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Mary Saltonstall Parker (1856-1920) Papers

Mary Saltonstall Parker (1856-1920) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Mary Saltonstall Parker (1856-1920)
1Volume 1Music book from son Francisundated
Volume 2Crochet by Cornelia Mee1845
Volume 3Scrapbook1849-1950
1Place cards and Christmas cards taken from scrapbookundated [1870]
Volume 4"Mother's Poems" copybook/scrapbook1872-1905
Volume 5Prayer book from John Francis Tuckerman1874
Volume 6Copybook of poetry1877
Volume 7Journal1878-1879
16Volume 8Journal1879-1883
12Correspondence1879, 188- , 1884, 1902, 1914, 1920, undated
3Essex County map1881
31Original artwork of soldiers sleeping by R. F. Zogbaum1883
13Scrapbook "Herbarium" of newspaper clippings1886-1897
14Poetry and other writingsundated, 1883-1890, 1913-1914
Journal about Francis and William1888-1919, 1965
Daily Strength for Daily Needs book1891
5Lithograph [?] of Bal de Barriere by Theophile Steinlencirca 1892
32Drawings from At the Squire's (published 1897)undated
16Drawing from Small Things Antiqueundated [circa 1909]
21Cross-stitch patternsundated
33Cross-stitch patterns from Woman's World magazineundated
22Cross-stitch patternsundated, 1912-1918
5Crochet Patternsundated, 1914-1916
6Salem Fire scrapbook1914
7Articles regarding samplers1915-1923
34House Beautiful cover featuring her sampler1916
5Original drawings from Salem Scrap Book1925, 1929, undated
A. Sampler Patterns
36Blank graph paperundated
7Original cross-stitch pattern of flowerundated
8Miscellaneous designsundated
9Crewel embroidery sampler of fruits and flowers1879
10I wish my wit and skill were ample1907
11Keep watchful eye the good wife must1908
12Happy the woman you can find1911
13Fair Harvard1912
14In Chestnut Street's wide shady way1913
15The glass was 90 in the shade1913
16In early youth who has not learned1914
17The greatest of these is Charity1914
18Peace be within thy walls1914-1915
19Rise crowned with lightundated [1915]
20A sampler of good cheer1915
21Untitledundated [1915]
22The sampler of 100 birdsundated [1916]
23Wrought for the House Beautiful1916
24A Christmas sampler1917
25The last stitch wrought1917
26War effort and armisticeundated [1918]
27Great mother1920
SERIES II. William Phineas Parker (1855-1923)
41Documents relating to pets1879-1880, 1912
SERIES III. Francis Tuckerman Parker (1899-1973)
42Dramatic program for House of Seven Gablesundated
4Train picturesundated
17(OS)1Train engine posterundated
16Easter (bound music manuscript)1881
45Lock of hair1891
6Business papers 1908-1913 1936, 1943-1948, 1965
7Sheet music1909, undated
8Correspondence1910, 1921, 1932-1937, 1950-1957, 1965, undated
9Drawings1913, 1925, undated [circa 1911]
10Boston Street Directory1918
11The Soldier's Diary and NoteBook containing list of wedding presents1918-1919
17(OS)1Sketched portrait1919
412"My Religious Book"1925, 1967, undated
13Newspaper clippings1928-1930, 1951-1955, 1967-1971, undated
14Grace Church programs [2]1928
17(OS)1Map of Old Salem by Warren H. Butler1930
1Botts Court Fair poster1934
415Harvard Reunion program1936
16House of Seven Gables Annual Report1938
328Certificates1940-1948, undated
18Parker family genealogy1954, undated
SERIES IV. William Bradstreet Parker (1890-1977)
419Business papers1899-1901, 1952
17(OS)1Membership certificate to Salem Marine Society1950
SERIES V. Hildred Elizabeth Parker (1893-1985)
51Correspondence from Hildred's motherundated
3Pressed flowerundated
4Visiting cardsundated
5Correspondence to Frank Kavanagh1882, 1920
6Prayer books1889, undated
7Correspondence1907, 1916-1919, undated
8Baptismal certificate1916
9Correspondence1920-1928, undated
10Correspondence to Mrs. Frank Kavanagh1922
11Ephemera1923, 1937, undated
12Family newspaper clippings [originals]1926-1970, undated
13Family newspaper clippings [copies]1926-1970, undated
17(OS)2Other newspaper clippings1917, 1925-1937, 1940-1959, 1964-1969, 1983, undated
61Christmas cards1934, 1940, 1951, 1983, undated
2Correspondence1935-1943, undated
3Dog documents1935, 1964
4Christmas cards1943-1951, undated
525th Anniversary cards1944, undated
630th Anniversaryundated [1949]
7Correspondence1950-1959, 1961-1967, undated
8Salem Garden Club1961
9Magazine pictures1959-1960
12Correspondence1983, undated
A. Published Material
71Advertisements1936, undated
2Advice to A Young Man — Ben Franklinundated
3Bangor, Maine fire1911
4Bulletin of the Museum of Fine Arts1942
5Bulletin of the Society for the Preservation of New England Antiquities1941
6Cathedral of the Pines history1952
7Patriarchal Plantations of St. Simon's Island1974
329Christmas carolsundated
78Coastal Maineundated
9History of Hamilton Hallundated
10The Hodja's Tunic Advertising Brochure by Rusling Woodundated
11If by Rudyard Kipling1910
12Maine's Blizzard of '52undated [1952]
13Map of France with journey outlinedundated
14Map of Manhattan and the Bronx1917
15Menu from R.M.S. Homeric1928
16Miscellaneous printed material1924-1926, 1983-1984, undated
17New England Old and New 1620-1920undated [1920]
18Placemat map of Salem with notations (Some of Salem Seen)undated
20Print of a geishaundated
21Program of a Symphonic Pageant1932
23Sales brochure for Mid-Hill Farmundated
24Sea Island, The Cloister1983, undated
25Sprague's Journal of Maine History (2 copies)1915, 1920
26The Story of the Peppersass and the Mount Washington Cog Railroadundated
27The Story of Yankee Doodle by Cora Louisa Scott1939
330Wall calendars1928-1937, 1942
81Cooking pamphlets1902, 1933-1938, 1943, undated
2-6Recipes (clipped from newspapers and magazines)undated
9Two recipe boxes (containing handwritten recipes)undated
SERIES VI. Other Family Members
101Essex County document regarding Robert Roundey1763
A. Anne Elizabeth Saltonstall (1812-1881)
102Newspaper clippings1839, undated
3Correspondenceundated, 1858-1859, 1871, 1891
B. John Francis Tuckerman (1817-1885)
104Correspondence and receiptsundated, 1824, 1850
[in conservation]Harvard degrees (3)1837-1841
105Grace Church organ music (2 copies)1882
C. Leverett S. Tuckerman (1848-1917)
7A Night Among the Clouds (an account of an adventure in New Hampshire, which includes L. S. Tuckerman written by Ida E. Deacon)1877, undated
D. Lucy Saltonstall Tuckerman (1822-1890)
108Volume of poetryundated
9Correspondence1844-49, 1890, undated
E. Elizabeth Sanders (b. 1764)
1010Tributes1846-1850, undated
F. Other Saltonstall Family Members
1011Saltonstall Familypapers (includes letter from George Washington introducing Mr. Saltonstall)1771, undated
17(OS)1Sheet of newspaper 1804
1012Poetry by unknown authors1879, 1883-1885, undated
331Photograph of untitled sampler by "MCP" [Myra C. Parker]1848
32Photograph of July Fourth 1914 sampler Wrought by GT [Grace Tuckerman]1914
SERIES VII. Photographs
111Mary, Francis, William, and Hildred Parker1890-1926, undated
2Mary, Francis, and Hildred Parker1936-1974, undated
3Mary S. Parker1891-1897, 1916, undated
4Tuckermans: Leverett, Francis, Charles, John Francis, and Lucy1868, 1880-1885, 1897-1898, 1903, 1930, undated
5William Phineas Parker and his mother, Ellen Parkerundated
6Leverett Saltonstallundated
7Parker/King/Barton1925, undated [1961]
8Others (identified)1890, 1927, 1944, undated
9Others (not identified)undated
10Houses and trains1912, 1965, undated
11Mary S. Parker's Still Livesundated
12Photograph album #2undated
Photograph album #3undated
1Loose photographs from album #21871, 1894-1895, undated
2Photograph album1909-1910, undated
3Hildred's photograph album1922-1927, undated
4Hildred's photograph album1934-1935, undated,
5Interior photographs of 38 Washington St, Salem1889
6Photographs of people in costumeundated [1800s]
7Photographs of Merritt and Perkins families1885, 1878, 1913, undated
8Photographs of people from Salem (identified on back)undated
13Leather photo album with claspsundated
14Leather photograph album #4 with clasp (includes Saltonstalls, Tuckermans, Silsbees, Pickmans, Peabodys, Pitmans, Keasley, and more)undated [circa 1850-1880]
Andrews/Perkins Family photo albumundated
Perkins Family photograph albumundated
2Photos/picture of Abbotundated
3Photographs and postcardsundated, 1908, 1919, 1926, 1936, 1962-1968
4Photographsundated, 1926-1929, 1935, 1951, 1957
5Tuckerman family photographs1939, undated
6Photographs of pets and farm animals1957, undated
8Tintypes1844, 1871-1879, 1882-1884, undated
9Tintypes (not family members)undated [1800s]
333Family photographs from a scrapbook pageundated
34Staircase, Leverett Saltonstall houseundated
35Bayard Tuckerman Jr. host to HRH Edward, Prince of Wales at Hamilton, Massachusetts1922
36HRH Edward, Prince of Wales1922
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