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John Cole (1828-1902) Papers

John Cole (1828-1902) Papers

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SERIES I. Cole Family Correspondence
A. John Cole to Sarah Trefry Cole
11Letters from Cole to his future wife, Sarah Trefry. Subjects include general news, information regarding the ships he is aboard, people met, potential sailing schedules, and how he misses being home1850-Mar. 1855
2Letters from Cole to his wife, SarahNov. 1855-1859
3Letters from Cole to his wife, Sarah1864-1866
4Letters from Cole to his wife, Sarah1870-Jan. 1872
5Letters from Cole to his wife, SarahJuly 1872-1879
B. Sarah Trefry Cole to John Cole
16Letters from Sarah Trefry to her future husband1854-April 1855
7Letters from Sarah Trefry Cole to her husband, Captain John Cole, primarily news from home and how much she misses himJune 1855-1858, 1879
C. Sarah Cole to Sarah Proctor Trefry
18Letters written by Sarah Cole to her mother while Sarah was traveling with her husband on a number of voyages. They include news from aboard ship, weather, passage times, things of local interest where they are berthed, etc.1859-1877
D. Hattie B. Cole Correspondence
19Letters exchanged between Hattie B. Cole and her father, Captain John Cole; a single note to Hattie from Anna Woodfin; several letters from her aunt Mary E. Bowden1878-1887
E. John Cole, Miscellaneous Correspondence
110Letters to John Cole from:
Richard Cole (brother)1854-1855
Thomas Trefry (future father-in-law)1854-1855
John C. Brown1854-1867
R. L. Woodfin1854-1869
Mary Ingalls (niece)1858-1869
Aunt Hannah1869-1885
Miscellaneous1867-1880, undated
SERIES II. John Cole Business/Ships' Papers
111Papers related to the ship Holyhead, including bills/receipts, expenses, master's instructions, charter party documents, invoices, an advance to Mrs. Cole, etc.1857-1862
12Papers related to the ship Aberdeen, including invoices, bill of sale for part of ship, owner's instructions, miscellaneous correspondence, handbill offering vessel for sale1866-1870, undated
13Papers related to the ship Blackwall, including bills/receipts, instructions, invoices, miscellaneous correspondence, prescription envelopes1871-1879, undated
SERIES III. John Cole Personal/Household Papers
21Bills/receipts for food, household expenses, medical care, subscriptions, house repair, taxes, fraternal organization dues and assessments, Hattie B. Cole report cards1858-1883, undated
2Deeds and related documentation for the purchase of property on Pleasant Street and a burial plot in Waterside Cemetery, both in Marblehead1821-1883
3Correspondence with J. C. Peterson regarding rose bushes1879
3Correspondence with stock brokers, and a stock certificate for five shares of Robinson-Foster Electric Railway Motor Company1879-1901
3Correspondence, circulars, and drafts related to the Odd Fellows Savings Bank of San Francisco1879
3Two wedding invitations1870
SERIES IV. Thomas Trefry Business/Ships' Papers
24Alciope (Schooner): Master's instructions, clearance papers, health certificate, articles of agreement, invoices, bills of lading1841-1842
5Brilliant (Schooner): Invoice for goods1838
5Combine (Schooner): Accounts and invoices for cargo and a demand note for one gallon of brandy1830, undated
6Echo (Schooner): Bill of lading, cargo invoice, health certificate, clearance paper1837
6Splendid (Schooner): Clearance papers, health certificates, bill of lading, cargo invoice, manifest, passenger list (blank)1836-1837, undated
SERIES V. Trefry Family Papers
A. Thomas Trefry Sr. Correspondence
27Two letters from Captain Trefry to his wife1831-1832
B. Sarah Trefry Correspondence
27Letters to "My Dear Children," and a letter from "E.D"1867-1869
C. Thomas Trefry Jr. Correspondence
27Letters to his mother, Sarah Proctor Trefry, and his sister, Sarah Trefry Cole, as he is serving in the Veteran Reserve Corps after having been wounded and discharged while serving in Co. G of the Massachusetts First Regiment, Heavy Artillery. Also a single letter from James Barron to his mother1864-1865
D. Personal and Household Accounts
28Included are bills/receipts for milk, cordwood, groceries, dry goods, taxes, tuition, rent, pew assessment1828-1869
E. Family Deeds
28Two deeds for property in Marblehead purchased by Thomas Trefry and later transferred by him1838, 1843
F. Miscellaneous Papers
29Several pages from the Christian Almanaccirca 1826
9Letters from Mary E. (Trefry) Bowden to her mother (Sarah Trefry)1867-1870
9Letters from Emma (Emeline) R. Twiss to her grandmother (Sarah Trefry)1869-1875
9letter from Mattie (Martha Trefry) Twiss to her brother1874
9Calling card from Casel & Co.undated
9Port regulations, Charleston, SC and St. Thomas, Virgin Islandsundated
9Numerical chartundated
SERIES VI. Proctor Family Papers
210William Proctor Sr.: Household accounts (bills/receipts for groceries, cordwood, medical care, tuition, rent, debts)1764-1816, undated
10William Proctor Jr.: Household accounts (bills/receipts for provisions, cordwood, medical care, tuition, debt, dry goods)1809-1822
11William Proctor Sr. & Jr. Miscellaneous Papers: notes; bills of exchange; power of attorney to collect prize monies that might be due him1777
11A bill/receipt for prize money from Grand Turk1814
11Bills of sale; freight charges; pew deed; surveyor's memo and bill1764-1838, undated
11Deborah Proctor (wife of William Proctor, Jr.): tuition, house repair, pew assessments, cordwood, medical care1804-1855
11Deborah Proctor (daughter of William Proctor, Jr.): a merit of conduct and a bill/receipt for apparel1824, undated
11Mary Proctor (widow of Nicolass Proctor who died 27 Jan 1828): bills/receipts for pew assessment, burial expenses1834-1835
SERIES VII. Miscellaneous Papers
212Rev. John Bartlett: pew assessments, bills/receipts and a probate search1837-1846, undated
12A complaint of assaultundated
12A memorial to Martha Barker (died 17 Feb, 1822)undated [circa 1822]
12Several pages removed from The Great Day of His Wrathundated
12Business card for C. G. Hill's Daguerreotype Rooms, Washington Street, Marbleheadundated
12Graduation program for Warren High School1889
12Coupon circular for Worcester Salt Companyca 1898
12Unidentified engravings cut from newspapersundated
12Empty envelopesundated
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