brig): disbursement account at Sierra Leone, as kept by Captain John Havlin1871
8Ann Elizabeth (Brig): voyage 21871-1872
21(OS)1Ann Elizabeth (Brig): articles of agreement and accounts1871-1872
79Ann Elizabeth (Brig): freighting voyage1872
10Aurora (Barque)1871-1873
11Bounding Billow (Barque)1875
12Buckeye (Barque): adventures 1 through 5, accounts1855-1858
81Caroline Augusta (Ship)1846-1850
21(OS)2Caroline Augusta (Ship): accounts and register1849-1851
82Daniel Webster (Schooner)1875-1877
3Dawn (Barque): voyages 1 through 8, accounts1865-1874
4Eliza Hands (Barque)1874
20(OS)1Eliza Hands (Barque): charter party agreement1874
85Firefly (Barque): voyages 1 and 2, accounts1857-1859
6Gambia (Brig): voyage 4, accounts1854-1859
7General Taylor (Barque)1851-1852
8Greyhound (Barque): voyage 1 outward papers1872
9Greyhound (Barque): voyage 1 inward papers1872
10Greyhound (Barque): voyage 1, bills and freighting1873
11Greyhound (Barque): voyage 1, freighting1873
12Greyhound (Barque): voyage 2 outward1872-1873
13Greyhound (Barque): voyage 2, Captain Havlin's vouchers1872-1873
14Greyhound (Barque): voyages 2 through 4, accounts1872-1876
182Greyhound (Barque)1872-1874
192Greyhound (Barque): articles of agreement, accounts, and manifests1872-1874
21(OS)3Greyhound (Barque): articles of agreement, accounts, and returns of spirits1872-1877
815Greyhound (Barque): voyage 2 inward1873
16Greyhound (Barque): classification certificate1873-1874
193Greyhound (Barque): articles of agreement and bills of lading1874-1877
91Greyhound (Barque): voyage 3 papers and freighting1874
2Greyhound (Barque): repairs1874-1875
3Greyhound (Barque): voyage 4 outward papers1875-1876
4Greyhound (Barque): voyage 4 policies1875-1876
5Greyhound (Barque): ledger1875-1876
6Greyhound (Barque): ledger1875-1876
7Greyhound (Barque): daybook and oil account1875-1877
183Greyhound (Barque)1875-1877, undated
98Greyhound (Barque): voyage 4 inward papers1876-1877
9Greyhound (Barque): sales contracts1876
10Greyhound (Barque): voyage 5 outward papers1877
11Greyhound (Barque): voyage 5 inward papers1877-1878
101Greyhound (Barque): voyage 5 inward papers continued1877-1878
2Greyhound (Barque): voyage 5 disbursements [volume]1877-1878
3Greyhound (Barque): voyage 5 ledger1877-1878
20(OS)1Greyhound (Barque): outward foreign manifest1877
Flat fileGreyhound (Barque)1878
104Hayward (Brig): voyages 1 through 4 and adventure 2, accounts1852-1855
5Helen Maria (Barque): voyages 2 through 8, accounts1864-1872
6Jennie Cushman (Barque): papers and consignments by T. C. Chown1875
7John Swasey (Barque): voyages 3 through 8, accounts1852-1859
8Kedar (Barque): voyages 1 through 7, accounts1860-1870
9Lemuel (Barque): miscellaneous voyages' accounts1870-1877
10Lemuel (Barque): voyage 1 outward papers1875
11Lemuel (Barque): voyage 1 outward bills1875-1876
12Lemuel (Barque): voyage 1 bills of lading1875-1876
184Lemuel (Barque)1875-1877
20(OS)1Lemuel (Barque): articles of agreement, policies, bills of lading, and accounts1875-1877
111Lemuel (Barque): voyage 1 inward papers1875-1876
2Lemuel (Barque): voyage 1 inward bills and policies1875-1876
3Lemuel (Barque): voyage 1 ledgerMar 1875-Aug 1875
4Lemuel (Barque): voyage 1 daybookMar 1875-Dec 1875
5Lemuel (Barque): voyage 2 papers1875-1876
6Lemuel (Barque): voyage 2 papers and bills1875-1877
7Lemuel (Barque): voyage 2 policies1875-1877
8Lemuel (Barque): voyage 2 ledgerFeb 1876-Jun 1877
9Lemuel (Barque): voyage 2 ledger of outward cargoFeb 1876-Jun 1877
10Lemuel (Barque): voyage 2 daybookFeb 1876-Jun 1877
11Lemuel (Barque): voyage 2 inward bills1877
194Lemuel (Barque): F. D. Chase consignment to Antwerp1877
121Louisa (Brig)1854-1859
2Manchester (Barque): voyages 1 through 71854-1861
3Manchester (Barque): voyages 1 through 111860-1874
4Mary Clark (Schooner)1846
5Mary Helen (Brig): accounts and invoices1850-1851
20(OS)2Mary Helen (Brig): invoice of merchandise shippedundated
185McGilvery (Barque)1873
21(OS)4McGilvery (Barque): articles of agreement, charter parties, and accounts1873-1876
126McGilvery (Barque): voyage 11873-1874
7McGilvery (Barque): voyage 2 papers1874-1875
8McGilvery (Barque): voyage 2 papers1874-1875
Flat fileMcGilvery (Barque)1874
186McGilvery (Barque): policies1874-1876
20(OS)2McGilvery (Barque): charter party agreements1874-1876
129McGilvery (Barque): voyage 2 vouchers and disbursements1875
10McGilvery (Barque): voyage 2 vouchers and disbursements1875
11McGilvery (Barque): voyage 2 vouchers and disbursements1876
194McGilvery (Barque): account with Dummler & Co.1876
1212Melrose (Brig)1870-1872
13Orlando (Barque)1860-1863
14Pico (Brig)1863
15Potomac (Brig): voyages 1 through 61849-1854
16Prince (Schooner) papers1871-1874
17Prince (Schooner) bills paid1871
20(OS)2Prince (Schooner): mortgage, bill of sale, and agreement1871
131Sterling (Barque): settlement statements1873-1877
2Sterling (Barque): voyage 1 outward papers1873-1876
3Sterling (Barque): voyage 1 outward bills1875
4Sterling (Barque): voyage 1 inward papers and bills1875-1876
5Sterling (Barque): voyage 1 policies1875-1876
6Sterling (Barque): voyage 1 ledger1875-1876
7Sterling (Barque): voyage 1 daybook and oil account1875-1877
187Sterling (Barque) policies1875-1876
20(OS)3Sterling (Barque): papers1875
5Sterling (Barque): accounts and returns of spirits1876, undated
138Sterling (Barque): voyage 2 papers1876
9Sterling (Barque): voyage 2 outward bills1876
10Sterling (Barque): voyage 2 ledger1876-1877
11Sterling (Barque): voyage 2 daybook1876-1877
12Sterling (Barque): voyage 2 inward, papers and bills1876-1879
20(OS)4Sterling (Barque): articles of agreement and accounts1876-1877
5Sterling (Barque): policies and account of sales1876-1877
141Sterling (Barque): voyage 2 inward, papers and bills (continued)1877-1878
2Sterling (Barque): correspondence and official papers regarding wreck off Saltpond1877
3Sterling (Barque): receipts and disbursements of wreck, by Captain Havlin1877
4Sterling (Barque): account of sale of wreck1877
5Sterling (Barque): statement of salvage1877
6S. W. Porter (Barque)1853
7Thomas Perkins (Ship)1847-1848
8Three Brothers (Barque)1842-1848
20(OS)5Tropic Bird (Barque): papers1871-1874
149Tropic Bird (Barque): voyages 1 through 6 settlement statements1871-1877
10Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 1 papers and bills1871-1872
11Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 2 papers and bills1872
12Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 3 outward1872-1873
13Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 3 inward1872-1873
188Tropic Bird (Barque) policies1872-1873
1414Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 4 out1873-1874
1515Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 4 accounts, policies, crew settlements, and Captain Havlin's vouchers1873-1874
1Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 4 inward1873-1875
2Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 5 papers1874-1875
3Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 61874-1876
4Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 61874-1877
189Tropic Bird (Barque): policies and accounts1874-1876
155Tropic Bird (Barque): voyage 5 papers relating to hides tanned by James A. Lord1875-1876
20(OS)5Tropic Bird (Barque): George F. Jewett account with ownersundated
B. Financial Records
156Daybook and ledger of shipped goods1835
7Wharfage1841-1848, undated
8Accounts current1848, 1858
9Accounts current1864-1869
10Accounts current1870-1877
11Ships' accounts [volume]1871-1875
12"Cash Book 1" ships' accounts [volume]1872-1875
13"Cash Book 2" ships' accounts [volume]1875-1876
161Voyage accounts and settlements1875-1877
2Bills of lading1876-1877
C. Miscellaneous Shipping Papers
163Thomas Perkins Pingree (1803-1864) papers1831-1837
4Miscellaneous shipping papers1841, 1848, 1875-1876, undated
21(OS)6Miscellaneous shipping paper1875
165Weight certificates1876-1877
6Alabama Claims1882-1886
Flat fileAlabama Claims1882
SERIES III. Financial Records
167Ontonagon Copper Company stockholders1848
8Accounts, bills and receipts1848, 1863-1869
9Naumkeag National Bank account book1869-1877
National Bank of the Commonwealth account book1876
10Accounts, bills and receipts1870-1876, undated
SERIES IV. Estate Papers
1611Papers of David Pingree's estate as it relates to the distribution of Thomas P. Pingree's estate1848-1887
12Receipts and bills1864-1877
14Miscellaneous estate papers1866-1877
15Agreements, accounts and receipts of George Harrington1866-1877
16Accounts with Anna Peabody, Ann Wheatland, and David Pingree1868-1875
195Deed for land in Ipswich, Massachusetts1869
1617McGilvery (Barque), bill of sale and papers of settlement1873-1877
18Sterling (Barque), papers of settlement1875-1877
1810National Bank of the Commonwealth checks kept by George Wheatland, administrator1876
Settlement with Charles Harrington and Co.1876
2Estate journal kept by George Wheatland, administrator1876-1877
3Estate ledger1876-1877
4Estate journal1876-1877
5Naumkeag National Bank account book, kept by George Wheatland, administrator1876-1878
6Alabama claims1884, 1889
1811McGilvery (Barque), settlement with George F. Jewettundated
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