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Henri-Louis Duhamel Du Monceau (1700-1782) Papers

Henri-Louis Duhamel Du Monceau (1700-1782) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Ship Design and Shipbuilding
A. General Ship Design and Building
11Manuscript, "Pour la Construction des Vaisseaux…" on coverundated
2Manuscript, "Idee de la [construction]"1715-1735
3(OS)1Oversized folios found in "Idee de la [construction]" but not necessarily part of itundated
Flat fileOversized folio found in "Idee de la [construction]" but not necessarily part of itundated
13Manuscript, "Construction de feu Jean Batiste Chabert, ancient Constructeur, fais en 1692…"1692
4Form book for the Inventaire General de Magasin des Galeres a Marseille [General store inventory of Galleys Marseille]undated
25Letter from Clairvain Deslaurier describing his experience finding the center of gravity of a ship, with detailed diagrammatic drawingMay 8, 1748
6Manuscript on finding the center of gravity of a ship, possibly by Duhamel de Monceauundated
7Manuscript discussing the reduction of the frames of a ship with respect to its center of gravityundated
8Manuscript, method of finding the center of gravity of the keel calculated on a ship of 64 gunsundated
9Letter from Segondat Duvernet explaining his calculations on a planApril 20, 1767
10Correspondence by [?] Grioguard discussing conferences, experiments, criticizing and improving [?] Bougner's methods and plans of ship design1748, undated
11Memorandum about a method of strengthening masts to avoid dismasting during battle or maneuvers, signed BarbeFebruary 1748
12Tables of proportions for rigging, masts, sails, stern, and stern postundated
13Manuscript, easy method for measuring a ship, signed Chambry (?) or Azambry (?)October 24, 1726
14Report with calculations of the comparison of forces and resistances of the wind and sails by an expert ship builder of Portsmouth; is possibly a translationundated
15Correspondence from the Duc de Praslin discussing plans for ships drawn up by La Motte and Chevillard CadetJuly 22, 1766
16Certificate testifying to the examination by the Chief constructors at Brest of the plans and calculations of La Motte for a 64 gun ship, signed OllivierDecember 5, 1765
Certificate signed Grioguardundated
17Inventory of the lumbar necessary for the construction of a 64 gun ship owned by La Motte and signed by sameOctober 31, 1765
Calculations for a 64 gun ship, signed by La MotteOctober 31, 1765
18Correspondence from the Duc de Praslin enclosing two plans drawn up by Segondat and RasseauFebruary 28, 1767
Appreciation of the work of Segondat and Rasseau in Duhamel's handundated
19Calculations for the center of gravity, tonnage, resistance through water, signed Segondat-Duvernet1766
Tables of proportion of masts and yards for a 74 gun ship, signed Segondat-Duvernet1766
20Inventories of oak and iron necessary for a ship of 74 guns, signed Segondat-Duvernet1766
21Calculations for a 74 gun ship by a student shipbuilder, Ollivierundated
Charles Segondat-Duvernet's plan and calculations for a 74 gun shipMay 6, 1767
22Memoire on a vessel of 64 guns, signed by Chevillard, verified and signed by Clairain DeslaurierDecember 1765
23Manuscript, scantlings, timber, and iron necessary for a 64 gun ship, signed and verified by Chevillard and DeslaurierDecember 1765
24Correspondence: Accomplishments of Pic while at Rochefort from 1751-1757, probably dictated by Pic, with a cover letterApril 1757
Clairain Deslaurier to Duhamel about the appointment of Chevillard as under-constructor at Rochefort, contains appeal to continue Pic in the job alsoMay 1757
Pic to DuhamelMay 1757
25Report on the construction of a lugger by Ric, with a cover letter to Duhamel from the Duc de PraslinSeptember 1767
26Calculations for a 60 gun ship from the plans of Mr. Cochot, drawn at ParisJanuary 1754
3(OS)2"Tarif des Proportions des Pieces de Bois pour la construction et radoubes des: Vaisseaux du Roy au Port de Rochefort"1733
7Calculations for the design of a 26 gun frigate, signed PicMarch 1766
231Letter from Segondat about the publication of his book, Traité Generale de la Mesure des Bois, also mentions his brother joining le Comte d'Estain in Spain1782
32Manuscript on the theory and practice of measuring shipsundated
3(OS)5Report on shipbuilding in England with a comparison of the French and English methods, signed GeslainFebruary 1731
6Report on the construction of the Royal fly boat (flute) , of the Orox by…with a comparison of those built for the ports of England, signed by Geslain filsDecember 28, 1733
B. Wood for Building
21Memorandum concerning the construction of galleys, proposing to make the timbers, futtlocks, etc. from the wood of Provenance, by Reynoir, CadetApril 15, 1735
2Memorandum, "Experiences and ideas for the construction of Galleys and other vessels," by Reynoir, CadetMay 18, 1744
3Letter to Mr. de Maurepas on the subject of constructing the large members of a ship from two pieces of woodundated
4Manuscript about the construction of keels for galleys, showing the strength gained by making them of two pieces of woodundated
616Dimensions and explanations of the frames, timbers, and knees of a shipundated
227Manuscript, calculations for wood for ship construction from standing and sawed timber, signed by Segondat in a cover letter sent to Duhamelundated
28Manuscript, proportions of the pieces of wood used in the construction of a ship throughout its lengthundated
Tarif pour l'appréciation des Bois de construction1739
3(OS)2Schedule of prices of timber for construction, signed Laffilard1738
Observations on the proposed schedule for the valuation of the woods for construction received at Rochefort, signed by Laffilard1738
229Correspondence: letter to Mr. de Marboiser from Mr. de la Gourque in Bermuda about the cedars of BermudaMay 1783
Letter signed by Malherbes, on the cedars of Bermuda for ship constructionJuly 1783
Names and dimensions of the pieces of wood used in the construction of ships1718
Letter about woods in French Guiana suitable for use in ship construction, signed Clairain Deslaurier1776
Flat fileDescription table of woods found in French Guiana which are suitable for use in ship construction; corresponding letter is in box 2, folder 291775
230Memorandum about wood from the French forests for frames of shipundated
Letter about cutting frames by J. Gavanque to DuhamelMay 27, 1748
3(OS)2Questionnaire about woods for shipbuilding answered by Jean and Joseph Reynoir, shipbuilders of galleys1733
Table explaining the numbers, weights, etc. of wood needed, signed by Beauharnois, Morimand, Laffilard, Geslain, Geslain fils, Beauveau1738
Table of the various woods, irons, ropes, cloths, etc.,which are needed for the construction of a galleyundated
7Inventory of lumber necessary in the construction of a 64 gun ship, signed by Pic1766
Inventory of lumber necessary in the construction of a 26 gun frigate, signed by PicMarch 1766
232Portion of a letter about seasoning wood for mastsundated
3(OS)4Table showing different nails made at St. Chanmont and environs1733
C. Rope Making and Strength
529Memoranda on the practice of laying rope at Toulon, and on hemp1743, undated
30Results of tests on combed and spun ropes1739
31Memorandum about experiments for curing hempSeptember 12, 1751
Comparison of samples of hemp from the UkraineApril 4, 1751
32Summary of tests on three inch ropeundated
33Extracts from the record of sales from rope-making establishments in the province of Brittany, held at the administrator or Marine at BrestMay 15, 1745
34Correspondence from Landré (marine superintendent at Rochefort)1740-1745
35Miscellaneous letters, tests, and experiments on ropes and rope making1740-1745, undated
Flat fileTables showing tests made on the ships l'Apolon, Charent, and Profond1743
61Report from de Pontis on tests on the Venusundated
Report from de Sevilly on the tests on the Charenteundated
2Correspondence concerning the tests1740-1745, undated
3Experiments for determining the strength of rope1740
Tests on ropes1741-1743
4"Treatise on Rope Making" from the Office of the Rope Factorycirca 1740
5"Treatise on Rope and Rope Making"undated
6Report on the rope factory at Rochefortundated
D. Preservation of Wood and Rope
Flat fileDetailed drawing showing the method of tarring at Toulonundated
432Tests ordered by Duhamel to find the time required for tarring ropeAugust 8, 1741
33Report on the examination by Mr. de Chabert and (?), ordered by the Academy, on the methods of tarring at the factory of Mr. Brunde Ste. Catherineundated
Further remarks about Mr. de Ste Catherine's tar worksundated
34Tests made on paints, varnish, and tarringundated
35Copy of a report on the method of tarring at Chandehagore (Bengal)undated
36Table showing the comparative costs of using tar, pitch, oil, turpentine, resin, etc.undated
51Suggestions for simplifying the composition of tar for preservation of His Majesty's shipsundated
Memorandum on tar for the preservation of His Majesty's ships, and for all sorts of wood exposed to water and air; submitted by Roux de Valdonne, with a cover letter from GavanaqueMay 15, 1748
2Correspondence from Roux de Valdonne to Mr. Gavanque about tar and pitch from pinesApril 1748
3Memorandum by Sauvage de Champlain on preservation of ropes1693
4"Description et Usage d'un Nouvelle Instrument proper la Observer la latitude sur Mer"undated
5Description of the method of Mr. Pitot for measuring the speed of a shipMay 20, 1757
6Theory of a cylinder by which one can measure the path of a shipundated
Experiment on the new log invented by Mr. Vallois on the frigate l'Enjouceundated
E. Pumps
67Extract about the construction of a pump tried out in the new canal at London, translated from an English paperundated
8Description of the pump invented by M. de Liniere, extracted from "Registre des Conseils de Construction …au controlle de la Marine á Brest"June 18, 1766, undated
9Report by Duhamel on a comparison of Liniere's pump with those in use on shipsundated
10Descriptions of Dousson's and Desyllette's pumps1734-1736
11Correspondence and notes about pumps, some in the hand of Duhamel, others signed by Le Raby D. Keeah (?) Oliver1734-1753
3(OS)3Correspondence and notes about pumps, some in the hand of Duhamel, others signed by Le Raby D. Keeah (?) Oliver1734-1753
F. Miscellaneous Ship Equipment
612Description of a divider used for making ships' plans, by Olivier1743
13Partial manuscript discussing nails for shipsundated
14Memorandum on the most simple and best construction of a capstan, proposed by Jean Bourouillyundated
Scale drawing of a capstanundated
15Correspondence from l'Abbe Soumille with three drawings of a capstanOctober 12, 1747
SERIES II. Cartridge Paper
3(OS)10Memorandum on Mr. de la Roche's new paper for cannon cartridges1742
421Memorandum on Mr. de la Roche's new paper for cannon cartridges1742
22Report by Duhamel and de Valiere on Mr. Wadsworth of London's paper for cannon cartridges and a comparison with other papersundated
23Copy of letters from Mr. de la Roche about his cartridge papers1742
Copy of part of Mr. de la Roche's memorandum drawn up as a petition to Comte d'Asgusonundated
24Memoranda about the secret paper of Mr. de la Rocheundated
25Copy of a certificate of approval by Duhamel and de Valiere on de la Roche's cartridge paper, sent to Marquis de BretenilApril 15, 1742
26Correspondence from Mr. de la Roche to Cojsart about his cartridge papers1745
27Miscellaneous letters and reports about de la Roche's cartridge paper1741-1743, undated
SERIES III. Ports and Port Installations
41Three reports on the need for enlarging the Port de Marseille harborundated
3(OS)8Plan of the Island of Chateau d'If, showing fortificationsundated
42Letter to Duhamel from Gregoire, about the canal proposed from Arles to Port de BoucJune 27, 1744
3Report on the canal for Port de Bouc, and on powder and artillery magazines with preliminary notes on the subject (folder includes a second copy with notes in another handwriting)undated
4Memorandums about the advantages of Port de Boucundated
5Correspondence and memoranda about Port de Bouc1744
3(OS)8Memoranda about Port de Bouc1744
46Memoranda about Port de Bouc1743-1744, undated
7Printed memoranda about the need and cost of restoring the Port de Bouc1736, undated
3(OS)8Printed memoranda about the need and cost of restoring the Port de Bouc1740
Broad side about De Par Le Roy1717
48Manuscripts by Olivier about dry docks1743
9Report on the dry docks of Englandundated
10Memoranda on marine fortificationsundated
11Copy of a memorandum presented to Dubois de Lamotte about the projected battery at Port au Prince1751
12Manuscript, some reflections on the actual state of the marine department at Toulon, in the handwriting of Duhamel1744
13Manuscript, building a naval hospital at Toulon, includes a project for building dry docksundated
14Report and notes on the need for a hospital at Toulonundated
15Detailed explanation of the construction of a dry dock at Toulon for ships of war, signed by Soulignac1775
3(OS)9Petition for a light on a rock off Barfleur, signed by Delahayeundated
416Correspondence and copies of speeches (?) given by M. le Comte de Langeror, and estimates relative to fortification improvements at Brest and environs, signed by Dessouer1784-1785
17Letter books, relative to work outside of Brest, mostly letters to M. de Caux1781-1784
18Sketch of the existing layout at Bonguerundated
19Correspondence from Fourcroy to Duhamel, describing the work at CalaisJuly 7, 1766
20Correspondence from Fourcroy to Duhamel, describing the damage to Calais after a bad storm with 18 foot wavesJanuary 20, 1767
SERIES IV. Miscellaneous Correspondence
428Correspondence from Sigere1741-1745
29Correspondence from de la Roche to Coissard1742-1745
30Copies of letters to Duhamel1741
31Miscellaneous letters and memoranda, some signed1745, 1754, undated
SERIES V. Navigation
57Treatise on speaking trumpets, with notes and additions by DuhamelMay 20, 1757
8Description of a new instrument invented by John Hadleyundated
9"Essay de Physiques: on Conjectures fondées sur quelques Observations—la connaissance et l'explication de Courans de la Mer Meditérranée"1726
"Remarques sur le Memoire de m. Meynier"undated
10Correspondence by D'Apres de Mannevillette discussing a new instrument invented by the English to find latitudesDecember 27, 1738
Letter of recommendation of de Mannevillette's report on the English instrument, possibly by DuhamelJanuary 9, 1739
11Extract about the machine to measure the speed of a ship invented by Mr. Bruckner (copy)June 20, 1750
12Act of Parliament on measuring the ports and promontories of Great Britain and Ireland to determine the exact latitude and longitude1741
13Description and use of an instrument for finding the latitude every hour of the day, translation of an article by R. Grahamundated
Description and use of a new quadrant for finding the time by the height of the sun, translation of an English manuscriptundated
14Memorandum on a project of a chart of the Mediterraneanundated
SERIES VI. Ship Personnel, Operations, and Health
515Report and memoranda on a new system of removing bad air from ships1750, undated
3(OS)10Drawing of new system for removing bad air as used on ship La Muntineundated
516Correspondence from M. de Convalle to Duhamel about the shortage of surgeons on ships1743
17Report on laundry at seaundated
18Reports on salting port, bakeries, and calculations for provisions and liquids needed on ships1751-1752
19Report from de Saint-Sauveur, agent to Russia, on Russia's methods of salting and curing scurvyJune 26, 1759
20Report on keeping water fresh on a long voyage1778
Memorandum on the preservation of food for shipsundated
21List of galley and the names of officers1700
22Articles about naval maneuvers (?), Gazette de NaplesApril 1647
23"Ordonnance du Roy, Sur le Service et le rang des Ingenieurs"1744
"Loi Relatif aux Ecoles de la Marine"August 10, 1791
24Letter from Duhamelundated
25Memorandum on the subject of creating superintendents of ship building at the Ports of Brest, Toulon, and Rochefortundated
26Memoranda on marine fortifications, and the need for more educated superintendentsundated
27Report on the duties of the Secretaries of War and Marine, includes draftundated
28Criticism and remarks on the articles governing the Department of War as to maritime fortifications1757, undated
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