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Eaton Family Papers

Eaton Family Papers

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Eaton Family Papers
11Letters from James Harvey Dudley to his in-laws, Dr. Thomas Eaton and his wife. These letters contain a wide variety of subjects, including the general business climate in Boston, wool prices, his lamenting of the loss of his wife Betsey Eaton (December 1831), and his esteem and affection for his in-laws.1831-1844
1Letters from James Harvey Dudley to his brother-in-law Harvey Wallace Eaton. These letters describe his visits to Francestown, visiting with his son there, and describes a journey with Moses Webster Eaton through New Hampshire into Vermont.1834-1835
2Letters from Obediah Page Eaton to his parents. These letters deal with a variety of matters, from news of his travels in the middle part of the country where he was practicing medicine to the appropriate time to sell wool.1832-1839
2A letter from Obediah Page Eaton to his brother Harvey Wallace Eaton. He thanks his brother for a catalog he sent and exhorts him to be more diligent in writing as a means of developing his writing skills.1832
3Two letters from Harvey Wallace Eaton to his parents. The first letter describes his situation at Dartmouth College and his daily routine; the second discusses the sale of wool as well as his beginning his medical internship.1830, 1836
4Two letters from Anna Frances Eaton to her parents. She is away at school in Keene, New Hampshire (Keene Academy?) and is expressing her homesickness and her desire to see her parents and wishes them a Merry Christmas.1836
5A letter from Levi Bartlett Gale, husband of Anna Frances Eaton, to his father-in-law, Dr. Thomas Eaton. He explains his motivation for going to California to improve his situation; additionally he describes the corruption in New York City regarding literature, graphics and prostitution, etc., as he waits for a steamer to leave.1849
5Two letters from Levi Bartlett Gale to his brother John [Varnum Gale]. He is asking John to visit him in Sacramento where he is residing and is in poor health.1850, undated
6Four letters to Dr. Thomas Eaton: a letter from I. Lawrence informing him his wool had not been sold; a letter from the trustees of Lane Seminary seeking a contribution for the institution; a letter from B. Gale of Concord, New Hampshire, informing Dr. Eaton that deposits in the local savings bank would earn 4% if left on deposit for six months.1833-1846
7Two letters to Harvey Wallace Eaton. One is from his father, Dr. Thomas Eaton, in which he questions his son's decision not to take a final term at school and wonders if he can complete his degree, additionally; he discusses the situation on the farm, etc.1834, 1836
8Two letters to Levi Bartlett Gale, one inquiring about acquiring land from the estate of Col. Varnum, and the other from “Augusta” discussing family related matters and potential visits.1844
8One letter from Betsey Eaton Eaton to her husband, Thomas Eaton, first chiding him for not writing, then telling him of her circumstances while visiting in Boston.1816
8One letter from Betsey Eaton Dudley to her mother, in which she asks her mother to send Hannah to help her and wonders when she might see her parents. Also mentioned is her son, Thomas, and his accomplishments in speaking. This letter was written about a month and a half prior to her death.1831
9Miscellaneous letters. One is addressed to "Frank" from "Leon" which is almost incomprehensible; the other is from George F. Eaton to "Fannie," containing family comments and questions regarding friends and family in New England.1860, 1870
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