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Early Music Collection

Early Music Collection

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SERIES I. Vocal Music
A. Accompanied
11Songs and instrumental music. Inscribed "Sally Pickman's" "Rebecca Taylor Pickman's."1785-1795
2Songs with keyboard accompaniment, dances, marches, sonatas for keyboard. Page 11 inscribed: "The music by H. Gram 1786."1786
3Keyboard music, songs with keyboard accompaniment, and song lyrics. Includes compositions by Stephen C. Blythe, and Septimus Miles. Inscribed "Edward S. Lang August 1801."1801-1805
4Songs with keyboard accompaniment, poems. Includes Abolitionist song "The Negro Boy by Mr. Moulds … June 1805." Inscribed "Harriet Elkins."1804-1805
5Songs and keyboard music. Inscribed "Harriet Orne Clarke, 1810."1810
6Songs with keyboard accompaniment and keyboard music. Inscribed "Miss Harriet Rose, November 1, 1814."1814
21Vocal trios, quartets, and quintets, some with keyboard accompaniment. Inscribed: "David Perkins pr's January 1st 1824 to his friend Theodore L. Parker Feb[ruar]y 19th 1825" and "T.D.P to H.K.O. 1825."1824-1825
2Piano music and songs with piano. Includes "Evening Song to the Virgin at Sea … Words from The Forest Sanctuary by Mrs. Hemans, Musick by Miss Brown, sister of Mrs. H." Inscribed "E [M] R. Brooks."undated [1825-]
3Songs with keyboard accompaniment.undated
4Songs with keyboard accompaniment, keyboard music.undated
5"Old Fowler": song with keyboard accompaniment. [Found inserted in item in folder 4]undated
6Songs with keyboard accompaniment.undated
7Unaccompanied songs, vocal trios, keyboard music, and list of musical terms.undated
8Hymns, dance music, songs with keyboard accompaniment. Inscribed "Capt. W. Silsbee," One tune inscribed: "For Miss Hannah H[ady]."undated
B. Unaccompanied
31Choir singer's part book: hymns in treble clef. Inscribed "Anna Richardson, Moultonborough, NH, February 28, 1793."1793
2"Home Sweet Home": song in treble clef. Inscribed "Mr. Turner to Mrs. Peabody", and "Mrs. Peabody Presents." [1 loose sheet]undated [1823-]
3"Anthem for Ordination" for three voices. Text: "Put off the garment of thy mourning o Zion." Inscribed "1825." [10 folded pages]1825
4Hymns and songs for three and four voices. Contains compositions by H.K. Oliver, Jas. Flynt Jr., and Dr. Boyce. Inscribed "William Kimball 1829."1829
5Hymns for four voices. Numbered 1-70, with titles and text incipits only. First title is "Humility." Inscribed 1859.1859
6Songs in treble clef. Inscribed "St[ephen] P[ierson] Driver, November 13, 1860."1860
7"Ancient Harmony from Geo[rge] M. Whipple 1870 Essex Institute" (hymns for three voices). Begins with "Chester" by William Billings.1870
8Choir singer's part book: hymns in bass clef. [34 p.]undated
9"Christ in the garden" hymn for four voices [SATB]undated
10"Tabernacle" hymn for four voices [SATB] by Rev. J.A. Hood. [1 sheet]undated
11"Brothers rouse to earnest work!" song. "1st Tenor" "2nd Tenor," "Base" parts. [3 sheets]undated
12"Hero & Leander" song in treble clef. [1 sheet]undated
SERIES II. Instrumental Music
313"Music Book" contains dance music in treble clef. Inscribed "Joseph Cabot of Salem"; "Nathaniel Lee"; "Nat. Lee. Dummer"; "Wendall" "1789."1784, 1789
14"New Instructions for the German Flute." [5 loose pages]undated
15Marches and dance music in treble clef. Navigational notations on last pages. Inscribed "Matthew Vincent"; "Benjamin Gardner 1788"; "Benjamin Downing 1794."1788-1794
16"The Blush," "The Base to Ornes March," "The Pleasure of Solitude," "The Irish Lamentation" in various clefs. Inscribed "Thad[eu]s Kendall. Bedford. June 7th, 1790." [1 sheet]1790
17Dance music in treble clef; trios for two treble instruments and bass. Inscribed "[name erased] from his friend Cassius Lee June 1796" and "Let C. Lee have 8 best quils 8 second best."1796
41Marches, dance music, duets in treble clef. Inscribed "William Cleveland 1797."1797
2Keyboard music. Includes compositions by Benjamin Lynde Oliver.undated [1788-1843]
3Dance music, marches, songs, duets in treble clef, and keyboard music. Includes song, "The Death of an Indian Warrior." Inscribed "Ellen Orne Clarke 1820," "Harriet Orne Clarke 1810," "Catherine Lipit Dennison," "Eben. Appleton."1810-1820
4"Music Book" contains dance music, marches, duets in treble clef. Inscribed "Hamilton Mass AD 1841 Wm. A. Brown."1841
5Marches, dance music, duets in treble clef. Includes "A Plain Scale for the Clarionette," "Scale of flats and sharps." Inscribed "William A. Brown."undated [ca. 1841]
6Keyboard harmony exercises. Photocopy of original in Very Family Papers, MSS 83, Folder 21.1846
7Duets in treble clef: marches, minuets, divertimenti. Inscribed "St[ephe]n Wheatland's, Cambridge & Salem."undated [ca. 1860]
8Duets in treble clef: airs, dances, marches. Inscribed: "St[ephen] Wheatland, Cambridge."[ca. 1860]
9Accompaniment parts [for dance music] Inscribed "H.F. Waters."undated [1833-1913]
10Keyboard lesson book, including compositions by A. Sulzer and two-piano arrangements. Inscribed "May 10, 1867."1867
11Landscape sketches, inscribed "Hezekiah Straboli's land South Kensington England." [Found inserted in item from folder 10]undated
12Dance music in treble clef. Inscribed "Brook [Rudull]."undated
13Marches and dance music [for violin], "Diatonick scale for the violin" with tablature. Inscribed "Samuel Hayward."undated
14Dance music and marches in treble clefs.undated
15Marches, dance music, duets in treble clef; trio for 2 violins and keyboard; "Tuning Lesson for Piano," "March call'd Gabler's."undated
16"A Collection of Pieces Selected for the Flute": Dance music in treble clef; one song. [15 pages]undated
17Marches and dance music in bass and treble clefs. Inscribed: "Thomas Honeycomb Clarinetto primo" and "Salem Nathaniel Lee."undated
18Keyboard lessons, keyboard music, and songs with keyboard accompaniment. Inscribed "Harriet Elkins."undated
6 (OS)1"Princess Helena Grand March by David Jewett, arranged for the pianoforte by David Jewett. " [4 pages]undated
51Dance caller's instructions for Country Dances, Contra Dances, and Cotillions.undated [circa mid-1800s]
2"Figures of the Polka." [1 loose sheet]undated
SERIES IV. Catalogs
53Essex Institute Musical Library, list of members. Inscribed: "Members of the Essex Institute Musical Library October 1869."1869
4Receipts from X. H. Shaw & Son dated April 1st 1870; Receipt to Eben. Upton "for tuning and regulating piano" dated Oct 20 1872. [Found inserted in item in folder 3]1870-1872
5"Catalogue of Salem Musical Library."undated
6Lists of operas and composers. [5 loose sheets found inserted in item in folder 5]undated
7"Catalogue of Cases A & B Vocal Music."undated
8"Catalogue of Cases C & D Instrumental Music, & Musical Literature"undated
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