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Kimball Family Papers

Kimball Family Papers

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SERIES I. Ships' Papers
11Adelphi (Brig)1852-1853
2Angola (Bark)1845
3Angola (Bark)Jan.-Aug. 1846
4Angola (Bark)Sep.-Dec. 1846
5Angola (Bark)Jan.-May 1847
6Angola (Bark)Jun-Oct. 1847
7Angola (Bark)Nov.-Dec. 1847
21Angola (Bark)Jan.-Mar. 1848
2Angola (Bark)Apr. 1848-Jan. 1849
3Angola (Bark)1849-1851, undated
4Ann Elizabeth (Brig)1856-1861
Antares (Schooner)1835-1840
5Buckeye (Bark)1850-Jul. 1852
6Buckeye (Bark)Aug. 1852-Feb. 1853
7Buckeye (Bark)Mar. 1853-Jan. 1854
31Buckeye (Bark)Feb.-Sep. 1854
2Buckeye (Bark)Oct. 1854-Feb. 1855
3Buckeye (Bark)Mar. 1855-Feb. 1856
4Buckeye (Bark)Mar.-Sep. 1856
5Buckeye (Bark)Oct. 1856-Apr. 1857
6Buckeye (Bark)May-Jul. 1857
41Buckeye (Bark)Aug 1857-1860
2Buckeye (Bark)undated
3Clara (Schooner)1840-1844
4Clara (Schooner)1845-Nov. 1848
5Clara (Schooner)Dec. 1848-1853, 1856, undated
6Choctaw (Brig)1852-1853
David R. Aiken (Brig)1852-1853
Elizabeth (Brig)1846-1848
7Draco (Brig)1848, 1851
8Draco (Brig)Jan-Jul. 1852
51Draco (Brig)Aug. 1852-Jan. 1853
2Draco (Brig)Feb.-Sep. 1853
3Draco (Brig)Nov. 1853-1856
4Emperor (Ship)Feb. 1853-Feb. 1854
5Emperor (Ship)Mar.-Dec. 1854
6Emperor (Ship)Jan.-Sep. 1855
61Emperor (Ship)Oct. 1855-Apr. 1856
2Emperor (Ship)May-Aug. 1856
3Emperor (Ship)Sep. 1856-1857
4Emperor (Ship)1858
5Emperor (Ship)1859-1860, undated
6Europa (Ship)Apr.-Oct. 1855
7Europa (Ship)Nov. 1855-May 1856
71Fire Fly (Bark)1857-May 1858
2Fire Fly (Bark)Jun. 1858-1860
3Gambia (Brig)1851-1852
4Gambia (Brig)1853
5Gambia (Brig)1854
6Gambia (Brig)1855-1859, undated
7Gem (Bark)1853, 1858-Nov. 1861
8Gem (Bark)Dec. 1861-1863, 1866
General Taylor (Bark)1851-1852
General Warren (Brig)1833
81Grace Darling (Schooner)1846-Jun. 1847
2Grace Darling (Schooner)Jul. 1847-Oct. 1848
3Grace Darling (Schooner)Oct 1848-Sep. 1849
4Grace Darling (Schooner)Sep. 1849-Apr. 1850
5Grace Darling (Schooner)Apr. 1850-Dec. 1850
6Grace Darling (Schooner)Jan.-Jul. 1851
91Grace Darling (Schooner)Aug.-Dec. 1851
2Grace Darling (Schooner)1852-1853
3Gustavus (Brig)1849-1852
4Hamilton (Brig)1840-1846
5Hamilton (Brig)Jan.-Mar. 1847
6Hamilton (Brig)Apr.-Sep. 1847
7Hamilton (Brig)Oct. 1847-Aug. 1848
8Hamilton (Brig)Sep. 1848-Apr. 1849
101Hamilton (Brig)May 1849-Apr. 1850
2Hamilton (Brig)Jun.-Jul. 1850
3Hamilton (Brig)Sep. 1850-Dec. 1851
4Hamilton (Brig)1852-1858, undated
5Hayward (Brig)1852-May 1853
6Hayward (Brig)Jun-Dec. 1853
111Hayward (Brig)Jan.-May 1854
2Hayward (Brig)Jun.-Dec. 1854
3Hayward (Brig)1855
4Hayward (Brig)1856-1859, undated
5John Dunlap (Schooner)1847-Jun. 1848
6John Dunlap (Schooner)Jul.-Dec. 1848
121John Dunlap (Schooner)1849-1851
2John Swasey (Bark)1850-1851
3John Swasey (Bark)1852
4John Swasey (Bark)Jan.-Sep. 1853
5John Swasey (Bark)Sep. 1853-Dec. 1853
6John Swasey (Bark)1854
7John Swasey (Bark)1855
131John Swasey (Bark)1856
2John Swasey (Bark)1857-1859
3Kedar (Bark)Sep. 1858-Jul. 1859
4Kedar (Bark)Aug. 1859-Jan. 1860
5Kedar (Bark)Jan 1860-Jul. 1860
6Kedar (Bark)Aug. 1860-1863, undated
7Louisa (Brig)1849-May 1850
141Louisa (Brig)Jun. 1850-Feb. 1851
2Louisa (Brig)Mar.-Dec. 1851
3Louisa (Brig)Jan.-Sep. 1852
4Louisa (Brig)Sep. 1852-Jun. 1853
5Louisa (Brig)Jul. 1853-May 1854
6Louisa (Brig)Jun. 1854-1855
151Louisa (Brig)1856-Jul. 1857
2Louisa (Brig)Aug. 1857-Aug. 1858
3Louisa (Brig)Sep. 1858-1861
4Louisa (Brig)undated
5Malaga (Brig)1843
6Malaga (Brig)1844-1845, undated
7Manchester (Bark)1853-Oct. 1854
8Manchester (Bark)Nov.-Dec. 1854
161Manchester (Bark)1855
2Manchester (Bark)1856
3Manchester (Bark)1857
4Manchester (Bark)1858
5Manchester (Bark)1859-1862
6Mexico (Schooner)1835-1841
171Mexico (Schooner)1842-1844, 1848, undated
2Northumberland (Brig)1843-1846
3Northumberland (Brig)Jan.-Apr. 1847
4Northumberland (Brig)May 1847-May 1848
5Northumberland (Brig)Jun. 1848-Feb. 1849
6Northumberland (Brig)Mar. 1849-1851, undated
7Ohio (Brig)1846-1847
181Ohio (Brig)Jan.-Jul. 1848
2Ohio (Brig)Aug.-Dec. 1848
3Ohio (Brig)1849
4Ohio (Brig)1850
5Ohio (Brig)1851
6Ohio (Brig)1852
191Ohio (Brig)1853-1854
Orlando (Bark)1861-1862
2Pamelia (Brig)1836-1837, 1841-Oct. 1842
3Pamelia (Brig)Nov.-Dec. 1842
4Pamelia (Brig)Jan.-May 1843
5Pamelia (Brig)Jun. 1843-1844
6Paulina (Brig)1859-1861
Planet (Brig)1859-1862
7Potomac (Brig)1848-May 1850
8Potomac (Brig)Jun.-Dec. 1850
201Potomac (Brig)1851
2Potomac (Brig)Jan.-Jun. 1852
3Potomac (Brig)Jul. 1852-Feb. 1853
4Potomac (Brig)Mar.-Dec. 1853
5Potomac (Brig)1854-1855, 1859-1865, undated
6Rolla (Brig)1840-Nov. 1846
7Rolla (Brig)Dec. 1846-1847, undated
211Ruby (Brig)1847
2Ruby (Brig)Jan.-Mar. 1848
3Ruby (Brig)Apr. 1848-1849, 1853, undated
4S.W. Porter (Bark)1853
5S.W. Porter (Bark)Jan.-Mar. 1854
6S.W. Porter (Bark)Jul.-Dec. 1854
221S.W. Porter (Bark)1855
2S.W. Porter (Bark)1856
3S.W. Porter (Bark)1857
4S.W. Porter (Bark)1858-1859, undated
5St. Katharine (Brig)1858-1859
6Salem (Bark)1851-1858
7Samuel Cook (Brig)1851-1853
231Susan Wardwell (Schooner)1846-1848
2Swan (Schooner)1844-1847
3Tam O'Shanter (Brig)1848
4Tam O'Shanter (Brig)1849-1850
5Virginia (Brig)1849-Mar. 1850
6Virginia (Brig)Apr. 1850-1851
241Witch (Bark)1854-1863
2Miscellaneous shipping papers1832-1835
3Miscellaneous shipping papers1836-Apr. 1837
4Miscellaneous shipping papersMay 1837-1838
5Miscellaneous shipping papers1839-1842
6Miscellaneous shipping papers1843-1845
7Miscellaneous shipping papers1846-1848
251Miscellaneous shipping papers1849-1851
2Miscellaneous shipping papers1852-1853
3Miscellaneous shipping papers1854-1855
4Miscellaneous shipping papers1856-1864
5Miscellaneous shipping papersundated
SERIES II. Correspondence
A. Letterbook
B. Partners' and Agents' Correspondence
261Intra-firm correspondence1846-1865
2Thomas Chown (Africa)1845-1849
3Thomas Chown (Africa)1850-1852
4Thomas Chown (Africa)1853-1856
5Thomas Chown (Africa)1857-1861
6Benjamin Cook (Maine)1839-1848
7S.G. Flowers (Ohio)1845-1848
271William Flowers (Maine)1838-1842
2Samuel Hill (Africa)1853-1855
3Samuel Hill (Africa)1856-1858
4Samuel Hill (Africa)1859-1861
5Samuel H. Hudson (Africa)1855-1865
Collins Ingalls (Africa)1848-1849
6Kimball & Miller (Maine)1845-1853, 1859
7Benjamin Knight (Ohio)1851-1855
8Benjamin Knight (Ohio)1856-1859
J.W. Luscomb (Africa)1852-1853
281Benjamin H. Phippen (Africa)1854-1857
Franklin D. Reed (Ohio, Batavia)1850-1855
2J.M. Silver (Africa)1850-1857
2John Swasey (Ohio)1837-1841
3John Swasey (Ohio)1842
4John Swasey (Ohio)1843
5John Swasey (Ohio)1844
6John Swasey (Ohio)1845
7John Swasey (Ohio)Jan.-Oct. 1846
291John Swasey (Ohio)Nov.-Dec. 1846
2John Swasey (Ohio)Jan.-Jun. 1847
3John Swasey (Ohio)Jul.-Dec. 1847
4John Swasey (Ohio)1848
5John Swasey (Ohio)1849
6John Swasey (Ohio)Jan.-Mar. 1850
7John Swasey (Ohio)Apr.-Dec. 1850
301John Swasey (Ohio)1851
2John Swasey (Ohio)1852
3John Swasey (Ohio)1853
4John Swasey (Ohio)1854-1855
5John Swasey (Ohio)1856-1857
6John Swasey (Ohio)1858-1861
7John Swasey (Ohio)1862-1866
8Lewis D.D. Voorhees (Africa)1854-1855
C. Merchants' Correspondence
311Africa1838, 1845-Feb. 1849
2AfricaMar. 1849-1851
4Africa1855-1863, 1866
5East Indies1846-1850, 1853-1855
6East Indies1856-1860, undated
321Europe1857-1861, 1863-1866
2Miscellaneous foreign correspondence1837-1853, 1858, 1860
4Boston1837-1843, 1845-1846
6BostonJan.-Jul. 1848
7BostonAug. 1848-May 1849
331BostonJun. 1849-Jul. 1850
2BostonAug. 1850-1851
3Boston1852-Mar. 1853
4BostonApr.-Dec. 1853
6BostonJan.-Sep. 1855
7BostonOct. 1855-Mar. 1856
341BostonApr.-Dec. 1856
6New York1846-1850
351New York1851-Apr. 1852
2New YorkMay-Dec. 1852
3New York1853
4New YorkJan.-Jul. 1854
5New YorkAug. 1854-Mar. 1855
6New YorkApr.-Dec. 1855
7New YorkJan.-Sep. 1856
361New YorkOct. 1856-Jun. 1857
2New YorkJul.-Dec. 1857
3New York1858
4New York1859
5New York1860
6New York1861
7New York1862-1863
371Ohio and New Orleans1843-1845
2Ohio and New Orleans1846
3Ohio and New Orleans1847-1848
4Ohio and New Orleans1849-1859
9San Francisco and Honolulu1849-1862
381Miscellaneous United States cities1837-Sep. 1847
2Miscellaneous United States citiesOct. 1847-1849
3Miscellaneous United States cities1850-1851
4Miscellaneous United States cities1852-1853
5Miscellaneous United States cities1854
6Miscellaneous United States cities1855-1856
7Miscellaneous United States cities1857-Mar. 1860
8Miscellaneous United States citiesApr. 1860-1865, undated
391Prices current1850-1852
2Prices currentJan.-May 1853
3Prices currentJun.-Dec. 1853
4Prices currentJan.-Jul. 1854
5Prices currentAug. 1854-May 1855
6Prices currentJun.-Dec. 1855
7Prices current1856
D. Miscellaneous Shipping Correspondence
401Miscellaneous shipping correspondence1838, 1842-1846
2Miscellaneous shipping correspondence1847-1849
3Miscellaneous shipping correspondence1850-1852
4Miscellaneous shipping correspondence1853-Jun. 1854
5Miscellaneous shipping correspondenceJul. 1854-Jul. 1855
6Miscellaneous shipping correspondenceAug. 1855-1856
7Miscellaneous shipping correspondence1857-Jul. 1858
8Miscellaneous shipping correspondence1858-1861, 1864, 1866, undated
E. Lumbering Correspondence
411Lumbering correspondence1844-1845, 1847-June 1848
2Lumbering correspondenceJul. 1848-1849
3Lumbering correspondence1850-1857
F. Miscellaneous Business Correspondence
414Miscellaneous business correspondence1843-1848
5Miscellaneous business correspondence1849-1850
6Miscellaneous business correspondence1851
7Miscellaneous business correspondence1852-1854
421Miscellaneous business correspondence1855-1856
2Miscellaneous business correspondence1857-1858
3Miscellaneous business correspondence1859
4Miscellaneous business correspondence1860
5Miscellaneous business correspondence1861-1862
6Miscellaneous business correspondence1863-1864
7Miscellaneous business correspondence1865-1866, undated
SERIES III. Financial Records
431Ledger [Elbridge]1834-1842
Vol. 1Ledger1835-1836
Vol. 2Ledger1835-1840
Vol. 3Ledger1839-1846
432Ledger, index [Elbridge]1842-1851
Vol. 4Ledger1843-1844
433Ledger, index1858-1860
4Journal [Elbridge]May 1834-Jan. 1842
Vol. 5JournalJan. 1835-May 1837
Vol. 6JournalAug. 1836-Nov. 1838
Vol. 7JournalDec. 1838-Jan. 1843
435Journal [Elbridge]Jan. 1842-Oct. 1851
Vol. 8JournalJan. 1843-Apr. 1846
436JournalJul. 1845-Mar. 1847
441JournalApr. 1847-Apr. 1848
2JournalApr. 1848-Jul. 1849
Vol. 9JournalAug. 1849-Nov. 1851
Vol. 10JournalNov. 1851-Feb. 1854
443Daybook [Elbridge]Dec. 1842-Jan. 1845
Daybook [Elbridge]Jan. 1845-Nov. 1847
4Daybook [Elbridge]Nov. 1847-Dec. 1851
5DaybookOct. 1847-Sep. 1848
6DaybookSep. 1848-Mar. 1849
7DaybookApr.-Nov. 1849
451DaybookNov. 1849-Nov. 1850
2DaybookDec. 1850-Oct. 1851
3DaybookOct. 1851-Aug. 1852
4DaybookAug. 1852-May 1853
5DaybookMay 1853-Apr. 1854
6DaybookApr. 1854-Jan. 1855
7DaybookJan. 1855-Feb. 1856
461DaybookFeb. 1856-Jan. 1857
2DaybookJan. 1857-Jan. 1858
3DaybookFeb. 1859-Sep. 1860
4DaybookSep. 1860-May 1863
5DaybookMay 1863-Nov. 1865
6Blotter1854-1860, 1854-1863
Vol. 11Cash book1852-1865
Vol. 12Labor book1854-1858
467Accounts of notes1853-1861
471Notes payable and receivable1855-1863
2Checkbooks1857, 1858-1860
3Naumkeag Bank account book1864-1865
4Shipping sales and invoice book1851-1860
5Shipping accounts of sales1854-1855
481Shipping sales book1856-1864
2Miscellaneous shipping accounts [Elbridge]1840-1843
Miscellaneous shipping accounts1851-1852, 1853-1856
3Insurance policies1838-1854
4Insurance policies1855-1861
5Bills and receipts1830-1835
6Bills and receipts1836
7Bills and receipts1837
8Bills and receipts1838
491Bills and receipts1839
2Bills and receipts1839
3Bills and receipts1840
4Bills and receipts1840
5Bills and receipts1841
6Bills and receipts1842
7Bills and receipts1843
501Bills and receipts1844
2Bills and receipts1845
3Bills and receipts1846
4Bills and receipts1847
5Bills and receipts1847
6Bills and receipts1848
511Bills and receipts1849
2Bills and receipts1850
3Bills and receipts1851
4Bills and receipts1852
5Bills and receipts1852
6Bills and receipts1853
521Bills and receipts1854
2Bills and receipts1855
3Bills and receipts1856
4Bills and receipts1857
5Bills and receipts1858
6Bills and receipts1859
7Bills and receipts1860
8Bills and receipts1861
531Bills and receipts1862-1863
2Bills and receipts1864-1866, undated
3Notes and bills of exchange1836-1842
4Notes and bills of exchange1845-1847
5Notes and bills of exchange1848
6Notes and bills of exchange1849-1850
7Notes and bills of exchange1851-1853
8Notes and bills of exchange1854-1856
541Notes and bills of exchange1857-1863
SERIES IV. Family Papers
A. Nathaniel Kimball (1777-1821)
542Estate papers1848-1865
B. Sarah (Knight) Kimball (1780-1849)
543Estate and financial papers1827-1851
C. Edward Dearborn Kimball (1810-1867)
5Diary [photocopy]undated
6Personal correspondence1846-1866
7Legal and estate papers1835-1862
8Account book1846-1849
Bills and receipts1851-1861
D. Elbridge Gerry Kimball (1816-1849)
10Diary [photocopy]undated
11Personal correspondence1830-1834, 1843
551Legal and estate papers1845-1852, 1861
2Account book1845-1849
3Bills and receipts1844-1849
E. Nathaniel A. Kimball (1822-1862)
5Legal and estate papers1850-1855
6John Swasey estate administrator's papers1838-1862
7Dearborn Academy auditor's papers1852-1861, undated
9Bills and receipts1851-1856
561Bills and receipts1857-1858
2Bills and receipts1859-1860
3Bills and receipts1861-1862
F. Frank Reed Kimball (1853-1924)
564Letter received1886
New York & Boston Manufacturing Company papers1881-Mar. 1882
5New York & Boston Manufacturing Company papersApr. 1882-1883
6Personal bills and receipts1875-1882
7Personal bills and receipts1883-1886
571Personal bills and receipts1887
2Personal bills and receipts1888
3Personal bills and receipts1889-1890, 1908, undated
SERIES V. Miscellaneous Papers
574Papers1846-1862, 1917, undated
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