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New England Railroad Collection

New England Railroad Collection

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Contents List

SERIES I. Individual New England Railroad Records
A. Boston and Maine
11Employees' Magazine, v.1:1-121924-1925
2Employees' Magazine, v.2:1-121925-1926
3Employees' Magazine, v.3:1-111926-1927
4Employees' Magazine, v.4:1-81927
5Employees' Magazine, 7 issues1930-1934, undated
6Employees' Magazine, 6 issues1936-1959
7One guide by Ernest Ingersoll1887
8Two guides by M.F. Sweetser1889, 1890
9Three guides by M.F. Sweetser1891
21Two guidebooks1874, 1886
2Three guidebooks1889-1892
3Two photograph guidebooks1908
4Two photograph guidebooks1908
5Two photograph guidebooks1908
6Two photograph guidebooks1908
7Two photograph guidebooks1908
8Vacation guides1881-1899
31Vacation guidescirca 1900
2Vacation guides1900-1904
3Vacation guides1905-1907
4Vacation guidescirca 1905
5Vacation guidescirca 1905
6Vacation guidescirca 1910
7Vacation guides1912-1913
41Trainmen schedules1897-1906
2Passenger conductor schedules1897-1906
3Engineers and firemen [2]; Conductors [1]1917, 1921, 1899
4Conductor list1920
5Two mechanical exams1916, circa 1916
5Air-brake rules [3]1913
6Operating department rules [2]1909, 1917
7Running rules [9]1848-1921
8Mileage tables1887-1896
9Mileage tables [2]1919
10Relief Association1902
10Baggage labels; mapundated
51Employee timetables (by division): White Mountains, Montpelier and Wells River, Barre and Chelsea1924
5Worcester; Nashua and Portland1917-1924
7Employee timetables: Portland1927
81Press releases1925
2Press releases1925
3Press releases1925-1927
4Press releases1925-1927
5Press releases1925-1927
6Press releases1925-1927
7Press releases1925-1927
8Press releases1925-1927
9Press releases1925-1927
10Press releases1925-1927
11Press releases1925-1927
12Press releases1925-1927
91Eastern Division: Timetables1882, 1885
4Western Division: Timetables1886, 1893
5Portland Division: Mileage and fare tables1915
6Local timetables1893-1902
121Local timetables1890-1894, 1910-1917
2Passenger timetables1872-1885
3Passenger timetables1886-1889
4Passenger timetables1890-1892
5Passenger timetables1893-1905
6Passenger timetables1916-1927, 1956, 1963-1967, 1975, undated
7Official List of Officers, Agents and Stations1903-1905
131Excursion pamphlets and timetables1844-1845, 1873-1881
2Excursion pamphlets and timetables1883-1893
3Excursion pamphlets and timetables1900-1910, 1926, 1953, undated
4Constitution and charter, statements, reports1843-1856
5Reports1856-1857, 1898-1908, 1924, undated
6Interstate Finance Commission Reports1925
141Interstate Finance Commission reports1925
2Interstate Finance Commission reports1925
3Reports of the Directors1850-1860
4Reports of the Directors1861-1866
5Reports of the Directors1867-1873
6Reports of the Directors1874-1879
7Annual Reports1850-1856
151Annual Reports1880-1885
2Annual Reports1886-1890
3Annual Reports1891-1895
4Annual Reports1896-1900
5Annual Reports1901-1905
6Annual Reports1905-1910
7Annual Reports1911-1913
161Annual Reports1914-1916
2Annual Reports1917-1919
3Annual Reports1922-1923
4Annual Reports1924-1926
5Consolidations of Boston and Maine with other railroads1900, 1908, 1918
7Photographs of Boston and Maine Presidentsundated
8Newspaper clippings; ephemera1893-1897, 1927, 1945, undated
171Locomotive classification1892, 1921
2Boston and Maine stockholder information1871-1873, 1883-1887, 1915-1916, 1922-1927
3Boston and Maine stockholders Protective Association material1917, 1921-1922
4Employee information and time orders1873, 1886-1891, 1902, 1915-1921
5Maps1844, 1927
6Miscellaneous notices1907, 1925, undated
70(OS)1Magazine publications and advertising1895-1916, 1927, undated
2Locomotive classification1914
3Advertisements and timetable1845, 1927
B. Eastern Railroad Company
181Investigation report; Financial report1876
2Arbitration between Eastern and Brotherhood of Engineers1912
3Freight tariffs1848, 1872
4Single-sheet timetables1839-1842, 1868-1876
5Notices1857-1863, 1872-1877, undated
6Time book orders; Conductors' reports1868-1891
7Guide to Mount Desert Island; Map of Eastern Railroad1884, undated
8Descriptive guides1851, 1871-1873
9Descriptive guides1879, undated
10Stock certificates and related material1844, 1854, 1884-1887
11Historical timeline, 1838-1872undated
12Newspaper clippings1871-1878
13Ephemera; receipts1870, undated
191Employee timetables1871-1872
2Employee timetablesApril-June 1872
3Employee timetablesJuly-Dec. 1873
4Employee timetablesApril-July 1874
5Employee timetablesAug.-Dec. 1874
6Employee timetables1875
201Employee timetables1876
2Employee timetables1877
3Employee timetablesMay-June 1878
4Employee timetablesOctober 1878
5Employee timetablesFeb.-June 1879
6Employee timetablesOctober 1879
7Employee Timetables1880
211Employee Timetables1881
2Employee timetables1882
3Employee timetables1883-1884
4Excursion timetables1849, 1854-1868
5Excursion timetables1870-1879
6Excursion timetables1880-1882
221Excursion timetables1883-1884
2Excursion timetablesundated
3Constitution and By-laws1839
4Rules and regulations1845, 1850-1859
5Rules and regulations1861-1865
6Rules and regulations1866-1869
23--Rules and regulations1870-1878, undated
--Speeches; reports1836-1879, undated
24--Annual Reports1838-1889
Volume 1Passenger coach log for traffic between East Boston and Salem1838-1839
Volume 2Railroad Report1848
Volume 3Train Register1838-1839
C. Other New England Railroads
Naumkeag Street Railway
251Timetables, insurance form1880-1886, undated
Eastern Massachusetts Street Railway Company
252Proxy Statement; Timetable; Bus Timetable1937, 1968, 1951
Bay State Street Railway
253Reorganization Plan1919
Boston Elevated Railway
Metropolitan (Boston)
256Timetables, returns, circulars1858-1866
7Annual reports1858-1866
8Annual reports1867-1884
West End Street Railway
261Reports; Stockholder proxy; Manuscript1888-1896, 1965
Chelsea Beach; Chelsea; Boston and Chelsea
Revere Beach; Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn
263Tickets; timetables; newspaper; reports1874-1884, 1921-1932
Danvers; "Salem to Malden"
264Reports, petitions1846, 1848, 1856
Danvers and Malden
Danvers and Georgetown
Malden and Melrose; Medford Branch; Saugus Branch
267Histories; timetable1854, 1913-1914
Salem and South Danvers
268Timetable, notice, and address1864-1867, undated
Newburyport; Newburyport and Danvers; South Reading Branch
269Reports; timetable1857-1862
Andover and Wilmington; Lowell and Lawrence; Lawrence Branch
2610Timetables; reports1834, 1859, 1867-1875
Boston, Lowell and Concord
2611Argument; timetable1881-1882
Salem and Lowell
2612Arguments for Construction; Newspaper Clippings1848, 1927
Boston and Lowell
271Vacation guide: New Hampshire, Vermont, and Canada1886
2Vacation guide: New Hampshire, Vermont, and Canada1887
4Stock certificate copy, letters to stockholder1918-1919
5Arguments, petitions1845-1867
6Arguments, petitions1869-1886
7Annual reports1844-1855
8Annual reports1856-1864
9Annual reports1865-1876
10Annual reports1877-1885
281Hoosac Valley News, April 10, 1886 - Wreck of engine #12 near Bardswell's Ferry, MA; Herbert P. Littlejohn, engineer1886
2Summer excursion guides1875-1876, 1881-1891
3Summer excursion guides1892-1900
5Reports, maps, advertisement1884-1895
6Business reports, lease records1900-1918
7Annual reports1842-1854
8Annual reports1855-1860
9Annual reports1861-1873
10Annual reports1874-1884
291Annual reports1884-1890
2Annual reports1891-1899
3Annual reports1900-1917
Fitchburg and Worcester; Sterling Branch; Boston, Clinton and Fitchburg; Boston, Clinton, Fitchburg, and New Bedford; Harvard Branch
294Reports; petitions1849-1884, undated
Lexington and West Cambridge; Horn Pond Branch; Middlesex; Middlesex Central; Mystic River
295Reports; map; stock information1858-1877
South Dedham and Boston; Norfolk County
296Argument; reports1847-1857
Stony Brook; Stoughton Branch; Taunton Branch; Waltham and Watertown; Newton
297Annual Reports1857-1860
Dorchester and Milton Branch; West Roxbury; Cape Cod; Easton Branch; Fairhaven Branch; Fall River; Fall River, Warren, and Providence
298Reports; timetables1844-1864, 1875-1879, 1898
South Shore; Middleborough and Taunton; New Bedford and Taunton; Medway Branch; Massachusetts Portable; Massachusetts; Nantasket Beach
301Reports; timetables1859, 1867, 1881, undated
Old Colony Rail-road Corporation
302Annual reports1847-1854
3Business reports1850
Old Colony and Fall River Railroad Company
304Annual reports1852-1862
Old Colony Railroad Company
305Guidebooks, maps, weather report1877-1883
7Annual reports1872-1879
8Annual reports1880-1886
9Annual reports1887-1895
10Stock quotes1923
Old Colony and Newport Railway
311Annual reports, timetable1864-1879
Boston and Worcester
312History (Boston Journal), timetables, train descriptioncirca 1840, 1853, 1855, 1918
3Annual report summaries, remarks1857-1861, 1867
4Annual reports1832-1842
5Annual reports1843-1846
6Annual reports1847-1851
7Annual reports1852-1857
8Annual reports1858-1860
9Annual reports1861-1867
Boston, Winthrop and Pt. Shirley; Worcester and Baldwinville; Worcester and Keene; Worcester Horse; Worcester, Nashua and Rochester; Worcester and Norwich; Worcester Railways and Investment; Marlborough Branch
321Reports, surveys, timetables1835-1904
Pittsfield and North Adams; Stockbridge and Pittsfield; Westfield; Lee and New Haven; West Stockbridge
322Reports1850, 1857, 1873
Agricultural Branch; Amherst and Belchertown; Amherst, Belchertown and Palmer; Barre and Worcester; Berkshire; Boston and Eastern Electric; Boston, Barre and Gardner
323Reports, surveys, proposals1847-1911
Massachusetts Central; Boston, Hoosac Tunnel and Western Railway
324Report; timetable1883-1885
325Reports, incorporation1844-1879
6Reports1880-1890, 1948
Norwich and Worcester
327Reports, stockholder list1846-1886
Portland and Ogdensburg
328Timetables1879-1888, undated
9Reports1868-1877, undated
Portland and Boston
Rumford Falls
331Guidebook; timetable1896-1900
Androscoggin Railroad
Atlantic and St. Lawrence
333Charter and By-laws; reports1845-1849, 1852-1855, 1866
Bridgton and Saco River
Portland and Oxford Central
335Report on "Railroad For Sale or Lease"undated
Portland and Rochester
Portland and Rutland
York and Cumberland
338Map; Letter1851-1855
Portland and Worcester
339Timetables1875-1879, undated
Portland and Kennebec
Portland, Saco, and Portsmouth
3311Financial Statements; reports1837-1863
12Reports1864, 1871
Northern Railroad
341Annual Reports1847-1855
2Annual Reports1856-1865
3Annual Reports1866-1875
4Annual Reports1876-1884
5Annual Reports1885-1890
6Arguments; reports1845-1856
351Arguments; addresses1873, 1885
2By-laws; reports1847-1851
Bangor and Aroostook
353One photograph, one "Shooting and Fishing" guidebook1900-1912
Maine Central
6Guidebookscirca 1910-1913
7Guidebookscirca 1915
8Timetables, map1871-1875
10Rates, contracts, tax hearing1872, 1915, 1926
11Rules, regulations1863, 1872, 1919
361Annual reports1866-1878
2Annual reports1880-1887
3Annual reports1891-1903
4Annual reports1904-1910
Central Vermont
Vermont and Massachusetts
5Petition, reports, leases1872-1903
Vermont and Canada
376Reports, Supreme Court - "Vermont and Canada v.Vermont Central"1850-1882
St. Johnsbury and Lake Champlain; Burlington and Lamoille; West Castleton Railroad and Slate; Vermont Valley; State of Vermont
377Timetables, incorporation, reports, law1851-1895
Rutland Railroad
381Reports, newspaper, timetable1871-1883, 1929
Rutland and Burlington
384Reports, Supreme Court1848-1870
Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers
385Incorporation, reports1846-1859
Vermont Central
391Report to the Stockholders1854
5Letter to Trustees and Managers1872
Connecticut River
396Reports1857-1858, 1888
7Annual reports1847-1857
401Annual reports1858-1860
2Annual reports1861-1865
3Annual reports1866-1871
4Annual reports1872-1877
5Annual reports1878-1883
6Annual reports1884-1888
7Annual reports1889-1892
White River Railroad; Passumpsic Railroad
408Photograph; advertisement1867, 1872, 1917, undated
Boston and Providence
409Patron statements, Relief Association, history1834-1917
10Shoreline Route timetables1883-1887
11Statements, business reports1838-1868
411Annual reports1832-1857
2Annual reports1858-1868
3Annual reports1869-1875
4Annual reports1876-1882
5Annual reports1883-1888
Providence and Worcester
416Surveys, reports1844-1866
Providence Line; Providence and Springfield; Providence, Warren and Bristol; New York, Providence and Boston
418Timetable, reports1857-1887
Providence Western Land Company; Union Railroad Company; Rhode Island Supreme Court
419"Boston and Providence v. New York and New England," "Willam Allen v. Blackstone Canal Co.," "Bayton rail" systemcirca 1837-circa 1885
Seekonk Branch; Boston and Woonsocket
421Reports; map1836-1861
Whitefield and Jefferson; South Eastern Railway; Connecticut River Line; Sullivan; Cochecho; Portsmouth and Concord; Concord and Montreal
422Timetables, reports, guidebook1847-1904
White Mountains; North Conway and Mt. Kearsarge; Nashua and Rochester; Mt. Washington Railway; Peterborough and Shirley
423Incorporation, reports1845-84
Nashua and Lowell
National Railway and Street Rolling; New Hampshire Land Company; Railroad Commission; City of Portsmouth
426Reports, proposals1845-1892
Worcester and Nashua
3Reports; Timetable1880-1884
Manchester and Lawrence Railroad
434Annual Reports1850-1869
Boston, Concord and Montreal
435Annual reports1851-1871
Boston, Concord, Montreal and White Mountains
436Guidebooks, map1881-1884
442Legal statements1844, 1869, 1882
3Timetables, circulars1848-1885
4Annual reports1841-1851
5Annual reports1852-1856
6Annual reports1857-1858
7Annual reports1859-1866
8Annual reports1867-1879
New York and New Haven
449Surveys; annual reports1845-1856
451Annual reports1855-1858
2Reports, handbook, timetables1858-1871, 1956
3Business directory1872
Hartford and New Haven
454Reports, surveys1846-1866
New Haven and Northampton; Naugatuck; New London, Willimantic and Palmer; Hartford and Springfield
455Surveys, reports1845-1860
7Reports, guidebook, timetable1859-1882
Boston, Hartford and Erie
458Legal statements, business records1864-1870
461Legal statements, business records1869-1870
Southern New England Railroad
New Haven Railroad
69(OS)1"New England Industry and the New Haven Railroad"1925
New Haven and Northampton; Connecticut Valley Railroad
464Bonds, Canal Boat Line poster1845, 1855, 1872
Grand Junction; (Great) Midland; Hampshire and Hamden
465Reports, proposals, surveys1830-1857
New York and New England
7Annual reports1876-1880
8Annual reports1881-1886
9Annual reports1887-1889
10Annual reports1891-1893
471Arguments, reports1878-circa 1893
New York, New Haven and Hartford
472Guides1912, 1913
3Guidescirca 1915
4Histories, circulars1913, 1915, 1925-1927, 1953
5Timetables1885, 1893-1894, 1899, 1926
6Interstate Commerce Commission reports1913, 1914
7Annual reports1879-1897
8Annual reports1898-1905
481Annual reports1906, 1908
2Annual reports1910-1911
3Annual reports1912
4Annual reports1913
5Annual reports1914
6Annual reports1915-1917
7Annual reports1918-1919
8Annual reports1920, 1924-1926
Western Railroad
489Annual Reports and Proceedings1837-1840
491Annual Reports and Proceedings1841-1843
2Annual Reports and Proceedings1843-1848
3Annual Reports and Proceedings1849-1857
4Annual Reports and Proceedings1858-1868
6Reports1838-1839, undated
501Reports1840-1867, undated
2Consolidation of the Boston and Worcester and Western Railroads1839
3Consolidation of the Boston and Worcester and Western Railroads1845-1846, 1862-1864
4Notice concerning merchants moving freightundated
Boston and Albany
7Petitions, statements, records1869-1890
511Petitions, statements, records1869-1890
2Legal records1866-1890
3Annual reports1869-1880
4Annual reports1881-1891
5Arguments1880, 1890
Troy and Greenfield
516Hoosac Tunnel Route guides, timetables1872-1880
7F.W. Bird on Hoosac Tunnel1862-1868
521Herman Haupt on Hoosac Tunnel1858-1868
2Hoosac Tunnel debate: Arguments, reports1851-1853
3Hoosac Tunnel debate: Loan hearing1853
4Hoosac Tunnel debate: Speeches, letters1853
5Hoosac Tunnel debate: Loan hearings1854
6Hoosac Tunnel debate: Arguments, reports1855-1862
7Hoosac Tunnel debate: Arguments, reports1862-1863
8Hoosac Tunnel debate: Arguments, reports1866-1869
9Hoosac Tunnel debate: Arguments, reports, petition1871-1885
531Hoosac Tunnel debate: Commissioners' report1863
2Hoosac Tunnel debate: Commissioners' reports1866-1869
3Business reportscirca 1854-1859, 1873-1878
4Hoosac Tunnel Consolidation Hearings: index, #1-51873
5Hoosac Tunnel Consolidation Hearings: #6-101873
6Hoosac Tunnel Consolidation Hearings: #11-151873
7Hoosac Tunnel Consolidation Hearings: #16-221873
Troy and Boston; Ogdensburg and Lake Champlain; New York and Boston; New England; New York, Providence and Boston
541Reports; Timetables1865-1891
New England Railroad Company
69(OS)2Maps: Boston and Maine; Eastern Railroad; Lowell; Boston Elevated Railway1875-1892, undated
3Notices; Timetables: Boston and Maine;1867, 1896
3Portland, Saco, and Portsmouth; General1826, undated
D. North American Railroads
Montreal and Boston Air-Line
5Timetablescirca 1881-1886
6Map, circularcirca 1890, undated
7Two Passumpsic Railroad guidebooks1882, 1885
Massawippi Valley Railroad
St. Lawrence and Atlantic Grand Junction Railroad
European and North American Railway
5410Reports; timetables1850-1852, 1865-1869, 1871
551Memorial; reports1865-1869
Havana, Rantoul, and Eastern Railroad
552Local freight tariffs1876
Baltimore and Ohio
553Signal indicationsundated
69(OS)4Plans, Schuylkill River Bridge1886
Cincinnati, Hamilton, and Dayton Railroad
Great Central Route
Dutchess and Columbia; Newburgh, Dutchess and Connecticut; Clove branch
SERIES II. Massachusetts House and Senate Documents
557Reports, Bills, and Acts1827-1828
8Reports, Bills, and Acts1829
9Reports, Bills, and Acts1830-1835
10Reports, Bills, and Acts1836
561Reports, Bills, and Acts1837-1838
2Reports, Bills, and Acts1839
3Reports, Bills, and Acts1840-1848
4Reports, Bills, and Acts1848
5Reports, Bills, and Acts1848-1849
6Reports, Bills, and Acts1850-1852
7Reports, Bills, and Acts1852-1860
571Reports, Bills, and Acts1860-1865
2Reports, Bills, and Acts1865-1866
3Reports, Bills, and Acts1866-1869
4Reports, Bills, and Acts1870-1874
5Reports, Bills, and Acts1860-1870
581Reports, Bills, and Acts1870-1871
2Reports, Bills, and Acts1875
3Reports, Bills, and Acts1875
4Reports, Bills, and Acts1876-1878
5Reports, Bills, and Acts1879-1889
SERIES III. General New England Railroad Material
591Argument for the extension of the railroad from Portland to Boston1865
2Guidebook; ephemera1845-1855, 1903-1906, 1919, undated
3Histories1913, undated
4Maps: Massachusetts1874, [1884], 1896-1900, undated
5Maps: New England1866, 1873-1874, 1903-1912, undated
6Newspaper clippings1920, 1927, undated
7Notices, typescript of petition from 18351828, 1851, 1865, undated
8Photographs and imagesundated
9Timetables1850-1854, 1879-1887, 1908-1911, 1921, 1934, 1989, 1992
10Ephemera1855, 1877-1879, 1950, 1957, undated
69(OS)5Maps: New England Railroads1832, 1851-1874, 1892
6Newspaper clippings1876, 1919-1927, undated
SERIES IV. General Railroad Material
601Maps: United States and North America1854, [1941], undated
2Notices, newspaper clippings, advertisements1853, 1860, 1880, undated
3Publications1844, 1888, 1906, undated
69(OS)7Maps1883, undated
8Newspaper clippings1918, 1925, undated
70(OS)4"Why the Railroads Ask Public Support"1912
SERIES V. Tickets
604Description of "free passes;" accompanies tickets1920
611Tickets and passes1846
2Tickets and passes1848
3Tickets and passes1850
4Tickets and passes1851
5Tickets and passes1852
6Tickets and passes1853
7Tickets and passes1854
8Tickets and passes1855
9Tickets and passes1856
10Tickets and passes1857
11Tickets and passes1858
12Tickets and passes1859
13Tickets and passes1861
14Tickets and passes1862
15Tickets and passes1863
16Tickets and passes1864
17Tickets and passes1865
18Tickets and passes1866
19Tickets and passes1867
20Tickets and passes1868
21Tickets and passes1869
22Tickets: American Association for the Advancement of Science1869
23Tickets and passes1870
24Tickets and passes1871
25Tickets and passes1872
26Tickets and passes1873
27Tickets and passes1874
28Tickets and passes1875
29Tickets and passes1876
30Tickets and passes1877
31Tickets and passes1878
32Tickets and passes1879
33Tickets and passes1880
34Tickets and passes1881
35Tickets and passes1882
36Tickets and passes1883
37Tickets and passes1884
38Tickets and passes1885
39Tickets and passes1886
40Tickets and passes1887
41Tickets and passes1888
42Tickets and passes1889
43Tickets and passes1890
44Tickets and passes1891
45Tickets and passes1892
46Tickets and passes1893
47Tickets and passes1894
48Tickets and passes1895
49Tickets and passes1896
50Tickets and passes1897
51Tickets and passes1898
52Tickets and passes1899
53Tickets and passes1900
54Tickets and passes1901
55Tickets and passes1902
56Tickets and passes1903
57Tickets and passes1904
58Tickets and passes1905
59Tickets and passes1907
60Tickets and passes1908
61Tickets and passes1911
62Tickets and passes1912
63Tickets and passes1913
64Tickets and passes1914
65Tickets and passes1915
66Tickets and passes1916
67Tickets and passes1917
68Tickets and passes1918
69Tickets and passes1919
70Tickets and passes1920
71Tickets and passes1921
72Tickets and passes1922
73Tickets and passes1923
74Tickets and passes1924
75Tickets and passes1925
76Tickets and passes1926
77Tickets and passes1927
78Tickets and passes1930
79Tickets and passes1931
80Tickets and passes1958
621Undated tickets: Eastern Railroadundated
2Undated tickets: Boston and Maineundated
3Undated tickets: Boston and Maineundated
4Undated tickets: Steamer Argoundated
5Undated tickets: Salem and South Danversundated
6Undated tickets: Salem and South Danversundated
7Undated tickets: Salem and Danvers Street Railwayundated
8Undated tickets: Naumkeag Street Railway Companyundated
9Undated tickets: Lynn and Boston Railroadundated
10Undated tickets: Boston, Revere Beach and Lynn Railroad; Salem Street Railway; Gloucester, Essex, and Beverly; Marblehead Railway Company; Boston and Salem Turnpike; Boston, Salem, Marblehead, and Beverly steamboat line; N.S. Railway; Nahant and Lynn Street Railway; Magnolia Wagonette Line; Citizens Street Railway; Salem and Lowell Railroadundated
11Undated tickets: Fitchburg Railroad; Haverhill and Groveland; Merrimack Valley Horse Railroad; Haverhill and Amesbury Street Railway; Lowell, Lawrence and Haverhill Street Railwayundated
12Undated tickets: Boston Elevated Railway; Herdic Phaeton; Bay State Street Railway; Massachusetts Northeastern Street Railway Companyundated
13Undated tickets: Eastern Massachusetts Street Railwayundated
14Undated tickets: Old Line; Winnisimmet Ferry; East Boston Ferry; Cambridge Railroad; Brockton and Plymouth Street Railway; Point Shirley Railroad; Old Colony Railroadundated
15Undated tickets: Portland Railroad; Portland, Saco, and Portsmouth; Portland and Kennebec; Maine Central; Androscoggin Railroadundated
16Undated tickets: Worcester and Nashua; Boston, Lowell and Nashua; Connecticut Western Railroad; New York and New England; Boston and Providence; Boston, Concord and Montreal; Boston and Albany; Boston, Hartford, and Erie Railroadundated
17Undated tickets: Union Street Railway Company; Metropolitan Railroad Company; People's and Tower Grove Railroad; London, Brighton, and South Coast Railroadundated
18Undated tickets: Unknown Railroadsundated
SERIES VI. Francis Boardman Crowninshield Bradlee Papers
605Correspondence1916-1917, 1925
Volume 4Scrapbook 1: Eastern Railroad; Boston and Maine Railroad1829-1926
Volume 5Scrapbook 2: New York, Connecticut, and other Railroads1829-1926
Volume 6Account book of Train Schedulesundated
SERIES VII. Material on Other Transportation
606Newspaper clippings concerning stagecoaches1823, 1835, 1846, 1922-1923, undated
7Histories of the Middlesex Canal1843, 1914
8Bus Tours Sightseeing pamphletsundated
9"Guide and Handbook of Boston and Vicinity"1916
10Ferryboat and motor bus timetables1926, undated
11Miscellaneous1827, 1848, 1859-1863, undated
69(OS)8"A True Abstract ... of the Different Banks"1827
SERIES VIII. Secondary Material and Photographs
631Secondary Material: Baldwin Locomotives1924-1926, undated
2Secondary Material: Baltimore and Ohio Freight Locomotive1863
3Secondary Material: "Boston and Cambridge New Horse Railroad"undated
4Secondary Material: Boston and Maineundated
5Secondary Material: Boston and Lowellundated
6Secondary Material: Boston and Providence "Viaduct"undated
7Secondary Material: Caboosesundated
8Secondary Material: "Cambridge omnibus, Benjamin Franklin, passing Bowdoin Square church in a snowstorm"undated
9Secondary Material: Cape Cod Railroad "Nauset"undated
10Secondary Material: Christmas Cards1968, undated
11Secondary Material: Concord and Montrealundated
12Secondary Material: Early Steam Engineundated
13Secondary Material: "The Express"undated
14Secondary Material: "First Locomotive and Train of Cars Ever Run in the State of New Yorkundated
15Secondary Material: Hartford and New Haven "Comet"undated
16Secondary Material: Miscellaneousundated
17Secondary Material: "Model of the First Locomotive Made in England"undated
18Secondary Material: New Jersey Railroad "Mogul" Engineundated
19Secondary Material: North Station, Boston, Mass.1950
20Secondary Material: Photo reproduction of prints depicting railway stationsundated
21Secondary Material: Plates of English Railroadsundated
22Secondary Material: Print of Salem Stationundated
23Secondary Material: "Railway Development Exhibits"undated
24Secondary Material: "The Roger Williams, 1846"undated
25Secondary Material: Teacher's Study Guide[1940s]
26Secondary Material: Unmarked image of a locomotiveundated
27Secondary Material: Philadelphia and Reading Railroad: "Unused bank note"undated
28Secondary Material: Worcester Excursion Car Company1882
641Secondary Material: Advertisement for "A History of Travel in America"undated
2Secondary Material: Baldwin Locomotive Works: "Completion of the 40,000th Locomotive"1913
3Secondary Material: Boston and Albany Railroadundated
4Secondary Material: "Boston Bound Train Derailed"1952
5Secondary Material: Boston Evening Transcript: "DeWitt Clinton"1921
6Secondary Material: Boston Herald: "Engine 470 Makes Last Steam Run"1954
7Secondary Material: Boston and Maine Season Ticket1869
8Secondary Material: Boston and Maine "Rail Ramble" poster and ticket1952
9Secondary Material: Boston Post: "Early Locomotive Days"1911
10Secondary Material: Boston, Worcester, and Norwich: Photograph and receiptundated
11Secondary Material: Canadian Pacific Railway: "Countess of Dufferin"undated
12Secondary Material: "De Soto"undated
13Secondary Material: "DeWitt Clinton"undated
14Secondary Material: Early Railroadsundated
15Secondary Material: Early Transportationundated
16Secondary Material: Eastern Railroad Timetable1836
17Secondary Material: Eastern Railroad Timetable1838
18Secondary Material: England's Oldest and Newest Locomotivesundated
19Secondary Material: Excerpts from Popular Mechanics1913
20Secondary Material: Excerpts from Popular Mechanics1914
21Secondary Material: Exhibition of Locomotive Pictures1914-1915
22Secondary Material: "A Family of Engineers"1898
23Secondary Material: Freight Locomotive Used on Baltimore and Ohio in 1863undated
24Secondary Material: "The Historic Engine 'Texas'"undated
25Secondary Material: "Lion"undated
26Secondary Material: Locomotive Built by William Norrisundated
27Secondary Material: "The Locomotive that Hanged Eight Men as Spies"undated
28Secondary Material: "Marblehead"undated
29Secondary Material: Newburyport, Danvers and Georgetown Railroad timetable1854
30Secondary Material: New York and New England: "The White Train"circa 1890
31Secondary Material: "On the Andover Bank Bill"undated
32Secondary Material: Pictures of Early Locomotivesundated
33Secondary Material: The Railroad Problem1917
34Secondary Material: Records of Early Railroads in the Baker Library, Harvardundated
35Secondary Material: "Rogers"undated
36Secondary Material: Submarine Railway between France and Englandundated
37Secondary Material: Various Railroads: Tickets1875
651Boston and Maine Locomotivesundated
2Boston and Maine Wreck in Hancock, New Hampshire1918
3Boston, Revere Beach, and Lynn Locomotivesundated
4Canadian Pacific Railway: "Countess of Dufferin"undated
5Chicago, Rock Island, and Pacific Railroad Model Engineundated
6Concord Railroad: "Titan"circa 1870
7D and H [?] Railroad Locomotiveundated
8Eastern Railroad: "City of Lynn"undated
10"English Engine?"undated
11John V. Lovell's Sons [near Boston's City Hall Plaza]undated
12Lawrence, Massachusetts Boston and Maine Stationundated
13Mattakeeset Lodge on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusettsundated
14Miscellaneous Photographsundated
15New York Central Locomotiveundated
16New York, New Haven, and Hartford Locomotivesundated
17New York and New England Locomotivesundated
18New York Elevated Railway Locomotivesundated
19New York and New Haven Crash at Norwalk, CTundated
20Old Colony Railroad Depotundated
21Pennsylvania Railroad Depotundated
22Pneumatic Railway, London, Englandundated
23New Zealand Railway Photographs1961, undated
24"Railroad Station Peabody Square"undated
25Salem Stationundated
26Saratoga, Mt. McGregor and Lake George Locomotiveundated
27Stagecoach "Lowell, Eastern and Fitchburg Depots"undated
28"Third Avenue Railroad Depot" [New York]undated
29Two women and bicyclescirca 1900
30Union Pacific Viewsundated
31Union Station, Havana, Cubaundated
32World War I Troop Transportundated
34Stamps [mostly English railroads]undated
661Atlantic and Saint Lawrence1865
2Boston and Maine "684"undated
3Boston and Maine "3626"1951
4Boston and Maine "3633"1951
5Boston and Maine "3637"1951
6Boston and Maine "3642" and "3687"1951
7Boston and Maine "3645"1951
8Boston and Maine "3648" and "3667"1951
9Boston and Maine "3687" and "3635"1951
10Boston and Maine "3687"1951
11Boston and Maine "City of Lynn" and Colonel Hosley"undated
12Boston and Maine "Mercury" and "Wentworth"undated
13Boston and Maine "North Wind"undated
14Boston and Maine "Oakland"undated
15Boston and Providence "Dedham;" Central Vermont "Ethan Allen"undated
16Boston and Maine Locomotives (unnamed)undated
17Canada Railway "Albion"undated
18Cape Ann train stationsundated
19Earliest Locomotivesundated
20Erie Railroad; Baldwin Locomotive Worksundated
21Erie Railroad [photograph and clippings]undated
22Eastern Railroad accident; Boston and Maine locomotive1873, undated
23Eastern Railroad "Eagle;" Boston and Maine "Point of Pines"1861, 1885
24Eastern Railroad "Governor Endicott"1857
25Eastern Railroad "Merrimac;" Boston and Maine "824;" Boston and Maine "Henry M. Williams"undated
26Eastern Railroad Locomotivesundated
27Eastern Railroad Locomotivesundated
28Eastern Railroad Locomotivesundated
29Eastern Railroad Locomotivesundated
30Eastern Railroad "Nahant"1892
31Eastern Railroad "Naumkaeg"1841
32Eastern Railroad Prospectus and Photograph1917
33Marblehead and Newburyport train stationsundated
34Marblehead and Salem train stationsundated
35"Method of destroying Southern Railroads during the Civil War"undated
36Mount Washington Railway; Boston and Maineundated
37Mount Washington Railwaycirca 1880
38Narrow Gauge "Pegasus;" Lakeshore Railroadundated
39North Shore Train Stationsundated
40Old Colony Railroad Roundhouse at Fall Riverundated
41Philadelphia and Columbia "Lancaster" and "Lion"1834
42Portland and Kennebec Railroad "H.N. Jose"undated
43Portland, Saco, and Portsmouthundated
44Richmond and Danville Railroad1865
45United States Military Railroads, Virginia1861-1865
46United States Military Railroads, Virginia1865
47United States Military Railroads, Virginia1861-1865
48United States Military Railroads, Virginia1861-1865
49Unknown Railroad "George Peabody"undated
50Unknown Railroad Locomotiveundated
51Unknown Railroad "Othello"undated
52"Wood and Philbrick, makers, Beverly, Mass."undated
67A1"Baldwin Locomotive Works"undated
2Boston and Albany Locomotive[1926]
3Boston and Maine Railroad Stationundated
4Eastern Railroad "John Johnson"undated
5Annotation by Francis Bradlee on "John Johnson"1926
6Eastern Railroad Locomotiveundated
7"Funeral car in which Lincoln's body was transported"undated
8"Hinckley and Williams Works"undated
9"Manchester Locomotive Works"undated
10New York and New England Locomotivesundated
11Old Colony Railroad "Plymouth Rock"undated
13"Portland Company Works"1870, undated
67B1"New Depot of New Jersey Railroad"circa 1855
2McKay and Aldus: "Marlboro"undated
3New York Central Linesundated
4"Rhode Island Locomotive Works"undated
68A1Photographs; Clippings; Postcards1862-1926, undated
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