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Bowditch Family Papers

Bowditch Family Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Nathaniel Bowditch (1773-1838) Papers
A. Correspondence
11Letters from Bowditch1802-1837, undated
2Letters to Bowditch1802-1837, undated
3Correspondence with Edmund M. Blunt 1817-1819
4Transcripts of letters from 1799-1828undated
5Correspondence of Mary Ingersoll Bowditch1799-1828
B. Early Work, Financial Records, and Legal Papers
16Exercise book [Dowling's Bookkeeping]1784
7Original field book for land survey of Salem undated [1794]
8Loose papers from original field bookundated [1794]
34(OS)Vol 1Record book of land survey of Salem1794
19Receipts1794-1795, 1800
33(OS)1List of ships' cargos in Beverly and Salem1795
110Shipping papers unrelated to Bowditch1795-1806
11Shipping papers1796-1808
12Report (copy) by East India Marine Society on The New American Practical Navigator
33(OS)2Duty for Margaret (Ship)1802
34(OS)1German to English bilingual glossaryundated [circa 1800]
2Mathematical tables1809-1836
3Mathematical tablesundated
113Legal documents1809, 1817, 1824
14Address printed on cloth from Essex Register Jan. 1st1818
34(OS)4Boston land deed1834
15Receipt for Charles Osgood painting of Nathaniel Bowditch1835
16Newspaper clippings, mostly obituaries1838
17Newspaper clippings1896-1924
18Navigation tool, locket of Nathaniel Bowditch's hairundated
19Dividing Engine(s) Measured Drawingsundated
35(OS)1Folder used on Nathaniel Bowditch's desk to hold scrap paperundated
C. Publications
120Directions for Sailing into the Harbors of Salem, Marblehead, Beverly and Manchester with inscription and document from Harold I. Bowditch1806, 1889
21Typescript of Salem Observer article of February 6, 1858 about loss of the ship Putnam
SERIES II. William Ingersoll Bowditch (1819-1909) Papers
A. Correspondence
21Letters from William Ingersoll Bowditch1832-1908
2Letters to William Ingersoll Bowditch from Abbott to Cheney1872-1906
3Letters to William Ingersoll Bowditch from Daniels to Howard1852-1893
4Letters to William Ingersoll Bowditch from Kirkwood to Stone1845-1888
5Letters to William Ingersoll Bowditch from Sumner to Wright1852-1905
B. Others' Correspondence
26Correspondence to and from Lydia Maria Child1840-1860
35(OS)2Letter from Francis Jackson to Rev. Pierpont1835
27Letters from Francis Jackson to various people1837-1854
8Letters from Edmund Jackson1847
9Letters to Francis Jackson from various people1835-1857, undated
10Letters from Theodore Parker1853-1859, undated
10Letter from Emeline A. Gilman1898
11Letters from Wendell Phillips to Francis Jackson1843-1860, undated
12Letters to Lucy Stone, Wendell Phillips, and others1848-1870, undated
13Letters and receipts of the Vigilance Committee1846-1848, undated
C. Financial and Legal Papers
214Receipts, accounts, bills, legal documents1846-1859
15Tickets for presidential electors1848
36(OS)1Map of the Sumner Estate in Brookline, Massachusetts1850
216Abstract of the Seventh Census from the Congressional Globe
17Receipts, accounts, bills, legal documents including five deeds from 1795 through 17991795-1799, 1860, undated
35(OS)3Account with R. W. Weld for building supplies for cottage on Tappan Street1860
218Receipts, accounts, bills, legal documents1861-1866, undated
19Pamphlets on Brookline, Massachusetts1857-1880
19Petition asking Bowditch to be a candidate for re-election as Selectman in Brookline1879
33(OS)3Plot plan of lots in Brookline, Massachusetts1887, undated
D. Writings
1. Personal (Academic)
31"Odds and Ends from the Records of the Hasty Pudding Club"1837
3"Analysis of Locke"undated
4Law School notebooks1846, undated
5Law School notebooksundated
6Law School notebooksundated
7Law School notebooksundated
36(OS)2"Harvard College Class of 1838" in Boston GlobeMarch 17, 1907
2. Genealogical (Family History)
41Address book of Bowditches and Pickerings1885-1886
2Background material on William Bowditch I1896, undated
3Background material on William Bowditch IIundated
4Background material on William Bowditch IIIundated
5Copies of legal documents from 1697 to 1815undated
6Background material on Daniel Bowditchundated
7Background material on Ebenezer Bowditchundated
8Background material on Mary Turner and Habakkuk Bowditchundated
9Background material on Turner familyundated
10Background material on Nathaniel Bowditchundated
51Our Family Story manuscriptundated
2Our Family Story manuscriptundated
3Our Family Story manuscriptundated
4Our Family Story manuscriptundated
5Our Family Story manuscript1896
6Our Family Story typed copy with index1896
6Vol. 1Our Family Story from 1639 to 1838 told by William I. Bowditch, 1896 (typed, illustrated with original documents pasted in)1896
7Vol. 1Family letters, etc. collected by William I. Bowditch, 19061812-1895, undated
Vol. 2Family Records Compiled by Nathaniel I. Bowditch, 1825. Copied under the direction of William I. Bowditch, 18951895
1William I. Bowditch's Life manuscriptundated
8Vol. 1William I. Bowditch's Life Volume I. 19061827-1906
Vol. 2William I. Bowditch's Life Volume II. 19071851-1908
91Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch manuscript, two letters to Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch from Josiah Quincyundated, 1855
2Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch manuscriptundated
3"Ancestors of Capt. John Brown of Osawatomie" and "Dix Place Estate" manuscriptsundated
3. Anti-slavery
94Anti-slavery manuscript notes and mounted clippingsundated
5Anti-slavery manuscript notesundated
6Acts Relating to the Slave Trade manuscript notesundated
7"Colonial charters" manuscript notesundated
8Colonial charters manuscript notesundated
9Colonial charters manuscript notesundated
10Constitutions manuscript notes and mounted clippingsundated
11Notes on 1790 census data1840
12Constitutionality of Slavery manuscript and printed copy1848, undated
101The Anti-Slavery Reform: Its Principle and Method1850
2Slavery and the Constitution manuscript draftundated
3Slavery and the Constitution by William I. Bowditch 1849 pasted up edition, annotated May 18511851
4The Rendition of Anthony Burns1854
5Statement of the slave John Mason manuscript1854
6The Oath manuscriptundated
7The Legal Basis of Slavery manuscriptundated
111Reply to Mr. Peabody No. 1 manuscriptundated [1850]
2Reply to Mr. Peabody No. 2 manuscriptundated [1850]
3Reply to Mr. Peabody No. 3 manuscriptundated [1850]
4Reply to Mr. Peabody No. 4 manuscriptundated [1850]
5Reply to Mr. Peabody No. 5 manuscriptundated [1850]
6Reply to Mr. Peabody No. 6 manuscriptundated [1850]
7Reply to Mr. Peabody No. 7 manuscriptundated [1850]
8Reply to Mr. Peabody No. 8 manuscriptundated [1850]
9Reply to Mr. Peabody No. 1 with pasted-in clippingsundated [1850]
10Compilation of laws on slavery in Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina manuscriptundated
121Theodore Parker manuscript
2Some Letters of Theodore Parker (1810-1860) with Comments by William I. Bowditch 1903 (typewritten with some original letters pasted in)1846-1870, 1903
4. Women's rights
123Printed articles and manuscript notes on women's rights1872-1881
33(OS)4Tax Payers' Hearing. Argument of William I. Bowditch1878
124Woman Suffrage, A Right, not a Privilege manuscriptundated [circa 1879]
5Woman Suffrage, A Right, not a Privilege1879
6God or Our Country: Review of the Rev. Putnam's Discourse, Delivered on Fast Day April 8, 1847manuscript draft and printed version1847, undated
7Municipal Suffrage (newspaper address) by William Ingersoll Bowditch (2 copies)1882
8Untitled newspaper address on suffrage1882
9Address to Annual Meeting of Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association (newspaper address) annotated (2 copies)1883
10Taxation of Women, The Touchstone of To-Day, True and False (newspaper addresses)1885
11Manuscript of address to Massachusetts Legislatureundated [circa 1888]
12Private Ownership of Land manuscriptundated [circa 1894]
13Manuscript notes on women's rightsundated [1880-1890s]
E.Clippings and Printed Material
131Clippings: Slavery1842-1843
2Clippings: "Van Buren and Adams"1843-1848
3Clippings: Letters on Annexation of Texas1844
4Clippings: Annexation of Texas1845
5Clippings: Convention re: Proposed Annexation of Texas1845
6Clippings: War with Mexico1846
7Clippings: Speech of William Henry Channing1846
8Clippings: "Oregon, California, New Mexico"1848
9Clippings: Thirtieth Congress, Second Session1848
10Clippings: "[General Zachary] Taylor"1848
11Clippings: Politicians and slavery1848
12Clippings: "[General Lewis] Cass"1848
13Four anti-slavery pamphlets:
Cass and Taylor on the Slavery Question1848
The United States Constitutionundated
White Slavery in the United States (2 copies)undated
36(OS)3The Liberator (four copies of August 28, 1846 issue)1846
141Anti-slavery news clippings1846-1848, undated
Cab. 2Draw. 9National Anti-Slavery Standard (2 issues)1848-1849
142Anti-slavery news clippings1850-1853, undated
Cab. 2Draw. 9Five newspapers:
Daily Evening Traveller (Boston) for April 12, 18511851
The Liberator for August 22, 18511851
The Pennsylvania Freeman for November 11, 18521852
National Anti-Slavery Standard for August 26, 18541854
The Dollar News (Savannah, GA) for October 6, 18551855
143Anti-slavery news clippings1852-1853, undated
4Five pamphlets:
Salem Female Charitable Society by-laws1804
Address to the People of West Virginia1847
Books and Reading: A Lecture1860
Wendell Phillips: A Eulogy1860
Our New Domain: A Statement of the Title and Occupancy of Downing's Field1888
145Seven pamphlets:
Reminiscences of Fugitive-Slave law Days in Boston1880
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Aggregates of Polls, Property, Taxes, Etc. as Assessed May 1, 18881889
The Single Tax Discussion Held at Saratoga Sept. 5, 18901890
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Aggregates of Polls, Property, Taxes, Etc. as Assessed May 1, 18901891
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Aggregates of Polls, Property, Taxes, Etc. as Assessed May 1, 18931894
Address of Henry George Before the New England Tariff Reform League (3 copies)1893
The Philosophy of the Single Tax Movement1895
146Clippings from The Woman's Journal and Twentieth Century; Articles; Report of Savings Bank Administration1888-1893
SERIES III.Ernest William Bowditch (1850-1918) Papers
A.Personal Papers
151Letters to his parents, school awards1865-1870, undated
2Hedgehog quills brought home from Maine1867
3Receipts1880, 1906
16Vol. 2Office Work-Personalities, Obituary (typescript)undated [1881-1918]
154Letters to his mother, Mrs. William I. Bowditch, from Mexico, bullfight notice1888, undated
5Notebook of early childhood data of his children1893-1905
6Letters to Bowditch, mostly on family history1895-1918
7Business letters1898-1912, undated
8"A Few Facts Concerning Cotton"; photographs of cotton crops and cotton picking machinery1905
9Navy Relief Society certificateundated
B. Darien Expedition Material
1510Letter from Secretary of Navy to Charles Sumner regarding Bowditch's appointment to the Darien Expeditionundated [1870]
11Two journals of Darien Expedition1870
16Vol. 1Darien Expedition-Early Work (typescript)undated [1870]
1512Correspondence to family members from Panama1870, undated
13Letter from Edward P. Lull, Navy Department, clippings on Darien Expedition, calling cards1872, undated
14Rough drafts of reports on Darien Expedition, letter1899, undated
C. Genealogy
171Bowditch genealogy, obituaries1897-1919, undated
2Bowditch genealogy, letter from Harold Bowditch1903, 1914, 1942, 1961, undated
3Letters, poem, notebook, pamphlet1818, 1834, 1869-1870, 1926-1930, 1975, undated
4Bowditch family Christmas celebrations1866-1936
5Genealogical chart of Higginson family (RESTRICTED)undated
6Permit to build a tomb at Granary Burying Place1810
6Correspondence with Mount Auburn Cemetery1854-1901
7Typescript memoirs on engineering1913, undated
8Typescript memoirs on family history1909, 1917, undated
9Typescript memoirs on family historyundated
10Typescript memoirs on work-related topicsundated
11Typescript memoirs on work-related topicsundated
181Typescript memoirs on work-related topicsundated
2Typescript memoirs on work-related topicsundated
3Typescript memoirs on work-related topicsundated
4Typescript memoirs on work-related topicsundated
5The New England Historical and Genealogical Register Vol. 721918
7Print of and information about the house built by Ebenezer Bowditch on Essex Street in Salemundated
D. Publications
191Eight reports:
The Sewerage of East Orange [New Jersey]1884
Contract and Specifications for Sewer Construction at Bar Harbor, Maine (2 copies)1886
Eden Water-Works: Contract and Specifications for Trenching and Pipe-Laying1887
Report of Ernest W. Bowditch to the Citizens' Association of Boston (2 copies)1891
Annual Report of the Board of Harbor and Land Commissioners for the year 18931894
Nathaniel Higginson, Royal Governor of Madras1902
Richard Ingersoll of Salem, Massachusetts and Some Of His Descendants1909
Proceedings of the Bostonian Society at the Annual Meeting, January 16, 19121912
E. Margaret Swann Bowditch (1864-1933) Papers
4Correspondence with her family and certificates1873-1927, undated
5Letters to her from her grandmother1882-1889
6Letters to her on her engagement to Ernest W. Bowditch1889
7Letters from her husband1902-1905
8Letters from her husband1906-1907
9Letters from her husband1908
10Letters from her husband1909-1910
11Letters from her husband1911-1913
12Letters from her husbandundated
13Letter of condolence from Ludlow Manufacturing1918
14Correspondence with F.B.C. Bradlee about quadrant1919
SERIES IV. Related Family Papers
A. Early Ancestors' Papers
1915AReceipt and legal documents of Joseph Bowditch1726/7-1770
16Account book and journal of unknown man 1764
17Musical score of William Bowditch1796
18Copy of William Bowditch will and inventory dated 17261865
19Copy of Ebenezer Bowditch will and inventory dated 17681865
20Copy of Habakkuk Bowditch will and inventory dated 1798undated
B. Nathaniel I. Bowditch (1805-1861) Papers
201Letter from David Pulsifier, legal cases from the 1600s and 1700s, letter about duel1824, undated
2Notebook "Executors and Administrators"1825
3Notebook "Sheriffs"1825
4Notebook "Parent and Child"1825
5Notebook "Trustee Process"1825
6Notebook "Legal cases"1826
7Notebook "Legal cases"undated [1826]
8Two letters regarding ancestors1835, 1855
C. Babcock Family Papers
209Babcock genealogyundated
10Four letters from Adam and Luke Babcock1773-1805
11Letters from Adam Babcock to Mrs. Martha Higginson1798-1810
12Letters from Martha Babcock to Martha Higginson1801-1803
13Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockFeb. 14, 1801-May 7, 1801
14Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockMay 30, 1801- Oct. 19, 1801
15Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockJune 26, 1801- August 1801
16Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockNov. 4, 1801-Jan. 20, 1802
17Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockJan. 25, 1802-Apr. 17, 1802
18Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockApr. 19, 1802-May 25, 1802
19Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockMay 31, 1802-Oct. 9, 1802
211Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockOct. 14, 1802-May 10, 1803
2Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockJan. 2, 1803-Apr. 15, 1804
3Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockMay 10, 1803-May 11, 1804
4Typed religious journals of Rev. William Smyth BabcockOct. 9, 1808-Oct. 9, 1811
5Henry Babcock correspondence and passport1804-1840
6Estate of Martha Babcock1838-1840
D. Swann Family Papers
217Letters from Thomas L. Swann to Aunt Jenny and Mr. Mitchell1861-1838
844 diplomatic calling cards and invitations from Lt. Thomas L. Swann's Mediterranean cruise1872-1873
9Diplomatic invitations of Thomas L. Swann1873
10Three plates for printing calling cards of Lt. and Mrs. Thomas L. Swannundated
11Will (copy) of Richard Swann dated 18751912
35(OS)4Mechanical drawingsundated
E. Lyon Family Papers
2112Letters to Lizzie Lyon from her family1852-1870
13Letters from Henry Lyon to his children1854-1855
14Letter from Edward Everett appointing unknown addressee as trustee of State Lunatic Asylum in Worcester, MA1836
14Turkish coin[circa 1855]
14Correspondence1858, undated
14Newspaper clippingsundated
F. Ingersoll Family Papers
221Correspondence and financial records1799-1838, undated
35(OS)5Nathaniel B. Ingersoll Harvard diploma1834
222Copies of wills for Ingersoll familyundated
Five genealogical charts for Bowditch, Ingersoll, Weld, Gardner, Turner, Kitchen and other familiesundated
G. Harold Bowditch (1883-1964) Papers
231Correspondence, list of Nathaniel Bowditch memorabilia, radio playlet, newspaper clippings, printed material1936-1947, undated
2The Houses that Nathaniel Bowditch Occupied, correspondence, photographs, printed material1936-1943
3The Houses that Nathaniel Bowditch Occupied, correspondence, photographs, printed material1936-1943
4Dorman correspondence and Nathaniel Bowditch papers at Yale University Library1940-1946
241"Relations between Nathanial Bowditch and Josiah Quincy" published by Charles P. Bowditch1906
2Letters from Worthington C. Ford (Massachusetts Historical Society)1912
3Visit to Chardstock, England in 18701912
4Correspondence with G. Andrews Moriarty1915-1917
5Reports of J. R. Hutchinson1916, undated
6Discussion of Bowditches in England1917, undated
7North Carolina line of Bowditch family1921-1923
8Correspondence with New York line of Bowditch family1922-1940
9Letters from Bowditch cousins1922-1923, 1937, 1947
10Carnegie Institution Eugenics Records Office Bowditch Family Traits1932
11Bowditch and Ingersoll Papers 1799 to 1836 (typescript)1936
12Correspondence regarding William Bowditch1937
13Information about Joseph Bowditch1944
14Pedigree of Bowditch at Dorsetundated
15Biographical sketches of early Bowditchesundated
16Early William Bowditchundated
17William and Sarah Bowditchundated
18Copies of early English Bowditch recordsundated
251Howard J. Banker correspondence1923
2Howard J. Banker's Report Chapter IIundated [1923]
3Howard J. Banker's Report Chapter IIIundated [1923]
4Howard J. Banker's Report Chapter IV and Endnotesundated [1923]
H. Other Bowditch Papers
254AJ. Ingersoll Bowditch letter1863
4AHenry I. Bowditch letter1881
4ACharles P. Bowditch letter1896
4AVincent Y. Bowditch letter1901
SERIES V. Plummer Family Papers
255Letters from Ernestus Plummer to Caroline Plummer1802-1809
6Letters from Ernestus Plummer to Caroline Plummer1810-1816
7Letters from Ernestus Plummer to Caroline Plummer, Octavius Plummer and Israel Thorndike, obituary 1808-1810, 1823, undated
8Letters from Joshua Plummer to Olive Plummer1781-1785
9Letters, manuscript poem, clippings of Lyman Plummer1804, undated [1805], undated
10Letters from Octavius Plummer to Caroline Plummer1801-1812
11Correspondence of Olive Plummer1791-1796, undated
12Correspondence of Theodore Plummer1802-1811
13Correspondence of Theodore Plummer1806, 1813, undated
14Letters from Theodore Plummer to Caroline Plummer1812-1813
15Boston Daily MailJune 4, 1842
15Brief Memoir of the Plummer Family1858
SERIES VI. Photographs
261Seven photographs of Bowditch family including Henry Ingersoll Bowditch, Elizabeth B. I. Dixwell, and John James Dixwell1881-1883, undated
233 photographs by E. & H. and Frank Cousins1904, 1908, undated
3Four photographs of Ernest W. Bowditch, including copy of MIT Reunion in 19091909, undated
410 items related to Nathaniel Bowditch (Old Bowditch House in Peabody, Nathaniel Bowditch House in Salem, No. 8 Otis Place in Boston, Frazee bust of Nathaniel Bowditch)1914, undated
5Nine photographs of Bowditch family, including William I. Bowditch, Richard N. Bowditch, Thomas and Mary Elizabeth Boardman, and Thomas Bowditch House in Salem1936, undated
6Six photographs including Wendell Phillips, Lucy Stone, Alice Stone Blackwellundated
719 photographs, mostly of waterfalls in Minnesota and Wisconsinundated
8Photograph of signature of William Bowditch (1663-1728)undated
37(OS)1Three maps
1Salem by Jonathan Saunders1820
1Salem "From Plans Dated 1874"undated
1Boston, Otis Streetundated
2"North West View of Charlestown Meeting House" lithograph by E. W. Bouve1846
2Photograph showing "Promenade des Anglais"undated
3Four photographs
3Ebenezer Bowditch house, Salem, by A. C. MacKintire1895
3Park Street Church by Jessie Tarbox Beals, New Yorkundated
3Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, by Thomas E. Marr1903
3Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, by Thomas E. Marr1904
4Four photographs of exterior views, possible William I. Bowditch in Brookline or Ernestus W. Bowditch house in Milton by A. H. Folsom1909
5Three photographs by A. H. Folsom
5Exterior view of unidentified houseundated
5Two interiors, probably of house in folder 4 aboveundated
6Two photographs by A. H. Folsom
6No. 5, interior, has drawing for Wendell Phillips on wall, possibly William I. Bowditch house in Brookline, Mass.undated
6No. 7, interior, has Gilbert Stuart portrait of Nathaniel Bowditch on wall, possibly William I. Bowditch house in Brookline, Massachusettsundated
7Four photographs, exterior views of James P. Higginson House [Beacon Hill, Boston] by A. H. Folsomundated
38(OS)1Three photographs, exterior views of Madam Babcock's house in Westerly, Rhode Island by A. H. Folsomundated
2Seven photographs, exterior views of Joshua Babcock's house in Westerly, Rhode Island by A. H. Folsomundated
3Seven photographs, interior views of Joshua Babcock's house in Westerly, Rhode Island by A. H. Folsomundated
4Five photographs, [interior views of Joshua Babcock's house in Westerly, Rhode Island] by A. H. Folsomundated
5Three photographs, exterior views of Adam Babcock (Old Goddard) house, Brookline, Massachusetts by A. H. Folsom1870, undated
SERIES VII. Genealogy
27Vol. 3The English Family of Bowditch1889
Vol. 4Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 1 Bowditch William to Selma1906, undated
Vol. 5Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 2 Bowditch Alliances 1undated
28Vol. 6Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 3 Bowditch Alliances 2 - Roberts, Kitchen, Grafton, Boardmanundated
Vol. 7Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 4 Bowditch Alliances 3 - Ingersoll to Mary, Felton, Coombs, Haskettundated
Vol. 8Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 5 Bowditch Alliances 4 - Gardner to Bethia, Weld, Mitchellsonundated
Vol. 9Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 6 Bowditch Alliances 5 - Ingersoll, Jonathan, Hodges, Phippenundated
Vol. 10Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 7 Bowditch Alliances 6 - Williams, Manning, Webb, etc.undated
Vol. 11Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 8 Bowditch Alliances 7 - Nichols, Jameson, Martin, Gascoignes, Southwick, Gardnerundated
Vol. 12Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 9 Bowditch Alliances 8 - Ropes, Wells, Neal, Croades, Herseyundated
29Vol. 13Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 10 Bowditch Alliances 9 - Hardy, Grafton, Pickering, Flint, Burrellundated
Vol. 14Harriet H. Stone's Bowditch Record notebook Book 11 Bowditch Alliances 10 - Timothy Pickering, Wingates, Lunt, Indexundated
Vol. 15"Bowditchiana", various spellings of the name Bowditch1895-1937
Vol. 16Copies of Genealogical Papers relating to the Bowditch Family of Salem collected by the late Ernest W. Bowditch, copied by Harold Bowditch, July 19241924
30Vol. 17Printed Genealogical Notes, 1896-19291956
Vol. 18Bowditch Records found in the Essex Institute Historical Collections, Volumes 1 to 55 inclusive1942
Vol. 19English Records1924-1926
Vol. 20Memoranda of the Bowditch Family by Henry Ingersoll Bowditch, copied by Harold Bowditch in October 19361936
Vol. 21Bowditch Records and biographical sketches1931
31Vol. 22Records of the Bowditch Family of Salem, Massachusetts Volume 1 by Nathaniel I. Bowditch manuscriptundated
23Records of the Bowditch Family of Salem, Massachusetts Volume 2 by Nathaniel I. Bowditch manuscriptundated
Vol. 24Records of the Bowditch Family of Salem, Massachusetts Volume 3 by Nathaniel I. Bowditch manuscriptdated
Vol. 25Records of the Bowditch Family of Salem, Massachusetts Volume 4 by Nathaniel I. Bowditch manuscriptundated
321Papers on the Bowditch family and original letters on which Harrison Ellery based his records (Vol. 26)1877-1899
2Papers on the Bowditch family and original letters on which Harrison Ellery based his records (Vol. 26)1877-1899
3Papers on the Bowditch family and original letters on which Harrison Ellery based his records (Vol. 26)1877-1899
4Papers on the Bowditch family collected by Harrison Ellery for Charles P. Bowditch (relate chiefly to branches not of the name of Bowditch) (Vol. 27)undated
5Glass plate negatives of circular Bowditch genealogical chartundated
6Genealogy of the Descendants of the Bowditch Family of Salem, Mass.undated
35(OS)6The Illinois Freemason from June 15, 1887 containing article about Nathaniel Bowditch (b. 1845)1887
33(OS)5Bowditch genealogical charts, printedundated
6Bowditch, Turner, Kitchen, and Gardner genealogical charts, handwrittenundated
36(OS)4Bowditch and Ingersoll genealogical chartsundated
5Ingersoll genealogical chart, handwrittenundated
6Bowditch genealogical charts, handwrittenundated
Cab. 2Draw. 9Pickering genealogical charts, printedundated
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