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Hemenway Family Papers

Hemenway Family Papers

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SERIES I. Augustus Hemenway
A. Personal Correspondence
11Sally Hemenway (mother)1818-1841, undated
2Various to Augustus Hemenway1820-1874
3Family to Augustus Hemenway1820-1840
4Augustus Hemenway to Sally Hemenway1825-1826
5Augustus Hemenway to Mary Tileston (fiancée)1838
6Augustus Hemenway to Mary Tileston (fiancée)1839
7Augustus Hemenway to Mary Tileston (fiancée)1840, undated
8Augustus Hemenway to Mary T. Hemenway (wife)1842-1864
9Augustus Hemenway to Charles P. Hemenway (brother)1860-1873, undated
10Doctors to Augustus Hemenway and Charles P. Hemenway about Augustus Hemenway's illness1860-1874
11Between William Muller and Augustus Hemenway1873, undated
12Augustus Hemenway to family post illness1873-1876
B. Business Papers
1. Correspondence
21Various business contacts1825-1872
2George W. Bangs & Company1828-1829
3George Bangs1840
4Benjamin Bangs1840-1841
5Thomas Tileston1840-1841
6William Muller1840-1857
7Charles P. Hemenway1852-1860
8Augustus Hemenway to William Muller1853-1856
9William Muller to Augustus Hemenway1858
10William Muller to Augustus Hemenway1859 (Jan.-May)
11William Muller to Augustus Hemenway1859 (June-Dec.)
12William Muller to Augustus Hemenway1860
13Augustus Hemenway to Charles P. Hemenway1860-1873
2. Legal Papers
31Invoices and accounts1824-1867
3Legal papers: Chile1845-1870
4Power of Attorney: Muller to Charles P. Hemenway1862
5Government documents/Legislation1874
C. Other
36Photographs: Augustus Hemenwayundated
7Ephemera: Flyers1841, 1859
8Auction Flyer1863
Cab 2Draw 9Regulation (Blueprint) for Building Prototype Iron Steamerundated
D. Estate and Trustees Papers
39Death notices, correspondence1876, undated
10Will and probate documents1875-1880
11Will and estate: Schedules and accounts1876-1893
12Estate receipts1876-1888
Volume 1Ledger: Letters:AH1876-1880, undated
41Correspondence: "A-B"1878-1879
2Correspondence: "C-F"1878-1879
3Correspondence: "G-L"1878-1879
4Correspondence: "M-O"1878-1879
5Correspondence: "P-R"1877-1879
6Correspondence: "S"1877-1879
7Correspondence: "T-V"1877-1879
8Correspondence: "W"1877-1879
Volume 2Ledger: Letters: Volume A1877-1880
Volume 3Ledger: Letters: Volume B1880-1887
9Correspondence: "A"1880-1882, undated
10Correspondence: "B"1880-1882, undated
51Correspondence: "C-E"1880-1882, undated
2Correspondence: "F-H"1880-1882, undated
3Correspondence: "I-L"1880-1882, undated
4Correspondence: "M-O"1880-1882, undated
5Correspondence: "P-R"1880-1882, undated
6Correspondence: "S-T"1880-1882, undated
7Correspondence: "U-W"1880-1882, undated
8Correspondence: Agent at Machias ME1877-1878
61Correspondence: Agent at Machias ME1879-1881
2Correspondence: New York properties1877-1878
3Correspondence: New York properties1879
4Correspondence: New York properties1880-1881
5Thompson Flint vs. Hemenway Trustees1875-1877, undated
6Legal papers: Cuba1877, undated
71Various cases1878-1892, undated
2James Flint vs. Hemenway Trusteesundated [1880's]
3Partnership papers1885-1892
4Helena Flint vs. Hemenway Trustees1886
5U.S. Patent: Alfred Tenney1889
6U.S. Secretary of Treasury vs. Hemenway Trustees1891
7Kernochan vs. Pollack1892-1893
8Bacon vs. Edith Hemenway Eustis et al.1893-1894
Volume 4Ledger: Accounts Property and Income1843-1882, undated
Volume 5Ledger: Rough Journal1876-[1879]
Volume 6Ledger: Rough Cash Executors No. 11876-1878
Volume 7Ledger: Executors Cash No. 21877-1880
Volume 8Ledger: Rough Journal Executors1876-1880
Volume 9Ledger: 1st Account of Executors1876-1880, undated
Volume 10Ledger: Inventory and Financials1876-1880
Volume 11Ledger: Rent and other Accounts1876-1887, undated
Volume 12Ledger: Cash No. 11876-1904
Volume 13Ledger: Journal No. 11876-1913
Volume 14Ledger: NY Trust Journal No. 11876-1921
Volume 15Ledger: NY Trust Cash No. 11876-1918, undated
Volume 16Ledger: Invoices and Account Sales No. 11877-1880, undated
Volume 17Ledger: Invoices and Account Sales No. 21877-1880, undated
Volume 18Ledger: Cash and No. 11876-June 15, 1877, undated
Volume 19Ledger: Cash and No. 2 June 16-Dec 16, 1877, undated
Volume 20Ledger: Cash and No. 3Dec 17, 1877-June 15, 1878, undated
Volume 21Ledger: Cash and No. 4June 17-Dec 16, 1878, undated
Volume 22Ledger: Petty Cash1876-1880
Volume 23Ledger: Schedule of Property1876-1904, undated
Volume 24Ledger: Appraisals and Schedules1877, undated
Volume 25Ledger: Real Estate Records1875-1883, undated
Volume 26Booklet re: Insurance Rates1877-1883
SERIES II. Mary Tileston Hemenway
A. Correspondence
81Thomas Tileston (father)1835-undated [1864]
2Mary Tileston to Augustus Hemenway1838-1839
3Augustus and Mary Hemenway wedding1840
4Sarah Hemenway (mother-in-law)1841-1843
5Mrs. Noyes1842
Volume 27Correspondence and receipts about art1861-1910, undated
6Augustus Hemenway illness and recovery1862-1875
7Cultural and literary figures1863-1886, undated
8Correspondence and mementos: Hawthornes1859-1886, undated
9Hemenway family1873-1891, undated
11Hillside Home1878-1893, undated
12Various regarding Mary Tileston Hemenway1881-1894
13Old South Meeting House1881-1908, undated
91Correspondence about Mary Washington Memorial1889-1905, undated
2Southwest Indian Expedition and Harvard exhibit1892-1910, undated
B. Other
93Documents: Old South Meeting House1874-1930, undated
4Photographs: Old South Meeting Houseundated
17(OS)1Arizona newspaper1887
95Photographs: Native Americans1886-1891, undated
6Southwest Indian Expedition Papers1888-1909, undated
7Book: Catalogo de Los Objetos Etnologicos y Arqueologicos Exhibidos por la Expedicion Hemenway1892
8Pamphlets about various initiatives1893-1929
9Documents about Boston Normal School1909-1938, undated
17(OS)2Article about Boston Normal Schoolundated
910Ephemera, including Photographs1882-1954, undated
C. Estate and Trustees Papers
101Will and Petition for Probate1894
17(OS)3Newspaper obituaries1894, undated
102Obituaries and memorials1894-1929, undated
Volume 28Mary Hemenway Trustees: Checks cashed1894-1895
Volume 29Mary Hemenway Trustees: Checks cashed1895-1896
3Mary Hemenway Estate: Cash Receipts1894-1904
Volume 30Mary Hemenway Trustees: Ledger: Letters1894-1909
4Mary Hemenway Estate: Invoices and accounts1894-1910
5Mary Hemenway Estate: Distributions1894-1910, undated
6Mary Hemenway Estate: Correspondence1895-1910, undated
Volume 31Mary Hemenway Trustees: Ledger: Cash1896-1903
Volume 32Mary Hemenway Trustees: Journal: General Trust1896-1910
Volume 33Mary Hemenway Trustees: Ledger: Cash Estimated Expenses1903-1910
Volume 34Mary Hemenway Trustees: Journal: Estimated Income1904-1910
7Mary Hemenway Estate: Legal Documents1891-1910
SERIES III. Hemenway Family
A. Sarah Hemenway
111Will and correspondence1865
2Estate accounts1866-1884
B. Charles P. Hemenway
17(OS)4Member certificate in Boston Marine Society1882
113Business Correspondence from Chile/Book1885, 1889
4Charles P. Hemenway Death locketundated [1893]
5Family correspondence1894-1905, undated
C. Augustus Hemenway Jr.
116Family correspondence/Calling card1906-1920
7Election flyerundated
16(OS)2Photograph: Augustus Hemenway Jr. and Charlotte Hemenway Trip to Southern Islands1892
SERIES IV. Frederic A. Eustis (Biographer)
121Correspondence about Hemenway biography1895-1947, undated
2Correspondence about Hemenway biography1947-1953, undated
3Extracts from Augustus Hemenway letter to Mary Tileston (1838-1839)undated
4Notes and extracts from Hemenway material (1838-1840)undated
5Biography draft and notes (incomplete)undated
6Biography draft mss. "Augustus Hemenway 1805-1876" with appendix and picture captionsundated
131Biography research notes (dates and chapters)undated
2Biography research notes (misc.)undated
3Biography chapters and revisionsundated
4Miscellaneous pamphlets1914, 1951
5Alexander Anderson letter (original)1800
SERIES V. Family Genealogies
A. Hemenway Family
16(OS)3Coat of Armsundated
136General research about family membersundated
7Homes and land research1906, undated
141Notes about related familiesundated
2Photographs: Family members and unidentified (5)undated
16(OS)4Photograph: Houseundated
143Photographs: Housesundated
4Places: Notesundated
5Privateering: Notesundated
6Ships and properties researchundated
B. Tileston Family
147General researchundated
8Thomas Tileston church membership1830
9Photograph: Houseundated
10Correspondence: Business1853-1905, undated
11Correspondence: Family1857, undated
12Travel journals1859, 1864
13Thomas Tileston book of obituaries1864
17(OS)5Thomas Tileston memorials and oak roller1864
151Obituaries: Thomas and Mary Tileston1863-1864, undated
2Thomas Tileston: Remembrances1864
3Thomas Tileston: Estate records1865-1869
C. Eustis Family
154Book: Family genealogical records1917
17(OS)6Articles relating to familyundated
Additional papers from Volumes
181Volume 4: Ledger: Accounts Property and Income1866-1877, undated
2Volume 5: Ledger: Rough Journal1876-1877, undated
3Volume 7: Ledger: Executors Cash No. 21877
4Volume 9: Ledger: 1st Account of Executors1876-1878, undated
5Volume 11: Ledger: Rent and Other Accounts1876-1886, undated
6Volume 15: Ledger: NY Trust Cash No. 11913, undated
7Volume 16: Ledger: Invoices and Account Sales No. 11878-1880, undated
8Volume 17: Ledger: Invoices and Account Sales No. 21877-1880, undated
9Volume 18: Ledger: Cash and No. 11876-1877, undated
10Volume 19: Ledger: Cash and No. 21877, undated
11Volume 20: Ledger: Cash and No. 3undated
12Volume 21: Ledger: Cash and No. 41878, undated
13Volume 23: Ledger: Schedule of Property1876-1904, undated
14Volume 1: Ledger: Letters: A.H.undated
15Volume 3: Ledger: Letters Volume B1881
16Volume 27: Ledger: Mary Hemenway Correspondence and receipts about art1910, undated
17Volume 30: Mary Hemenway Trustees: Ledger: Letters1909
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