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Historic Ships' Records

Historic Ships' Records

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Collection Summary

Repository:The Phillips Library at the Peabody Essex Museum 132 Essex Street Salem, MA 01970 Phone: 978-745-9500 Fax: 978-531-1516
Title:Historic Ships' Records
Quantity:8.25 Linear feet (17 boxes)
Abstract:The Historic Ships' Records is an artificial collection which contains material having to do with the shipping industry primarily in Salem, Massachusetts, but also Boston, Amsterdam, New Orleans, San Francisco, and London. Items in the collection include bills of lading, receipts, crew lists, disbursement records, and personal accounts.
Collection Number:MH 259

Series List

Scope and Content Note

The Historic Ships' Records is an artificial collection which contains material having to do with the shipping industry primarily in Salem, Massachusetts, but also Boston, Amsterdam, New Orleans, San Francisco, and London. Items in the collection include bills of lading, receipts, crew lists, disbursement records, and personal accounts.

Also included in the collection are ships' passports, each signed by United States presidents from Thomas Jefferson through John Quincy Adams. The passports in this collection are made out for the vessels Agnes, Clothier, Ellinor, Fame (brig), Frederick (brig), Grand Turk, Lotus, Marion (brig), Maryland (ship), Massachusetts (ship), Otho, Sally (schooner), Rebecca, Republican, and the William and Henry (brigantine). Nathaniel Hawthorne signed a customs document for the brig Mary, Samuel Adams signed a port document for the brig Polly; John Hancock signed a bill of lading for the Lydia and the brig Eleanor.

Several accounts of hardship on board are included in the collection; accounts of shipwrecks can be found in folders for the Lady Hobart, J. P. Whitney, and the Yoruba. A newspaper clipping from 1899 recounts the story of the U.S.S. Maine. Accounts of deaths can be found in the folders of the Nantasket, Elizabeth (sloop), and the Osterley, while the Meteor offers the account of a mutiny. Personal journals or letters are included with the papers of the Nantasket, Neptune (ship), Quickstep, Sophia, Star of the West, Syren, Talma, Tobacco Plant, and the Trident. The Turk and the Guy C. Goss include examples of poetry written by sailors; a sailor on the Guy C. Goss wrote an account of and a poem on the problems his shipmate was having with cockroaches.

Note: Because this collection is arranged at the item level, no series are delineated and the folders are arranged alphabetically. When the ship type is not known, the entry is designated as "unknown."

Index Terms

This collection is indexed under the following headings in Philcat. Researchers desiring materials about related topics, persons, or places should search the catalog using these headings.

A. Houghton (Bark)
A. Morrill (Unknown)
A.B.C. (Brig)
A.G. Ropes (Ship)
Aballino (Brig)
Abbie Gale (Schooner)
Abbigail (Schooner)
Abigail (Schooner)
Abraham (Bark)
Active (Bark)
Acushnet (Ship)
Adamant (Brig)
Adeline Gibbs (Ship)
Adventure (Schooner)
Adventure (Sloop)
Agawam (Ship)
Agenoria (Brig)
Agnes (Bateau)
Alert (Ship)
Alexander (Brig)
Alexandria (Brig)
Alice (Schooner)
Alice (Yacht)
Alliance (Ship)
Almena (Brig)
Amazon (Ship)
Ambrose Light (Brig)
America (Ship)
American Hero (Ship)
Amethyst (Ship)
Amherst (Brig)
Amy Turner (Bark)
Anaconda (Schooner)
Andrew Jackson (Ship)
Angelo (Ship)
Angler (Schooner)
Ann (Brig)
Ann McKim (Unknown)
Anna (Unknown)
Anna Camp (Ship)
Anna Krell (Bark)
Anna L. Davis (Schooner)
Anna Reynolds (Bark)
Anson (Schooner)
Antares (Brig)
Antelope (Ship)
Antioch (Bark)
Arab (Ship)
Arbella (Ship)
Arcadia (Ship)
Archer (Ship)
Argo (Ship)
Ariana (Sloop)
Ashburton (Unknown)
Asia (Ship)
Asphodel (Ship)
Assunta (Ship)
Astra (Ship)
Astrea (Ship)
Atalanta (Ship)
Atlantic (Brig)
Atlantic (Ship)
Atlantic (Unknown)
Atlas (Ship)
Augusta (Ship)
Augustus (Ship)
Aurilla (Brig)
Aurora (Brig)
Aurora (Ship)
Bainbridge (Brig)
Baker (Schooner)
Balloon (Schooner)
Baltimore (Brig)
Bay Queen (Schooner)
Bayonne (Brig)
Becca (Schooner)
Belle Creole (Ship)
Belona (Brig)
BelvidereĀ (Unknown)
Bena (Schooner)
Bengal (Ship)
Benjamin (Brigantine)
Benjamin (Schooner)
Bennet (Unknown)
Bethia (Schooner)
Betsey (Schooner)
Betsey (Ship)
Betsey (Sloop)
Betsy and Eliza (Schooner)
Betsy and Polly (Schooner)
Betty (Schooner)
Billow (Schooner)
Black Prince (Ship)
Blanche (Brig)
Boneta (Schooner)
Bonny Kate (Schooner)
Boston (Brig)
Boston (Schooner)
Boston (Sloop)
Boston Packet (Schooner)
Bourne (Unknown)
Boxer (Schooner)
Brenda (Bark)
Bristol (Steamship)
Brittannia (Ship)
Britton (Schooner)
Brooksville (Schooner)
Brothers (Brig)
Brunette (Bark)
Bruttus (Ship)
Burlington (Schooner)
C.H. Appleton (Brig)
Cabinet (Schooner)
Cabot (Brig)
Cadet (Brigantine)
California (Ship)
Cambridge (Brig)
Camilla (Ship)
Canton (Bark)
Canton (Schooner)
Caravan (Brig)
Carline (Schooner)
Caroline (Unknown)
Caroline Preble (Unknown)
Cashmere (Ship)
Catherine (Brig)
Catherine Glen (Ship)
Cavalier (Bark)
Celest (Ship)
Centaur (Ship)
Centurion (HMS)
Chance (Schooner)
Charles (Ship)
Charles A. Campbell (Schooner)
Charles B. Kenney (Bark)
Charles Luling (Ship)
Charley Burke (Schooner)
Charlotte (Brig)
Charlotte Brown (Schooner)
Charly (Schooner)
Charming Betty (Schooner)
Charming Molly (Schooner)
Charming Molly (Sloop)
Charming Sally (Schooner)
Chasca (Ship)
Cherub (Schooner)
Chester (Bark)
Childe Harold (Schooner)
China (Ship)
Cicero (Brig)
City of Beaumont (Barkentine)
City of Boston (Ship)
City of New York (Ship)
Clara (Bark)
Clothier (Ship)
Cohata (Ship)
Colina (Schooner)
Coliseum (Ship)
Coloma (Bark)
Colombia (Schooner)
Colombo (Ship)
Columbia (Brig)
Columbia (Steamship)
Comeau (Schooner)
Comet (Ship)
Commerce (Ship)
Commodore (Schooner)
Commodore Hull (Sloop)
Compliance (Schooner)
Concord (Ship)
Concordia (Ship)
Congress (Brig)
Constance (Bark)
Constitution (Frigate)
Coral (Schooner)
Cordelia (Unknown)
Cornelia (Unknown)
Courier (Ship)
Criterion (Ship)
Cruger (Bark)
Cuba (Brig)
Culdee (Bark)
Cumberland (Brig)
Cutwater (Ship)
Cynthia (Schooner)
Cyrus (Bark)
D. Webster (Schooner)
D.H. Arey (Schooner)
Dame (Steamship)
Daniel (Schooner)
Dart (Sloop)
David Porter (Schooner)
Dawson (Brig)
Defense (Ship)
Defiance (Schooner)
Delaware (Schooner)
Delos (Brig)
Devonshire (Brigantine)
Diamond (Brig)
Diamond (Sloop)
Diamond of the Deep (Brig)
Diana (Brig)
Diana (Schooner)
Diomede (Brig)
Direction (Cutter)
Dispatch (Brig)
Dispatch (Ship)
Dispatch (Sloop)
Doctor Rogers (Unknown)
Dolphin (Brigantine)
Dolphin (Schooner)
Douglas (Ship)
Dove (Brig)
Dove (Schooner)
Drake (Schooner)
Dreadnought (Unknown)
Dromo (Bark)
E.H. Herrick (Unknown)
E.J. Kelly (Schooner)
Eagle (Pinky)
Eagle (Schooner)
Eagle (Ship)
Eddystone (Ship)
Edenton (Sloop)
Edward (Ship)
Edward Preble (Ship)
Edward R. Squibb (Steamship)
Eldorado (Steamship)
Eleanor (Brig)
Eleanor (Steamship)
Eliza (Bark)
Eliza (Brigantine)
Eliza (Schooner)
Eliza (Ship)
Eliza McNeil (Ship)
Elizabeth (Schooner)
Elizabeth (Sloop)
Elizabeth (Unknown)
Elizabeth Ellen (Ship)
Ella (Bark)
Ellen (Brig)
Ellen A. Swift (Schooner)
Ellen Morrison (Bark)
Ellinor (Ship)
Ellis P. Rogers (Schooner)
Elvira (Ship)
Emblem (Schooner)
Emeline (Schooner)
Emerald (Brig)
Emerald (Ship)
Emily Jane (Ship)
Emily Taylor (Ship)
Emma (Brig)
Empire (Schooner)
Empire State (Unknown)
Empress of China (Ship)
Endeavor (Schooner)
Endeavor (Ship)
Endeavor (Sloop)
Enterprise (Bark)
Enterprise (Schooner)
Equality (Schooner)
Equator (Brig)
Essex (Brig)
Eunice (Brigantine)
Eveline (Schooner)
Experiment (Schooner)
Experimental (Schooner)
F. McKesson (Schooner)
F.W. Gatschke (Schooner)
Fair American (Brig)
Fair Play (Brig)
Fairfield (Schooner)
Fairy (Brig)
Falcon (Sloop)
Fame (Brig)
Fame (Schooner)
Fame (Sloop)
Fanny & Edith (Schooner)
Fanny (Brigantine)
Felicity (Unknown)
Fitzwilliam (Brig)
Flora (Snow)
Flying Cloud (Clipper)
Flying Scud (Unknown)
Foraster (Brig)
Forest Eagle (Ship)
Fortune (Bark)
Fortune (Schooner)
Fortune (Sloop)
Four Sisters (Schooner)
Four Sons (Schooner)
Fox (Brig)
Frances Ann Smith (Unknown)
Francis (Ship)
Frank Herbert (Schooner)
Franklin (Bark)
Franklin (Brig)
Franklin (Ship)
Frederic (Ship)
Frederick (Brig)
Friendship (Brigantine)
Friendship (Ship)
Friendship (Sloop)
Friendship (Unknown)
Galatea (Steamship)
Galileo (Bark)
Gambia (Brigantine)
Ganges (Brig)
Garland (Ship)
General Knox (Vessel)
General Meade (Schooner)
General Oglethorpe (Ship)
General Putnam (Schooner)
General Wolfe (Schooner)
Geneva (Ship)
George (Brig)
George (Schooner)
George E. Webster (Bark)
George Jones (Brig)
George Peabody (Ship)
George Shattuck (Steamship)
George W. Jones (Brig)
George Washington (Brig)
George Washington (Ship)
George William (Unknown)
Georgia Packet (Brigantine)
Georgiana (Bark)
Germaine (Ship)
Gertrude (Ship)
Glide (Schooner)
Glide (Ship)
Gold Hunter (Ship)
Golden Cross (Ship)
Golden Rule (Ship)
Good Hope (Ship)
Good Intent (Schooner)
Good Intent (Sloop)
Grampus (Unknown)
Grand Turk (Ship)
Great Republic (Ship)
Great Republic (Steamship)
Greenfield (Ship)
Guisseppi (Bark)
Gull (Sloop)
Guy C. Goss (Ship)
Halcyon (Schooner)
Hamilton (Unknown)
Hampstead (Ship)
Han Qua (Ship)
Hannah (Brig)
Hannah (Schooner)
Hannah (Ship)
Hannible (Sloop)
Harlequin (Privateer)
Harmony (Brig)
Harmony (Schooner)
Harmony (Ship)
Harriet (Sloop)
Harriet (Unknown)
Harriet Maria (Schooner)
Harrison (Ship)
Harry G. Deering (Schooner)
Harry Hastings (Ship)
Havana Packet (Brig)
Hayley (Schooner)
Hazard (Unknown)
Hebe (Brig)
Hector (Brig)
Helen M. Condon (Schooner)
Helen Maria (Schooner)
Henrietta (Brig)
Henrietta(Canal boat)
Henry (Brig)
Henry (Schooner)
Henry (Ship)
Henry B. Cleaves (Brig)
Henry Clay (Schooner)
Henry Leeds (Brig)
Henry S. Stanford (Unknown)
Herald (Brig)
Herald (Ship)
Hercules (Ship)
Hereford (Ship)
Hermione (Ship)
Hero (Schooner)
Highlander (Ship)
Hilda (Ship)
Hind (Bark)
Hind (Brig)
Hodges (Schooner)
Hollander (Unknown)
Hope (Brig)
Hope (Ship)
Hopewell (Sloop)
Horatio (Ship)
Huguenot (Ship)
Hull (Ship)
Humbirds (Schooner)
Huntress (Bark)
Hurricane (Clipper)
Ida (Brig)
Ida Lilly (Ship)
Independence (Brig)
Industry (Schooner)
Industry (Sloop)
Industry (Snow)
Integrity (Ship)
Ione (Barkentine)
Ione (Ship)
Iris (Brig)
Iris (Ship)
Isaac Newton (Ship)
Isabella (Schooner)
J.F. Secor (Steamship)
J.N. Lindvedt (Unknown)
J.P. Whitney (Ship)
Jacob (Snow)
Jacob Bell (Clipper)
Jacob Jones (Unknown)
Jacob Story (Brig)
James (Schooner)
James Hay (Brig)
James Monroe (Brig)
Jan Eden (Unknown)
Jane (Brig)
Jane (Sloop)
Jason (Brig)
Java (Ship)
Jefferson (Ship)
Jenny (Ship)
Jeremiah Thompson (Ship)
Joanna (Schooner)
John (Ship)
John Bright (Schooner)
John Taylor (Steamship)
John Tucker (Ship)
Joseph (Ship)
Joseph Peabody (Ship)
Josephine (Ship)
Julia (Bark)
Julia Newell (Schooner)
Juno (Sloop)
Kanhawa (Brig)
Kate Howe **see Catherine Glen**
Kingfisher (Ship)
Knight of Snowdon (Unknown)
L. Crowell (Schooner)
La Solide (Ship)
Lady Dundas (Brig)
Lady Hobart (Ship)
Lady Howard (Schooner)
Lady Penrhyn (Unknown)
Languedoc (Schooner)
Last Attempt (Ship)
Laura (Bark)
Leader (Schooner)
Leading Wind (Ship)
Leander (Brig)
Leghorn (Schooner)
Leo Morrill (Unknown)
Leone (Ship)
Leopard (Schooner)
Levant (Unknown)
Lewis (Bark)
Lewiston (Steamship)
Liberty (Brig)
Liberty (Ship)
Lilla Rich (Schooner)
Lion (Schooner)
Little Hope (Yacht)
Little James (Ship)
Lively (Schooner)
Lizzie Lane (Schooner)
London (Ship)
Loo Choo (Ship)
Lorenzo (Ship)
Lottie (Schooner)
Lotus (Ship)
Louisa (Schooner)
Louisa (Ship)
Louisiana (Brig)
Louisiana (Schooner)
Louisiana (Ship)
Lowell (Brig)
Lowell (Ship)
Lucilla (Brig)
Lucretia (Schooner)
Lucy (Sloop)
Lucy K. Cogswell (Schooner)
Luisa (Schooner)
Luna (Ship)
Luron (Schooner)
Luther T. Garrison (Schooner)
Lydia (Brig)
Lydia (Schooner)
Lydia (Ship)
Lydia (Sloop)
Lyon (Sloop)
Macedonian (Brig)
Macedonian (Ship)
Madagascar (Unknown)
Magnolia (Ship)
Maine (Ship)
Maine (U.S. Ship)
Majestic (Ship)
Mammoth (Schooner)
Manhattan (Ship)
Marcellus (Unknown)
Margaret Smith (Unknown)
Maria & Eliza (Ship)
Maria (Brig)
Marianne (Ship)
Marietta (Schooner)
Marion (Brig)
Marion (Brig)
Marion (Schooner)
Marlborough (Unknown)
Martha (Ship)
Martha Washington (Ship)
Martha Weeks (Schooner)
Mary (Bark)
Mary (Boat)
Mary (Brig)
Mary (Schooner)
Mary (Ship)
Mary (Sloop)
Mary Ann (Brig)
Mary Ann (Schooner)
Mary Chase (Brig)
Mary Clark (Schooner)
Mary Hibbert (Brig)
Mary Jane (Brig)
Mary of Boston (Brig)
Mary S. Ames (Bark)
Mary W. (Schooner)
Mary Ward (Ship)
Maryland (Schooner)
Maryland (Ship)
Massachusetts (Ship)
Massachusetts (Steamship)
Massasoit (Bark)
Mattakeest (Ship)
Matthew (Schooner)
Mayflower (Bark)
McDonough (Unknown)
McLellan (Ship)
Memnon (Ship)
Menaci (Schooner)
Mentor (Ship)
Mermaid (Sloop)
Merrimack (Schooner)
Messenger (Ship)
Meteor (Ship)
Mexican (Brig)
Midas (Bark)
Mindoro (Ship)
Minerva (Ship)
Mohican (Bark)
Molly (Schooner)
Molly (Sloop)
Monarch of the Sea (Ship)
Monitor (Schooner)
Morgan Dix (Bark)
Morning Light (Brig)
Mount Vernon (Ship)
Mulgrave Castle (Brig)
Murdoch (Ship)
N. D. Chase (Bark)
Nabby (Schooner)
Nahant (Bark)
Nancy (Brig)
Nantasket (Unknown)
Nassau (Whaler)
Nathaniel (Ship)
Nautalaus (Bark)
Nautilus (Unknown)
Navarino (Ship)
Nellie D. Vaughn (Schooner)
Nellie Grant (Schooner)
Nelson Clark (Brig)
Neptune (Bark)
Neptune (Schooner)
Neptune (Ship)
Nereid (Bark)
Nestor (Ship)
Neutrality (Schooner)
Nevada (Ship)
New Galen (Ship)
New Jersey (Unknown)
New Packet (Ship)
New World (Packet)
Newburn (Sloop)
Niagara (Brig)
Nightingale (Schooner)
Nightingale (Ship)
Nile (Sloop)
Nimbus (Yacht)
Norfolk (Schooner)
North (Schooner)
North Star (Schooner)
Northern Liberties (Ship)
Oak (Unknown)
Ocean (Brig)
Ocean (Ship)
Ocean Bird (Schooner)
Oceanus (Ship)
Oglethorpe (Ship)
Oleron (Brig)
Olive (Schooner)
Olive Branch (Bark)
Olive Branch (Schooner)
Oneco (Bark)
Oneida (Ship)
Onward (Schooner)
Oriena (Schooner)
Orion (Privateer)
Osier (Ship)
Osterly (Ship)
Otho (Brig)
Pacific (Brig)
Pacific (Ship)
Packet (Ship)
Packet (Sloop)
Pallas (Bark)
Panther (Ship)
Paoli (Ship)
Paragon (Ship)
Paramita (Ship)
Paul Revere (Ship)
Paul Sieman (Ship)
Pawtuxet Merchant (Ship)
Peace & Plenty (Schooner)
Peacock (Schooner)
Pearl (Schooner)
Peggy & Sarah (Schooner)
Peggy (Sloop)
Penex (Sloop)
Percy Edward (Brig)
Peregrine (Brig)
Perseverance (Ship)
Peru (Bark)
Phenix (Schooner)
Phenix (Sloop)
Pilgrim (Brig)
Pilot of Boston (Brig)
Pink (Schooner)
Piscataqua (Ship)
Plato (Schooner)
Pleides (Brig)
Plymouth Rock (Schooner)
Poland (Ship)
Polley (Schooner)
Polly & Betsey (Brig)
Polly (Brig)
Polly (Brigantine)
Polly (Schooner)
Polly Lewis (Unknown)
Pompey (Schooner)
Ponsilia (Ship)
Pontin (Schooner)
Port Packet (Snow)
Portland (Ship)
Potomac(U.S. Ship)
Prairie (Brig)
President Adams (Ship)
Prima Donna (Ship)
Prince Mador (Ship)
Prince William (Schooner)
Princess (Sloop)
Prioress (Bark)
Priscilla (Ship)
Proctor (Packet)
Providence (Brigantine)
Province (Galley)
Prudence (Ship)
Quickstep (Schooner)
R&T Hargraves (Schooner)
Rachel (Schooner)
Radiant (Ship)
Radius (Brig)
Raduga (Ship)
Rainbow (Sloop)
Rajah (Brig)
Rambler (Brig)
Rambler (Schooner)
Rambler (Snow)
Ranger (Schooner)
Ranger (Sloop)
Rapid (Sloop)
Raven (Unknown)
Rebecca (Brigantine)
Rebecca (Schooner)
Recovery (Ship)
Regulator (Schooner)
Regulus (Ship)
Repair (Ship)
Republic (Brig)
Republican (Schooner)
Resolution (Schooner)
Return (Brig)
Revenge (Schooner)
Revere (Ship)
Richmond (Brig)
Rising Liberty (Ship)
Roan (Schooner)
Robert Kelley (Ship)
Robert Morris (Ship)
Rodney (Brig)
Roger Williams (Ship)
Rolla (Brig)
Rolla (Schooner)
Romagna (Unknown)
Romance of the Seas (Clipper)
Roscoe (Brig)
Rose (Sloop)
Rose Standish (Frigate)
Royal Oak (Schooner)
Ruby (Schooner)
Ruparell (Ship)
Russel (Schooner)
Ruth (Schooner)
S&J Rogers (Schooner)
S-4 (Submarine)
Saba (Schooner)
Sacramento (Ship)
Said bin Sultan (Bark)
Saint Lucie (Clipper)
Saint Paul (Ship)
Saint Paul (Steamship)
Salem (Schooner)
Salisbury (Schooner)
Salisbury (Sloop)
Sally (Schooner)
Sally (Ship)
Sally (Sloop)
Sally (Snow)
Sally Ann (Ship)
Sam G. Glover (Ship)
Samuel (Schooner)
Samuel Haddock (Schooner)
Samuel Merritt (Bark)
San Francisco (Unknown)
Santa Clara (Ship)
Sarah & Elizabeth (Unknown)
Sarah (Schooner)
Sarah (Ship)
Sarah A. Hammond (Schooner)
Sarah Ann (Brig)
Sarah Parker (Ship)
Sarah Sheafe (Ship)
Saucy Jack (Brig)
Saul Ross (Ship)
Saxonville (Bark)
Schamyl (Unknown)
Sea Flower (Sloop)
Sea Serpent (Schooner)
Seaflower (Schooner)
Selma (Brig)
Seminole (Ship)
Senator (Pinky)
Shark (Schooner)
Shawmut (Brig)
Shirley (Ship)
Sibella (Sloop)
Sicily (Brig)
Silver Star (Steamship)
Silvercraig (Bark)
Simoleon (Ship)
Singapore (Ship)
Sintram (Ship)
Society of London (Ship)
Solomon Francis (Schooner)
Sonntag (Ship)
Sophia (Ship)
Sovereign (Ship)
Spartan (Brig)
Specie (Schooner)
Speed (Brig)
Speedwell (Brig)
Speedwell (Ship)
Speedwell (Sloop)
Splendid (Ship)
Spooner (Ship)
Spray (Yawl)
Staghound (Clipper)
Stamper (Schooner)
Star of Hope (Clipper)
Star of the West (Ship)
Station (Schooner)
Sterling (Ship)
Storskog (Ship)
Success (Schooner)
Success (Sloop)
Sukey and Betsey (Brig)
Sukey and Sally (Schooner)
Sulphur (HMS)
Sun (Brig)
Sunshine (Steamer)
Surprise (Ship)
Susan (Schooner)
Susan (Sloop)
Susanna (Ship)
Susannah (Ketch)
Susannah (Ship)
Suwanda (Steamship)
Swallow (Schooner)
Swallow (Ship)
Swan (Schooner)
Syren (Unknown)
Tagliona (Schooner)
Talavera (Bark)
Talma (Ship)
Tam O'Shanter (Bark)
Tammy (Schooner)
Tarry Not (Schooner)
Tartar (Ship)
Taylor (Bark)
Telegraph (Schooner)
Telemachus (Brig)
Ten Sisters (Sloop)
Thames (Ship)
Thessalia (Ship)
Three Brothers (Brig)
Three Brothers (Ship)
Three Friends (Brig)
Three Friends (Schooner)
Three Sisters (Brigantine)
Three Sisters (Schooner)
Tigre (Brig)
Timoda (Ship)
Timothy Brooks (Schooner)
Titcomb (Ship)
Tobacco Plant (Ship)
Traveller (Brig)
Trident (Bark)
Triumph (Schooner)
Triumphant (Ship)
Tropic Bird (Bark)
Truxillo (Schooner)
Tryall (Schooner)
Turk (Ship)
Tuscany (Ship)
Two Brothers (Brig)
Two Brothers (Schooner)
Two Brothers (Ship)
Two Friends (Brig)
Tyger (Ship)
Uncowah (Ship)
Union (Brig)
Union (Schooner)
Union (Ship)
United States (Ship)
Unity (Schooner)
Unity (Sloop)
Valentine (Schooner)
Vaughn (Ship)
Venus (Schooner)
Victor (Schooner)
Victory (Brig)
Victory (Schooner)
Victory (Sloop)
Vigilant (Bark)
Vigilant (Brig)
Volusia (Ship)
W.R. Newcomb (Schooner)
Wallace (Ship)
Walter Baine (Ship)
War Hawk (Ship)
Washington (Brig)
Washington (Privateer)
Wasp (Sloop)
Water Witch (Ship)
Waverly (Ship)
Welcome (Schooner)
Westover (Schooner)
Weymouth (Ship)
Whalebone (Ship)
Wild Rose (Ship)
William (Brig)
William (Schooner)
William (Ship)
William and Ezra (Ship)
William and Henry (Ship)
William and Mary (Schooner)
William H. Jewell (Schooner)
William Penn (Brig)
William Wirt (Ship)
Willson (Brig)
Winged Arrow (Ship)
Witch of the Wave (Ship)
Wizard (Brig)
Wyman (Bark)
Yorick (Unknown)
Yoruba (Steamer)
Young American (Ship)
Zelima (Unknown)
Ziba (Bark)
Zingara (Bark)
Maine (Battleship No. 10)
Mutiny--United States
Presidents--United States--Autographs
Shipping--California--San Francisco
Shipping--Louisiana--New Orleans
Shipwrecks--United States


Restrictions on Access

This collection is open for research use.

Administrative Information


Requests for permission to publish material from the collection must be submitted in writing to the Manuscript Librarian in the Phillips Library at the Peabody Essex Museum.

Preferred Citation

Historic Ships' Records, MH 259, Phillips Library, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, Mass.


This collection is an amalgamation of ships' papers from a number of different sources; some were donated or purchased, while others were removed from other collections in the library's holdings.

Processing Information

Collection processed by Rachel Jirka, April 2009.

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