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Mount Washington Summit Road Company Records

Mount Washington Summit Road Company Records

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SERIES I. Land Records
A. Deeds, Abstracts and Title Histories
191Deeds for land in Grafton, New Hampshire1796, 1800
11Wentworth Location papers and trespasses1853-1879, undated
161Copy of Indenture to L.E. Dunn, 1853undated
Deed to Wentworth, Roger & Treadwell's Location1860
12Wentworth, Roger & Treadwell's Location deeds1860-1861
3Bean's Purchase1861, 1891
4Biddeford House Lot1869
5Aurin Chase affidavits regarding New Hampshire state lands purchased in 18671872-1873
6Pinkham Grant "letters, abstracts, taxes and sales"1876-1895
7Jones' Mill Papers [in relation to the Newton Lot]1888
8"Newton Lot" correspondence and deeds1888-1890
9Description of land on summit as laid out by the Board of Railroad Commissioners1889
10Cutt's Grant papers, copies 1810-1871 1894-1897, undated
161Report of J.W. Sewall and J.A. Pike on boundary lines of Cutt's Grant1895
11Notes on Jackson, New Hampshire boundary lines1897
12Otis Eastman deeds, 1832 and 1834undated
13Copy of deed from New Hampshire to William H. Smith, for all singular lands belonging to the State in "Pittsburgh," New Hampshire 18671897
B. Surveys
1. Survey and Exploration Field Books
114Barker and Weeks' letters and surveys, Sargent's Purchase1864-1877
15J. W. Weeks field book, White Mountains survey1868
Daniel Barker field book, explorations of White Mountains1871, 1873
Memoranda for Mr. Allen: explorations of lands situated around Mount Washington1871, 1873, 1882
Survey of Mount Washington, Tip Top, etc. ("book 6")1877
Day book ("book 10")1877-1878
Field book of Sargent's Purchase from ore tract and Thompson & Meserve's Purchase ("book 25")1882
Field book of Sargent's Purchase from ore tract and Thompson & Meserve's Purchase ("book 26")1882
21Copy of N. Barker's private field notes of the survey around Mt. Washington, 1863 and 18671882
Field book of Dummer Falls river levels, lots at Richardson Lakes, etc. ("book 27")1882-1883
Daniel Barker field book, White Mountains surveys1882-1883
Copy of D. Barker's field notes of the survey of sections western part of Thompson & Meserve's and Sargent's Purchase, 1882undated
Copy of the diary of F. H. Allen as kept in Jackson, New Hampshire, winter of 1883-1886undated
2Gridley location boundary1872-1877
3W. R. Goodwin's exploration of Thompson & Meserve Purchase and Sargent's Purchase1890
162Measurements of the railway track on summit, by J. W. Sewall and S. F. PeasleeJul 1892
Copy of J. W. Sewall's notes on summit surveyJul 1892
24Cutt's Grant and Sargent's Purchase boundary resolution survey and correspondence1893-1895
5Cutt's Grant and Sargent's Purchase boundary survey and notes by S. F. Peaslee1893-1896
162Instruction to govern the survey of Cutt's Grant, as agreed by L.D. Hazen, C.H. Stevens, D. Pingree and E.S. Coe1894
26Abstracts of Sargent's Purchaseundated
7Field notes of Laundry Lot, by Daniel Barkerundated
162Copy of field notes of the Mount Washington Summit Roadundated
2. Log Surveys and Trespasses
28Sargent's Purchase and Iron Ore Tract trespasses1888-1892
9[No title] undated
10Report on Bartlett Lots trespasses by S. F. Peaslee1897
11Gridley Location trespasses, 1873-1875undated
C. Maps and Plans
Flat file1Sargent's Purchase, courses and distances1867
Thompson and Meserve's Purchase, courses and distances1868
2Plan of Sargent's Purchase with original lots, by J. Weeks1867
Plan of Sargent's Purchase and Iron Ore Tract as located in accordance with the decision of the New Hampshire court, by Daniel BarkerAug 1882
Plan of Sargent's Purchase showing lots, by James Willeyundated
Sketch of Sargent's Purchase with lots laid out [2 copies]undated
201Sketch of Sargent's Purchase, Noah Barker1867
Plan of Sargent's Purchase, Daniel Barker1882
Copy of plan of lots in Sargent's Purchase from a plan made by James Willey in 1832undated
Copy of plan owned by Mr. Bellows [no attribution]undated
Plan showing lots on Sargent's Purchase, Rogers & Treadwell's Location and other grants [no attribution]undated
Plan of lots in Sargent's Purchase, Daniel Barkerundated
"Sargent's Purchase, 1832" [no attribution]undated
Sketch Plan of part of Thompson & Meserve's and Sargent's Purchase [no attribution]undated
Plan of part of Thompson & Meserve's and Sargent's Purchase [no attribution]undated
Plan of Thompson & Meserve's Purchase, J. Weeksundated
Plan of Thompson & Meserve's Purchase [no attribution]undated
Plan of grants used to show permitted areas of logging to Libby and Sons in 1894 [no attribution]undated
2Leavitt's map of the White Mountains1878
Plan of Jackson line, C. E. Dole1884
Plan from the State of New Hampshire secretary's office, copied by George Meserve1886
Plan of part of Jackson [no attribution]1895
Iron Ore Tract, Newton Lots, Eastman Lot, and part of Sargent's Purchase [no attribution]undated
Plan of survey around Marshfield Station at the base of Mount Washington, surveyed 1853-1867, 1882undated
Flat file3Sketch plan of level at Mount Washington1882
Copy of D. Barker's plan of Mount Washington Summit1882
Summit plan, no measurements [no attributions]undated
4Plan of branch road from Mount Washington Turnpike to Pinkham Notch, by Daniel BarkerOct 1883
Plan of Mount Washington branch road [no attribution]undated
5Plan from Secretary of State "protracted from notes of outline survey made by R. R. Co."1888
Plan of summit by James W. Sewall [2 copies]Jul 1892
Copy of plan of summit by James W. Sewall, 1892Mar 1894
Plan of the summit of Mount Washington by Daniel Barker, June 1877undated
Plan of Mount Washington railroad and summit, by Daniel Barker, June 1877; levels taken 1882undated
Plan of summit by James W. Sewall, 1892undated
Plan of summit with contours [no attribution]undated
203Plan of land laid out by the New Hampshire Railroad Commissioners on summit, by C. H. Sleeper [2 copies]1889, undated
Railroad Commissioners location on summit as measured by D. Pingree [2 copies]Sep 1889
Sketch of tract condemned, drawn from description in Among the Clouds, D. BarkerSep 1889
Plan of the summit [no attribution]undated
Flat file6Sketch plan of parts of Thompson and Meserve's and Sargent's Purchases, showing exploration of W. R. GoodwinJul 1890
Map of Sargent's Purchase, by Judge Weeksundated
J. N. Weeks' plan of Sargent's Purchase and Cutt's Grantundated
Map of land in Jackson, Iron Ore Tract [unattributed]undated
7Timber estimates on Sargent's Purchase for 1893 and 1894, by S. F. Peaslee [2 copies]Oct 1893
Timber estimates, by S. F. Peaslee on Sargent's Purchase and Thompson & Meserve's PurchaseMay 1896
Timber estimates, by S. F. Peaslee on Bartlett lots and and Iron Ore TractOct 1897
8Plan of Base Station on Mount Washington, surveyed by Daniel Barker, 1877 [4 copies of map]1894, undated
9Plan of turnpike as plotted by Daniel BarkerMay 1894
Plan of summit road [no attribution]undated
Plan of summit road [no attribution]undated
10Plan of Mount Washington and adjoining lands, representing the surveys from 1853 to 1867, and same re-surveyed in 1882 by Daniel Barkerundated
Copy of a Plan of Mount Washington Lands from multiple surveys, taken from 1854 to 1883undated
Plan of lands including and adjacent to Mount Washington as surveyed by G. W. M. Pitman, 1859 to 1860undated
Copy of J. W. Weeks plan of Sargent's Purchase and Cutt's Grant, 1867undated
Plan of Mount Washington and adjacent lands [no attribution], updated 1881 by D. Barkerundated
"From Crawford's Map of the White Mountains"undated
Map of Sargent's and Thompson and Meserve's Purchases with their surroundings, by J. W. Weeksundated
Copy of a map of Sargent's Purchase and Cutt's Grant created from multiple surveys, by J. W. Weeksundated
11Copies of "office plan" representing Pinkham's Grant and Sargent's Purchase, as surveyed in 1824 by Joseph Pinkham and 1847 by James Willey [3 copies]1895
162Plan of differing boundary lines, Sargent's Purchaseundated
211Plan of Iron Ore Tract, from Jackson's Geologyundated
Sketch of Pinkham's Grantundated
Sketch of Sylvanus Emery Lotundated
Sketch of Mount Washington Railwayundated
"Small Plan of Railroad + Summit"undated
Miscellaneous plansundated
SERIES II. Corporate and Legal Records
A. Incorporation Papers and Corporate Records
212Mount Washington Road Company charter [predecessor]1853
163Petition of Mount Washington Road Co., 1853 [copy]undated
213Leases and papers not to be used as evidence1854-1882
14Mount Washington Road Company papers [predecessor]1854-1859, undated
14Leases of summit and correspondence regarding same1854-1891
163Jackson Iron Company vote and draft of lease to Mount Washington Road Company1851
31Deeds and legal papers regarding the summit1855-1869
164Lease from the Jackson Iron Manufacturing Company to Joseph S. Hall and John H. Spaulding1859
33Receipts of ticketsJul 1860
165Leases from Jackson Iron Manufacturing Company to J. R. Hitchcock [11 documents]1861-1872
34Stock certificates (numbers 1 through 31 inclusive)Jan 1861
5Lists, memos, and correspondence regarding stock holders1861-1897
6Insurance policy on stableJul 1861
7Leases of stables1861, undated
8Photographs and blank pass to road1861, undated
9Proxies and powers of attorney1864
10Copies of Mount Washington Railway Company directors' meeting minutes1869
11Abstract of charter and memo of annual stockholder Meetings, 1859-18911869-1891, undated
12Leases of summit to Mount Washington Railway1872-1883
13Deed to Stephen Wheatland, not executed1872
14Annual meeting minutes1872-1896
15Cost of buildings on Mount Washington and copies of relevant correspondence1872-1877
16Summit Road Company and Railway Company correspondence regarding terminus of lease1887-1889
17Railway Company filing for more land at summitJan 1888
18Agreement and conditional lease to E. Libby & SonsJan 1888
19Instructions for Summit Road superintendent1889
20Papers regarding business of the Railway Company1889, 1891, undated
21Travel statistics, 1860-18931890-1893, undated
23Abstract of an act to incorporate the Saco Valley RailroadApr 1891
24Certified copies of the Governor and Council meeting proceedings, 1831 and 1867Dec 1892
25Appraised value of fixtures and furnishings1893-1894
26Agreement to sell summit to Mount Washington Railway Company1894
27Correspondence, memos and deed of sale of the summit1894
28Act prohibiting disposal of sawdust and other waste products into water ways1895
29Miscellaneous memos, notes, and instructions1897, undated
30Mount Washington Summit Road Company charter, June 27, 1859 [copy]undated
31Duplicate copies of lease of summit, 1877 and 1882undated
32Copy of excerpt of New Hampshire law for laying out Railroadsundated
33J. Bartlett's decision in Wells v. Jackson Iron Company, December 1866 [copy]undated
166Blank stock certificatesundated [circa 1859]
B. Lawsuit
334Papers pertaining to the lease of the base and summit1868, 1872-1891
41Papers submitted to the court by David Pingree1882-1887
2O. E. Branch speech in favor of the Hazen BillSep 1887
3List of papers loaned to legal team1888-1891
4House hearing for bill to amend the charter of the Mount Washington Railroad: "evidence introduced in favor of the bill"Feb 1891
5Senate Committee on Railroads, hearing for bill to amend the charter of the Mount Washington Railroad: O. E. Branch argument in opposition [2 copies]Mar 1891
Senate Committee on Railroads, hearing for bill to amend the charter of the Mount Washington Railroad: Irving Drew argument in favorMar 1891
6Senate hearing for new draft of bill to amend the charter of the Mount Washington Railroad: Henry M. Baker speechMar 1891
7Roll call for New Hampshire legislature vote on Mount Washington Senate Bill to indefinitely postpone billApr 1891
8House Committee on Railroads, hearing for bill to amend the charter of the Mount Washington Railroad: "opening argument against the bill" [2 copies]1891
9House hearing for bill to amend the charter of the Mount Washington Railroad: "evidence introduced in opposition to the bill" [5 copies]1891
10Petition, affidavit and defendants' answer1891-1893
11Equity docket #228, Coe and Pingree, Trustees vs. Walter Aiken et al.1891-1893
51Circuit Court of the United States, for the district of New Hampshire: bill in equity and amendment to sameOct 1891
2Circuit Court of the United States, for the district of New Hampshire: brief for appellants, O. E. Branchundated [circa Aug 1892]
3Circuit Court of the United States, for the district of New Hampshire: brief for plaintiffs, O. E. BranchDec 1892
4Circuit Court of the United States, for the district of New Hampshire: brief for defendants, E. B. S. Sanborn and brief of defendants' argument, Frank S. StreeterAug 1893
5Pleadings and evidence [volume]1893
6Pleadings and evidence [volume]1893
61United States Circuit Court, District of New Hampshire, papers1893, undated
2David Pingree (1841-1932) depositions1894
3Notes for trialundated
SERIES III. Financial Records
A. Account Books
64Account book and capital stockSep 1860-Jun 1897
5Toll bookJul 1860-Jun 1888
Vol. 1Mount Washington House ledgerJun 1872-Jun 1877
66Toll bookJun 1877-Sep 1888
7Toll bookJul 1885-Jun 1888
71Toll bookJun 1889-Sep 1892
2Ledger: fees collected at observatory towerJul 1891-Sep 1893
Toll ticket stub bookMay 1893-Sep 1893
Toll ticket stub bookMay 1893-Sep 1893
Toll ticket stub bookMay 1893-Sep 1893
"Time Book"1885-1888
B. Accounts, Vouchers, and Receipts
73Wentworth location bills, vouchers and receipts1846-1878
4Glen House receipts1857-1872
5Stocks, dividends and assessments1860-1862, undated
6Bills, vouchers, and receipts1860-1861
192Bills, vouchers, and receipts1860-1876
77Bills, vouchers, and receipts1862-1863
8Bills, vouchers, and receipts1864
167Bills, vouchers, and receipts1864-1878
79Bills, vouchers, and receipts1865
10Bills, vouchers, and receipts1866
81Bills, vouchers, and receipts1867
2Bills, vouchers, and receipts1868
3Bills, vouchers, and receipts1869
4Bills, vouchers, and receipts1870
5Bills, vouchers, and receipts1871
6Bills, vouchers, and receipts1872
7Bills, vouchers, and receipts1873
193Charles Locke's bills1873-1888
88Bills, vouchers, and receipts1874
9Bills, vouchers, and receipts1875
10Bills, vouchers, and receipts1876
11Bills, vouchers, and receipts1877
12Bills, vouchers, and receipts1878
168Wentworth location cost of suit1878
813Bills, vouchers, and receipts1879
14Bills, vouchers, and receipts1880
169Bills, vouchers, and receipts1880-1890
91Bills, vouchers, and receipts1881
2Bills, vouchers, and receipts1882
3Bills, vouchers, and receipts1883
4Bills, vouchers, and receipts1884
5Bills, vouchers, and receipts1885
6Bills, vouchers, and receipts1886
194Bills, vouchers, and receipts1886-1892
97Bills, vouchers, and receipts1887
8E. Libby & Sons scale bills1887-1891
9Bills, vouchers, and receipts1888
10Clement & Jones scale bills and stumpage1888-1891
195Toll collection accounts1888-1896
911Bills, vouchers, and receipts1889
12Receipts from Mount Washington Railway Company1889
13Bills, vouchers, and receipts1890
1610Bills, vouchers, and receipts1890-1896
196Silas F. Peaslee accounts1890-1895
101Bills, vouchers, and receipts1891
2Bills, vouchers, and receipts1892
3Bills, vouchers, and receipts1893
197Bills, vouchers, and receipts1893-1896
104Bills, vouchers, and receipts1894
5Bills, vouchers, and receipts1895
6Bills, vouchers, and receipts1896
7Bills, vouchers, and receipts1897
C. Taxes
108Wentworth location taxes1852-1875
1611State taxes1853-1865
109Excise Law amendment1863
11Taxes on land held in New Hampshire1873-1882
1611"Income Tax of Corporations, Etc."1894
SERIES IV. Correspondence
1012Flint and West regarding Wentworth Location and flowage1858-1863
13Cushman and Hall1859-1861
14Hall's claim1860-1865
15General business correspondence1860-1866
111Wentworth Location1863, 1875-1877
2General business correspondence1867-1885, undated
3Cutt's Grant1869-1887
4Aiken, Lyon, and Minot [copies]1872-1888
5Exploration of Thompson & Meserve's Purchase and Martin's Location by Daniel BarkerSep 1873
6George P. Meserve1873-1879
7Trespasses and Marshfield Lot1873-1884
8Aiken, Pingree, and Coe regarding lease of summit1878-1885
9Summit lease1882-1890
10J. Minot letter regarding thoughts on lease, and copies of indentureFeb 1883
11Henry M. Burt1883
12"Cut off Road"1883-1885
13Libby & Sons, Locke, Kendall, and McNeil1883-1888
14Marsh, Pingree and CoeOct 1884-Nov 1884
15Lee, Milliken, Pingree, and Williams about summit house1884-1888
16Signal Office1884, 1886, 1890
17C. E. Dole regarding Bean's Purchase1885-1889, undated
18B. F. Osgood regarding Pinkham GrantJul 1886-Aug 1886
121Jeremiah Smith regarding notices to be served to Railway CompanyOct 1887-Nov 1887
2Aiken, Coe, and Pingree regarding condemned lands at summit and railway suitOct 1887-Oct 1889
3Kendall, Locke, Pingree, Weeks, and others regarding business on Mount WashingtonJun 1888-Aug 1888
4Kendall, Pingree, and others regarding business on Mount WashingtonAug 1888-Dec 1888
5G. W. PitmanNov 1888-Apr 1890
6Clements & Jones Mills and land in BartlettFeb 1888-May 1890
7Estes, Kendall and PingreeApr 1889
8Legal correspondenceAug 1889-Oct 1890
9E. W. Powers telegramsJul 1890
10J.W. Sewall and D. Barker regarding surveyed land1890, 1892
11Benjamin A. Kimball1890, 1894
12Silas F. PeasleeJun 1890-Oct 1890
13TelegramsJan 1891
14>Legal correspondenceJan 1891-Jun 1891
15L.D. Hazen and others regarding lumber operationsJan 1891-Feb 1893
16Silas F. Peaslee and J. C. WestApr 1891-Oct 1891
131Legal correspondence with copies of letters sentJul 1891-Dec 1891
2Legal correspondence received by David PingreeJul 1891-Jun 1892
3Lewis H. Rogers regarding installing a searchlight on the summitJan 1892
4Legal correspondenceJan 1892-Aug 1892
5Silas F. PeasleeApr 1892-Oct 1892
6Legal correspondence received by David PingreeJul 1892-May 1893
7Legal correspondenceSep 1892-Apr 1894
8Summit HouseDec 1892-Mar 1894
9Legal correspondenceFeb 1893-Dec 1893
10S. F. Peaslee correspondenceMay 1893-Oct 1893
11Correspondence received by David PingreeJun 1893-Dec 1893
12Correspondence received by E.S. Coe with copies of othersAug 1893-Aug 1894
141Logging operations applications1893
2Sale of Glen House lotOct 1893-Dec 1893
3Correspondence received by David PingreeJan 1894-May 1894
4Copies of letters given to Henry Heywood, 1875-1886Feb 1894
5Pingree, Sargent, and Heywood regarding directors' meeting with Railway CompanyApr 1894
6Legal correspondenceApr 1894-Jul 1894
7George H. MosesAug 1894-Dec 1896
8[No title]undated
9J. B. StrawJun 1895
10O. H. Smith regarding purchasing lumber tractsJan 1896-May 1897
11Libby & Sons regarding purchase of landsJan 1897-Feb 1897
12O. H. Smith regarding negotiations for Mount Washington landsMar 1897-Jun 1897
SERIES V. Newspapers and Newspaper Clippings
171Coos County Democrat [copy]1853, 1855, 1861
2The White Mountain Echo [copy]July 1, 1882
3People and Patriot [copies]Sep 1883
1413Miscellaneous clippings1884-1897, undated
181Among the Clouds (3 issues, 1 duplicate)1887, 1889
174Among the Clouds [copies]1887-1894
1414Clippings related to lawsuit1889-1891, undated
182Among the Clouds (6 issues)1890-1891
175Miscellaneous clippings [copies]1891-1894
6Concord Evening Monitor [copies]Jan 1891-Feb 1891
7People and Patriot [copies]Jan 1891-Feb 1891
8Concord Evening Monitor [copies]Mar 1891
9Foster's Daily Democrat [copies]Mar 1891
10People and Patriot [copies]Mar 1891
11Manchester Union [copies]Mar 1891-Apr 1891
12Concord Evening Monitor [copies]Apr 1891
13People and Patriot [copies]Apr 1891
183Among the Clouds (7 issues)Sep 1891
1415Among the Clouds clippings1892, undated
184Among the Clouds (5 issues)1892, 1894
1714Bangor Commercial [copies]Sep 1893
185Among the Clouds (3 issues)1899
SERIES V. Post 1906 Papers
151Week's Act (No. 155 Law)1914-1915
2Correspondence with Robert S. Monahan and Dartmouth College1948, 1956, 1962
3John Fulton to Stephen Wheatland1957
4Correspondence with Douglas A. Philbrook1965
5Notes from Incidents in White Mountain History by B. G. Willey, 1855undated
6Copy of E.S. Coe account written on back of "Pusey's Report to the Overseers," 1956undated
1715Newspaper clippings1958, 1961, 1967
SERIES VI. Miscellaneous
157Miscellaneous scraps of paper and envelopesundated
8Inventories of papers in collectionundated [circa 1957]
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