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Joseph Garland (1922-2011) New England Fisheries Papers

Joseph Garland (1922-2011) New England Fisheries Papers

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Joseph Garland New England Fisheries Papers
11Discovery to Settlement:
The fauna of eastern Massachusettsundated
Biographies of Martin Pring, Bartholomew Gosnold, George Waymouth, Sir Ferdinando Gorges, Sir John Popham, George Popham, John Smith, and Samuel de Champlainundated
Notes from Sabine
Cod fishing of Franceundated
Notes from Innis
Rise of English Fishery 1550-1600undated
French expansion 1497-1550undated
Notes from Morison
European Discoveryundated
Notes from McFarland
2Settlement to 1700:undated
Way of life of the New England fishermenundated
As settlersundated
Greater than goldundated
Real Founders of New England, Charles K. Boltonundated
New England Merchants in 17th Century, Bernard Bailynundated
The eastern frontierundated
Notes from Innis
Struggle against monopoly, 1600-50, Newfoundlandundated
Notes from Rowe
Maritime history of Maineundated
Notes from Sabine
Plymouth, Maine, New Hampshire, Isles of Shoalsundated
Codfishery of Franceundated
Maine, historyundated
Biography of John Masonundated
Eastern Frontier, Charles E. Clarkundated
Notes from Babson
Dorchester attemptundated
Notes from Heyrman
Marblehead, Settlement to 1700undated
Gloucester, Settlement to 1700undated
Notes from McFarland
Settlement to 1700undated
New England's Rarities Discovered, John Josselynundated
Account of Two Voyages to N. E., John Josselynundated
Seventeenth-Century New England, Col. Soc. of N.E., 1982undated
Planters Plea, William Ionesundated
Notes from Hunt's History of Essex Countyundated
History and Traditions of Marblehead, Samuel Roads Jr.undated
History of Hamptonundated
Peopling of British North Americaundated
Newspaper clipping
The Gloucester Canal, Telegraph, May 15, 1867undated
New England-Acadia Fishery Dispute, Bruce McCullyundated
31700 - 1775:undated
Notes from Goode II, Statistics, 1879
Massachusetts cities and townsundated
New Hampshireundated
Rhode Islandundated
Notes from Sabine
Codfishery of Franceundated
Notes from McFarland
Notes from Babson
Notes from Heyrman
Gloucester 1700-1775undated
Marblehead 1700-1775undated
Georges Bank Codfisheryundated
History and Traditions of Marblehead, Samuel Roads, Jr.undated
Newspaper clippings:undated
Scraps of history, Telegraph, May 24, 1837undated
Old time fishing trips, CAA, Dec. 14, 1900undated
Notes from Sabine
History and Traditions of Marblehead, Samuel Roads, Jr.undated
Newspaper clipping, GDT, June 8, 1909undated
51781 - 1815:undated
Notes from Sabine, 1781-1815
Notes from McFarland, 1781-1815
Goode II, Mass. 1790-1810undated
History and Traditions of Marblehead, Samuel Roads, Jr.undated
Newspaper clippings:undated
Pinky fleet of old time, CAA, Oct. 18, 1867undated
Early fishing fleet, CAA, Nov. 1, 1867undated
Embargo, CAA, Nov. 9, 1866undated
Description of various styles, GDT, Jan. 5, 1901undated
Old time Mackerel Fishery, GDT, Mar. 24, 1909undated
61815 - 1846:undated
Notes from Goode IVundated
Notes from Sabine, 1815-1846undated
Notes from McFarland, 1815-46undated
History and Traditions of Marblehead, Samuel Roads, Jr.undated
Newspaper clippings:undated
Recollections of Gloucester, Telegraph, Aug. 12, 1874undated
Commerce of Gloucester, Oct. 22, 1875undated
Early fishing fleet, CAA, Nov. 8, 1867undated
Fisheries of olden times, CAA, Dec. 13, 1867undated
Old wharves, GDT, Sept. 26, 1902undated
Old time fishing, GDT, Oct. 2, 1900undated
Brief review of the fisheries, CAA, Nov. 12, 1875undated
Fishermen's luck-pennies, CAA, Dec. 10, 1858undated
71846 - 1870:undated
Goode IV, Description of Cape Cod fishermenundated
Notes from McFarland, 1846-70undated
Newspaper clippings:
A few hints to our fishermen, Dec. 6, 1867undated
Herring fishery, Telegraph, Feb. 20, 1867undated
Walk on the wharves, Telegraph, Dec. 15, 1860undated
Fishing season of 1867, CAA, Jan. 18, 1867undated
81870 - 1900:undated
McFarland, Fisheries 1885-1908undated
McFarland, Fisheries circa 1910undated
Goode IV, Sailor Fishermen of New Englandundated
Goode IV, Dangers of the fisheriesundated
Letter of transmittalundated
Goode IV, Fishermen of the United Statesundated
History and Traditions of Marblehead, Samuel Roads Jr.undated
Collins, Capt. Joseph Williamundated
Goode II, Maine, Status in 1880undated
Goode II, Connecticut, 1880sundated
Newspaper clippings:undated
N. E. Fishing Losses, CAA, Nov. 20, 1891undated
Industries of Gloucester, CAA, Nov. 5, 1875undated
A winter's trip to Georges, GDT, Feb. 2, 1893undated
91900 on:undated
Note, Gordon Thomasundated
Newspaper clippings:undated
I remember, Yankee, Oct. 1983undated
Fire, GDT, Nov. 13, 1970undated
Fisheries report, GDT, Aug. 17, 1961undated
Russians, GDT, Aug. 7, 1963undated
Steel dragger, Jan. 27, 1965undated
Compromise on 3-mile limit, GDT, Aug. 31, 1966undated
Commercial fishing, Boston Mag., April 1967undated
Dead crewman identified, Globe, Apr. 3, 1992undated
Writers forum, Nov. 1, 1992undated
Scottish seining, Mar. 14, 1993undated
Guideposts, Feb. 1982undated
Newspaper clippings:undated
Maine hauls, Globe, June 7, 1992undated
Bright future for sea farming, GDT, May 13, 1992undated
High-tech marine facility, Globe, June 23, 1992undated
Nantucket lab spawns aquaculture, Globe, June 28, 1992undated
Maine freezing lobsters, Globe, July 19, 1992undated
Oceanography: the Past, Ralph Dexter, Sept. 1980undated
Two centuries of Naturalists, Ralph Dexter, Aug. 1978undated
Century of Fishery Biology, Ralph Dexter, June 1979undated
11Canada & U.S.:undated
Canada Fishing Ban, GDT, July 15, 1992undated
Canada closes Cod fishery, Globe, July 12, 1992undated
Good Old Fishing Days, Nat. Fisherman, Mar. 1965undated
Newspaper clipping:undated
Fishermen fight to save Chatham, Globe, Mar. 15, 1992undated
13Commercial Anglers Assoc.:undated
Limited Entry: Grand Illusion, Russell Cleary, Dec. 1991undated
Shark Fishery Management Plan, Russell Cleary, Dec. 1989undated
Memo: to Joe from Russ C.undated
Newspaper clippings:undated
Short-sighted proposal, Vineyard Gazette, July 10, 1987undated
Bass for sports only? Nat. Fisherman, June 1989undated
Comm. Anglers Assoc., Comm. Fisheries News, Oct. 1991undated
White House Connection, Nat. Fisherman, Aug. 1992undated
Craig Revisited, Alaska Fishermans Journal, Oct. 1992undated
Commercial Anglers Assoc.undated
Newsletter Oct. 3, 1991undated
Newsletter, Mar. 11, 1992undated
Newsletter, Oct. 10, 1992undated
Letters from Russell Cleary, Comm. Anglers Assoc.undated
Ed., Nat Fisherman, Dec. 14, 1991undated
Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Feb. 21, 1992undated
George H. W. Bush, Pres., April 20, 1992undated
Do[u]glas G. Marshall, May 23, 1992undated
Honorable Barbara Franklin, May 16, 1992undated
Honorable Barbara Franklin, July 16, 1992undated
Niki Bane, July 18, 1992undated
Richard H. Schaefer, July 18, 1992undated
Honorable John F. Kerry, Nov. 8, 1992undated
Notes from Goode V
Bank handline Codfisheryundated
Labrador and Gulf of St. Lawrenceundated
Bank Trawl-line Fisheryundated
Georges Codfisheryundated
Protection of fishermen in dories, CAA, Jan. 29, 1892undated
Steam Trawlers, Chappelleundated
Beam Trawler, CAA, Nov. 13, 1891undated
Various kinds of fish, CAA, Dec. 4, 1891undated
Beam trawling on extensive scale, CAA, Jan. 1, 1892undated
17Fish Glue:undated
Fish glue origins, GDT, July 12, 1978undated
Mrs. Hester Babson Rogers Kenyon interviewundated
18Haddock, Hake, Halibut, Herring:undated
Notes from Goode V
Fresh halibutundated
Salt halibutundated
Frozen herringundated
Pickled herringundated
Smoked herringundated
Halibut Fishery, Sabineundated
Newspaper clippings:undated
Georges fleet, Telegraph, Jan. 19, 1859undated
Curing and Smoking Halibut, CAA, May 22, 1874undated
New Pacific Fish Concern, GDT, Nov. 25, 1902undated
Small business, Big trouble, Globe, June 2, 1993undated
Widows get Alewives, July 13, 1993undated
19Industry Reviews and Stats:undated
Fishing Industry, John J. Pew, GDT, Jan. 1, 1901undated
Notes from Goode
Early mackerelundated
Gillnet fishery & Purse Seineundated
Southern Spring mackerel fishery, Hugh Smith, 1898undated
Newspaper clippings:undated
Shore Seining, Nat. Fisherman, Aug. 1967undated
First purse seine, CAA, Jan. 5, 1883undated
Gloucester fisherman, Outlook, Sept. 5, 1903undated
Report of the Commissioner, 1878undated
Notes from Goodeundated
2New England Fishery Management Council:undated
Newspaper clippings:undated
Declining fish catch, Globe, Mar. 4, 1993undated
Safeguard spawning fish, GDT, Feb. 25, 1993undated
New panel to oversee, Jan. 8, 1993undated
Illegal scallop raids, Aug. 18, 1992undated
Maine coast anger, Globe, Aug. 16, 1992undated
Trash fish dominate, Aug. 3, 1992undated
Last Salem lobsterman, GDT, July 20, 1992undated
Fishermen lack voice, July 18, 1992undated
Overfishing, May 3, 1989undated
Overfishing curbs, Earth Summit Times, Mar. 17, 1992undated
Scientists: Big picture, Globe, June 21, 1992undated
Fishermen join ranks, GDT, May 14, 1992undated
Fish conservation plan, GDT, April 13, 1992undated
Cape Ann Vessel Associationundated
Fisheries Reinvestment Act of 1992undated
Petition to support the Gloucester fishing industryundated
Public Hearing Document for Amendment #5, April 13, 1992undated
Newspaper clippings:undated
Bay State Coast Damaged, Globe, Nov. 15, 1992undated
Is pollution a factor, GDT, Nov. 11, 1992undated
Warnings on fish disputed, Globe, April 12, 1992undated
Note from History of Our Lady of Good Voyages, Nov. 10, 1988undated
In Great Waters, Jeremiah Digges, 1941undated
5River and Pound Net:undated
Notes from Goode V
Rivers (Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts)undated
Rivers (Maine)undated
Pound net fisheriesundated
Sketch of Pole Trapundated
Sketch of Floating Trapundated
Nudds Salt Worksundated
Notes from Goode, Swordfishundated
King of the Sea, July 23, 1993undated
Swordfishing (manuscript ca. 1903)undated
8Fisheries Crisis 1993-1995 1 (Newspaper clippings)undated
Fishermen elude danger, Globe, Nov. 15, 1992undated
Connecticut's last fleet, GDT, Nov. 16, 1992undated
Two die, Globe, Dec. 31, 1992undated
Three die, Globe, Feb. 1, 1993undated
Census reveals changes, GDT, Feb. 10, 1993undated
Maine fish farms, Mar. 5, 1993undated
Roundness of life (undated)undated
Poor fishing, Globe, April 4, 1993undated
New England faces future, Globe?undated
Making seafood safer, Globe, April 6, 1993undated
Study finds salmon victim, Globe, May 4, 1993undated
Gloucester loses status, GDT, May 5, 1993undated
Restore the Kennebec (undated)undated
Taking a closer look, May 1993undated
Dogfish feed the hungry, GDT, May 13, 1993undated
Stellwagen bank, NMS, April 1993undated
Florida Bay faces disaster, Nat. Fisherman, May 1993undated
Little fish big pond, May 1993undated
Battling fishermen unite, GDT, June 8, 1993undated
Rudderless bureaucracy, GDT, June 9, 1993undated
Support the industry, GDT, June 10, 1993undated
Dispute places fishermen, Globe, June 13, 1993undated
Native Americans of N. E., Elderhostel, Aug. 20, 1993undated
Canadian officials weigh ban, Globe, July 21, 1993undated
Canada to halt fishing, Globe, Dec. 21, 1993undated
Fishermen oppose utility, Globe, July 24, 1993undated
Jack McKinnon boss lumper, Essex Co., July 22, 1993undated
Reasons for fish stock decline, July 26, 1993undated
Fishermen form co-op, GDT, July 26, 1993undated
Capt. Larsen laments decline, Vineyard Gazette, May 21, 1993undated
Fishermen seek economic control, Globe, Aug. 1, 1993undated
Residents raising stink, Globe, Aug. 8, 1993undated
N. E. states move to regulate, Globe, Aug. 15, 1993undated
Alliance in Gloucester, Aug. 15, 1993undated
Fish story, CLF, Fall 1993undated
Last skipjack, NY Times, June 13, 1993undated
Canada closes section, Washington Post, Sept. 1, 1993undated
Protecting the sacred cod, Globe, Oct. 4, 1993undated
Fishermen's feud, Globe, Oct. 9, 1993undated
Fish embraced by environmentalists, GDT, Oct. 23, 1993undated
Dwindling stocks, Globe, Oct. 31, 1993undated
Western Atlantic's Tuna, GDT, Nov. 9, 1993undated
'93 Bay scallop harvest, Globe, Nov. 21, 1993undated
Action to protect oceans, Globe, Nov. 21, 1993undated
Gloucester by design, Don Mason, Oct. 23, 1993undated
Off Canada, Globe, Nov. 26, 1993undated
Finite fish infinite greed, Greenpeaceundated
NGO Environment Liaison, Mar. 7, 1974undated
Fishermen rise to defense, Globe, Dec. 2, 1993undated
Limits on lobstering, GDT, Oct. 11, 1993undated
Ban on Haddock possible, GDT, Dec. 10, 1989undated
Out to sea, Globe, Dec. 12, 1993undated
Canadians ban most codfishing, Dec. 21, 1993undated
Georges Bank off limits, GDT, Dec. 24, 1993undated
Fisheries director is middleman, Globe, Dec. 26, 1993undated
Q&A with Director, Globe, Dec. 26, 1993undated
Endangered species, Audubon, Fall, 1993undated
Fishery, Grady Clay, Nov. 18, 1993undated
9Fisheries Crisis 1993-1995: 2 (Newspaper clippings)undated
Fewer fish more restraints, Jan. 3, 1994undated
Amendment Five, Gloucester United, Fall 1993undated
Save the Cod, Globe, Jan. 9, 1994undated
Three families, no fish, GDT, Jan. 10, 1994undated
Newfoundland fishing ban is flouted, Globe, Jan. 2, 1994undated
Kennedy's response, GDT, Jan. 13, 1994undated
Canada to use Navy, Wall Street Journal, Jan. 14, 1994undated
Safety net for fishermen, Globe, Jan. 28, 1994undated
Call me Ishmael, CLF, Winter 1993-1994undated
For Kerry, no fish tales, Globe, Feb. 13, 1994undated
Wild Atlantic salmon, North Woods Vision (undated)undated
New England feels pain, Globe, Feb. 15, 1994undated
Atlantic salmon reels, Nat. Fisherman, Dec. 1993undated
Newfoundland's plight, Nat. Fisherman, Dec. 1993undated
Will the codfish go, Globe, Feb. 16, 1994undated
Holy Mackerel, Globe, Feb. 21, 1994undated
Fishery crisis, Feb. 26, 1994undated
Options for fleet dwindling, GDT, Feb. 28, 1994undated
Fishermen's choice, Globe, Mar. 1, 1994undated
US plans key role, Globe, Mar. 5, 1994undated
Families are at risk, Mar. 5, 1994undated
Dying frogs, Globe, Mar. 8, 1994undated
Cartoon, Globe, Mar. 12, 1994undated
Fishermen must step back, Mar. 15, 1994undated
Empty nets, Globe, Mar. 15, 1994undated
17th century maxim, Globe, Mar. 16, 1994undated
Can city chart a future, GDTundated
Differing outlooks, GDT, Mar. 17, 1994undated
Fishing fleet trawling seas, NYTimes, Mar. 7, 1994undated
Report tracks decline, Vineyard Gazette, Feb. 18, 1994undated
Citizens react, GDT, Mar. 19, 1994undated
Salmon protection bid, Globe, Mar. 20, 1994undated
Fish auction eyed, GDT, Mar. 24, 1994undated
Restoring fish stocks, Globe, Mar. 26, 1994undated
New England groundfish, GDT, Mar. 31, 1994undated
Can fleet find profit, GDT, April 8, 1994undated
Pacific fishery on verge, Globe, April 9, 1994undated
Too few fish in sea, Time, April 4, 1994undated
Pollutants travel far, NYHerald, Mar. 16, 1994undated
Fishy business, NYHerald, Mar. 19, 1994undated
Four fishermen missing, GDT, Sept. 6, 1994undated
Friends praying for crew, Boston Herald, Sept. 6, 1994undated
Fishing industry needs creative, Sept. 1, 1994undated
Water, Worlds Resources, 1994-1995undated
Little fish big pond, Aug. 10, 1994undated
Could hatcheries help, GDT, Aug. 23, 1994undated
Close prime fishing area, GDT, Aug. 19, 1994undated
Fishing for solutions, Aug. 17, 1994undated
Seafarers spread the wealth, GDT, Aug. 5, 1994undated
Kerry urges global limits, July 29, 1994undated
Fishing rights and wrongs, Globe, Aug. 12, 1994undated
Harvesting the sea, Globe, Aug. 12, 1994undated
Fish stock collapse, GDT, Aug. 11, 1994undated
Fishing gone, Aug. 11, 1994undated
Fishing study, Globe, Aug. 10, 1994undated
Whales mark new license plates (undated)undated
10Fisheries Crisis 1993-1995: 3 (Newspaper clippings)undated
Salmon returns in N. E., Globe, Aug. 7, 1994undated
Stakes high on high seas, Globe, July 25, 1994undated
World's seas are fished, July 24, 1994undated
Last river to run, Globe, June 13, 1994undated
Big decline in river fish, Globe, May 15, 1994undated
Fleet sees huge drop, GDT, May 5, 1994undated
D-day for fleet, GDT, April 30, 1994undated
From the farm, Globe, April 27, 1994undated
Not all fisheries, April 27, 1994undated
Stripping the sea's life, Globe, April 17, 1994undated
Promise of bounty goes bust, Globe, April 18, 1994undated
Regulated inefficiency, Globe, April 19, 1994undated
Tiny fraction of Great Lakes, April 21, 1994undated
Waste not want not, GDT, April 18, 1994undated
New England by the numbers (undated)undated
State warns of mercury, Globe, Sept. 15, 1994undated
What is fishing's role, Nov. 17, 1994undated
Fishing area shuts down, GDT, Dec. 7, 1994undated
Third world overfishing, Globe, Dec. 11, 1994undated
Gloucestermen reap record, Nat. Fisherman, 1976 Yearbookundated
Hook, line, and sunk, NYTimes, Dec. 11, 1994undated
Discussion concerning, Comm. Anglers Assoc., Dec. 1994undated
Lost at sea, CLF, Fall 1994undated
Context: Sustainable development, Ministry for Env., June 1992undated
Resource Management Act, Ministry for Env., June 1992undated
Forum with Cardinal Law, Fishermen's Forum, Aug. 16, 1994undated
Letter to Card. Law, Patricia Glover, Aug. 25, 1994undated
Contamination of NE Fish, Coast Alliance, June 1987undated
Fish & Shellfish Contamination, Coast Alliance, June 1986undated
11Fisheries Crisis 1993-95: 4 (Newspaper clippings)undated
1994 could be year, GDT, Dec. 30, 1994undated
Word from Wivenhoe, Country Life, Nov. 3, 1994undated
Fishermen join ranks, GDT, Jan. 4, 1995undated
With China's miracle, Globe, Jan. 2, 1995undated
Alewife program, GDT, Jan. 10, 1995undated
Survey, Gloucester Fishermen's Wives (undated)undated
Pier pressure, Globe, Feb. 15, 1995undated
Breaking ground on high seas, Globe, Jan. 22, 1995undated
Letter to Douglas Marshall, GFWA, Feb. 8, 1995undated
Fax to Goundfish Oversight Comm., P. Haring, PDT, Feb. 9, 1995undated
Gloucester State Fish Pier, Brochure (undated)undated
Rough seas, Globe, Feb. 26, 1995undated
Gorton's bought by global firm, GDT, Mar. 4, 1995undated
Hearing casts fishery, Globe, Mar. 5, 1995undated
Aquaculture: farming the flats, Globe, May 12, 1995undated
Spanish boats defy Canada, Globe, Mar. 15, 1995undated
Forces ally, GDT, Mar. 16, 1995undated
Wild Atlantic salmon, Globe, Mar. 15, 1995undated
High tech future (undated)undated
Weld pitch for fish aid, GDT, Mar. 22, 1995undated
Europeans halt talks, Globe, Mar. 28, 1995undated
Canadians lash out, Globe, Mar. 27, 1995undated
Canada stands firm, GDT, Mar. 29, 1995undated
Spain trawlers defying Canada, Globe, Mar. 29, 1995undated
Immigrants may be targeted, GDT, Mar. 22, 1995undated
Push is on for $25m, Mar. 23, 1995undated
Weld getting the hook, Globe, Mar. 25, 1995undated
More needs to be done (undated)undated
Experts challenge Weld, GDT, Mar. 23, 1995undated
Governor fishes for Fed aid, GDT, Mar. 21, 1995undated
More people fewer fish, GDT, Feb. 9, 1995undated
Fishermen forgotten, GDT, Feb. 11, 1995undated
Trudy Coxe, Globe, Feb. 12, 1995undated
No shake-up seen for Gorton's, GDT, Mar. 9, 1995undated
City fish projects win aid, GDT, July 27, 1995undated
Weld seeks disaster aid, Globe, Mar. 21, 1995undated
One big fish story, GDT, Mar. 24, 1995undated
Fish broker named to Commission, GDT (undated)undated
Governor sticks to plan, GDT, April 6, 1995undated
Some blame overfishing, Globe, Mar. 26, 1995undated
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