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Stone Silsbee and Pickman Records

Stone Silsbee and Pickman Records

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Contents List

SERIES I. Account Books
A. General Business Account Books
Vol. 1Ledger1848-1854
Vol. 2Ledger, index1855-1860
Vol. 3Ledger, indexJanuary 1861-February 1868
Vol. 4LedgerMarch 1861-December 1865
Vol. 5LedgerMarch 1861-February 1868
Vol. 6LedgerJanuary 1866-December 1869
Vol. 7LedgerMarch 1868-February 1874
Vol. 8LedgerJanuary 1870-March 1875
Vol. 9LedgerApril 1875-March 1880
Vol. 10LedgerApril 1880-March 1887
Vol. 11LedgerApril 1887-February 1893
Vol. 12Journal1848-1854
Vol. 13Journal1855-1860
Vol. 14Journal1861-February 1862
Vol. 15JournalMarch 1861-February 1868
Vol. 16JournalMarch 1861-December 1865
Vol. 17JournalJanuary 1866-December 1869
Vol. 18JournalMarch 1868-June 1875
Vol. 19JournalJanuary 1870-March 1875
Vol. 20JournalApril 1875-March 1880
Vol. 21JournalApril 1880-March 1887
Vol. 22JournalApril 1887-February 1893
Vol. 22ADay book1855-1856
Vol. 22BDay book1856-1859
Vol. 22CDay book1859-1860
Vol. 22DDay book1860-1863
Vol. 22EDay book1861-1865
Vol. 22FDay book1865-1868
Vol. 23Day bookApril 1868-May 1872
Vol. 24Day bookJune 1872-February 1876
Vol. 25Day bookMarch 1876-June 1879
Vol. 26Day bookJuly 1879-July 1884
Vol. 27Day bookAugust 1884-February 1893
11Insurance account books1854-1860
2Insurance account books1860-1866
3Gold account books1865-1879
4Authorization for credits; accounts1862-1890
5Notes and bills receivable and payable1853-1860
6Notes and bills receivable and payable1856-1860
Vol. 27ANotes and bills receivable and payable1861-1890
17Sales book1865-1870
Receipt book1867-1877
21Draft receipt book1878-1880
Checkbook stubs1859-1861
2Bank books: Benjamin H. Silsbee, Edward Augustus Silsbee, George Silsbee, and Benjamin W. Stone1855-1888
3Miscellaneous account books1835-1895, undated
4Miscellaneous indexesundated
B. Shipping Account Books
25Camel (Bark) accounts1816-1832
6Camel (Bark) and Endeavor (Ship)1816-1819
Vol. 27BShipping letter and invoice book1809-1811
31Augustine Heard (Ship): cargo book1856
Market bookundated
Crew accounts1853-1854
2Aurora (Ship): cargo book1856-1860
Crew accounts1855-1856
3Aurora (Ship) crew accounts1859-1860
4Aurora (Ship) crew accounts1860-1861
5Australia (Ship): cargo books1854, 1857-1858
Crew accounts1858-1860
6Derby (Ship) cargo book1856-1862, undated
7Derby (Ship) crew accounts1857-1860
41Derby (Ship) crew accounts1862-1864
2Derby (Ship) crew accounts1864-1865
3Eliza Ann (Bark): cargo book1847
Crew accounts1841-1842
4Formosa (Ship) cargo book1869-1880
5Ianthe (Ship) cargo book1846-1847
6Malay (Ship) cargo books1854-1860, undated
7Malay (Ship) crew accounts1858-1859
8Malay (Ship) crew accounts1859-1860
51Malay (Ship) slop chest1861-1862
2Mindoro (Ship) cargo book1866-1877
3Mindoro (Ship) cargo book1878-1887
4Mindoro (Ship): cargo book1888-1891
5Mindoro (Ship) crew accounts1865-1866
6Mindoro (Ship) crew accounts1884-1889
7Ocean Rover (Ship) cargo book1863-1866
8Ocean Rover (Ship) crew accounts1863
61Ocean Rover (Ship) crew accounts1866
Panay (Ship) cargo books1878-1888
2Panay (Ship) crew accounts1866
3Panay (Ship): crew accounts1887-1888
4Sappho (Bark) crew accounts1847
5Shirley (Ship): cargo books, 4th-5th voyagesundated
Slop book1857
Memorandum book1853-1858
Account book1859-1860
6Sooloo I (Ship): cargo books1841, 1854
Crew accounts1841, 1843
7Sooloo II (Ship) cargo books1865-1879
8Sooloo II (Ship): cargo books1881-1887
Account of building costs1861, undated
Crew accounts1862
71Sooloo II (Ship) crew accounts1883-1884
2Sumatra (Ship) cargo books1859, undated
3Syren (Ship): crew accounts1853-1855
Receipt book1854
Memorandum bookundated
4Cargo books: Buenos Ayres1862, undated
5Cargo books: Calcutta1864-1868
6Cargo books: Calcuttaundated
7Cargo books: Foochow1860
Cargo books: Java1869-1874
8Cargo books: Philippines1867-1875
9Cargo books: Philippines1876-1883
Vol. 28Invoice bookApril 1854-December 1860
81Invoice bookOctober 1855-1858
Vol. 29Invoice bookOctober 1860-March 1867
Vol. 30Invoice bookOctober 1862-September 1864
82Invoice book and account of sales1841-1843
Vol. 31Account of sales1854-1861
83Import books: Calcutta1855-1861
Import books: Manila1855-1872
4Import books: Manila1874-1882
5Cargo re-exportation1854-1857
6Contracts for new ships1855-1856
7Miscellaneous shipping account books1850-1856
8Invoices of produce purchased and shipped by Ker and Company1866-1870
9Invoices of produce purchased and shipped by Ker and Company1866-1870
10Miscellaneous shipping account booksundated
Vol. 45Benjamin W. Stone's shipping account book: cargo lists1842-1845
8Vessels going to Sumatra1831-1846
List of some large American vessels sold1842-1845
List of American vessels absent on voyages to the East Indies1840-1847
Ships' bills1840-1845
SERIES II. Correspondence
A. Letter Books
Vol. 31ALetter book1855-1859
Vol. 32Letter book, indexMay 1859-May 1863
Vol. 33Letter bookFebruary 1864-October 9, 1866
Vol. 34Letter bookOctober 22, 1866-August 1868
Vol. 35Letter book, indexMay 1878-January 1888
75Vol. 36Letter book, indexFebruary 1879-November 1880
Vol. 37Letter book, indexDecember 1880-March 1883
76Vol. 38Letter book, indexMarch 1883-May 1886
Vol. 39Letter bookMay 1886-February 1888
77Vol. 40Letter bookMarch 1888-March 1890
Vol. 41TelegramsJanuary 1878-1890
Vol. 42Telegram bookundated
B. Internal Correspondence
91Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and Pickman1842-1843
2Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and Pickman1852-February 11, 1853
3Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanFebruary 12-March 1853
4Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanApril 1853
5Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanMay 1853
6Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanJune-July 1853
7Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanAugust-September 1853
8Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanOctober 1853-March 1854
9Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanApril-May 17, 1854
10Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanMay 18-June 1854
11Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanJuly-August 1854
101Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanSeptember-October 1854
2Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanNovember 1854
3Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanDecember 1854
4Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanJanuary-February 1855
5Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanMarch-April 1855
6Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanMay-October 1855
7Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanNovember 1855
8Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanDecember 1855-January 1856
9Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanFebruary-October 1856
10Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanNovember-December 1856
11Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and Pickman1857
12Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and Pickman1858
111Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanJanuary-February 1859
2Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanMarch 1859
3Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanApril-May 1859
4Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanJune-July 1859
5Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanAugust-September 1859
6Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanOctober-November 1859
7Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanFebruary 1860
8Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanMarch 1860
9Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanApril 1860
10Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanMay-June 1860
11Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanJanuary-February 1861
12Benjamin W. Stone to Stone Silsbee and PickmanMarch 1861-1864
13Benjamin W. Stone to George Henry Allen1863
121Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. Stone1842-1843, 1849
2Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneJanuary-February 1853
3Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneMarch-April 1853
4Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneMay-June 1853
5Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneJuly-October 1853
6Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneJanuary-April 14, 1854
7Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneApril 15-July 1854
8Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneAugust-September 1854
9Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneOctober-December 1854
10Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneJanuary-March 1855
11Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneApril-August 1855
131Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneOctober-November 1855
2Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneDecember 1855-1856
3Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. Stone1857
4Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. Stone1858
5Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneJanuary-February 1859
6Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneMarch-April 1859
7Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneMay-June 1859
8Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneJuly-August 1859
9Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. StoneSeptember 1859-June 1860
10Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin W. Stoneundated
11Benjamin H. Silsbee to Stone Silsbee and Pickman1840, 1854-1857
12Benjamin H. Silsbee to Stone Silsbee and Pickman1861
13Benjamin H. Silsbee to Stone Silsbee and Pickman1862-1865, 1878
749Benjamin H. Silsbee to Benjamin W. Stone1856
1314Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin H. Silsbee1853-1858
15Stone Silsbee and Pickman to Benjamin H. Silsbee1861-1862, 1865
141William Dudley Pickman to Stone Silsbee and Pickman1840, 1853-1857, 1862
748William Dudley Pickman to Stone Silsbee and Pickman1856
142George Z. Silsbee to Dudley Leavitt Pickman1860, undated
3William Dudley Pickman to George Henry Allen1877-1888
4William Dudley Pickman to George Henry AllenJanuary-August [unknown year]
5William Dudley Pickman to George Henry AllenSeptember-December [unknown year], undated
6Edward Augustus Silsbee to George Henry Allen1879-1890
7Edward Augustus Silsbee to George Henry Allenundated
8Silsbee and Pickman to George Henry Allen1857-1890, undated
C. Agent Correspondence
149F. W. Brown1851-April 1853
Vol. 44Charles F. W. Brown letter bookMarch 1851-February 1853
1410F. W. BrownMay 1853-1854
11E. A. Emmerton1855-1856
12J. Henry Williams1843-1847, 1851-1853
151J. Henry Williams1854
2J. Henry WilliamsJanuary-July 1855
3J. Henry WilliamsAugust-November 1855
4J. Henry WilliamsJanuary-April 1856
5J. Henry WilliamsMay-August 1856
6J. Henry WilliamsSeptember-December 1856
7J. Henry WilliamsJanuary-June 1857
8J. Henry WilliamsJuly-December 1857
9J. Henry WilliamsJanuary-June 1858
161J. Henry WilliamsJuly-December 1858
2J. Henry WilliamsJanuary 1859-January 1860
3J. Henry WilliamsFebruary-August 1860
4J. Henry WilliamsSeptember-December 1860
5J. Henry WilliamsJanuary-May 1861
6J. Henry WilliamsJune-December 1861
7J. Henry Williams1862
8J. Henry Williams1863-1869, undated
D. Merchant House Correspondence
169Bannatyne-Baring BrothersJuly 1853
10Baring BrothersAugust 1853-April 1855
171Baring BrothersJuly 1855-June 1859
2Baring BrothersSeptember 1859-May 1862
3Baring BrothersJune-October 1862
4Baring BrothersNovember 1862-March 1863
5Baring BrothersApril-July 1863
6Baring BrothersAugust-December 1863
7Baring Brothers1864
8Baring BrothersJanuary 1865-April 1866
9Baring BrothersJuly 1866-April 1867
10Baring BrothersMay 1867-1870
11Baring Brothers-George Farnum1833, 1844-1889
12Flint Peabody and Company1853-April 1855
181Flint Peabody and CompanyMay 1855-November 1856
2Flint Peabody and Company1861-1864
3E. H. Folmar1861-May 1862
4E. H. FolmarJune-December 1862
5E. H. FolmarJanuary-July 1863
6E. H. FolmarAugust 1863-September 1864
7E. H. FolmarOctober 1864-April 1865
8E. H. FolmarMay 1865-November 1867
9E. H. Folmar1868-1870
10Charles Forrester1859-1861
11Charles ForresterJanuary-August 1862
12Charles ForrestserSeptember 1862-1863
13Grant Brothers and Company-Grant Balfour and Company1859
14Grant Balfour and CompanyJanuary-August 1860
191Grant Balfour and CompanyOctober 1860-1861
2Augustine Heard and Company1852-1854
3Augustine Heard and Company1855-September 1857
4Augustine Heard and CompanyOctober 1857-May 1858
5Augustine Heard and CompanyJune-December 1858
6Augustine Heard and CompanyJanuary-August 1859
7Augustine Heard and CompanySeptember 1859-April 1860
8Augustine Heard and CompanyMay-September 1860
9Augustine Heard and CompanyOctober 1860-March 1861
10Augustine Heard and Company1862
11Augustine Heard and CompanyJanuary-June 1863
12Augustine Heard and CompanyJuly 1863-January 1864
13Augustine Heard and CompanyFebruary 1864-March 1859
14Higginson-Kalides and Rajinder DuttMay 1855
201Kalides and Rajinder DuttJune 1855-1856
2Kalides and Rajinder DuttJanuary 1857-February 1858
3Kalides and Rajinder DuttMarch 1858-August 1859
4Ker and Company1866-May 1868
5Ker and CompanyJune 1868-1871
6Ker and Company1872-1875
7Ker and Company1876-1877
8Ker and Company1878-1883
9Ker and Company1884-1891, undated
10Ker and Bolton-Ker Rawson and Company1855, 1866-1888, undated
11Lane Crawford-MacKirdy Webb Driver and Company1840-1841, 1860-1866, 1879, 1890
12MacOndray and Company1850, January-July 1854
211MacOndray and CompanyAugust-November 1854
2MacPherson Francis and Company1850-April 1854
3MacPherson Francis and CompanyMay-December 1854
4MacPherson Francis and CompanyJanuary-July 1855
5MacPherson Francis and CompanyAugust-December 1855
6MacPherson Francis and CompanyJanuary-June 1856
7MacPherson Francis and CompanyJuly-December 1856
8MacPherson Francis and Company1857
9MacPherson Francis and Company1858
10MacPherson Francis and Company1859
11MacPherson Francis and Company1860-1862
12MacPherson Francis and Company1863-1868
13Maxwell-Nicoll1841-1854, 1875-1877
14Osgood and CompanyMay 1857-August 1859
221Osgood and Company-OulonneSeptember 1859
2Paine Stricker and Company-Parente1853-1860
3Peele Hubbell and Company1847-July 1853
4Peele Hubbell and CompanyAugust 1853-December 1854
5Peele Hubbell and Company1855
6Peele Hubbell and Company1856
7Peele Hubbell and Company1857
8Peele Hubbell and CompanyJanuary-September 1858
9Peele Hubbell and CompanyOctober 1858-June 1859
10Peele Hubbell and CompanyJuly 1859-May 1860
11Peele Hubbell and CompanyJune-December 1860
12Peele Hubbell and Company1861
13Peele Hubbell and CompanyJanuary-August 1862
14Peele Hubbell and CompanySeptember 1862-April 1863
231Peele Hubbell and CompanyMay-December 1863
2Peele Hubbell and Company1864
3Peele Hubbell and Company1865-1867, 1877
4Rabaud Brothers1850-1854
5Rabaud Brothers1855-November 1857
6Rabaud Brothers-Reyer and Schlik1851-1861
8Whitney Brothers1863
9Whitney Brothers1864
10Whitney Brothers1865-1866
11Whitney Brothers1867-1868
12Whitney Brothers1869-1871, 1876
13Wilkinson Brothers1844-1852
14Wilkinson Brothers1853-1857
15Wilkinson Brothers1864-1865
241Wilkinson Brothers-Worthington1854, 1864-1868, 1883-1884
E. American Business Correspondence
242William B. Reynolds and Company1852-1856
3G. Savory1861-1862
4G. SavoryJanuary-March 1863
5G. SavoryApril-December 1863
6G. Savory1864
7G. Savory1865-March 26, 1868
8G. SavoryMarch 27, 1868-1869
F. Miscellaneous Business Correspondence
249Miscellaneous business correspondence1840-1852
10Miscellaneous business correspondenceJanuary-April 1853
11Miscellaneous business correspondenceMay-December 1853
12Miscellaneous business correspondenceJanuary-July 1854
13Miscellaneous business correspondenceAugust-December 1854
251Miscellaneous business correspondenceJanuary-September 1855
2Miscellaneous business correspondenceOctober-December 1855
3Miscellaneous business correspondenceJanuary-May 1856
4Miscellaneous business correspondenceJune-December 1856
5Miscellaneous business correspondenceJanuary-July 1857
6Miscellaneous business correspondenceAugust-December 1857
7Miscellaneous business correspondence1858
8Miscellaneous business correspondenceJanuary-May 1859
261Miscellaneous business correspondenceJune-December 1859
2Miscellaneous business correspondenceJanuary-March 1860
3Miscellaneous business correspondenceApril-July 1860
4Miscellaneous business correspondenceAugust-December 1860
5Miscellaneous business correspondence1861
6Miscellaneous business correspondence1862
7Miscellaneous business correspondence1863
8Miscellaneous business correspondence1864-1866
9Miscellaneous business correspondence1867-1872
271Miscellaneous business correspondence1873-1876
2Miscellaneous business correspondence1877-1879
3Miscellaneous business correspondence1880-1889
4Miscellaneous business correspondence1890-1891, 1903, undated
SERIES III. Shipping Papers
A. Ships' Papers
275Ships, A-Z1812-1815, 1822, 1832-1836, undated
6Augustine Heard (Ship)1848
7Augustine Heard (Ship)1849
8Augustine Heard (Ship)January-May 1850
9Augustine Heard (Ship)June-December 1850
281Augustine Heard (Ship)January-August 1851
2Augustine Heard (Ship)September-December 1851
3Augustine Heard (Ship)1852
4Augustine Heard (Ship)January-June 1853
5Augustine Heard (Ship)July-December 1853
6Augustine Heard (Ship)1854
7Augustine Heard (Ship)January-April 12, 1855
8Augustine Heard (Ship)April 13-December 1855
291Augustine Heard (Ship)January-March 1856
2Augustine Heard (Ship)April-December 1856
73(OS)1Augustine Heard (Ship)July 1856
293Augustine Heard (Ship)undated
4Aurora (Ship)1853
5Aurora (Ship)1854
6Aurora (Ship)January-April 1855
7Aurora (Ship)May-December 1855
8Aurora (Ship)January-April 1856
9Aurora (Ship)May 1856
10Aurora (Ship)June-December 1856
301Aurora (Ship)January-June 1857
2Aurora (Ship)July-September 1857
3Aurora (Ship)November 1-25, 1857
4Aurora (Ship)November 26-December 1857
73(OS)1Aurora (Ship)1857, 1858, 1859
305Aurora (Ship)January-September 1858
6Aurora (Ship)October-December 1858
7Aurora (Ship)January-July 1859
8Aurora (Ship)August-December 1859
311Aurora (Ship)1860-1863
2Aurora (Ship)undated
3Australia (Ship)1848-1849
4Australia (Ship)1850
5Australia (Ship)1851
6Australia (Ship)January-July 1852
7Australia (Ship)August-December 1852
8Australia (Ship)January-June 1853
9Australia (Ship)July-December 1853
321Australia (Ship)January-August 13, 1854
2Australia (Ship)August 14-December 1854
3Australia (Ship)January-June 1855
73(OS)1Australia (Ship)June 1855
324Australia (Ship)July-December 1855
5Australia (Ship)1856
6Australia (Ship)January-November 1857
7Australia (Ship)December 1857
8Australia (Ship)1858
9Australia (Ship)1859
10Australia (Ship)1860
331Australia (Ship)1861, undated
2Borneo (Bark)1847
3Borneo (Bark)1848
4Borneo (Bark)1849
5Borneo (Bark)1850
6Borneo (Bark)1851
7Borneo (Bark)1852-1855, undated
8Derby (Ship)1855
9Derby (Ship)1856
341Derby (Ship)January-June 1857
2Derby (Ship)July 1857
3Derby (Ship)August-December 1857
4Derby (Ship)January-July 2, 1858
5Derby (Ship)July 3-December 1858
6Derby (Ship)January-May 1859
7Derby (Ship)June-December 1859
8Derby (Ship)January-September 1860
351Derby (Ship)October-December 1860
2Derby (Ship)1862-1862, undated
3Eliza Ann (Bark)1840
4Eliza Ann (Bark)January-October 1841
5Eliza Ann (Bark)November-December 1841
73(OS)2Eliza Ann (Bark)1841-1848
356Eliza Ann (Bark)January-October 1842
7Eliza Ann (Bark)November 1-15, 1842
8Eliza Ann (Bark)November 16-December 1842
9Eliza Ann (Bark)March-June 1843
361Eliza Ann (Bark)July-December 1843
2Eliza Ann (Bark)January-July 1844
3Eliza Ann (Bark)August-December 1844
4Eliza Ann (Bark)January-February 1845
5Eliza Ann (Bark)March-December 1845
6Eliza Ann (Bark)January-May 1846
7Eliza Ann (Bark)June-September 1846
8Eliza Ann (Bark)October-December 1846
371Eliza Ann (Bark)January-July 1847
2Eliza Ann (Bark)August-December 1847
3Eliza Ann (Bark)1848
4Eliza Ann (Bark)January-February 1849
5Eliza Ann (Bark)March-December 1849
6Eliza Ann (Bark)1850
7Eliza Ann (Bark)January-June 1851
8Eliza Ann (Bark)July-December 1851
381Eliza Ann (Bark)1852-1853
2Eliza Ann (Bark)January-May 1854
3Eliza Ann (Bark)June-December 1854
73(OS)2Eliza Ann (Bark)1854
384Eliza Ann (Bark)January-June 1855
5Eliza Ann (Bark)July-December 1855
6Eliza Ann (Bark)1856-1857
7Eliza Ann (Bark)1858-1860
8Eliza Ann (Bark)undated
9Europa (Bark)1849
10Europa (Bark)January-March 13, 1850
391Europa (Bark)March 14-December 1850
73(OS)2Europa (Bark)1850
392Europa (Bark)January-March 1851
3Europa (Bark)April-December 1851
4Europa (Bark)January-April 1852
5Europa (Bark)May 1852
6Europa (Bark)June 1852-1853, undated
7Formosa (Ship)January-September 1868
8Formosa (Ship)November-December 1868
9Formosa (Ship)January-July 1869
401Formosa (Ship)July-December 1869
2Formosa (Ship)1870
3Formosa (Ship)February-September 1871
4Formosa (Ship)October-December 1871
5Formosa (Ship)1872
6Formosa (Ship)January-March 1873
7Formosa (Ship)April-December 1873
8Formosa (Ship)1874
411Formosa (Ship)1875
2Formosa (Ship)January-September 1876
3Formosa (Ship)October-December 1876
4Formosa (Ship)January-October 1877
5Formosa (Ship)November-December 1877
6Formosa (Ship)1878
7Formosa (Ship)1879
8Formosa (Ship)1880, undated
9Ianthe (Ship)1843
10Ianthe (Ship)April-May 1844
421Ianthe (Ship)June-October 1844
2Ianthe (Ship)November-December 1844
3Ianthe (Ship)January-April 1845
4Ianthe (Ship)May-September 1845
5Ianthe (Ship)October-December 1845
6Ianthe (Ship)January-June 1846
7Ianthe (Ship)July 1846
8Ianthe (Ship)August-December 1846
9Ianthe (Ship)1847
431Malay (Ship)1852
2Malay (Ship)January-August 1853
3Malay (Ship)September-December 1853
4Malay (Ship)January-September 1854
5Malay (Ship)October-December 1854
6Malay (Ship)January-September 1855
7Malay (Ship)October-December 1855
441Malay (Ship)January-October 1856
2Malay (Ship)November-December 1856
3Malay (Ship)January-June 1857
4Malay (Ship)July-December 1857
5Malay (Ship)January-May 1858
6Malay (Ship)June-December 1858
7Malay (Ship)January-July 1859
8Malay (Ship)August-December 1859
9Malay (Ship)January-June 1860
451Malay (Ship)July-December 1860
2Malay (Ship)1861, undated
3Mindoro (Ship)1864
4Mindoro (Ship)1865
5Mindoro (Ship)1866
6Mindoro (Ship)1867-1868
7Mindoro (Ship)1869
8Mindoro (Ship)1870
461Mindoro (Ship)January-August 1871
2Mindoro (Ship)September-December 1871
3Mindoro (Ship)January-August 1872
4Mindoro (Ship)September-December 1872
5Mindoro (Ship)January-May 1873
6Mindoro (Ship)June-December 1873
7Mindoro (Ship)January-November 1874
8Mindoro (Ship)December 1874
9Mindoro (Ship)1875
10Mindoro (Ship)January-June 1876
471Mindoro (Ship)July-December 1876
2Mindoro (Ship)January-May 1877
3Mindoro (Ship)June-December 1877
4Mindoro (Ship)January-July 1878
5Mindoro (Ship)August-December 1878
6Mindoro (Ship)1879
7Mindoro (Ship)January 1880
8Mindoro (Ship)February-December 1880
481Mindoro (Ship)January-May 1881
2Mindoro (Ship)June-December 1881
3Mindoro (Ship)1882
4Mindoro (Ship)1883
5Mindoro (Ship)January-March 1884
6Mindoro (Ship)April-December 1884
7Mindoro (Ship)January-May 1885
8Mindoro (Ship)June-December 1885
491Mindoro (Ship)January-September 1886
2Mindoro (Ship)October-December 1886
3Mindoro (Ship)January-October 1887
4Mindoro (Ship)November-December 1887
5Mindoro (Ship)1888
6Mindoro (Ship)1889-1890
743Mindoro (Ship)1892
4Mindoro (Ship)1893
5Mindoro (Ship), hemp invoices1893
6Mindoro (Ship)1894-1896
7Mindoro (Ship)1897-1900
497Mindoro (Ship)undated
8New Orleans (Ship)1839-1841
9Newsboy (Brig)1864-1868
501New York (Brig)1864-1867
2Ocean Rover (Ship)February-July 1863
3Ocean Rover (Ship)August-December 1863
4Ocean Rover (Ship)January-June 1864
5Ocean Rover (Ship)July-December 1864
6Ocean Rover (Ship)1865
7Ocean Rover (Ship)1866-1869
8Ocean Rover (Ship)undated
9Panay (Ship)1876-1877
511Panay (Ship)1878
2Panay (Ship)1879
3Panay (Ship)January-March 1880
4Panay (Ship)April-December 1880
5Panay (Ship)1881
6Panay (Ship)January-September 1882
7Panay (Ship)October-December 1882
521Panay (Ship)January-October 1883
2Panay (Ship)November-December 1883
3Panay (Ship)1884
4Panay (Ship)January-October 1885
5Panay (Ship)November-December 1885
6Panay (Ship)1886
7Panay (Ship)January-May 1887
8Panay (Ship)June-December 1887
9Panay (Ship)January-May 1888
10Panay (Ship)June-December 1888
531Panay (Ship)January-June 1889
2Panay (Ship)July-December 1889
3Panay (Ship)January-July 1890
4Panay (Ship)August 1890-1891
5Panay (Ship)undated
6Rome (Ship)January-May 1841
7Rome (Ship)June-December 1841
8Rome (Ship)1842
9Rome (Ship)1843
73(OS)3Rome (Ship)1843
541Rome (Ship)1844-1845
2Rome (Ship)1846
3Rome (Ship)1847-1848
73(OS)3Rome (Ship)1847-1848
544Rome (Ship)1849
5Rome (Ship)1850
6Rome (Ship)undated
7Sappho (Bark)1847
8Sappho (Bark)1848-1849
9Sappho (Bark)undated
551Shirley (Ship)1852
73(OS)3Shirley (Ship)1852-1855
552Shirley (Ship)1853
3Shirley (Ship)January-March 1854
4Shirley (Ship)April 1854
5Shirley (Ship)May-October 1854
6Shirley (Ship)December 1854
7Shirley (Ship)January-June 1855
8Shirley (Ship)July-December 1855
9Shirley (Ship)1856
561Shirley (Ship)January-April 1857
2Shirley (Ship)May-October 1857
3Shirley (Ship)November 1857
4Shirley (Ship)December 1857
5Shirley (Ship)January-March 1858
6Shirley (Ship)April-May 1858
7Shirley (Ship)June-October 1858
8Shirley (Ship)November-December 1858
9Shirley (Ship)January-May 1859
571Shirley (Ship)June-December 1859
2Shirley (Ship)1860
3Shirley (Ship)1861-1862, undated
4Sooloo I (Ship)1840
73(OS)3Sooloo I (Ship)1840
575Sooloo I (Ship)January-May 1841
6Sooloo I (Ship)June-December 1841
7Sooloo I (Ship)January-April 1842
8Sooloo I (Ship)May-December 1842
581Sooloo I (Ship)January-May 1843
2Sooloo I (Ship)June-August 1843
3Sooloo I (Ship)September-December 1843
73(OS)3Sooloo I (Ship)1843
584Sooloo I (Ship)1844
5Sooloo I (Ship)1845-1846
6Sooloo I (Ship)1847
7Sooloo I (Ship)1848
8Sooloo I (Ship)1849
9Sooloo I (Ship)1850
10Sooloo I (Ship)1851
11Sooloo I (Ship)1852
591Sooloo I (Ship)January-February 1853
2Sooloo I (Ship)March-December 1853
3Sooloo I (Ship)1854
4Sooloo I (Ship)1855
5Sooloo II (Ship)1860-1861
6Sooloo II (Ship)January-August 1862
7Sooloo II (Ship)October-December 1862
8Sooloo II (Ship)1863
601Sooloo II (Ship)January-June 1864
2Sooloo II (Ship)July-December 1864
73(OS)3Sooloo II (Ship)1864-1865
603Sooloo II (Ship)January-July 1865
4Sooloo II (Ship)August-December 1865
5Sooloo II (Ship)January-September 1866
6Sooloo II (Ship)October-December 1866
7Sooloo II (Ship)January-August 1867
8Sooloo II (Ship)September-December 1867
611Sooloo II (Ship)1868
2Sooloo II (Ship)1869
3Sooloo II (Ship)1870
4Sooloo II (Ship)1871
5Sooloo II (Ship)1872
6Sooloo II (Ship)1873
7Sooloo II (Ship)January-May 1874
621Sooloo II (Ship)June-December 1874
2Sooloo II (Ship)1875
3Sooloo II (Ship)1876
4Sooloo II (Ship)January-September 1877
5Sooloo II (Ship)October-December 1877
6Sooloo II (Ship)1878
7Sooloo II (Ship)1879
631Sooloo II (Ship)January-September 1880
2Sooloo II (Ship)October-December 1880
3Sooloo II (Ship)1881
4Sooloo II (Ship)January-February 1882
5Sooloo II (Ship)March-December 1882
6Sooloo II (Ship)January-May 1883
7Sooloo II (Ship)July-December 1883
8Sooloo II (Ship)1884
9Sooloo II (Ship)1885
641Sooloo II (Ship)1886
2Sooloo II (Ship)1887-1888
3Sooloo II (Ship)undated
4Sooloo II (Ship)undated
5Sumatra (Ship)January-June 20, 1856
6Sumatra (Ship)June 21-December 1856
7Sumatra (Ship)January-August 1857
651Sumatra (Ship)September-December 1857
2Sumatra (Ship)1858
3Sumatra (Ship)1859
4Sumatra (Ship)1860
5Sumatra (Ship)1861, undated
6Syren (Ship)January-June 1851
7Syren (Ship)July-December 1851
8Syren (Ship)1852
661Syren (Ship)1853
2Syren (Ship)1854
3Syren (Ship)January-June 1855
4Syren (Ship)July-December 1855
5Syren (Ship)undated
6Chartered vessels: Abbotsford-Annie Fish1863-1872, 1879
7Chartered vessels: Ansdell-Becherdass Ambaidass1858-1884, undated
8Chartered vessels: Birmah-Cynthia1833, 1850-1884, undated
671Chartered vessels: Daniel Marcy-Florence Baker1845-1848, 1858-1878, undated
2Chartered vessels: Frank Lambirth1877-1881, undated
3Chartered vessels: Garnet-Hants County1826, 1844-1881
4Chartered vessels: Hendricka-Kit Carson1845-1888, undated
5Chartered vessels: Laira-Minstrel1848-1879, undated
6Chartered vessels: Montauk1847-1849, 1868-1869, undated
7Chartered vessels: Morning Light-Niphon1857-1880
8Chartered vessels: Otto-Royal Arthur1846-1848, 1860-1886, undated
681Chartered vessels: St. George-St. James1846-1851, 1864-1872
2Chartered vessels: Samaria-Susan Hinks1860-1888, undated
3Chartered vessels: Sylvan1889-1891, undated
4Chartered vessels: Target-Velma1849, 1860-1874
5Chartered vessels: Victor1876-1878, undated
6Chartered vessels: Warwick Castle-Young Eagle1847, 1857-1811, undated
B. Miscellaneous Shipping Papers
687Miscellaneous shipping papers1843-1849
8Miscellaneous shipping papers1850-1852
9Miscellaneous shipping papers1853-1855
691Miscellaneous shipping papers1856-1859
2Miscellaneous shipping papers1860
3Miscellaneous shipping papers1861-1862
4Miscellaneous shipping papers1863-1865
5Miscellaneous shipping papers1866-1868
6Miscellaneous shipping papers1869-1871
7Miscellaneous shipping papers1872-1873
701Miscellaneous shipping papers1874-1875
2Miscellaneous shipping papers1876-1877
3Miscellaneous shipping papers1878-1879
4Miscellaneous shipping papers1880-1882
5Miscellaneous shipping papers1883-1884
6Miscellaneous shipping papers1885-1887
7Miscellaneous shipping papers1888-1889
8Miscellaneous shipping papers1890
711Miscellaneous shipping papers1891-1898
2Miscellaneous shipping papersundated
3Miscellaneous shipping papersundated
4Miscellaneous shipping papersundated
5Miscellaneous shipping papersundated
6Miscellaneous shipping papersundated
7Shipping trial balances1867-1883
8Shipping trial balances1884-1894
721Guardian Insurance, Sun Mutual Insurance, and Mutual Safety Insurance lawsuitJanuary-February 1843
2Guardian Insurance, Sun Mutual Insurance, and Mutual Safety Insurance lawsuitMarch-November 1843
3Guardian Insurance, Sun Mutual Insurance, and Mutual Safety Insurance lawsuitcirca 1843, undated
4Barreda and Company lawsuit correspondence1855-1856
5Alabama claims1882-1886
Vol. 43Instruction on East India trading1846, 1848, undated
SERIES IV. Miscellaneous Papers
726Notes on the collection, ships, and crews1904, undated
7Labels1840-1890, undated
8Miscellaneous papersundated
Flat file 1Miscellaneous papers1852, 1880
741Silsbee Allen receipts1862-1867
2Benjamin H. Silsbee insurance policies and licenses1862-1867
10Miscellaneous receipts1847, 1869, 1879, 1881
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