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Francis Boardman Crowninshield (1809-1877) Family Papers

Francis Boardman Crowninshield (1809-1877) Family Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Francis Boardman Crowninshield (1809-1877) Papers
A. Business Papers and Correspondence
11Bay State Mills correspondence1857-1859
2Bay State Mills bills and receipts1848-1858
3Choate and Crowninshield bills due1835-1847
4Choate and Crowninshield executions1836-1850
5Arms purchasing correspondenceApril-May 1861
6Arms purchasing correspondenceJune 1861
21Arms purchasing correspondenceJuly-August 1861
2Arms purchasing correspondenceSeptember-October 1861
3Arms purchasing correspondenceNovember-December 1861
4Arms purchasing correspondenceJanuary 1862
5Arms purchasing correspondenceFebruary-October 1862
31Arms purchasing bills and receiptsApril-July 1861
2Arms purchasing bills and receiptsAugust-September 1861
3Arms purchasing bills and receiptsOctober-December 1861
4Arms purchasing bills and receiptsJanuary-June 1862
B. Legal Records
35Legal Papers1833, 1839, 1842-1852, 1857, 1869-1875
6Ann Lee estate papers1840-1875
41John Welles estate papers1856-1858
2Aaron Willard estate papers1843-1854, 1865, 1868, undated
C. Personal and Family Correspondence
43Personal correspondence1829-1835
4Personal correspondence1836-1843
5Personal correspondence1849-1850
5Personal correspondenceJanuary-August 1852
6Personal correspondenceSeptember-December 1852
7Personal correspondenceJanuary-July 1854
51Personal correspondenceAugust-December 1854
2Personal correspondenceJanuary-May 1859
3Personal correspondenceJune-December 1859
4Personal correspondence1861-1862
5Personal correspondence1864
6Personal correspondenceJanuary-July 1865
7Personal correspondenceAugust-December 1865
61Personal correspondenceJanuary-May 1866
2Personal correspondenceJune-December 1866
3Personal correspondenceJanuary-August 1867
4Personal correspondenceSeptember-December 1866, 1877
5Correspondence from Benjamin W. Crowninshield1816, 1828-1831
6Correspondence from Mary B. Crowninshield1816, 1830, undated
7Correspondence from Edward A. Crowninshield1828-1830
8General family correspondence1831, 1863, undated
Volume 1Letterbook1860-1865
Volume 1aLetterbook1861-1863
Volume 2Letterbook1865-1874
Volume 3Letterbook1875-1877
D. Personal Papers
71Stock certificates1837, 1843-1845, 1851-1862, 1869-1870
2Justice of the Peace certificates1835, 1842, 1849, 1856, 1863, 1870
3Francis B. Crowninshield estate papers1836, 1852, 1871-1872, 1877-1878
4General papers1834, 1840-1848, 1855, 1858-1859, 1865-1868, 1873, 1876, undated
5Account books1825-1834
6Mrs. F.B. Crowninshield's cookbook1834
7"Record of Naturalized Citizens"1838-1871
9Diaries1864-1865, undated
10Genealogy Notesundated
SERIES II. Benjamin Williams Crowninshield (1837-1892) Papers
A. Bills and Receipts
81Bills and receipts1876
2Bills and receiptsJanuary-May 1877
3Bills and ReceiptsJune-December 1877, 1889, 1881-1883, 1887-1889, undated
B. Personal Correspondence
84Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield1847-1853, 1858-1861, 1864-1867
5Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield1872, 1877-1879
6Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield1880
7Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield1881-1882
8Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield1883
91Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield1884
2Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield1885
3Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield1886
4Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJanuary-June 1887
5Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJuly-December 1887
6Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJanuary-March 1888
101Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldApril-June 1888
2Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJuly-September 1888
3Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldOctober-December 1888
4Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJanuary-June 1889
5Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJuly-September 1889
6Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJanuary-March 1890
7Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldApril-June 1890
111Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJuly-September 1890
2Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldOctober-December 1890
3Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJanuary-March 1891
4Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldApril-June 1891
5Correspondence to Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJuly-December 1891
6Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield, A-Lundated
7Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield. M-Sundated
8Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield, T-Zundated
9Correspondence by Benjamin W. Crowninshield1883, 1887-1890, undated
C. Family Correspondence
121Correspondence from Francis B. Crowninshield1858-1860, 1867, January-May 1868
2Correspondence from Francis B. CrowninshieldJune-December 1868
3Correspondence from Francis B. Crowninshield1869-1873
4Correspondence from Sarah P. Crowninshield1857-1860, 1868-1873
5Correspondence from Sarah P. Crowninshieldundated
6Correspondence from Katherine M. Crowninshield1868, 1880-1881, undated
7Correspondence from Louisa Crowninshield Bacon1858-1860, 1868, 1879, 1890-1892
8Correspondence from Louisa Crowninshield Baconundated
9Correspondence from Alice Crowninshield Bradlee1858-1860, 1868-1869, 1883-1887, 1890-1892
131Correspondence from Alice Crowninshield Bradleeundated
2Correspondence from Emily Crowninshieldundated
3Correspondence from Francis B. Crowninshield (son)1884-1886, undated
4Correspondence from Bowdoin B. Crowninshield1880, 1884-1886, 1889, 1890
5Correspondence from Bowdoin B. Crowninshield1891
6Correspondence from Emily Crowninshield (sister)undated
7Correspondence from Arent S. Crowninshield1884-1886, 1889-1890, undated
8Correspondence from John C. Crowninshield1884-1890
9Correspondence from other family members1850, 1859, 1872-1873, 1884, 1887-1889
10Correspondence between other family members1803, 1841, 1852, 1876, 1889, undated
11Correspondence from Benjamin W. Crowninshield1858-1859
12Correspondence from Benjamin W. Crowninshield1860
141Correspondence from Benjamin W. Crowninshield1861-1862
2Correspondence from Benjamin W. CrowninshieldJanuary-August 1863
3Correspondence from Benjamin W. CrowninshieldSeptember-December 1863
151Correspondence from Benjamin W. Crowninshield1864
2Correspondence from Benjamin W. Crowninshield1872, 1881, 1890-1891, undated
D. Personal Papers and Ephemera
153Personal Papers1778, 1854, 1857-1859, 1861-1864, 1884-1888, 1890-1891, undated
4Atlantic Monthly1878
5Last Will and Testament1884
Volume 4Checkbook1883-1884
7Drawing book1859
7"Inquisition Book of Rebel Prisoners"1864
7Passport Book1858
Volume 5Diary1859-1860
Volume 6Diary1860-1861
8DiariesNovember 1861-1863
Volume 7Diary1873
Volume 8Diary1878
Volume 9Diary1879
Volume 10Diary1881
E. Genealogical Research
171Genealogical Record Forms; Volume 1, Part 1undated
2Genealogical Record Forms; Volume 1, Part 2undated
3Genealogical Record Forms; Volume 1, Part 3undated
4Genealogical Record Forms; Volume 1, Part 4undated
5Genealogical Record Forms; Volume 2, Part 1undated
181Genealogical Record Forms; Volume 2, Part 2undated
2Genealogical Record Forms; Volume 2, Part 3undated
3Genealogical Record Forms; Volume 2, Part 4undated
4Genealogical Record Forms; Notes, Part 11889-1890, undated
5Genealogical Record Forms; Notes, Part 21889-1890, undated
191Genealogical Entries, 1st Generationundated
2Genealogical Entries, 2nd Generationundated
3Genealogical Entries, 3rd Generationundated
4Genealogical Entries, 4th Generationundated
5Genealogical Entries, 5th Generationundated
6Genealogical Entries, 6th Generationundated
7Genealogical Entries, 7th Generationundated
8Genealogical Entries, 8th Generationundated
9Genealogical Entries, Unknown Generationsundated
10Genealogical Entries: Notesundated
11Family History draftsundated
12Ellery Harrison letters1889-1892, undated
SERIES III. Katherine May Crowninshield (1844-1892) Papers
A. Financial Records
201Account books1899, 1901
2Account books1902
3Cancelled checks1895-1896
4Cancelled checks1897-1898
5Cancelled checks1899-1900
B. Correspondence
206Letters from Benjamin W. Crowninshield1866, 1872, 1883, 1890, undated
7Correspondence from children1880-1884, undated
8Letters from associates and other family1890, undated
9Correspondence to Benjamin W. Crowninshield1890, undated
C. Personal Papers
2010Dance cards and last will1865, 1872
SERIES IV. Bradlee Family Correspondence
211Letters from Alice Bradlee to F.B.C. Bradlee1905
2Letters from Alice Bradlee to F.B.C. Bradlee1906
3Letters from Alice Bradlee to F.B.C. Bradlee1907
4Letters from Sarah Bradlee to F.B.C. Bradlee1905-1906
5Letters from Sarah Bradlee to F.B.C. Bradlee1907
6Letters from Alice and Francis to Sarah Bradlee1923
SERIES V. Francis Boardman Crowninshield (1869-1958) and Louise Dupont Crowninshield (1877-1958) Papers
A. Financial Records
217Cancelled checks1946-1948
8Receipts1878, 1917, 1919, 1929, 1946, 1948
9Account book of Francis B. Crowninshield1899
221Account book of Francis B. Crowninshield1902-1903
2Account book of Francis B. CrowninshieldOctober 1903-March 1904
3Account book of Francis B. CrowninshieldMarch 1904-1905
4Account book of Francis B. CrowninshieldJanuary-May 1905
5Account book of Francis B. CrowninshieldMay 1905
6Account book of Francis B. CrowninshieldNovember 1905
231Account book of Francis B. CrowninshieldMarch 1906
2Account book of Francis B. CrowninshieldDecember 1906
3Account books of Louisa Crowninshield1902-1903
B. Correspondence
234Francis B. Crowninshield correspondence1882, 1886, 1891-1892, 1898, 1900, 1903, 1913-1917, 1948
5Louisa DuPont Crowninshield correspondence1892-1894, 1899-1901
6Louisa DuPont Crowninshield correspondence1902
7Louisa DuPont Crowninshield correspondence1903, 1913-1918
241Louisa DuPont Crowninshield correspondenceundated
2Louisa Crowninshield: envelopes1892, 1899-1901
3Louisa Crowninshield: envelopes1902
4Louisa Crowninshield: envelopes1903, 1911-1918
5Blank stationaryundated
C. Personal Papers
246Newspaper clippingsundated
7Papers1880, 1887, 1897, 1899, 1903, 1905, 1920, undated
8Ephemera1882, 1896, undated
SERIES VI. Theodore Chase (1832-1895) and Alice Bradlee Chase (1846-1925) Papers
A. Correspondence
251Alice Bradlee Chase correspondence1855, 1859, 1862-1863, 1868
2Alice Bradlee Chase correspondence1870-1878, 1884-1885, 1888
3Alice Bradlee Chase correspondence1892-1899
4Alice Bradlee Chase correspondence1901-1903, 1908
5Alice Bradlee Chase correspondenceundated
6Alice Bradlee Chase: envelopes1863-1865, 1868, 1870-1879, 1881-1883, 1888
7Alice Bradlee Chase: envelopes1894-1897, 1901-1903
8Alice Bradlee Chase: envelopesundated
9Theodore Chase correspondence1867-1868
261Theodore Chase correspondence1872, 1881-1889
2Theodore Chase correspondenceundated
B. Ephemera
263Belonging to Alice Bradlee Chase1868, 1894, 1902, undated
4Belonging to Theodore Chase1865, 1871, undated
SERIES VII. Related Family Papers
265Typescript: Account, Richard and Edward1789
6Typescript: Letters by John Crowninshield1794, 1797
7Typescript: John Crowninshield in Sumatra1801
8Typescript: Letters by John Crowninshield1813-1814
9Typescript: Letters by John Crowninshield1816
10Lectures given on John Crowninshield1943-1944, undated
11Cleopatra's Barge Address Book1816
12Charles B. Crowninshield: Discharge papers1848
271Papers relating to "French Indemnity"1801-1807, 1812, 1832, 1836-1838
2Typescript: Benjamin W. Crowninshield obituary1851
3Account books and letters of B.B. Crowninshield1873-1877, 1943-1944, undated
4Papers without determinable source1813-1815, 1840-1843, 1861, 1866, 1872, 1885, 1890, undated
28Miscellaneous objectsundated
SERIES VIII. Photographs
275"Miss Alice Crowninshield (Mrs. Josiah Bradlee)"[early 1860s]
5"(Grandfather) Frederick Hall Bradlee"[1860s]
5"Mr. Josiah Bradlee…about the time of his marriage"1864
5"Mme. Cauvin and S.C.B., Paris"1865
5"Mrs. J. Bradlee" [Alice Crowninshield Bradlee][1870s]
5Katherine and Benjamin W. Crowninshieldcirca 1877
5Emily Crowninshield, "photo taken at Vienna"undated
5"Mildred Stimson, 10 months"1881
5"Sarah C. Bradlee taken at Paris" [by T.N. Codman]circa 1884
5"The 4 New York Cops of Troop K"May 1898
5"Our carriage in front of Marblehead house..."October 1900
5"Hon. Francis B. Crowninshield"undated
5"F.B.C. Bradlee"undated
5"Crowninshield home in Marblehead, Mass.?"undated
5"Negative of Portrait of Capt. Francis Boardman"undated
6Photographs and images without descriptionundated
SERIES IX. Oversize Materials
29(OS)1Charles B. Crowninshield muster rolls1847-1848
2Francis Boardman Crowninshield papers1843, 1861, undated
3Benjamin Williams Crowninshield papers1859, 1862-1864, undated
4Genealogical chartsundated
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