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Henry Wheatland Papers

Henry Wheatland Papers

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SERIES I. Personal Papers
A. Correspondence
11Letters received1826-1830
2Letters received1831-1835
29(OS)1Letters received1832-1844
13Letters received1836-1838
4Letters received1839-1840
5Letters received1840-1842
6Letters received1843-1844
7Letters received1844-1846
8Letters received1847-1848
21Letters received1848-1850
29(OS)2Letters received1848-1879
22Letters received1850-1851
3Letters received1852-1853
4Letters received1853-1854
5Letters received1854-1856
6Letters received1856
31Letters received1857-1858
2Letters received1858-1859
3Letters received1860-1861
4Letters received1861-1863
5Letters received1864-1867
6Letters received1867-1869
41Letters received1869-1871
2Letters received1871-1873
3Letters received1873-1874
4Letters received1875-1878
5Letters received1878-1881
6Letters received1881-1882
51Letters received1883-1885
2Letters received1885-1887
3Letters received1887-1888
4Letters received1888-1889
5Letters received1889-1892
6Letters receivedundated
7Letters written while traveling to England1833-1834
8Letters written while traveling to Portugal1839-1840
9Letters written1841-1890
61D.A. Cheever: correspondence regarding missing buffalo head 1871
B. Journals
5Journals1840, 1880
C. Financial Papers
66Harvard College receipts for semesters1828-1832
7Receipts while living in Cambridge1829-1832
8Hilliard & Brown book receipts1829-1832
9Receipts and accounts1833-1855, 1876-1880, 1890
10Insurance policies1852, 1860, undated
D. Speeches
612Speeches to the Essex Institute1856-1864
13Speeches to the Essex Institute1870-1882, undated
14Speech regarding schools in Salemundated
E. School Papers
615Compositions and math work1827-1828
16Notes, Professor Ticknor's class1830-1831
17The Harvard Linnean Society1832
71Harvard College Class of 1832 alumni papers1834-1888
F. Notes on Topics of Interest
72Harvard College alumni, class of 1832undated
3Harvard College alumni, class of 1832undated
4J.H. Huntington, meteorologist: collected letters and notes1877-1880
5Libraries1847, undated
6Lowell Island/Cat Island [presently Children's Island]undated
7Medical topicsundated
8Natural history and biologyundated
9Natural history and biologyundated
10Salem history [draft of "An Account of Salem"]undated
81Salem mattersundated
2Slavery and the condition of Blacks in Salem1818, 1834, 1858
Jenny Slew case, 1765undated
3Miscellaneous notesundated
G. Other Papers
84Biographical materialundated
5Catalogue of Dr. Wheatland's libraryundated
6Catalogue of unidentified library1826-1831
7Catalogue of books [possibly from the Essex Institute] 1831, 1833, undated
9Ephemera1833-1888, undated
10Harvard University lecture cards1834-1836
11History of Essex County institutions (2 copies)undated [circa 1842]
12Invitations, lecture cards and programs1833-1835, 1850-1855, 1873-1891, undated
13Physician notes on patients1836-1837
91Physician notes on patients1836-1837
SERIES II. Societies and Board Records
A. East India Marine Society
92Genealogy of EIMS membersundated
3Genealogy of EIMS membersundated
4Genealogy of EIMS membersundated
5Genealogy of EIMS membersundated
6Genealogy of EIMS membersundated
7Notes and extracts from records1837, 1876, undated
101Official documents and notes1801, 1862, 1870, undated
2Henry Wheatland: notes on Bigelow Clinics on natural medicine [Jacob Bigelow, M.D.] 1836-1837
3Notes and articles on natural history1838, 1863, undated
4Catalogue of Library1838
5Catalogue of pamphletsundated [c. 1839]
6Henry Wheatland: speech on donation of Phylllium Siccifolium from Zanzibar by W.G. Webb undated [c. 1852]
7Robert Damon: correspondence1858-1866
8Samuel S. McKenzie: speech on geology of Topsfieldundated
9Miscellaneous notes1843, undated
B. Essex Institute
1010Essex County Historical Society members, biographical notes 1828
11Essex County Natural History Society1833-1841, undated
12Field Meetings, attendance and article1858, 1885
13Official documents and notes1850-1887, undated
14Accounts and receipts1863-1890
15Receipts, books1878-1881
111Items published in the Essex Institute Bulletin1870, 1880, undated
2Letters to Henry M. Brooks and Robert S. Rantoul regarding memorial service of Dr. Wheatland 1893
C. Peabody Academy of Science
113Meeting notices1867-1887
D. Salem Athenaeum
115Accounts, official correspondence and committee resolutions1830, 1857-1890
6Library reports1847-1869
8Ballots from shareholders meeting1886
9Plummer Hall, repainting1887
E. Massachusetts Board of Education and Essex County Schools
1110Massachusetts Board of Education1855-1860
11Essex County Teachers Association, abstracts of recordsundated [circa 1830-1860]
12Salem School Committee & Samuel Browne fund1728-1729, undated
13Notes and reports on Salem Schools1807-1883
29(OS)3Salem Schools1770, 1863
1114Salem Normal School1851-1854
15Salem Normal School1853-1862
121Letters received about schools1853-1854, undated
2Notes, Ipswich Female Academyundated [circa 1869]
F. Other Organizations
123Agassiz Memorial Committee1874
4American Academy of Arts & Sciences1845, 1857-1860, 1878
5American Antiquarian Society1871-1880
6American Association for the Advancement of Science1857-1874
29(OS)4American Association for the Advancement of Science1849-1859
127American Microscopical Society1868-1869, undated
8American Statistical Association1847, 1858-1881, undated
9Atlantic Car Company1872-1874
10Boston-Albany Railroad1870, 1880
Boston-Maine Railroad1871-1873, undated
11Boylston Mutual Insurance Company1872-1874, undated
12City Republican Committee1864, 1880
13Commercial Bank1864
14Continental Mills1867-1880, undated
Dwight Manufacturing Company1871-1872
15Eastern Railroad1868
Essex Marine Railway1827
16Essex Agricultural Society1853-1883, undated
17Essex Company1856-1872
18Essex South Medical Society1857-1880
19Exchange Bank1864
20Great Falls Manufacturing Company1860-1872, undated
Hadley Falls Company1856-1857
21Harvard Visiting Committee1873-1881
22Independent Order of Odd-Fellows1845
23Lowell Manufacturing Company1863-1881, undated
Lyman Mills1865-1890
24Manchester Print Works1864-1871
131Massachusetts Historical Society1848, 1857-1863
2Massachusetts Historical Society1878-1887
3Massachusetts Institute of Technology1863-1865
4Massachusetts Medical Society1863-1880, undated
5Naumkeag Bank1864-1876
Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company1868-1874
Naumkeag Street Railway1880-1883
6New England Historical Genealogical Society1846, 1868
7Newmarket Manufacturing Company1864-1880
8New York Academy of Science, Audubon1891-1893
9New York Central Railroad1868-1874
Pepperell Manufacturing Company1864, 1879
10Prince Society1864-1882
11Saco Water Power1856-1867
12Salem Bank1864-1871
13Salem Board of Trade1867-1874, undated
14Salem Car Company1854-1867
15Salem Dispensary1831, 1851, 1891, undated
16Salem Fishing Enterprise1867-1872
17Salem Fraternity1869-1875, undated
18Salem Leg Company1864-1871
19Salem Light Infantry1835-1863, undated
20Salem Machine Shop1865-1869
21Salem Marine Society1838, 1861
22Salem Mechanic Hall Corporation1870
23Salem Medical Club1867-1869, undated
24Salem Oratorio1868-1875, undated
25Salem and South Danvers Railroad1865
Salem Street Railway1870-1874
26Social Insurance Company1834
141Type Setting and Justifying Machine Company1864-1867
2Young Men's Union1859-1876
3Miscellaneous organizations1830-1891
295Miscellaneous organizations1848
144Advertisements1849, 1866-1891, undated
5Publication announcements1866, 1884-1890
SERIES III. Family Papers
146Stephen and Martha Goodhue1818-1821
7Elisha Mack: receipts1816-1848
8Elisha Mack: correspondence and receipts1820-1840
9Benjamin Goodhue: receipts1815-1829
10Benjamin Goodhue: accounts and receipts1836-1847
11Richard Goodhue Wheatland: receipts1816-1830
12Benjamin Wheatland: papers and estate1823-1827, 1849, 1857-1875, undated
13George Wheatland: papers1827-1828, 1843-1860, 1883
14Martha Wheatland Bemis: insurance and autographundated
15George Wheatland, Jr.: letter and receipts1903
SERIES IV. Genealogical Research
151Index to genealogical volumesundated
2Abbott to Andrewsundated
3Andrews to Balchundated
4Baldwin to Beadleundated
5Beadle to Bowdoinundated
16Vol. 22Bradford to Coxundated
30(OS)1Abbott to Coxundated
17Vol. 23Croade to Ivesundated
156Croade to Ives, loose items from vol. 23undated
Cab. 2Drawer 8Endicott to Ropesundated
18Vol. 24Gardner to Quincyundated
157Gardner to Quincy, loose items from vol. 24undated
30(OS)2Gardner to Quincyundated
19Vol. 25Jackson to Putnamundated
158Jackson to Putnam, loose items from vol. 25undated
20Vol. 26Ray to Voseundated
159Ray to Vose, loose items from vol. 26undated
21Vol. 27Walcott to Wyman, other genealogical notes1768-1888, undated
22Vol. 28Notes, circulars and newspaper clippings related to genealogyundated
23Vol. 35Family trees and notesundated
241Loose items from vol. 35undated
2Index and pages 1 to 160 of genealogical notesundated
3Pages 161 to 384 of genealogical notesundated
4Notes, correspondence and collected documents related to genealogyundated [circa 1850s]
5Notes, correspondence and collected documents related to genealogyundated [circa 1850s]
6Notes, correspondence and collected documents related to genealogyundated [circa 1850s]
7Webb family, notesundated [circa 1860s]
8Copy of the First Book of Births of Rowleyundated [circa 1860s]
9"Copy of a Family Record from the leaf of an old Bible"undated [circa 1866]
Extracts from wills, Essex, 1640-1679undated [circa 1860s]
Inscriptions on gravestones from Dodge's Row Burying Ground, North Beverly1882
Notebook labeled "Salem 1763-1819" includes personal names, life dates, and familial informationundated [circa 1860s]
10Newspaper clippings relating to genealogical records [photocopies]1845-1888
SERIES V. Essex County Records
A. Church Records
251Notes and collected information on churches and ministriesundated [circa 1813-1884]
2First Church in Salem: extract of records, 1629-1830undated [circa 1860s]
3First Church in Salem: controversy1769
4First Church in Salem: Children's Friend Society placement records1839-1853
5First Church in Salem, First Society in Salem, and South Parish/South Church in Danvers: burials, 1755-1837undated [circa 1860s]
6Third Church in Salem: extract of records, 1713-1840undated [circa 1860s]
7North Church in Salem: baptisms 1772-1845undated
North Church: centennial celebration1872
8The Church in Salem Village (later the North Parish in Danvers): extract of records, 1689-1772undated
9Episcopal Church (St. Peter's) in Salem: extract of records, 1738-1827undated
10East Church in Salem: extract of records, 1784-1848undated
11East Church in Salem: parish list of deaths, kept by Reverend William Bentley, 1785-1816undated
12Tabernacle Church in Salem, extract of records 1745-1780undated
13Second Church in Ipswich, covenant1750
B. Notes on Towns and Residents
261Essex County1805, 1872, undated
2Number Five Fire Club: bills, list of fires1813, 1850-1852
3Proprietors of Gallows Hill Pasture: receipts1818-1863
4Harmony Grove Cemetery1839, undated
5Salem Charitable Mechanic Association1840
Seamen's Widow and Orphan Association of Salem1843
6Essex County residents1847, 1864, undated
7City of Salem1850-1885, undated
8Committee for a memorial commemorating Leslie's retreat1858
9Salem and Essex County newspapersundated
SERIES VI. Collected Papers
A. Correspondence
2610Collected letters1812-1815
29(OS)6Collected letters1812-1813
2611Collected letters (copies), 1814-1818undated
12Collected letters1815-1850
13Reverend Hezekiah Packard correspondence1830-1848
14Colonel Enos Cutler correspondence1850
15Collected letters1854, 1889, undated
B. Miscellaneous Legal and Financial Documents
2616Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1629-1748
30(OS)3Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1671-1813
2617Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1753-1760
18"Cows on the Neck" census of cows and horses1756-1761
30(OS)4Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1827-1877, undated
2619Almanac with notes1759
Accounting of cargo shipped1759-1763
271Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1761-1781
2Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1782-1793
3Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1794-1808
4Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1809-1823
5Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1824-1846
6Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1848-1860
7Miscellaneous legal and financial documents1861-1891
8Miscellaneous legal and financial documentsundated
C. Other Papers
279School samples1790-1791
10Autographs1809-1838, undated
11Collected news-clippings1843-1885, undated
12Patrick Burke and Cornelius Crowley: journal1846
13Court of Common Pleas, Lothorp v. Alger1853
14The Dictionary Question, news-clippings1853-1860
15Harvard course offerings1873-1874
281Insurance form, Prescott Insuranceundated [187-]
3Ethnological survey form, Franz Boas
4Historical accounts and remembrancesundated
5Unidentified lists of namesundated
305Unidentified list of namesundated [circa 1812]
6Broadsides1862, undated
Plan of the Phelan Farm, Salem1877
Plan of the Salem Custom Houseundated
312Sloop Canada commission to John Robinson1794
Estate of Adam Wellman (complaint)1801
Brig Nabby account1807
Historical chart of Englandundated
Book auction catalogue, Franklin Circulating Libraryundated
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