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English/Touzel/Hathorne Papers

English/Touzel/Hathorne Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. English Family Papers
A. Hollingsworth Family Papers
11Hollingsworth family papers1665, 1679-1690
B. Philip English (1651-1736) Papers
12Adventure (Ketch), Arke (Sloop), Dove (Ketch), Dragon (Ketch), Dragon (Ketch), Essex Galley (Ship), Hopewell (Ship), Poarepine (Ship), Prosporous (Ketch), Prudent Mary (Brig), Repair (Ketch)1683-1716, undated
3Sarah (Sloop), Susanna (Ketch), Union (Sloop), William and Susanna1688-1722
4Miscellaneous shipping papers1679-1729
5Accounts and receipts1683-1735, undated
17(OS)1Shipping account book: Vol. I: farm produce/fish/shipping1664-1708
Vol. 1Shipping account book: Vol. II: fish/shipping1678-1690
16Shipping account book: Vol. III: daybook1697-1700
Vol. 2Shipping account book: Vol. IV: farm produce/fishing/shipping1699-1718
17(OS)2Shipping account book: Vol. V1704-1711
3Shipping account book leaves1666-1718
4Household inventoryundated
5Property deeds1661-1733
17Legal documents1675-1733
8Guardianship and estate papers1732-1751
C. Philip English Jr. (1684-1750) Papers
19Accounts and receipts1714-1751, undated
10Tavern accounts and receipts1721-1736, undated
11Tavern account books: Vol. 1-31719-1722
21Tavern account books: Vol. 4-6May 1724-May 1725
2Tavern account books: Vol. 7-9Oct. 1725-1728
17(OS)6Tavern account books: Vol. 10-131729-1750
7Tavern account books1718-1750
23Legal documents1718-1748
D. William English (1689/90-1715) Papers
24William English Ship's Papers: Dolphin (Sloop), John and Mary (Ship), Mary (Sloop), Prince Eugene (Brig), William & Susanna (Brig)1712-1714, undated
5William and John English accounts and receipts1709-1749, undated
E. English Relatives' Papers
26Philip English (1736-1813) receipts; John English receipt1771-1811
SERIES II. Touzel Family Papers
A. Captain John Touzel (bp 1687-1727) Papers
31Anna Maria, Betty (Brig), Eagle (Ship)1718-1723
2Endeavor (Brig), Voyage 11728-June 1729
3Endeavor (Brig), Voyage 2June 1729-1730
4Endeavor (Sloop), George & Sam (Schooner), Henry Smith (Schooner), John (Schooner), Olive Branch, Sarah (Sloop)1722-1736
5Business correspondence1718-1738, undated
6Accounts and receipts1715-1730
7Accounts and receipts, Susanna E. Touzel receipts1730-1739
8Shipping account books: Vol. 1 and 21711-1729
9Ledger, Vol. 3 and 4; Daybook Vol. 5; Index Vol. 61722-1728
10Legal documents1687-1736
11Estate papers1737-1778
12Family correspondence1720-1738
B. John Touzel (1727-1785) Papers
41Business correspondence1751-1784
2Farm papers1754-1786, undated
Vol. 3Farm account book1783-1802
43Silversmith accounts and receipts1749-1784, undated
4Account book leaves1745-1775, undated
5Accounts and receipts1748-1764
6Accounts and receipts1765-1776
7Accounts and receipts1777-1785, undated
8St. Peter's church documents1757-1786, undated
9Legal documents1751-1785
10Estate papers1785-1796, undated
51Touzel receiptsundated
C. Cranch Family Papers
52Amelia (Brig), Charming Jenny, Fanuell Hall (Brig), Mary & Ann (Snow), Molly (Snow), Pembrooke (Brig), Sparten Dame (Ship)1738-1743
3John Cranch correspondence1740-1744
4John Cranch miscellaneous papers1737-1745, undated
5Mary Cranch correspondence1747-1767, undated
6Mary Cranch accounts and receipts1737-1769, undated
7Mary Cranch account books and leaves1739-1769
8Mary Cranch legal and estate papers1755-1771, undated
D. Thomas LeSibriel (died 1751) Papers
59Shipping papers1706-1749, undated
10Business papers1729-1751
11Legal documents1682-1730
12Estate papers1751-1759
13Family correspondence1732-1739
E. Mary Brown Estates Papers
514Mary Brown estate papers1733-1772
SERIES III. Hathorne Family Papers
A. John Hathorne (bp 1719-1750) and Susanna (Touzel) Hathorne (1722-1802) Papers
61John Hathorne receipts1742-1747
2Susanna (Touzel) Hathorne papers1753-1802
181John Hathorne papers1792-1812
B. Col. John Hathorne (1749-1834) Papers
1. Shipping papers
63Seaflower (Schooner), J. Rider, master1798-1799
4Seaflower (Schooner), J. Berry, masterJan.-Oct. 1800
5Seaflower (Schooner), E. Symonds, master; Miscellaneous PapersNov. 1800-1801
6Active - Yorickundated
7Miscellaneous shipping papers1776-1815
8Prize good shares in privateers1772-1812
9Thomas Webb papers1797-1805
2. Goldsmith & Dry Goods Business Papers
610Merchant house correspondence and ship's papers1783-1787
11Correspondence1785-1810, undated
12Receipts and accounts1768-1781
13Receipts and accounts1782-1783
14Receipts and accounts1784
71Receipts and accounts1785-1786
2Receipts and accounts1787-1788
3Receipts and accounts1789-1790
4Receipts and accounts1791
5Receipts and accounts1792
6Receipts and accounts1793
7Receipts and accounts1794-1795
8Receipts and accounts1796
9Receipts and accounts1797-1798
10Receipts and accounts1799-1800
81Receipts and accounts1801-1826
2Receipts and accountsundated
Vol. 4Ledger1771-1798
3. Farm and Business Papers
83Farm papers: Work contracts1786-1809, undated
4Farm papers: Accounts and receipts1770-1828
5Farm papers: Account books1793-1828
6Business correspondence: Arthur Dennis1783-1795
7Business correspondence: John Piemont1789-1798
8Miscellaneous business correspondence1784-1824, undated
9Bank business1803-1822
10Receipts and accounts1760-1782
91Receipts and accounts1783-1786
2Receipts and accounts1787-1789
3Receipts and accounts1790-1794
4Receipts and accounts1795-1799
5Receipts and accounts1800-1805
6Receipts and accounts1805-1810
7Receipts and accounts1811-1818
8Receipts and accounts1819-1829
9Receipts and accountsundated
10Account books1804-1809, undated
4. Civic and Family Papers
101Civic affairs1788-1810
2Military papers1788-1796, undated
3Legal documents1774-1824
4Estate papers: Mary Norris1811-1816
5Family correspondence1763-1809, undated
6Family domestic receipts1776-1823
C. Benjamin Herbert Hathorne (1773-1824) Papers
1. Dry Goods Business Papers
182Cloth receipts1794-1795
Vol. 5Daybook; Benjamin Herbert Hathorne and William H. stock inventory1794-1798
Vol. 6Ledger; stock inventory; daybook1794-1801
Vol. 7Sales book1794-1795
Vol. 8Sales bookJan.-Jul. 1795
Vol. 9Sales bookJul.-Dec. 1795
183Cloth receipts1796
Vol. 10Sales bookDec. 1795-May 1796
Vol. 11Sales bookMay-Nov. 1796
184Cloth receipts1797
Vol. 12Sales bookNov. 1796-May 1797
Vol. 13Sales bookMay-Sep. 1797
Vol. 14Sales bookSep. 1797-Jan. 1798
185Cloth receipts1798
Vol. 15Sales bookJan.-Jun. 1798
Vol. 16Expense account1795-1798
1810Merchant house correspondence: Bainbridge – Barkerundated
191Merchant house correspondence: Chadwick – Elam1799-1805
2Merchant house correspondence: Foster – Ingham1799-1804
3Merchant house correspondence: Lodge – Smith1799-1802
4Merchant house correspondence: Turner – Williams1800-1802
5Merchant house correspondence: miscellaneous shipping invoices and charges1799-1801
6Merchant house correspondence: English visit1800
7Miscellaneous business correspondence1799-1801
8Cloth receipts1799-1800
Vol. 19Letter and invoice book, daybook1799-1818
2. Benjamin Herbert Hathorne and William Hathorne Dry Goods Business Papers
Vol. 17DaybookOct. 1798-1800
Vol. 18Ledger1798-1799
187Cloth and miscellaneous receipts1798
8Cloth and miscellaneous receipts1799
112Stock inventory1799
189Miscellaneous accounts and shipping ventures1798-1800
3. Benjamin Herbert Hathorne and John Hathorne Dry Goods Business Papers
114Cash books; invoice and stock inventory; stock inventory; correspondence1799-1802
199Brothers' correspondence1801-1803
115Brothers' correspondence1802
6Merchant house correspondence: Bainbridge – Lodge1801-1804
1910Merchant house correspondence: Bainbridge – Brown1801-1804
11Merchant house correspondence: Chadwick – Furst1801-1805
201Merchant house correspondence: Gould – Ingham1801-1805
2Merchant house correspondence: Kelsall – Nunn1801-1803
117Merchant house correspondence: Loyd – Rhodes1801-1804
203Merchant house correspondence: Parkinson – Rathbone1801-1805
4Merchant house correspondence: Ravee – Reid1801-1805
5Merchant house correspondence: Rhodes – Wontner1801-1804
118Merchant house correspondence: Smith – Wotner1802-1804
9Merchant house correspondence: miscellaneous ship's papers1801-1804
206Merchant house correspondence: miscellaneous shipping invoices and charges1801-1805
7Merchant house correspondence: English visit1801-1802
199Brothers' correspondence1801-1803
209Business correspondence addressed only to Benjamin1801-1805
1110Business correspondence1801-1805, undated
208Business correspondence1802-1805
10Cloth receipts1801-1805
1111English clothing receipts1801-1802
12Receipts and accounts1801-1804, undated
2Shipping ventures1804-1806
Vol. 20Blotter1801-1803
1113Waste book1801
Vol. 21Waste book1801-1805
Vol. 22Daybook1801-1805
Vol. 23Daybook1803-1808
Vol. 24Cashbook1801-1805
Vol. 25Invoice and stock inventory1801-1805
121Stock inventory1801-1805
4. English Dry Goods Business Papers
214Merchant house correspondence: Appleton – Fisher1805-1818
122Merchant house correspondence: Brooks1816-1825
3Merchant house correspondence: Broom – Carter1815-1824
4Merchant house correspondence: Curwin – Gould1807-1824
215Merchant house correspondence: Gould – Hind1805-1816
125Merchant house correspondence: Haigh – Laurence1807-1823
216Merchant house correspondence: Ingham – MacGregor1805-1818
126Merchant house correspondence: Lee – Reid1807-1824
217Merchant house correspondence: Parkinson – Reid1804-1810
131Merchant house correspondence: Rhodes1812-1820
2Merchant house correspondence: Rhodes1821-1825
218Merchant house correspondence: Rhodes – VanSchaick1812-1816
133Merchant house correspondence: Richards – Thompson1807-1823
219Merchant house correspondence: Whitacre – Wontner1809-1816
134Merchant house correspondence: Williams1810-1825
5Merchant house correspondence: miscellaneous shipping invoices & charges1805-1823
2110Merchant house correspondence: miscellaneous shipping invoices and charges1806-1818
136Merchant house correspondence: bills of exchange, A-Z1809-1823
7Merchant house correspondence: custom house bonds, A-Z1816-1823
8Merchant house correspondence: English visit1810
2111Merchant house correspondence: English visit1810
12Business correspondence1806-1813
139Business correspondence1807-1823
221Business correspondence1814-1818
2Cloth receipts1806
3Cloth receipts1807
4Cloth receipts1808
5Cloth receipts1809-1811
141Cloth receipts1810, 1812
226Cloth receipts1812-1814
7Cloth receipts1815-1819
142Cloth receipts1816, 1817
3Cloth receipts1818
4Cloth receipts1819
5Cloth receipts1820
6Cloth receipts1821-1824
Vol. 26Letter & invoice book1801-1818
Vol. 27Daybook1805-1806
Vol. 28Daybook1805-1807
Vol. 29Daybook1806-1808
Vol. 30Daybook1807-1810
Vol. 31Daybook1808-1810
Vol. 32Daybook1810-1818
Vol. 33Daybook1811-1815
Vol. 19Daybook, letter and invoice book1799-1801
Vol. 34Daybook1818-1820
Vol. 35Daybook1820-1822
Vol. 36Journal1817-1820
Vol. 37Journal1820-1822
Vol. 38Ledger1813-1815
Vol. 39Cash book1805-1817
Vol. 40Cash book1817
Vol. 41Invoice & stock inventory1818-1821
229Invoice bookundated
148Stock inventory1817-1822
9Stock inventory1817-1822
151William Hathorne bankruptcy1816-1821
2Gray & Hathorne: correspondence1804-1806
3Gray & Hathorne: receipts and accounts1804-1806
4Underwriting accounts1814-1823
5Bank account books1806-1817
6Legal documents: promissory notes, A-Zundated
7Legal documents and estate papers1814-1824
228Shipping ventures1800-1817
158Miscellaneous receipts and accounts1788-1798
9Miscellaneous receipts and accounts1801-1807
10Miscellaneous receipts and accounts1809-1818
11Miscellaneous receipts and accounts1819-1824, undated
12Family correspondence1799-1823, undated
5. Miscellaneous Business Papers
2211Shipping ventures1792-1800
12William Hathorne bankruptcy; Gray & Hathorne papers1805-1818
231Underwriting accounts; bank account book; legal documents1800-1825
D. William Hathorne, John Hathorne Jr., and Ebenezer Hathorne Papers
238Receipts1817, undated
161William Hathorne (1777-1851) papers1796-1801, 1811-1827
2John Hathorne Jr. (1775-1829) papers1799-1810, 1829
3Ebenezer Hathorne (1789-1858) papers: correspondence1801, 1809-1810, 1822-1827, 1851
4Ebenezer Hathorne (1789-1858) papers: receipts1813-1830, 1837-1841
E. Hathorne Relatives' Papers
165Benjamin Herbert (1709-1761) papers1737-1741, 1761-1764
Samuel Ingersoll papers1779-1807
6Hathorne papers1711, 1722, 1742-1763, 1770-1773, 1801, 1816
239Family correspondence1806-1818
F. Miscellaneous Papers
167English/Touzel/Hathorne fragments and papers1681, 1709-1726, 1736-1766, 1801-1806, 1817-1820, undated
8Shipping papers1712-1743, 1760-1761, 1769, 1789, 1800, 1829, undated
9Correspondence, poetry1702, 1740/1, 1761-1772, 1797-1809, undated
10Legal documents1683-1684, 1710-1721, 1758, 1783-1784, 1794-1801, 1814-1819, 1834
11Essex bank shares1800, 1811-1812
12Miscellaneous papers1696-1722, 1731-1739, 1759-1767, 1781, 1800-1803, undated
13Miscellaneous papers1722-1739, 1754-1758, 1765-1780, 1803-1819, undated
14Miscellaneous fragmentsundated
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