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James Wingate Sewall Business Records

James Wingate Sewall Business Records

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SERIES I. Correspondence
2CorrespondenceDec 1899
13CorrespondenceJan 1900-Feb 1900
4CorrespondenceMar 1900-Apr 1900
5CorrespondenceMay 1900-Jun 1900
6CorrespondenceJul 1900-Aug 1900
7CorrespondenceSep 1900-Oct 1900
8CorrespondenceNov 1900-Dec 1900
9CorrespondenceJan 1901-Feb 1901
21CorrespondenceMar 1901-Apr 1901
2CorrespondenceMay 1901-Jun 1901
3CorrespondenceJul 1901-Aug 1901
4CorrespondenceSep 1901
5CorrespondenceOct 1901
6CorrespondenceNov 1901
7CorrespondenceDec 1901
8CorrespondenceJan 1902-Feb 1902
9CorrespondenceMar 1902-Apr 1902
10CorrespondenceMay 1902-Jun 1902
31CorrespondenceJul 1902-Aug 1902
2CorrespondenceSep 1902-Oct 1902
3CorrespondenceNov 1902
4CorrespondenceDec 1902
5CorrespondenceJan 1903-Feb 1903
6CorrespondenceMar 1903-Apr 1903
7CorrespondenceMay 1903-Jun 1903
8CorrespondenceJul 1903
9CorrespondenceAug 1903
41CorrespondenceSep 1903-Oct 1903
2CorrespondenceNov 1903
3CorrespondenceDec 1903
Vol. 1Letter book of correspondence sentSep 1904-Mar 1905
Vol. 2Letter book of correspondence sentMar 1905-Aug 1905
SERIES II. Financial Records
A. Check Registers and Returned Checks
45“Checkbook one,” check registerDec 1899-Jun 1901
6Checkbooks [4 volumes]1900-1906
7“Checkbook two,” check registerJul 1901-Jan 1903
8“Checkbook three,” check registerFeb 1903-Nov 1904
51Kenduskeag Trust Company checkbookMar 1906-Aug 1908
2Copies of checks received1906
3Copies of checks received1907
4Copies of checks received1907
5Copies of checks received1908
6Copies of checks received1908
7Kenduskeag Trust Company checkbookAug 1908-Dec 1909
8Copies of checks received1909
9Copies of checks received1909
B. Accounts, Bills, and Receipts
510Accounts, bills, and receipts1899
61J. B. Bartlett vouchers and receipts1899-1901
2Accounts, bills, and receipts1900
3Accounts, bills, and receipts1900
4Accounts, bills, and receipts1900
5Accounts, bills, and receipts1900
6Accounts, bills, and receipts1900
15 (OS)1Accounts, bills, and receipts1900-1904
132Accounts, bills, and receipts1900-1901
67Ira Eastman vouchers and receipts1900-1901
8S. F. Peaslee vouchers and receipts1900-1901
9Accounts, bills, and receipts1901
10Accounts, bills, and receipts1901
11Accounts, bills, and receipts1901
12S. F. Peaslee vouchers and receipts1901
16 (OS)1Bill1901
71S. F. Peaslee vouchers and receipts1901-1902
2Accounts, bills, and receipts1902
3Accounts, bills, and receipts
4Accounts, bills, and receipts
5J. B. Bartlett vouchers and receipts1902
6Ira Eastman vouchers and receipts1902
7Walter H. Johnson vouchers and receipts1902-1903
8S. F. Peaslee vouchers and receipts1902
9S. F. Peaslee vouchers and receipts1902
10Accounts, bills, and receipts1903
11Accounts, bills, and receipts1903
81Accounts, bills, and receipts1903
2J. B. Bartlett vouchers and receipts1903
3Ira Eastman vouchers and receipts1903
4Accounts, bills, and receipts1904
5Accounts, bills, and receipts1904
6Accounts, bills, and receipts1904
7J. B. Bartlett vouchers and receipts1904
8Ira Eastman vouchers and receipts1904
9Accounts, bills, and receipts1905
10Accounts, bills, and receiptsundated
C. Taxes
91Tax receipts1900
2Tax receipts, lots within Castle Hill, Maine1900-1916
3Tax receipts, Allagash Plantation1900
4Tax receipts, Garfield Plantation (Township 11, Range 6)1900
5Tax receipts, Nashville Plantation (Township 12, Range 6)1900
6Tax receipts, wild lands1900
16 (OS)2Tax receipts1900-1904
15 (OS)2Tax receipts1901-1902
97Tax receipts1901
8Tax receipts1902
9Tax receipts1903
10Tax receipts1904
11Tax receipts1905
D. East Branch Dam Company
912Kenduskeag National Bank, returned checks (no. 1-55)Apr 1900-Nov 1901
13Kenduskeag National Bank, check bookOct 1901-Oct 1904
14Kenduskeag National Bank, returned checks (no. 56-80)Feb 1902-Jan 1903
SERIES III. Land Management
A. Scale Accounts
915Scale returns1902
16Scale returns1902
133Scale returnsApr 1902
101Scale returns, F. G. Quincy scalerApr 1902
2Scale returns, F. G. Quincy scalerApr 1902
3Scale returnsJan 1903-Mar 1903
4Scale returnsApr 1903-Dec 1903
5Scale returns, F. G. Quincy scalerApr 1903
6Scale returns, F. G. Quincy scalerApr 1903
7Scale returns1904
8Scale returns1904
9Scale returns, P. L. Sawyer, Edward O’Connell, and Harry Hasey, scalersMar 1904-Apr 1904
10Scale returns, P. L. Sawyer, Edward O’Connell, and Harry Hasey, scalersMar 1904-Apr 1904
11Scale returns1905
111Scale returns1905
2Scale returns1905
3Scale returns1905
B. "C Surplus” Land Dispute Records
15 (OS)3Abstracts and deeds1836, 1899-1900, undated
6Abstracts and letters regarding title chain, A. W. Paine1881-1891, undated
8Title abstracts and notes for Judge Foster1899-1900, undated
134Original deeds from the heirs of John Peck and William Coggswell to Edwin A. Jones1899
5C Surplus deeds, 1802, 1804, 1844, 1871, 1881 [copies]1899, undated
Title abstracts and copies of deeds regarding Peck ownership1900, undated
16 (OS)3Peck and Coggswell family documents and genealogical charts1900, 1902, undated
136Newspaper clippings [photocopies]1902
7Peck and Coggswell family records1902
141“Peck Depositions” depositions of Ellen J. Harris, Walter C. Young, Maria L. Sellers, William McCracken, Thomas P. Knight, and Thomas N. PeckFeb 1902
2“Peck Depositions” depositions of William S. Peck, Richard L. Peck, Isadore A. Johnson, James T. Allen, Nettie A. Adams, Thomas O. Peck, and Hattie P. SmithFeb 1902
3“Coggswell Depositions” depositions of Lothorp H. Faulkner, George W. Brown, Lucas H. Coggswell, Francis D. Coggswell, Helen D. Brown, Elizabeth S. Brown, Elizabeth J. Carson, and Elizabeth Faulkner BearceFeb 1902
4“Coggswell Depositions” depositions of Elizabeth Stow, Charles E. Brown, Alice B. Burgess, Anna C. Hill, Elizabeth U. Cole, and Charlotte C. ColeMar 1902
1110Peck and Coggswell family certificates of marriage and abstracts of wills1902, undated
11Affidavits of papers served in Edwin A. Jones vs. David Pingree et al.1903
12Deeds regarding Peck property, recorded in Maine 1802-1815 [copies]1903, undated
13Deeds and other legal documents regarding Peck property and estate recorded in Massachusetts, 1813-1824 [copies]undated
121Deeds, 1821-1828 [copies]undated
2Deeds, 1832-1839 and undated [copies]undated
3Deeds, 1836-1856 [copies]undated
4Deeds, 1872-1881 [copies]undated
5Deeds, 1882 and 1893 [copies]undated
138Deeds regarding Peck property, recorded in Maine 1802-1805 [copies]undated
9Copies of title abstractsundated
10Deeds, 1824-1881 [copies]undated
15 (OS)4Deeds, 1836, 1873-1881 [copies]undated
5Inventory of deeds held by David Pingreeundated
C. Miscellaneous Land Management
Flat fileTownship map of the State of Maine, J.H. Colton townships in which David Pingree held interest are marked “P” in pencil1855
126Cover and hand written note about the Township map of the State of Maine1855, undated
7Application for permits1899-1901
Memoranda book1900-1902
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