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Eben Howe Bailey (1843-1943) Music Collection

Eben Howe Bailey (1843-1943) Music Collection

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SERIES I. Miscellaneous
11Photograph of Eben Howe Bailey at the age of 94undated
Composition by L. Denza, "A May Morning", Duet or Two-Part Songundated
Outline for "Elsinore" (contents and dramatis personae)undated
SERIES II. Manuscript Music Composed by Eben H. Bailey
12Abiding Love (Contralto)undated
Agnus Deiundated
Agnus Dei (Solo for mezzo voice)undated
Ah, whence to me the bliss, Communion Hymn (voice part and piano part)undated
Ave Verumundated
Be Thou with Usundated
Be ye therefore Merciful (medium voice)undated
Brighter Morn, The (1st tenor, 2nd tenor, and 1st bass)undated
Ever at Thy Side (sacred song for soprano)undated
3Evergreen Mountains of Life, The (duet, soprano & alto)undated
Faith's Repose (duet, soprano & baritone)undated
Home of the Pilgrim (duet, soprano & alto)undated
How is the Heaven dearundated
How lovely is Zion (soprano, alto & tenor parts)undated
4I come to Thee (soprano, alto, bass, tenor, & organ parts)undated
I heard the Voiceundated
I would not live always (sacred duet for mezzo soprano, baritone or tenor or solo for medium voice)undated
In the calm dew and freshness of the mornundated
Jesus Lover of my Soul (medium or low voice)undated
5Keep me ever at Thy side (sacred song, high voice)undated
Light of the Glory of the Lord (soprano solo & quartet)undated
Looking to Jesus (soprano & alto solo & quartet)undated
Lord of all life (male voices)undated
Lord of all life (sacred song)undated
The Morning Dawnundated
No Evil Shall Befall Theeundated
Nothing like Prayerundated
6O Jesu Mi (full organ score)undated
O Jesu Miundated
O Master, let walk with Thee (high voice)undated
O Salutaris (bass or contralto solo and quartet)undated
O Salutaris (quartet for men's voices)undated
O Salutaris (soprano & alto)undated
O Salutarisundated
O Salutaris (solo for contralto or baritone, chorus ad lib)undated
O Salutaris (low key)undated
O Salutarisundated
Oh, When to me the bliss (communion hymn)undated
7Open Lord, my heart to Thee (high voices)undated
Other Days in Arcady (revised edition)undated
Our Nation's Prayerundated
The Peace of Heaven (duet for mixed voice of medium range)undated
The Peace of Heaven (soprano & alto duet)Sep. 1936
Per Pacem, Ad Lucemundated
8Prayer and Answerundated
Prayer and Answer (trio for soprano, alto, & tenor or four voices)undated
Saviour, teach me day by dayJun. 1933
Seek ye the Lord (mezzo voice)undated
Shine on our Pathway (low voice)undated
Sing to the Lord, O ye might (bass)undated
Song of Friendship (adapted for social gatherings, clubs, etc.)undated
Still, Still with Theeundated
Still, Still with Theeundated
Still, Still with Theeundated
Tantum Ergo (solo, duet, quartet, or chorus)undated
9There'll be joy bye and bye (tenors & basses)undated
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God (medium or low voice)undated
When the morn in glory dawned (2nd soprano)undated
Wondrous Star (medium range)undated
Wondrous Star (solo for contralto or baritone)undated
2 manuscripts of unidentified musicundated
SERIES III. Published Music Composed by Eben H. Bailey
21Mass in Honor of St. Anne [8 copies]1925
2Mass in D flat [9 copies]1891
3Alone with Thee (low voice in D flat)1901
Ave Maria, No. 1 (Father of Mercies) (medium voice in C) [2 copies]1920
Ave Maria, No. 1 (Father of Mercies) (high voice in E flat)1920
Ave Maria, No. 2 (O Loving Spirit) (low voice in C)1897, 1925
Ave Maria, No. 2 (O Loving Spirit) (medium voice in E flat) [4 copies]1925
To the Boys in Blue1891
4Carol of the Lark (high voice) [2 copies]1900, 1928
Celestial Dream, A (soprano or tenor)1896
Come, O Creator (alto or baritone in C)1895
Come sail with me (duet, soprano and alto) [2 copies]1896
Day of Peace1899
Dearest one Goodnight (Carissimia belta) (mezzo, G flat) [3 copies]1906
5An Evening Picture [2 copies]1887
Fade not, Sweet Dream (violoncello and piano)1896
Faith and Patience1910
Fleeting Days (high voice) [3 copies]1887, 1915
A Fleeting Dream (mezzo soprano or baritone) [2 copies]1896
6Garden of Dreams, Caprice for the Pianoforte1906
The Gates of Silence (mezzo soprano in G flat) [2 copies]1895
The Gates of Silence (contralto in E)1895
Harvest Carnival, Tarantelle (piano)1901
Humbly before Thy Throne (low voice)1889, 1917
Leonore, Thou Loved and Lost1886
Life's Merry Morning (duet for soprano & alto)1885
Life's Merry Morning1894
Life's Merry Morning1917
7Little Margaret (contralto key of C)1889
Little Voyager, The1898
Lord of All Life (soprano or tenor) [2 copies]1910
Love guides my way (low or medium voice)1899
Love guides my way (high voice) [2 copies]1899
Message of the Lily, Bacarolle [3 copies]1912
8Nightingale Am Singing, De [3 copies]1914
Open Thou Mine Eyes (low voice)1904
Other Days in Arcady (song for low voice) [3 copies]1929
People of the Lord, National Song (medium voice in A flat)1899
People of the Lord, National Song (bass or contralto in F)1899
Prayer and Answer (high voice in G)1900
Rose Chain, The (Das Rosenband) Valse de Salon for the Pianoforte, Op. 3081904
Salutaris, O (soprano and alto)1891
Salutaris, O (low B flat)1895, 1923
9Shine on our Pathway (high voice with violin and organ ad ad lib) [3 copies]1917
Shine on our Pathway (low voice)1917
Sprites' Revelry, The (piano, Op. 310, incomplete)1898
Still Lead On (soprano or tenor in B flat)1898
Still Lead On (mezzo or baritone in A flat)1928
Still Lead On (contralto or bass in F) [2 copies]1898, 1928
10Thy Father's Voice is Calling (contralto and bass)1910
'Tis merry merry Christmas (song and chorus) [3 copies]1872
To my Valentine (high voice)1911
Towering Steeple, The (soprano or tenor)1879
Vision of Paradish, A (low voice in D)1903
Young Oysterman, The1894
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