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Enoch Richmond Ware (1819-1874) Papers

Enoch Richmond Ware (1819-1874) Papers

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Contents List

SERIES I. Correspondence
A. Business Correspondence
11Letter book with accounts (Brig Robert)1839-1841
2Letters from 1840-1871 (typescripts)undated
3Letter book with invoices (Brig Robert and Ship Northumberland)1842-1846
4Letters to Captain Albert Cook1843
5Letters from Thomas Smull1847-1849
6Letter book1848-1850
7Letters from brother, William B. Ware1850-1851
21"Letter book No. 2"1853-1855
2"Letter book No. 3"1855-1856
3Correspondence with agent, George K. Benedict1858-1859
4Letters to Alfred L. Coffin1858-1859
5Letters to John B. Upton1858-1859
6Correspondence with agent, William Quinn1858-1860
7Business letters1858-1860
8Letters from Daniel R. B. Upton1858-1861
9Copies of letters from Daniel R. B. Upton1859-1860
31Business correspondence1861
2Letters and invoices from Daniel R.B. Upton1861
3Letters from William Cummings & Son (Philadelphia, PA)1861
4Letters from V. Marizou & Company (Paris, France)1861
5Letters from R. W. Ropes (Salem, MA)1861
6Letters from R. C. Lloyd and Capt. I. H. Page1861-1862
7Letters from Brown Shipley and Company1861-1864
8Letters from Gorée, Senegal (in French)1862-1867
9Copies of letters to Richard C. Lloyd1863
10Business correspondence1863-1864
11"European letters"1863-1864
12Letters from Henry Rider1864-1865
41Letters to Mr. Lloyd (in French)1866
2Copies of letters to Richard C. Lloyd1867
3Letters from Thomas Brown and Company1867-1869
4Copies of letters from Maurice H. Roullin1867-1869, undated
16(OS)1Copies of letters to John B. Upton1868-1869
45Letter book including invoices1871
6Letters from John M. Sherwood1872
B. Personal Correspondence
47To wife, Mary C. (Peck) Ware1841-1873, undated
16(OS)2To wife, Mary C. (Peck) Ware 1843
48From wife, Mary C. (Peck) Ware1849
9From mother, Abigail S. Ware1839-1863, undated
10From sister, Harriet (Ware) Page1852-1863
11With daughter, Mary V. C. Ware1858-1864
12From father-in-law, William H. Peck1857-1864
13From other relatives1851-1864
14Between other relatives1840-1905, undated
15Miscellaneous personal correspondence1856-1864
16Notices of meetings of Phoenix Chapter No. 2, Royal Arch Masons1867
SERIES II. Ships' Papers
51A. P. L. (British Brig), African (Brig)1858, 1863
17(OS)1Alida (Brig)1863
52American Congress (Ship)1855
3Amesbury (Brig)1852
4Ariel (Bark), Arindne (Schooner)1855, 1858
5Atlantic (Schooner)1854-1856
6Belle (British Brig), Bellona (Steamer)1857, 1867
7Black Hawk (Brig)1858
8Bounding Billow (Bark), Brontes (Schooner)1859, 1863
9Canada (British Brig)1852-1854, undated
10Celestia (Bark)1858
11Chattahoochie (Brig)1852
12Clara (Schooner)1856
13Curlew (Schooner)1864
14Cynthia (Brig)1855
15Cromwell's Line (Steamer), Copia (Schooner), D.S. Goodell (Bark), Daniel S. Wettis (Schooner)1857, 1859
16Edward (British Brig), Ellen Morrison (Bark), Elizabeth (English Schooner), Empire (Schooner)1857, 1859, 1864
17Matters in claim against Emma (Brig)1865
18Falmouth (Brig), 15th Voyage of James P. KiddApril 1854
19Falmouth (Brig)1854-1858
16(OS)3Falmouth (Brig)1856-1857
520Falmouth (Brig)1859-1860
21Fannie (Brig)1858-1859
22Franklin (British Brig)1847, 1857-1858
23General Scott (Schooner) 1856-1857
24Goldfinch (Bark), Glade (Schooner)1854, 1857
25Hampden (Brig)1856-1857
26Hannah (British Brig), Hermitage (Barque), Howard (Schooner)1855, 1857, 1863-1864
27I. Blenkhorn (Brig), Ida Abbott (British Brig), Isabella Jewett (Brig)1858, 1862, 1867
28J. D. Kinsey (Schooner), James Parker (Schooner), John Price (Schooner), Julia Rogers (Schooner), Justina (Schooner)1857, 1859
29King Bird (Brig), Lamaretta (Bark)1858-1859
30Leocadia (Schooner), Lewis McLain (Schooner)1856, 1858-1859
31Liberty, Lidon (Bark), Lotus (Schooner), Louisa (Schooner)1856-1858
32Lucy (Brig), Lucy White (Schooner)1852, 1855
33Martha Maria (Schooner), Marshal Hey (Brig)1851-1859
34Mary Alice (British Brig), Mary Whitridge (Ship)1855-1863
35Madonna (English Brig)1866
36Monica (Brig), Monterey (Schooner), Moses Waring (Schooner), Nebraska (Schooner)1853, 1857-1859
37Northumberland (Ship)1854
16(OS)4Oak (Brig)1863
61Oak (Brig)1863-1864
2Ophir (Schooner)1857
3Pawtucket (Schooner), Pickup (Schooner), Princess (Schooner)1855-1859
4Reporter (Ship), Quickstep (Ship)1855
5R. H. Huntley (Schooner), Reindeer (Bark)1856-1858
6Ocean Belle (Brig): Damaged tobacco report1864
7Ocean Belle (Brig): Protest1865
8S. Morris Waln (Schooner), S. W. Porter (Bark)1850, 1856
9Sam Churchman (Brig), Sam Gardiner (Schooner), Sea Flower (Schooner), South Boston (British Brig)1856-1857, 1862
10Sea Mew (Brig): Voyage 21851
11Sea Mew (Brig)1851-1853
16(OS)5Sea Mew (Brig): Statement of Losses1852
17(OS)2"Wreck of the Brig Sea Mew"1852-1853
612Stephen H. Townsend (Schooner)1854
13Susan Canon (Schooner)1858-1861
16(OS)6Susan Canon (Schooner)1861
614Tarantine (Brig)1858-1859
15Telegraph (Schooner), Thomas Jefferson (Schooner), Titania (Brig), Trade Wind (Brig)1858-1859, 1862
16Zeno (Brig), Zidon (Bark)1850, 1856
17Unnamed ships' papers1848-1859, undated
18Receipts for sales of hides1855-1861
19"Vessels Cleared for Coast" (bound in volume)1855-1861
19"Memo of Goods Shipped from various ports in the US to Africa" (in same volume as above)1855-1861
19"Insurance" (in same volume as above)1855-1859
20Protest of James P. Kidd1858
21Papers in suit with Rufus Story1860-1862
22G. W. Smith and Company's Market Report and Shipping ListOctober, 1862
23Weighing accounts signed by nephew, Ruel H. Page1862-1864
24Contracts for cargo1864
25Signals of the Island of Gorée; Negative of Freetown Harbor photograph1871, undated
SERIES III. Financial Records
A. Business
71Account book1842-1850
2Correspondence and accounts with John H. L. McCrackan1847-1852
3Ledger, 2nd Voyage Adario1848
4Promissory notes to William B. Ware1851
5Bills paid: William B. Ware (Sea Mew)1852
6Correspondence and accounts with George W. Lynch1852-1853
7Estate of William B. Ware: Receipts for payment1852-1854
8Bills and receipts1853-1860, undated
16(OS)7Insurance policies1854-1856
79Account book: voyage Cynthia (Brig)1855
10Account book: General Scott (Schooner) 1st Voyage1856
11Account with agent W. H. Selby1856
12Records of sales1856-1859, undated
13Business expenses and bills1856-1859
81Account book (Cash)1856-1861
2Account book Elmira1857-1858
3Trial balances1857-1859
4Journals, Daniel R. B. UptonJan-May 1857
5Journals, Daniel R. B. UptonJune-Dec 1857
91Relating to agent, George K. Benedict1858-1860
2Regarding agent, William Quinn1858-1860
3Bank statements1858-1859
4Journals, Daniel R. B. Upton1858-1861
5Insurance claim for Alfred L. Coffin1859
17(OS)3Statement of assets at Sierra Leone in hands of Henry Rider and others1859
96Accounts sent to Henry Rider in matter of claim against William Quinn1859-1861
7Office expenses1860
8Matters in connection with James H. Gaudy, supercargo1860-1863
9Trial balances1860-1866
10Loan agreement for $10,0001861
11Office expenses1861
101"New York Prices Current of the Hide Market"1861
3Office expenses1862
4Cargo inventory1862-1863
5Account book (Cash)1862-1864
8Stock book1862-1867
9Bank book1863-1865
10Cancelled checks1864
16(OS)8Mortgage: Curlew (Schooner)1864
1011Cancelled checks1869-1871
12Papers of John M. Sherwood regarding Timothy Fields (Brig)1871
16(OS)9Sample pages from bill book entitled "E. R. Ware & Co. Gambia"undated
B. Personal
111Family expenses1851-1854
2Accounts as administrator for estates of Abigail S. Ware, Harriet S. Page, and Maria A. Ware Chapman1853-1869
3Family expenses1856-1857
4Family expenses1858
5Family expenses1859
6Personal bills1860-1862
7Personal billsJanuary-June 1863
8Personal billsJuly-December 1863
9Receipts for house (No. 2 East 37th Street)1862-1864
10Personal bills1869
11Personal bills1871
SERIES IV. Legal Papers
121Power of attorney to Elijah P. Pike1843
2Claim of estate of Alfred L. Coffin1849-1865
3Agreement regarding debts of William B. Ware1851
16(OS)10Will of George K. Benedict1859-1860
125Power of attorney, Charles Henry Webb (owner of Brig Oak)1863
6Arbitration decision in dispute between Ware and Upton1863-1864
SERIES V. Other Papers
17(OS)4New York Evening Post1801
127Journal: First Voyage, Robert (Brig)1840-1843
8Diary aboard Northumberland (Brig)1844-1847
18(OS)1New York Observer1854
129Proposal for a seamen's hospital (circular)1856
18(OS)2New York Tribune (2 issues)1863
17(OS)5The Observer and Commercial Advocate, Sierra Leone1864
1210Photographs of natives of Guet N'Dar near St. Louis, Senegalundated, 1871
17(OS)6Small burlap bag marked "2000f Mr. Buhan Raboud & Jay & Gorée"undated
SERIES VI. Edward Richmond Ware Papers
A. Research and Writings on West Africa
1211Map of North-West Africa1942
12Aeronautical charts of Africa1945, 1948, 1951
13Correspondence and journal of trip to Africa1951
14Notes and correspondence with Father de Coteau1951, undated
15Notes on soapstone figurine given to Dr. Ware in Liberia and photographs1952, 1968
16Map of Africaundated [1960s]
17Notes on West African problems, mid-19th century, To Do List, List of correspondence sent, and a personal diary entry1962-1963, undated
18(OS)3Los Angeles Times "African Statistics"
1218"Health Hazards of the West African Trader, 1840-1870", reprint from the American Neptune (2 copies)1967
19American Neptune containing article, "Health Hazards of the West African Trader, 1840-1870" (2 copies)April, 1967
131Photograph of Gorée, Senegalundated
2Photograph of a drawing of Freetown, Sierra Leone in mid-19th centuryundated
B. Research and Writings on Enoch Richmond Ware
133"Enoch Richmond Ware" (biography), with correctionsundated [1952]
4Correspondence with New York Historical Society1953-1954
5"Enoch Richmond Ware: Impressions by His Grandson" manuscript with editing notes1963-1966
6Recent Books on British West Africa by George Brooks1966
7Inventory of Enoch R. Ware's papers1967-1968, undated
8American Neptune containing article, "Enoch Richmond Ware: Impressions by His Grandson" and "Enoch Richmond Ware, African Trader, 1839-1850; Years of Apprenticeship" by George E. Brooks, Jr. (Part I) July, 1970
9American Neptune containing article, "Enoch Richmond Ware: Impressions by His Grandson" and "Enoch Richmond Ware, African Trader, 1839-1850; Years of Apprenticeship" by George E. Brooks, Jr. (Part II) October, 1970
10"Enoch Richmond Ware and His Voyages to the West Coast of Africa 1840-1847" with corrections by Louis E. Laflin, Jr.undated [circa 1952]
11"Enoch Richmond Ware and His Voyages to the West Coast of Africa 1840-1847", master copy1952
141Yachting Magazine containing article "West African Trading Diary of the Supercargo of the Brig "Northumberland" of Salem in 1844" (in 3 volumes)1952
1312Illustrations for unpublished manuscriptundated
142Author notesundated
3Author notesundated
4Photostat of "Notes from an unpublished journal of a voyage along the west coast of Africa, 1815-1818", by Capt. Samuel Swain, Medford, Mass. taken from a series of letters to a friend, located in Peabody Museum of Salemundated
5Research notes (including Capt. Howland's Diary 1811-1826 from George Brooks)undated
C. George E. Brooks, Jr. Material
146Correspondence with Dr. Ware and Ernest Dodge of the Peabody Museum1968
7Draft of Yankee Traders, Olds Coasters, and African Middlemen by George E. Brooks, Jr. Preface through Chapter II1968
8Draft of Yankee Traders, Olds Coasters, and African Middlemen by George E. Brooks, Jr. Chapter IIIundated [1968]
151Draft of Yankee Traders, Olds Coasters, and African Middlemen by George E. Brooks, Jr. Chapter IVundated [1968]
2Draft of Yankee Traders, Olds Coasters, and African Middlemen by George E. Brooks, Jr. Chapter VIundated [1968]
3Draft of Yankee Traders, Olds Coasters, and African Middlemen by George E. Brooks, Jr. Footnotes for Chapter VI, Appendices & Bibliographyundated [1968]
4Draft of Yankee Traders, Olds Coasters, and African Middlemen by George E. Brooks, Jr. Rough indiciesundated [1968]
5"Enoch Richmond Ware, African Trader, 1839-1850; Years of Apprenticeship"undated
6Abridged version of "Enoch Richmond Ware, African Trader, 1839-1850; Years of Apprenticeship"undated
D. Family Papers
157Edward James Ware's medical journal with patient information1898-1901
8Genealogy of Smull family (including Peck)1967
9Photograph and information about William B. Ware gravestone in Winterport, MEundated
10Photographs of Northumberland (Brig) painting and modelundated
11Photographs of Enoch Richmond Ware and Mary C. Peck Wareundated
E. Other
1512American NeptuneJuly 1965
13American NeptuneJanuary 1967
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