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Joanna Carver Colcord (1882-1960) Papers

Joanna Carver Colcord (1882-1960) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Part I. Sea Verse by American Authors
A. Acknowledgement and Introduction
11Acknowledgements and introductionundated
B. Ships and Ships' Companies
12A"Sails" by George Sterlingundated
"Wooden Ships" by David Mortonundated
"Jewels" by David Mortonundated
"Ships in Harbour" by David Mortonundated
"Liviathans" by David Mortonundated
"Shipping News" by David Mortonundated
"Old Ships" by David Mortonundated
"Sonnets from a Hospital: IV" by David Mortonundated
"In Cabin'd Ships at Sea" by Walt Whitmanundated
"The Ship Starting" by Walt Whitmanundated
"After the Sea Ship" by Walt Whitmanundated
"Going Down in Ships" by Harry Kempundated
"Reefing Topsails" by Walter Mitchellundated
"Tacking Ship off Shore" by Walter Mitchellundated
"All's Well" by Bill Adamsundated
"Homeward Bounder's Song" by Thomas Fleming Dayundated
"The Main Sheet Song" by Thomas Fleming Dayundated
"Making Land" by Thomas Fleming Dayundated
"Sailing Ship Days" by Mary Sinton Leitchundated
"The Windjammer" by Henry Hoytundated
"Running the Easting Down" by Felix Riesenbergundated
"The Coasters" by Thomas Fleming Dayundated
2B"The Clippers" by Thomas Fleming Dayundated
"Up Anchor" by Burt Franklin Jennessundated
"The Good Craft Snowbird" by Herman Melvilleundated
"The Old Clipper Days" by Julian S. Cutlerundated
"Every Time I See a Ship" by Harry Kempundated
"The Lost Ship" by Thomas Fleming Dayundated
"The Aeolian Harp" by Herman Melvilleundated
"The Wreck" by Harry Kempundated
"Ballad of Master Mariners" by Lincoln Colcordundated
"The Rune of the Coal Barge" by Lincoln Colcordundated
"Good-bye, Cape Horn" by Lincoln Colcordundated
"The Remedy" by Harry Kempundated
"Sailor's Song" by George Parsons Lathropundated
"Crossing the Tropics" by Herman Melvilleundated
"The Wake Astern" by Lincoln Colcordundated
"Ode for a Master Mariner Ashore" by Louise Imogen Guineyundated
"Now Finale to the Shore" by Walt Whitmanundated
"Mariners" by David Mortonundated
"A Seaman's Confession of Faith" by Harry Kempundated
"The Sailor" by Bill Adamsundated
"Fo'c'sle Comradeship" by Harry Kempundated
"Stowaway" by Bill Adamsundated
2C"L'Envoi" by Berton Braleyundated
"The Sailor of the Sail" by Thomas Fleming Dayundated
"A Song of Joy" by Walt Whitmanundated
"Song for All Seas, All Ships" by Walt Whitmanundated
"John Marr and Other Sailors" by Herman Melvilleundated
"Old Counsel" by Herman Melvilleundated
"To the Master of the Meteor" by Herman Melvilleundated
"The Merchant Service Man" by Burt Franklin Jennessundated
"The Sea Dog" by Burt Franklin Jennessundated
"The Business of Sailing" by Burt Franklin Jennessundated
"Clipper Days" by Harry Kempundated
"Anchor Watches" by Burt Franklin Jennessundated
"Able Bodied Seamen" by Bill Adamsundated
"Peg-Leg's Fiddle" by Bill Adamsundated
"The Impulse" by Berton Braleyundated
"Wanderer" by Bill Adamsundated
"A Vision of the Fleet" by Henry S. Wyerundated
"A Life on the Ocean Wave" by Epes Sargentundated
C. The Paths of the Sea
13A"Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep" by Emma (Hart) Willardundated
"The Great Seducer" by Cale Young Riceundated
"Sea Rapsody" by Cale Young Riceundated
"The Call of the Sea" by John Jerome Rooneyundated
"Dawn at Sea" by Lincoln Colcordundated
"Kennst Du?" by Edmund Clarence Stedmanundated
"Cape of Good Hope" by Katherine Lee Batesundated
"Penang" by Cale Young Riceundated
"Typhoon" by Cale Young Riceundated
"Nights on the Indian Ocean" by Cale Young Riceundated
"Havana Bay" by Dana Burnetundated
"Gaspar Straights" by Lincoln Colcordundated
"The Trade-Wind's Song" by Thomas Fleming Dayundated
3B"The Sea Wind" by Berton Braleyundated
"The Doldrums" by Harry Kempundated
"A Calm" by Epes Sargentundated
"The Fog" by Guy Wetmore Carrylundated
"The Chambered Nautilus" by Oliver Wendell Holmesundated
"To A Sea-Bird" by Bret Harteundated
"To the Man-of-War Bird" by Walt Whitmanundated
"The Coral Grove" by James Gates Percivalundated
"Submarine Mountains" by Cale Young Riceundated
"Flying Fish" by Bliss Carmanundated
"Sargasso Weed" by Edmund Clarence Stedmanundated
"Sea Weed" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellowundated
D. Legendry
14"The Phantom Ship" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellowundated
"The Ballad of Carmilhan" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellowundated
"The Wreck of the Hesperus" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellowundated
"The Tempest" by James T. Fieldsundated
"The Dead Ship of Harpswell" by John Greenleaf Whittierundated
"The Slave-Ships" by John Greenleaf Whittierundated
"The Palatine" by John Greenleaf Whittierundated
"The Nancy's Pride" by Bliss Carmanundated
"The Master of the Scud" by Bliss Carmanundated
"They Call My Name" from Ovid's Metamorphosis, translated by Brookes Moreundated
E. Alongshore
15"The Building of the Ship" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellowundated
"The Ship-Builders" by John Greenleaf Whittierundated
"The Surfman" by Burt Franklin Jennessundated
"The Old Ditty Box" by Burt Franklin Jennessundated
"Christmas Time in Glos'ter" by Homan F. Dayundated
"Hannah Binding Shoes" by Lucy Larcomundated
"The Gloucester Mother" by Sara Orne Jewettundated
"The Lighthouse" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellowundated
"Bare Need" by Mary Byers Smithundated
"In Vineyard Sound" by Walter Mitchellundated
"The Lost Lightship" by Seabury Lawrenceundated
"Missing" by unknown authorundated
"Off Shore" by Frank Walcott Huttundated
"Trade-Wind Sky" by Lincoln Colcordundated
"At Sea" by Henry Howard Brownellundated
"Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" by Walt Whitmanundated
F. In Lighter Vein
16"A Sea Dialogue" by Oliver Wendell Holmesundated
"Bumboats" by Burt Franklin Jennessundated
"The Hired Man's Sea Song" by Holman F. Dayundated
"Tale of the Kennebec Mariner" by Holman F. Dayundated
"Cruise of the Nancy P." by Holman F. Dayundated
"A Poor Spell" by William Hussey Macyundated
"The Old Navigators" by William Hussey Macyundated
"The Alarmed Skipper" by James T. Fieldsundated
"Whaler's Pluck" by Gustav Kobbeundated
"Merchants and Sea Captains of Old Boston" published by the State Street Trust Companyundated
"Maritime New England" by unknown authorundated
"The Wreck of the Julie Plante" by William Henry Drummondundated
"The Skipper's Woes" by unknown authorundated
"A Sailor's Yarn" by James Jeffrey Rocheundated
SERIES II. Part II. American Naval and Maritime History in Verse
8Poems about events in 1718: "The Downfall of Piracy" by Benjamin Franklinundated
"The Pirates" by DuBose Heywoodundated
9Poems about events from 1755 to 1762: "A Cold Water Victory" by Henry W. Wyerundated
"War with the Leviathan: or, the Royal Fisher" by unknown authorundated
"The Storming of Havana" by Wallace Riceundated
10Poems about events from 1776 to 1779: "Ballad of John Barry" by Clinton Scollardundated
"The Cruise of the Fair American" by unknown authorundated
"On the Death of Captain Nicholas Biddle" by Philip Freneauundated
"The Baptism of the Flag" by Barrett Eastmanundated
"John Paul's First Victory" by Wallace Riceundated
"The Yankee Privateer" by unknown authorundated
"Memorable Victory" by Philip Freneauundated
"Paul Jones" by unknown authorundated
"The Ballad of John Paul Jones" by Arthur Guitermanundated
11Poems about events in 1782: "Barney's Invitation" by Philip Freneauundated
"Barney's Victory" by Philp Freneauundated
12Poems about events from 1791, 1795, and 1799: "Bold Northwestman" by unknown authorundated
"The Flag with Fifteen Stripes" by Wallace Riceundated
"The Constellation and L'Insurgente" by unknown authorundated
"Truxton's Victory" by unknown authorundated
13Poems about events from 1800 to 1809: "The Boston Frigate's Engagement" by unknown authorundated
"Tripoli" by Guy Wetmore Carrylundated
"Reuben James" by James Jeffrey Rocheundated
"Siege of Tripoli" by unknown authorundated
"The Impressment of an American Sailor Boy" by unknown authorundated
"Song" by unknown authorundated
"The Clermont" by Arthur Guitermanundated
"Embargo!" by unknown authorundated
14Poems about events in 1812: "First Fruits in 1812" by Wallace Riceundated
"On the Capture of the Guerriere" by Philip Freneauundated
"Halifax Station" by unknown authorundated
"Huzza for the Constitution" by unknown authorundated
"Cash in Hand" by unknown authorundated
"The Wasp Stinging Frolic" by unknown authorundated
"The Wasp's Frolic" by unknown authorundated
"United States and Macedonia" by unknown authorundated
"Glorious Naval Victory" by James Campbellundated
15Poems about events in 1813: "The Hornet and Peacock" by unknown authorundated
"Our Naval Heroes" by unknown authorundated
"Our Naval Hobbies" by unknown authorundated
"The General Armstrong" by unknown authorundated
"The Shannon and the Chesapeake" by Thomas Tracy Bouveundated
"Enterprise and Boxer" by unknown authorundated
"Yankee Chronology: or Huzza for the American Navy!" by unknown authorundated
"The Battle of Erie" by unknown authorundated
"The Saratoga's Victory" by unknown authorundated
"Nathan Whiting's Pleasant Song" by unknown authorundated
16Poems about events in 1814: "The Battle of Valparaiso" by unknown authorundated
"The Peacock and L'Espervier" by unknown authorundated
"The Ocean Fight" by unknown authorundated
"The Battle of Lake Champlain" by Philip Freneauundated
"The Battle of Plattsburgh Bay" by Clinton Scollardundated
"The Fight of the Armstrong Privateer" by James Jeffrey Rocheundated
"The Launch, or Huzza for the New Seventy Four" by unknown authorundated
17Poems about events from 1815 to 1820: "The Constitution's Last Fight" by James Jeffrey Rocheundated
"The Frigate Constitution" by Francis Ardenundated
"Battleā€”A Naval Ode" by unknown authorundated
"Song" by unknown authorundated
"Loss of the Albion" by unknown authorundated
"Loss of the Ship Beverly" by unknown authorundated
18Poems about events from 1830, 1832, and 1839: "Old Ironsides" by Oliver Wendell Holmesundated
"The Battle of Qualah Battoo" by unknown authorundated
"Thulia" by J. E. Palmerundated
19Poems about events in 1859: "Blood is Thicker Than Water" by Wallace Riceundated
20Poems about events from 1861 to 1862: "The Stone Fleet: An Old Sailor's Lament" by Herman Melvilleundated
"The Turtle" by unknown authorundated
"The Attack" by Thomas Buchanan Readundated
"The Cumberland" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellowundated
"On Board the Cumberland" by George H. Bokerundated
"The Cruise of the Monitor" by George H. Bokerundated
"The River Fight" by Henry Howard Brownellundated
"The Battle of New Orleans" by George H. Bokerundated
"The Varuna" by George H. Bokerundated
"New Orleans Won Back" by Robert Lowellundated
21Poems about events in 1863: "Running the Batteries" by Herman Melvilleundated
"The Fight of the Hatterus and Alabama" by unknown authorundated
"The Florida's Cruise" by unknown authorundated
"The Sea Kings of the South" by Edward C. Bruceundated
"Battle of Charleston Harbor" by Paul Hamilton Hayneundated
2Poems about events in 1864: "The Last Crew" by Dubose Heywoodundated
"The Blockade Runner" by Hervey Allenundated
"The Eagle and Vulture" by Thomas Buchanan Readundated
"The Alabama" by Maurice Bellundated
"Farragut" by William Tuckey Meredithundated
"The Bay Fight" by Henry Howard Brownellundated
"Through Fire in Mobile Bay" by unknown authorundated
"Albermarle Cushing" by James Jeffrey Rocheundated
3Poems about events in 1871 and 1873: "The Wrecked Whalers" by Tom Oxfordundated
"The Lord's Day Gale" by Edmund Clarence Stedmanundated
"Nantucket's Last Whaleship" by William Hussey Macyundated
4Poems about events in 1889 and 1894: "The Cheer of the Trenton" by Walter Mitchellundated
"Peace Hath Her Victories" by Wallace Riceundated
"The Kearsage" by James Jeffrey Rocheundated
5APoems about events in 1898: "The Men of the Maine" by Clinton Scollardundated
"Under the Stars" by Wallace Riceundated
"Just One Signal" by unknown authorundated
"Dewey at Manila" by Robert Underwood Johnsonundated
"Dewey and His Men" by Wallace Riceundated
"Cut the Cables" by Robert Burns Wilsonundated
"The Rush of the Oregon" by Arthur Guitermanundated
5B"The Men of the Merrimac" by Clinton Scollardundated
"The Fleet at Santiago" by Charles E. Russellundated
"Santiago" by Thomas A. Janvierundated
"Spain's Last Armada" by Wallace Riceundated
"The Destroyer of Destroyers" by Wallace Riceundated
"When the Great Grey Ships Come In" by Guy Wetmore Carrylundated
6Poems about events in 1917-1918: "The Song of Then and Now" by James Barnesundated
SERIES III. Discards
27ADuplicates and discardsundated
7BDuplicates and discardsundated
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