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Orne Family Papers

Orne Family Papers

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SERIES I. Timothy Orne (1717-1767) Papers
A. Shipping Papers
1. Ships' Papers
11Abigail (Sloop) and Adventure1745-1765
2America (Brig) and America (Schooner)1744-1757
3Andrago (Sloop)1757-1762
4Ann (Schooner) - Aurora (Schooner)1747-1757, undated
5Bellona (Sloop) and Benjamin (Schooner)1749-1760
6Betsy (Schooner)1759-1761
7Betsy (Schooner)1762-1767
8Betsy (Brig)1763-1764
9Betty & Molly (Schooner)1746-1750
10Biddeford (Sloop) - Boston Packett1745-1766
21Beaver (Schooner)1748-1750
2Beaver (Schooner)1751-1753
3Beaver (Schooner)1753-1754
4Beaver (Schooner)1755-1756
5Beaver (Schooner)1757
6Beaver (Schooner)1758-1761
7Beaver (Schooner)undated
31Cato (Schooner)1763-1766
2Caesar (Brig) - Caesar (Schooner)1755-1760
3Chance (Schooner) - Charming Sally (Sloop)1746-1765
4Cicero (Brig)1758-1759
5Cicero (Brig)1760
6Cicero (Brig)1761
7Cicero (Brig)1762
8Cicero (Brig)1763
9Cicero (Brig)1764-1766, undated
41Daniel Curtis (Sloop) - Diana (Brig)1739-1767
2Dolphin (Schooner)1737-1749
3Dolphin (Sloop)1746, 1757-1759
4Dolphin (Sloop)1760-1761
5Dove (Sloop) - Duke (Ship)1751-1767
6Earl of Gainsborough - Eleanor1744-1767
7Elizabeth (Brig) - Elizabeth (Schooner)1749-1764
8Elizabeth & Mary (Brig)1746-1749
9Endeavor (Sloop)1742-1748
10Endeavor (Schooner) - Endure (Schooner)1743-1752
51Essex (Brig) - Essex (Schooner)1744-1765
2Esther (Schooner)1759-1761
3Esther (Schooner)1760-1768
4Eunice (Schooner)1760-1764
5Eunice (Schooner)1765-1768
6Exeter (Schooner)1744-1746
61Fisher (Schooner)1750-1755
2Fisher (Schooner)1756-1760
3Friendship (Schooner) - Friendship (Sloop)1749-1759
4George (Schooner) - Good Intent (Schooner)1746-1767
5Hampton (Schooner)1749-1751
6Hampton (Schooner)1752-1753
7Hampton (Schooner)1754-1755
8Hampton (Schooner)1756-1759
71Hannah (Schooner) - Hooper1759-1767, undated
2Industry (Brig) - Ipswich (Schooner)1758-1766
3Joanna (Sloop) - John Galley (Ship)1737-1767
4Jolly Bacchus (Sloop) - Joseph1743-1761
5Kent (Ship)1764
6Lark (Brig) - Louisa (Schooner)1750-1766, undated
7Love (Schooner) - Lyon1736-1765
8Martha (Sloop) - Mollineaux1747-1767, undated
9Molly (Schooner), Lambert, master1751-1757
10Molly (Schooner), Felt, master1751-1757
11Molly (Schooner), Felt, master1758-1760
12Molly (Schooner), Davis, master1761-1766
13Molly (Schooner) - Molly (Sloop)1763-1772, undated
81Neptune (Schooner)1755-1758
2Neptune (Sloop)1761-1763
3Night Hawk (Schooner)1754, 1761
4Old Tom (Schooner) and Olive (Sloop)1757-1758
5Peggy - Pembroke (Sloop)1757-1767
6Polly (Schooner) - Polly (Sloop)1757-1765, undated
7Prince Frederick (Snow) - Princess Dowager1748-1757
8Ranger (Brig) - Rebecca (Sloop)1742-1765
9Rebecca (Schooner)1754-1756
10Rebecca (Schooner)1757
11Rebecca (Schooner)1758-1759
91Robert & Molly (Sloop) and Rowley (Schooner)1746, 1748-1751
2Rowley (Schooner)1752-1753
3Rowley (Schooner)1754-1755
4Rowley (Schooner)1756-1757
5Salem (Brig)1749, 1757-1762
6Salisbury (Brig) - Salisbury (Sloop)1746-1763
7Sally (Schooner)1755-1768
101Sally (Brig)1761
2Sally (Sloop)1750, 1762-1768
3Seaflower (Schooner)1736-1753
4Siren (Brig) - Success (Ship)1736-1751, undated
5Swallow (Sloop) - Swan (Sloop)1745-1748, undated
6Tartar (Brig) - Tryall (Schooner)1732-1766
7Two Brothers (Brig) - Two Brothers (Sloop)1732-1761
8Union (Brig) - Unity (Schooner)1742-1760, undated
9Victory (Schooner) - Volant (Schooner)1732-1757, undated
10Warwick (Brig) - Winsor (Sloop)1740-1762
11Yarmouth (Sloop) - York (Sloop)1746-1760
135Shipping correspondence1742-1758
6Shipping correspondence1759-1767
Vol. 1Letter & invoice book1756-1767
Vol. 2Ships' journal1748-1751
Vol. 3Ships' ledger1758-1759
Vol. 4Ships ledger (microfilm 120, reel 3)1760-1768
137Price currents1744-1756
8Bills of exchange1737-1763, 1779
9Insurance papers1746-1765
141Shipping papers1734-1744
2Shipping papers1745-1747
3Shipping papers1748-1750
4Shipping papers1751-1753
5Shipping papers1754-1755
6Shipping papers1756
7Shipping papers1757
8Shipping papers1758
151Shipping papers1759
2Shipping papers1760
3Shipping papers1761
4Shipping papers1762
5Shipping papers1763
6Shipping papers1764
7Shipping papers1765
8Shipping papers1766-1768
9Shipping papersundated
2. Merchant House and Shipping Correspondence
111Barrett – Bewicker1742-1774
3Box & Austin - Brome1752-1767
4Butler - Drayton1742-1766
6Joseph Gardoqui & Son1751-1766
7Gascoigne - Gedney Clarke1734-1754
8Godet - Greenleaf1746-1759
9Griffith & Thomas1763-1768
10Thomas James Gruchy1752-1756
121Hammond – Kneeland1754-1768
2Lane & Caswell1744-1747
3Thomas Lane1749-1764
4Lane & Booth1756-1760
5Lane & Booth1761-1766
6Lane, Son & Fraser1766-1768
7Lee - Phillips1742-1767
8Phipps - Pickern1755-1767
9Fitch Pool1738-1764
131Pool & Clarke1762-1767
2Roberts - Watts1754-1768
3White - Winslow1747-1764
4Wombwell, Coxon & Wombwell1764-1768
B. Business Papers
161Business correspondence1739-1761
2Business correspondence1762-1767
3Almanac/diary/memorandum book1736-1748
4Almanac/diary/memorandum book1749-1755
5Almanac/diary/memorandum book1756-1760
6Almanac/diary/memorandum book1761-1767
Vol. 5Waste book1733
Vol. 6Journal1733
Vol. 7Ledger1733
Vol. 8Waste book1738-1750
Vol. 9Waste book1745-1752
Vol. 10Waste book (for farm products)1745-1752
Vol. 11Waste book1750-1752
Vol. 12Waste book1753-1754
Vol. 13Waste book1753-1756
Vol. 14Waste book1754-1758
Vol. 15Waste book1756-1761
Vol. 16Waste book1758-1764
Vol. 17Waste book1761-1767
Vol. 18Ledger (microfilm 120, reel 3)1738-1753
Vol. 19Ledger (microfilm 120, reel 6)1762-1767
171Stocks of shares1763-1767
2Receipt book1755-1761
3Receipt books1762-1767
4Accounts, receipts, and orders1736-1744
5Accounts, receipts, and orders1745-1747
6Accounts, receipts, and orders1748-1750
7Accounts, receipts, and orders1751
8Accounts, receipts, and orders1752-1753
181Accounts, receipts, and orders1754
2Accounts, receipts, and orders1755
3Accounts, receipts, and orders1756
4Accounts, receipts, and orders1757
5Accounts, receipts, and orders1758
6Accounts, receipts, and orders1759
7Accounts, receipts, and orders1760
8Accounts, receipts, and orders1761
9Accounts, receipts, and orders1762
10Accounts, receipts, and orders1763
11Accounts, receipts, and orders1764
191Accounts, receipts, and orders1765
2Accounts, receipts, and orders1766
3Accounts, receipts, and orders1767-1768
4Accounts, receipts, and ordersundated
5Robert and Joseph McIntire receipts1754-1766
C. Legal Papers
196Orne family legal papers1719-1764
7Eaton papers1748-1768
8Barnes Robinson correspondence1759-1764
9Estate papers1749-1768
10Legal papers1745-1765, 1779
D. Family and Personal Papers
1911Civic papers1746-1767
12Domestic papers1737-1768
13Personal correspondence1732-1764
Vol. 20Joseph Orne (1683-1748) account book (microfilm 120, reel 3)1719-1743
1914Family papers1753-1820
15Undated papers and fragmentsundated
Series II. Josiah Orne (1768-1825) Papers
A. Shipping Papers
1. Ships' Papers
201Alexander (Ship) - Betsey (Ship)1792-1810
2Betsy (Schooner)1809-1810
3Betsy (Schooner) - Daniel Webster (Brig)1803-1832, undated
4Doris (Ship)1807-1808
5Doris (Ship)1809
6Doris (Ship)1810
7Doris (Ship) - Enterprise (Brig)1794-1823, undated
211Exchange (Brig)1799-1800
2Exchange (Brig)1801
3Exchange (Brig)1802
4Exchange (Brig)1803-1804
5Exchange (Brig)1805-1806
6Exchange (Brig)1807
7Exchange (Brig)1808-1811
8Exchange (Brig)undated
221Favorite (Ship)Apr.-Sep. 1815
2Favorite (Ship)Oct. 1815-1816
3George (Ship) – Hiram (Schooner)1802-1823, undated
4Hope (Brig) – Polly (Sloop)1783-1824
5Polly & Phebe (Sloop)1793-1796
6Recovery (Ship) - Ulysses (Ship)1798-1823
7Whim (Schooner) - William (Sloop)1799-1822
231Malabar (Ship) correspondence1816-1817
2Malabar (Ship) correspondence1818-1819
3Malabar (Ship) correspondence1820
4Malabar (Ship) correspondence1821
5Malabar (Ship) correspondence1822
6Malabar (Ship) correspondence1823
7Malabar (Ship) correspondence1824-1827
241Malabar (Ship) business papers1816-1817
2Malabar (Ship) business papers1818-1819
3Malabar (Ship) business papers1820
4Malabar (Ship) business papers1821-1822
5Malabar (Ship) business papers1823
6Malabar (Ship) business papers1824
7Malabar (Ship) business papers1825-1827
8Malabar (Ship) business papersundated
251Exchange (Brig) invoice and account books (2 volumes)1799-1806
Vol. 21Exchange (Brig) account book1809
252Favorite (Ship) invoice book1815
3Favorite (Ship) ledger1815-1816
4Malabar (Ship) account books (3 volumes)1819-1822
5Malabar (Ship) invoice book1822
6Malabar (Ship) sales, portage and disbursement books (5 volumes)1821-1824
261Ships' accounts1799-1800
2Ships' ledger and invoice book1805-1811
3Ships' ledger, sales, and invoice book; currency and sales book1801-1807, 1821
4Freight bookundated
5Miscellaneous shipping account books (2 volumes)undated
279Shipping correspondence1806-1821
10Price currents1800-1811
281Shipping accounts1792-1802
2Shipping accounts1803-1809
3Shipping accounts1810-1811
4Shipping accounts1812-1816
5Shipping accounts1817-1821
6Shipping accounts1822-1828
7Shipping accountsundated
8Porter papers1795-1813
2. Merchant House Correspondence
271Addison & Williams - Brown1798-1824
2Callisunker - Dodge1800-1826
3Erbe & Co. – Groves1797-1825
4Ham - Osgood & Co.1805-1824
5Phelps - Ryberg1807-1824, undated
6Share - Van Staphorst1804-1824
7Vassal – Williams1801-1824
8Samuel Williams1802-1821
B. Financial Papers
291Financial papers1799-1810
2Financial papers1811-1818
3Financial papers1819-1832
4Joseph & Solomon McIntire Receipts1811-1819
6Daybooks (3 volumes)1813-1827
7Ledger, account books, and list of expenses (5 volumes)1818-1824
C. Legal Papers
301Legal papers1789-1823
2Edward Allen papers1793-1809
3Edward Allen papers1810
4Edward Allen papers1811-1825
5Josiah Orne estate papers1825-1829
D. Family Papers
306Orne family correspondence1802-1878
7Low papers1822-1827
311Domestic papers1801-1811
2Domestic papers1812-1813
3Domestic papers1814-1816
4Domestic papers1817-1818
5Domestic papers1819-1827
6Josiah Orne's accounts with his children1811-1819
Series III. Orne Family Papers
A. William, Joseph, and Charles H. Orne Shipping Papers
321Eliza (Brig) - Essex (Ship)1798-1803
2Essex (Brig)1802-1805
3Faith (Ship) - Hind (Brig)1797-1818
4Hopewell (Schooner)1794-1799, 1899
5Mars (Brig) - Monk (Ship)1800-1814
6Pompey (Bark) - Washington (Brig)1804-1812
Vol. 22Letterbook1808-1815
328Shipping papers1788-1822
9Insurance record book1812
10William Orne shipping ledger; William Allen revenue book1804-1860
11William Orne book marker stampundated
331Charles H. Orne (1789-1816) ledger1809-1818
B. Family Papers
332Joseph Henfield shipping account book/almanac1759-1761
3Dr. Joseph Orne (1749-1786) miscellaneous papers1769-1775
4Dr. Joseph Orne (1749-1786) daybooks (2 volumes)1775-1780
5Estate papers1806-1810
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