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Samuel V. Chamberlain (1895-1975) Papers

Samuel V. Chamberlain (1895-1975) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Personal Papers
A. Early Years
11Photographs of Cora Lee and Samuel1895-1897, undated
2Diary of Cora Lee Chamberlain1895-1899
3The Women's Journal article1896
4Photograph of Samuel Chamberlainundated [circa 1917]
5a card to Sam from his mother1913
5AReceipts of Cora Lee Chamberlain1920-1926, undated
B. Correspondence with Parents
16From Sam to his parents1909
7From Sam to his parents1913
8From Sam to his parents1914, undated
9From Sam to his parents1914-1915
10From Sam to his parentsSept 1915 - May 1916
11From Sam to his parentsSept 1916-Dec 1916
12From Sam to his parents1917-Mar 1917
21From Sam to his parentsApr 1917-May 1917
2From Sam to his parentsJun 1917-July 1917
3From Sam to his parentsAug 1917-Sept 1917
4From Sam to his parentsOct 1917-Dec 1917
5From Sam to his parentsJan 1918-Mar 1918
6From Sam to his parentsApr 1918-Jun 1918
31From Sam to his parentsJuly 1918-Sept 1918
2From Sam to his parentsOct 1918-Dec 1918
3From Sam to his parentsJan 1919-Apr 1919
4From Sam to his parentsApr 1920-Dec 1920
5From Sam to his parents1921-1922, undated
6To Sam from his parents1922-1923
7Papers relating to MIT and service in WWI1914-1918, 1922, undated
8Correspondence to Sam1912, 1923-1925, undated
9Newspaper clippings [copies]1918
10Newspaper clippings [originals]1918
C. Correspondence with Wife, Narcissa
41From Sam to Narcissaundated [1920s]
2From Sam to Narcissa1922
3From Narcissa to Sam1922
4From Sam to Narcissa1924-1925
5From Sam to Narcissa1926
6From Narcissa to Sam1926
7From Sam to Narcissa1927
8From Sam to Narcissa1927
51From Sam to Narcissa1928
2From Sam to Narcissa1928
3From Narcissa to Sam1928
4From Sam to Narcissa1933
5From Sam to Narcissa1935-1936
6From Sam to Narcissa1937, undated
7From Sam to Narcissa1938-1939, undated
61From Sam to Narcissa1941-1942
2From Sam to Narcissa1943
3From Sam to Narcissa1943
4From Sam to Narcissa1944
5From Sam to Narcissa1944
6From Sam to Narcissa1944
7From Sam to Narcissa1944
71From Sam to Narcissa1945
2From Sam to Narcissa1945
3From Sam to Narcissa1946
4From Sam to Narcissa1949
5From Sam to Narcissa1951
6From Sam to Narcissa1953
7From Sam to Narcissa1954
8From Sam to Narcissa1959, undated
9From Sam to Narcissa1962
D. Correspondence with Daughters
81From Sam to Narcisse1942-1947
2From Sam to Stephanie1953-1957
256From Sam to Narcisse and Stephanie1954-1959
E. Other
83Scrapbook "California Ambrosia"1971, undated
75Postcard collection1953-1981, undated
SERIES II. Business Papers
A. Publisher Correspondence
84A Small House in the Sun Promotion1936-1937, undated
5"About the Author Samuel Chamberlain"1938-1945, undated
6Correspondence regarding publications1937
7Correspondence regarding publications1938
8Correspondence regarding publications1939
9Correspondence regarding publications1940
91Correspondence regarding publications1941
2Correspondence regarding publications1941
3Correspondence regarding publications1942
4Correspondence regarding publications1943
5Correspondence regarding Stephen Daye Press1944-1945
101Correspondence regarding publications1944
2Correspondence regarding publications1945
3Correspondence regarding publications1946
4Correspondence regarding publications1947
5Correspondence regarding publications1947
6Correspondence regarding publications1948
111Correspondence regarding publications1948
2Correspondence regarding publications1949
3Correspondence regarding publications1950
4Correspondence regarding publications1950
5Correspondence regarding publications1950-1952
6Correspondence regarding publications1952
121Correspondence regarding publications1953
2Correspondence regarding publications1954
3Correspondence regarding publications1955
4Correspondence regarding publications1956
5Correspondence regarding publications1956
6Correspondence regarding publications1957
7Correspondence regarding publications1957
8Correspondence regarding publications1958
9Correspondence regarding publications1959
131Correspondence regarding publications1960
2Correspondence regarding publications1961
3Correspondence regarding publications1962
4Correspondence regarding publications1963
5Correspondence regarding publications1964
6Correspondence regarding publications1965
7Correspondence regarding publications1966
8Correspondence regarding publications1967
141Correspondence regarding publications1968
2Etched in Sunlight1967-1968
3Narcissa Chamberlain, The Golden Thread of Reality by Genevieve Burnell1966-1968
4Correspondence regarding publications1969
5Correspondence regarding publications1970
6Correspondence regarding publications1971
B. Book Contracts, Copyrights
148Antiques Calendar1966
9Beauport at Gloucester1950-1951, 1979
10Behold Williamsburg1947, 1965-1966
151The Berkshires1956
2Beyond New England Thresholds1937, 1962-1966
3The Boston Book1959
4Boston Landmarks1946-1952, 1974
5Bouquet de France1965
6British Bouquet1963
7Calendar Covers for 19491948
8Calendar Covers for 19501948-1949
9Calendar Covers for 19511950
10Calendar Covers for 19521951
11Calendar Covers for 19531952
12Calendar Covers for 19541953
13Calendar Covers for 19551954
14Calendar Covers for 19561955
15California Calendar1949
16Cape Cod: A Photographic Sketchbook, Cape Ann Through the Seasons1953, 1981
17Cape Cod in the Sun1937, 1965
18The Chamberlain Sampler of American Cooking1961-1962
19The Chamberlain Selection of New England Rooms, 1639-18631972
20Churches of Old New England1975
21Clementine in the Kitchen1947-1948, 1963-1964
22Ever New England1943-1946, 1972
23Fair Harvard1948-1952, 1970-1976
24Fair Is Our Land1942-1946, 1966
25Feast of France1972
26Flavor of France, Volume I1960-1968, 1985
27Flavor of France, Volume II1964
28Flavor of Italy1964-1968
161France Will Live Again1941-1946
2French Menus for Parties1968-1969
3Frontier of Freedom1952-1958
4Gloucester and Cape Ann, Historic Salem in Four Seasons, Longfellow's Wayside Inn, Historic Boston in Four Seasons1939
5The Golden Thread of Reality by Genevieve Burnell1967-1968
6Hastings House general agreement1948
7Historic Deerfield1965, 1972-1973
8The Coast of Maine, New England Doorways1942-1946, 1955
9Mystic Seaport1959-1961
10Nantucket, Lexington and Concord, Historic Cambridge in Four Seasons1939-1948, 1953-1955, 1969-1970, 1983
11New England Doorways1942
12New England Image1962
13New England Legends and Folklore1967
14The New England Scene1965-1966
15Old Marblehead: A Camera Impression1976
16Old Marblehead, Portsmouth, Martha's Vineyard1941-1942
17Old Rooms for New Living1953, 1965-1966, 1981-1982
18Old Sturbridge Village: A Camera Impression1950-1951
19The Omelette Book1955
20Open House in New England1936-1946, 1959-1961, 1976
21Presidential Executive Orders List and Index1941-1944
22Princeton in Spring1946-1950, 1978
23Rockefeller Center1947-1956, 1961, 1972
24Salem Interiors1950, 1978
25Six New England Villages1948
26A Small House in the Sun1936, 1964-1966, 1971
27Soft Skies of France1953, 1981
28Southern Interiors of Charleston, South Carolina1956, 1964
29Springtime in Virginia1947
30A Stroll Through Historic Salem1969
31This Realm, This England1941-1949
32A Tour of Old Sturbridge Village1955-1961, 1966-1973
C. Personal Business Files
171Address book1942-1942, undated
2American Cooking Calendar1957-1961, undated
2AAmerican Field Service1919, 1956, 1965, undated
3Antiques Magazine1968-1972
4Atlantic Monthly1951-1958, undated
6Automobile: Peugeot 2031949-1966, undated
7Automobile: Peugeot 4031970, undated
8Automobile and travel related1957-1959
181Awards1949, 1972-1973
2Birth certificate, passports, and other personal records1896-1970
3Bennington College: Stephanie1947-1952
85(OS)1Blueprints of historic New England buildingsundated
184Business correspondence1966-1969
76(OS)1Commanderie du Bontemps de Médoc et des Graves: Honorary membership certificate1965
185Creighton Churchill1960-1961, undated
6Creighton Churchill1967-1968
7Karl S. Cate1957-1968, undated
8Karl S. Cate1957-1968, undated
9Clippings1935-1968, undated
191Clippings1935-1968, undated
2Clippings1935-1968, undated
3Clippings1935-1968, undated
4Clippings1935-1968, undated
5Clippings1935-1968, undated
201Clippings1935-1968, undated
2Clippings1935-1968, undated
4Clippings and notices1970-1974
211Clubs, societies, special interests1966-1974, undated
2Colonial Williamsburg1968-1974
3Colonial Society of Massachusetts1947-1948, undated
4Confrere des Chevaliers du Tastevin1957-1958
5Copies of etchings from Tsuji familyundated
6DeMarrais critique of "New England Image"undated [1975?]
Flat fileDiplome de Médaille D'Or [from Exposition Internationale des Arts et des Techniques]1937
217Frank Ellworthy1971, undated
8England: Clippingsundated
9Engravings of ducksundated
10Estate of Cora Lee Chamberlain1949
13Expense books1964
221French correspondence1967-1968
2Friends of Contemporary Prints1940, undated
3Gourmet Magazine correspondence1965-1978
4Hamish Hamilton, Ltd. Correspondence1954-1971
5Hand letteringundated
6Hastings House1971-1978, undated
7Hastings House1971-1978, undated
8Historic Deerfield, Inc.1971-1981
231Italian Bouquet / Italian correspondence1956, undated
2Italian Bouquet / Italian correspondence1956, undated
3Italian correspondence1955-1959
4Italian mapsundated
5Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.1957-1959
6Ruth Krenz office correspondence1957-1959
7Lakeside Studio, Kennedy, Radecki, Polk1969-1978
8Lectures1946-1952, undated
9LIFE International Editions1965
10Magazine articles: Sports Illustrated, Town & Country1959, undated
241Marlboro College1968-1979
Flat fileMédaille de Bronze [from Société des Artistes Français]1928
242Military service1917-1975
76(OS)2Military awards: The Bronze Star Medal and the Legion of Merit1949
243Miscellaneous correspondence1950-1961, undated
4Miscellaneous correspondence1938, 1947, 1952-1958, undated
5Miscellaneous correspondence1955-1961, undated
6Miscellaneous correspondence1959-1964, undated
251Miscellaneous correspondence1961
2Miscellaneous correspondence1965
3Miscellaneous correspondence1984
4Miscellaneous expenses1962-1973
5Mount Vernon, Virginia: photographundated [1969]
76(OS)3National Academy of Design membership certificates1939, 1945
257Notebooks: England1960-1961
8Notebooks: France1959-1964
9Notebooks: France1947, 1953
261Notebooks: Italy1955
2Notes for New England Imageundated
3Notes on England1960-1961
4Notes on Mont St. Michel and Chartres1934, undated
76(OS)4Ordre National de la Légion D'Honneur1949
265Personal correspondence1946, 1953-1963
6Personal correspondence1946, 1953-1963
7Personal correspondence1965-1966
8Personal correspondence1965-1966
9Personal correspondence1966-1970
271Personal correspondence1967-1972
2Personal correspondence1967-1972
3Personal correspondence1970-1972
4Personal correspondence1970-1973
5Personal correspondence1970-1973
6Personal correspondence1972-1974
281Personal correspondence1974
2Personal correspondence1967-1974, undated
3Personal correspondence1968-1971, undated
4Personal correspondence1969-1974, undated
5Personal correspondence1969-1984, undated
6Personal correspondence1970-1984, undated
291Photographic commissions1965-1966
2Photographic commissions1965-1966
3Photographic commissions1965-1966
4Photographic commissions1965-1982
5Photographic commissions1972-1974
5AThe Photographic Society of America membership certificate1960
6Photographs of copperplatesundated
7Photographs of New York City by Chamberlainundated
301Photographs of Salem, Mass., Chestnut Street Day1947, undated
76(OS)5Posters (color) of Chamberlain photographs [4]undated
6Plans for property in Washington State co-owned with his sister [12pp] and Horse Heaven Range map1964, undated
4Beyond New England Thresholds1937-1942, undated
5Chamberlain Sampler of American Cooking1961-1978
6Chamberlain Selection of New England Rooms1973-1978
7The Book of Boston: Colonial Period1960-1963
8The Book of Boston: Federal Period1961-1962, 1975, undated
9The Book of Boston: Victorian Period1964-1967
10Research for British trip1959-1963, undated
11Jay Sadler1973-1974, undated
12St. Clair and Price1969-1973
13Saint Mary's College Exhibition Catalog1981
14Salem City Seal presented to Chamberlain1969
15Sports Illustrated / LIFE International1959-1960
16Syracuse University correspondence1965-1968
311This Realm, This England1940-1942, undated
2This Realm, This England1940-1942, undated
3This Realm, This England1940-1942, undated
4This Realm, This England1940-1942, undated
5This Realm, This England1940-1942, undated
6Travel1962-1965, undated
7Travel1962-1965, undated
8Trip to England1959-1962
9Unidentified photographsundated
10Walter Wiebenson1953-1960, undated
321Will and power of attorney1942
2Wine and Food1948-1959, undated
D. Index to Print Subjects
323History of Etchings and Drypoints and financial ledger [small notebook]1925-1942, undated
4History of Etchings and Drypoints1925-1979, undated
5History of Etchings and Drypoints1925-1979, undated
E. Photograph Albums
81(OS)Military subjects and Europeundated [1940s]
82(OS)Military subjects and Europeundated [1940s]
83(OS)Military subjects and Europeundated [1940s]
84(OS)Military subjects and Europeundated [1940s]
SERIES III. Publications
A. Bouquet De France
326Alsace1964-1965, undated
7Alsace1964-1965, undated
8Anjou and Maine1951-1956, 1964, undated
331Auvergne1951-1956, 1965, undated
3La Bresse1951-1965, undated
4La Bresse1951-1965, undated
5La Bresse1951-1965, undated
6Brittany1951-1964, undated
7Brittany1951-1964, undated
341Burgundy1959-1960, undated
2Burgundy1964-1965, undated
3Burgundy1964-1965, undated
4Upper Burgundy, Lower Burgundy, Dijon1949-1964, undated
5Upper Burgundy, Lower Burgundy, Dijon1949-1964, undated
6Upper Burgundy, Lower Burgundy, Dijon1949-1964, undated
7Upper Burgundy, Lower Burgundy, Dijon1949-1964, undated
8Burgundy: Monsieur Colin1953, undated
351Champagne1950-1965, undated
2Champagne1950-1965, undated
3Bouquet de France 1966 Contact Printsundated
4Bouquet de France 1966 Contact Printsundated
361Contact Prints for Bouquet de Franceundated
2Contact Prints for Bouquet de Franceundated
3Dauphiny1939-1965, undated
4Dauphiny1939-1965, undated
5Flanders, Artois, and Picardieundated
371Franche-Comté1951-1964, undated
2Franche-Comté1951-1964, undated
3Foreword to Bouquet de France1952-1965, undated
4Gascogne et Guyenne1951-1966, undated
5Ile-de-France1956-1964, undated
381Ile-de-France1956-1964, undated
2Illustrations for Bouquet de Franceundated
3Languedoc1951-1965, undated
4Languedoc1951-1965, undated
5Lorraine1951-1965, undated
6Lyonnais1949-1965, undated
7"La Mère Poulard"undated
76(OS)7Menu from Baumanier in Les Baux-de-Provenceundated
38A1Mediterranean Provence1950-1964, undated
2Mediterranean Provence1964-1966, undated
3Mediterranean Provence1964-1966, undated
4Nivernais, Berry, and Bourbonnais1952-1966, undated
5Normandy1951-1965, undated
38B1Normandy1951-1965, undated
Flat filePoster entitled "Rocamadour" from Hotel du Lion d'Or in Bayeux, Normandyundated
38B2Orleans1951-1964, undated
3Paris1951-1956, undated
4Paris1951-1956, undated
5Paris1964, undated
38C1Paris1964, undated
2Perigord1951-1964, undated
3Photographs for Bouquet de France 1966undated
4Photographs for Bouquet de France 1966undated
5Poitou1950-1964, undated
3Pyrenees1952-1966, undated
4Pyrenees1952-1966, undated
5Pyrenees1952-1966, undated
6Savoy1951-1964, undated
7Savoy1951-1964, undated
401Tourine1950-1964, undated
2Tourine1950-1964, undated
3Vignettes for Bouquet de France1966, undated
4Vignettes for Bouquet de France1966, undated
5Wine dataundated
B. British Bouquet
406Berkshire and Bucks1961-1963, undated
7Bristol1962, undated
411Bristol1962, undated
2Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire1962-1963, undated
3Cheshire1962, undated
76(OS)8Contact sheet of 8 photographs of Englandundated
414Cornwall1959, undated
5Devon1959, undated
6Dorset1959-1960, undated
7Essex1962, undated
8Gloucestershire1959-1960, undated
421Gourmet correspondence1963
2Hampshire1961, undated
3Herefordshire1950, 1960, undated
4Introduction1962, undated
5Introduction1963, undated
6Introduction1963, undated
7Kent1959-1960, undated
8Lake District1962, undated
10London1963-1965, undated
2Northumberland1962-1963, undated
3Notes for British Bouquetundated
4Oxfordshire1963, undated
5Scotland (Central)undated
6Scotland (North)undated
7Scotland (South)undated
8Shropshire1962, undated
9Somerset1959-1960, undated
441Surrey1961, undated
3Sussex1960-1962, undated
4Varied Countiesundated
5Wales and Monmouthshire1963, undated
6Warwickshire1961-1962, undated
7Wiltshire1960, undated
8Worcestershire1961, undated
451Yorkshire1962-1963, undated
C. Calendars
452Antiques Calendar 1967 photographsundated
3Antiques Calendar 1968 captionsundated
4Antiques Calendar 1968 photographsundated
5Antiques Calendar 19691968, undated
6Antiques Calendar captions1976-1978, undated
461Antiques Calendar 1970 photographsundated
2Antiques Calendar 1976 photographs and captionsundated
3Antiques Calendar 1977 photographsundated
4Color transparencies for calendars1957-1983, undated
5Color transparencies for French cooking calendar1963-1971, undated
6Copyrights for all calendars1941-1977
7Covers for 1978 calendars1976, undated
8Duplicate etching photostatsundated
9English photographsundated
10French cooking calendar (Flavor of France material)undated
471Italian Cooking Calendar 1965 photographsundated
2Italian Cooking Calendar 1965 photographsundated
3Italian Cooking Calendar 1965 photographsundated
4Italian Cooking Calendar 1965 photographsundated
4AIndex for New England Calendars 1940-1969undated
5New England Calendar 1960 photographsundated
481New England Calendar 1961 partial dummyundated
2New England Calendar 1962 partial dummyundated
3New England Calendar 1963 photographsundated
4New England Calendar 1965 photographsundated
5New England Calendar 1966 photographsundated
491New England Calendar 1967 photographsundated
2New England Calendar 1968 photographsundated
3New England Calendar 1969 photographs1968, undated
4New England Calendar 1970 photographs1971-1972, undated
501New England Calendar 1973 photographsundated
2New England Calendar1976-1978, undated
3New England Calendar 1976 photographs1975, undated
4New England Calendar 1977 photographsundated
5New England Calendar 1978 list of photographs1976, undated
511New England Calendar 1979 photographsundated
2New England Calendar covers (copies)1950-1963
3New England Calendar transparencies1952-1979, undated
4New England Calendar 19541954
76(OS)9Upcountry article "Sam the Calendar Man"1974
D. Other
515The American Architect articles1922-1926, undated
6The American Architect articles1927-1928, undated
7American Architect and Architecture1936
8"American Artist" article1947
9The American Scene postcardsundated
9A"An Architect Revisits France and Some Minor Chateaux"1932
76(OS)10"An Architectural Pilgrimage in France" from Arts and Decoration magazine1922
5110Architecture article1923
11Art for Small House in the Sunundated
69Beyond New England Thresholds portfolio cover and brass stampsundated
521Copyright forms1966, undated
2Eight Sketches of the Massachusetts Institute of Technologyundated
3Fair Is Our Land brochureundated [1942]
4Gastronomy Afloat and Ashore1966, undated
76(OS)11"The House That Sheltered King Henry of Navarre" from Arts and Decoration magazine1923
525Italian pictures leftover from The Complete Book of Pastaundated
76(OS)12"Le Petit Journal" [illustrated by Chamberlain]1923
526Miscellaneous publications1923-1927, undated
7The New England Image sample copy1961, undated
8Newspaper clippings1924-1942, undated
9Old Marblehead page corrections and copies to be marked up1975, undated
10Old Marblehead new edition1975, undated
76(OS)13"One of the Most Fascinating Spots Left in Paris" from Arts and Decoration magazine1924
5211Party for The Chamberlain Selection of New England Rooms1972
12Proofs of added illustrationsundated
76(OS)14Recipes: Galleys from Gourmet Magazineundated
5213"Samuel Chamberlain, Etcher and Lithographer: A Complete Biography and Appreciation with a Complete List of Prints" (2 copies)1927
14"The Saturday Review of Literature"1943
15"The Scroll of Phi Delta Theta" article1942
16Sketches of Northern Spanish Architecture textundated [1924]
17"Some English Landmarks As They Were"undated [circa 1940s]
76(OS)15Southern Interiors dust jacketundated [1956]
5218Swedish American Line1965, undated
531Text of French Provincial Housesundated
2"The Best Cellars"1941-1942, undated
3"The Best Cellars"1941-1942, undated
4"The Best Cellars"1941-1942, undated
5"The Best Cellars"1941-1942, undated
6"The Best Cellars"1941-1942, undated
7"Voo Doo" magazine1920
8Wine commentundated
9"The Yale Scene"1950
10Issues of Gourmet Magazine1960
541Issues of Gourmet Magazine1961
2Issues of Gourmet Magazine1962
3Issues of Gourmet Magazine1963
4Issues of Gourmet Magazine1964
5Issues of Gourmet Magazine1965
6Issues of Gourmet Magazine1966
SERIES IV. Narcissa G. Chamberlain Papers
A. Papers and Ephemera
55150th Wedding Anniversary cards1973
2American Friends in France, Inc.1939-1941, undated
3The American Library in Paris donations1974-1975
4Appraisals1975-1976, 1988
5Appraisal: Angus Whyte Gallery1975
6Archives of American Art1973-1974
7Arnould Gallery1978-1985
7ABank book (Marblehead Savings Bank)1948-1957
8Bank statements1942-1943
9Bank statements1944
10Bank statements1945
561Bank statements1946-1947
2Bennington College: Narcisse1943-1945
3Bills paid1939-1940
4Bills paid and correspondence1944-1946
5Bills paid1979
6Bills paid1979
7Brochures / Clippings1971, undated
8Brochure for Narcissa painting exhibitionundated
9Bouquet de France (new edition) recipesundated [1965-1966?]
10Business correspondence1979-1984
11Business records1948-1969, undated
571Catalogs1976-1978, undated
2Change of address cardundated [1923]
3The Chamberlain Sampler of American Cooking publicity [news clippings]1962, undated
4Chamberlain versus Keefe lawsuit1979-1980
5Charitable donations1977-1983
6Christmas cards1917, 1934, 1937
7Confrere de la Chaine des Rotisseurs: Certificate1976
8Common Cause1970
9Condolence letters upon Narcissa's death1988
10Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
11Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
57A1Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
2Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
3Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
4Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
5Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
6Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
7Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
581Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
2Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
3Condolence letters upon Sam's death1975
5Correspondence1925-1927, undated
3Letters from Sam during Army training in Florida and Pennsylvania1942-1943
7Correspondence1955-1957, undated
9Correspondence1958-1959, undated
3Correspondence1964-1967, undated
10Correspondence / recipesundated, 1970
11Correspondence from Donald Moffat1939
621Correspondence from Frank Muzzy1919
2Correspondence from her parents1935-1937
3Correspondence from Stephanie to her parents1959-1972, undated
4Correspondence regarding Bartol Exhibit and Historic Deerfieldundated, 1971-1982
5Correspondence regarding Bouquet de France revision project1981-1982
6Correspondence regarding The Flavor of Franceundated, 1977
7Correspondence regarding Gourmet Magazine1959-1966
8Correspondence regarding publications1975
9Correspondence regarding publications1978
10Correspondence regarding Sam's estate1976-1981
11Correspondence regarding will1971-1980, undated
12Correspondence regarding will1971-1980, undated
631Correspondence to her parents1939-1942
2Correspondence with Knopf Publishing House1957-1960
3Correspondence with Hastings House1962-1970
4Correspondence with Hastings House1976-1977
5Correspondence with Hastings House1978-1984
6Correspondence with Shizuo Tsuji1974-1982
7Helen Gellatly Criss estate1965-1968
8Essex Institute donations1984-1985
9Estate of Samuel Chamberlain1975-1984
641Estate of Samuel Chamberlain1975-1984
2Fellowship in Prayer, Inc. / Genevieve Burnell1958-1972, undated
3Flavor of Italy Introduction1965
4Frances W. Emerson Foundation1944-1947
5French Provincial Cooking1961-1968
6William B. Gellatly [father] passport1925
7Guts 'n Feathers Club1939-1941
8Hastings House1945-1984
10Hooper family material1940, undated
11Insurance: home, life, car1942-1943
12Insurance: home, car1969-1982
651June 1 Gallery1973-1984
2Les Amis d'Escoffier Society1976
3Les Andelys Relief project1945-1947
4Letters from Alexander Calder1962-1964
5Letter from Paul and Julia Childundated
6Living with Antiques: captions for the Bubier mansion1950-1956, undated
7Louise du Pont Crowninshield Gardens Committee/ Essex Institute1967
8Marblehead Arts Association: Membership1938-1942, 1947
9Marblehead Historical Society: Bartoll Exhibition1973-1983
10Marblehead Historical Society: G.A.R. Hall1974-1983
11Massachusetts taxes: letter1943
12Medical and dental bills1943-1946
13Memorial exhibition1975-1978
14Miscellaneous1932-1938, undated
15Narcisse and Stephanie's art work1936, undated
16Newspaper clippings1919, undated
17Notes on England1961, undated
18Notes for new edition of Bouquet de Franceundated [1963-1964]
19Obituaries, contents of safe deposit box1975, 1988
20Obituary for Dr. George Chamberlain [Sam's father]undated
21Office rent1939-1940
22Officer's wives rights and privileges and financial instructions1942
23Old Rooms for New Living jacket copy1981, undated
24Personal and miscellaneous [includes birth certificate, rent contract, bills, war service appointment, a poem, membership cards1942-1948
661Real Estate: Marblehead and Washington State1974-1978
681Rights and Permissions, Reproduction fees1978-1981
2Royalty Statements1978-1983
3Schlesinger Library / Chamberlain Collection / Photographs with Julia Child1974-1977, undated
4Schlesinger Library correspondence1969-1981
5Schools: Narcisse1936-1942
6Schools: Stephanie1943-1947
7Smithsonian Institution / Gellatly family history1966-1969, undated
8Stephanie's correspondence with her grandparents1939-1941
9Studio accounting book1938-1960
10Studio sales and orders1975-1981
11Supplies, catalogs, services1969-1981
12Travel journal of Narcissa Gellatly1923
13Unitarian Service Committee1940-1946
14"Useful addresses" [cards, letters, and brochures]1939-1941
15Vintage Food Sampler1960-1962
16Watercolors exhibitionundated
2Works on consignment1976-1980
70"Personal List (Social, Exhibitions etc)" – a blue and white checked 3x5 file box with cards containing names and addressesundated
"King Hooper Fund" - 2 wooden 3x5 file boxes with cards containing names and addressesundated
"Chestnut Street Association Membership" – a pack of 3x5 cards containing names and addressesundated
B. Fundraising for Preservation of King Hooper Mansion
771Correspondence and fundraising records1938, undated
2Pledge slips and other fundraising records1938, undated
3News clippings about the King Hooper Mansion1938
4News clippings1939-1941
5Information about the King Hooper house1938, 1945
6Marblehead Arts Association member list1938
7Fundraising letters and publicityundated
8Fund Committee1938
9Letters answered1938
10Letters for publicity: permission from writers1938
11Letters from first contributors1938
12Report for Marblehead Arts Association general meeting [2 copies]undated [1938]
13Friends of Contemporary Prints1939-1940
14Correspondence about Hooper portraits by John Singleton Copley (Marblehead Arts Association)1940
C. Recipes
662British Bouquet notebookundated
3Detailed outline of recipe titles1941-1948, undated
4Galleys from Gourmet Magazine1958, undated
5Italian Recipes for Treasury Regional I and II, notebookundated
6Italian Recipes for Treasury, General and From Restaurants, notebook1937, 1953-1958
7Italian Recipes by Category notebookundated
8Italian Recipes by Category notebookundated
671Italian Recipes by Province notebookundated
2Italian Recipes by Province notebookundated
3Italian Recipes by Region notebookundated
4Italian Recipes by Region notebookundated
5Italian Recipes Tried and Tested notebook1956-1958
6Italian Recipes Which Have Been Written Up1954-1958, undated
7Italian Restaurant Recipesundated
8Miscellaneous Recipesundated [circa 1960s]
D. Photographs
711Sam Chamberlain photographs1896-1901, undated
2Narcissa childhood photographs1911, undated
3Narcissa Gellatly family photographs1917, undated
4Photographs of Mary Gellatlyundated [circa 1920s]
5Dana Hall yearbook1917
6Dana Hall photographsundated [1917?]
7American Committee for Devastated Franceundated [1919?]
8Photograph album of her time spent in France with the American Committee for Devastated Franceundated [1919?]
9Items from above album (including driving certificate)undated, 1918-1921
10Two framed photographs taken in Franceundated [1919?]
Women's Volunteer Motor Corps, Boston Chapter, American Red Cross [in conservation]1919
Women's Volunteer Motor Corps, Ambulance Division, Boston Chapter, American Red Cross [in conservation]1919
7111Photographs of Narcissa in adulthood1922-[1929], 194-, 1953-1958, 196-, undated
12Marriage certificate1923
721Family photographs from Cora Lee Chamberlain1932, 1946, undated
2Army Arts Association/British War Relief1945
3Color photographs1963-1968, 1972-1973
4Photograph album of last trip to France in 1970 with the Francis Parkmans1970
76(OS)1611x14 b/w photographs of Sam and Narcissa Chamberlain at home in Marblehead [3 photographs]undated [circa 1960s]
725Photograph of the Chamberlainsundated [1973-1975?]
6Biscuit's 80th birthday party at the studio in Marblehead1979
7Photographs of Narcisse and Stephanieundated
8Unidentified photographsundated
9Negatives from her album on Franceundated [1919?]
10Negatives from her album on Franceundated [1919?]
11Negatives "For Narcissa From Mother & Daddy"undated
12Negative for Narcisse's birth announcement and Christmas card1934, undated
741Sam (age 15) and his familyundated [1910]
2Narcissa and Mary Gellatlyundated
3Narcissa as an adultundated
4Mary Gellatlyundated [circa 1920s]
5Chamberlain family Thanksgivingundated
6Sam Chamberlain original artwork (copies)undated
envelopeYoung Sam Chamberlain (on glass)undated
E. The American Scene Records
781Architects, A-H1937
2Architects, J-M1936-1937
3Architects, N-Z1936-1937
4Bay Colony Bookshop1937
5M. T. Bird and Company, Inc.1937
6L. A. Bigelow, Inc.1937
7Mr. Black (Copley Plaza Operation Company)1936-1937
8Boston businesses1936-1938
9Boston Book and Art Shop1936-1937
10Cape Cod1937, undated
11Cough and Shackley1936-1938
12Concord [Massachusetts]1936-1938
13Charles J. Countie1938
14C. M. Derry1936-1938
15Direct Stores, Inc.1936-1938
791Doubleday, Doran Book Shop, Inc.1936-1937
2J. L. Fairbanks and Company1937
3Thomas Groom and Company1936
5Greeting card customers1936-1938
6J. L. Hammett Company1936-1938
7Hatfield's Color Shop1936
9Inquiries, etc.1937-1938
10Mrs. Ida Johnson1936-1937
11Jordan Marsh Company1936
12Libraries and museums1937-1938
13Medici Book and Print Shop1936
14New York, etc.1936-1937
15T. W. Norman Company1936-1937
16Arthur W. O'Connell1936-1937
17Old Corner Book Store1936-1938
18Paid bills1936-1937
801Mrs. W. H. Parsons1936-1937
2Plymouth [Massachusetts]1936-1938
3Port O'Call1936-1937
4Provincetown and Cape Cod1936-1938
5Schools and colleges1936-1938
6C. D. Seibert [Hotel Ritz-Carlton, Boston]1936-1937
7R. J. Seidenberg Company [Hotel Statler, Boston]1936-1938
9R. H. Stearns Company1936-1938
10Stephen Daye Press1937-1938
11Waters Stationary Shop1936-1937
12Mrs. Louis De L. Walden (Ye Weave Shed, Brewster, Mass.)1936-1937
13R. H. White Company1937
14Yale University Press1936-1938
15List of American Scene customersundated
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