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Perley Derby Genealogical Records

Perley Derby Genealogical Records

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SERIES I. Genealogical Work
A. Manuscripts
11"Descendants of William Hatch of Scituate, Mass"1873
2"The Descendants of Nicholas Pickett of Marblehead"1875
3"Descendants of Jasper Blake, Hampton, New Hampshire", pages 1 – 100, original manuscriptundated
4"Descendants of Jasper Blake, Hampton, New Hampshire", pages 101 – 200, original manuscriptundated
5"Descendants of Jasper Blake, Hampton, New Hampshire", pages 201 – 300, original manuscriptundated
6"Descendants of Jasper Blake, Hampton, New Hampshire", pages 301 – 400, original manuscriptundated
7"Descendants of Jasper Blake, Hampton, New Hampshire", pages 401 – 501, original manuscriptundated
21"Descendants of Jasper Blake, Hampton, New Hampshire", pages 1 – 100, photostatsundated
2"Descendants of Jasper Blake, Hampton, New Hampshire", pages 101 – 200, photostatsundated
3"Descendants of Jasper Blake, Hampton, New Hampshire", pages 201 – 300, photostatsundated
4"Descendants of Jasper Blake, Hampton, New Hampshire", pages 301 – 400, photostatsundated
5"Descendants of Jasper Blake, Hampton, New Hampshire", pages 401 – 501, photostatsundated
B. Notebooks and Notes
1. Numbered Notebooks
26Book 1, probate recordsundated
7Book 2, probate recordsundated
31Book 3, probate records1872, undated
2Book 4, probate recordsundated
3Book 5, probate records1886
4Book 6, probate records and church records1887
41Book 7, probate records and church records1888
2Book 8, church records and deeds1889
3Book 9, cemetery inscriptions, probate records1889
4Book 10, cemetery inscriptions, probate recordsundated
5Book 11, probate records and deeds1893
51Book 12, probate records and deeds1894
2Book 13, church records and deeds1895
3Book 14, cemetery inscriptions, probate records1896
4Book 3, Burwell Family of Milford, CTundated
5Book 4, church recordsundated
6Book 5-6, notesundated
7Book 7-8, notesundated
8Book 9-10, notes1895, undated
61Book 11-12, notesundated
2Book 13-14, notesundated
3Book 15-16, notesundated
4Book 17-18, notesundated
5Book 19-20, notesundated
6Book 22-23, notesundated
7Book 24, notesundated
8Book 26-27, notesundated
9Book 28-29, notesundated
10Book 30-31, notesundated
11Book 32-33, notes1896, undated
12Book 34-35, notes1896
71Book 36-37, notes1896
2Book 38-39, Rogers Family1896
3Book 40-41, notes1896
4Book 42-43, notes1896
5Book 42-43, Wallingford families1896
6Book 44-45, notesundated
7Book 46-47, notesundated
8Book 48-49, notes1896, undated
9Book 50-51, notesundated
10Book 52-53, notesundated
81Book 54-55, notesundated
2Book 56-57, notesundated
3Book 58-59, notesundated
4Book 60-61, notesundated
5Book 62-63, notes1897, undated
6Book 64-66, notesundated
7Book 67-68, notesundated
8Book 69-70, notesundated
9Book 71-72, notesundated
91Book 73-74, notes1898, undated
2Book 75-77, notesundated
3Book 78, notesundated
4Book 79-82, 84, notesundated
5Book 85-86, notesundated
6Book 87-88, notesundated
7Book 89-90, notesundated
101Book 91-93 notesundated
2Book 94-95, notesundated
3Book 96-97, notesundated
4Book 98-100, notesundated
5Book 101-102, notes and indexundated
6Book 103-104, notes and indexundated, 1903
7Book 105-106, notes and indexundated
111Book 107-108, notes and index1905-1906, undated
2Book 109-111, notes and index1904-1905
3Book 112-113, notes and indexundated
4Book 114-115, notes and indexundated
5Book 116-117, notes1905, undated
6Book 118-119, notes and indexundated
7Book 120-122, notes and indexundated
8Book 123-124, notes and index1906-1907
121Book 125-126, notes and indexundated
2Book 127-128, notes and indexundated
3Book 129-130, notes and indexundated
4Book 131-132, notes and index1915, undated
5Book 133-134, notes and index1911, undated
6Book 135-137, notes and indexundated
7Book 138-139, notes and indexundated
8Book 140, Honeywood Familyundated
9Book 141, English ancestryundated
131Book 142, births, deaths, and marriagesundated
2Book 143, Cheshire, CT recordsundated
3Book 144, Hadley, MA recordsundated
4Book 145-146, notes and indexundated
5Book 147, Tuttle indexundated
6Book 148, notesundated
7Book 149, Stratford recordsundated
8Book 150, births, marriages and deathsundated
2. Unnumbered Notebooks
139Cemetery inscriptions, Beverly church records1848
Vol. 1Salem births, deaths, marriages, copied from the town records1857
141"Baptisms, Deaths, and Communicants of East Church, during the ministry of Dr. William Bentley and Reverend James Flinch from 1784-1833." "Baptisms and Deaths to 1819 by Reverend William Bentley." "Baptisms in First Church 1636 to 1870," handwritten copiesundated
"Baptisms and Deaths to 1819 by Reverend William Bentley."undated
"Baptisms in First Church 1636 to 1870," handwritten copiesundated [circa 1869]
2Notebook, church records1879
3Notebookundated, [circa 1883]
Vol. 2Genealogies A-C1885
15Vol. 3Genealogies D-Kundated
Vol. 4Genealogies L-Rundated
201Genealogies, Obey-Perkins, loose notesundated
21 (OS)1Genealogies, Perley, oversize loose notesundated
202Genealogies, Peters-Poynton, loose notesundated
3Genealogies, Preston-Russell, loose notesundated
4Genealogies, Streeter-Shepard, loose notesundated
5Genealogies, Simpkins-Sutton, loose notesundated
6Genealogies, Tarbox-Webb, loose notesundated
7Genealogies, Wellman-Young, loose notesundated
16Vol. 5Genealogies S-Wundated
1Memo books1891
2Memo books, Whittemore Family1891
Vol. 6Salem marriages, Hutchinson Family, Woodbury Family1891
171Abstracts from Salem church records, pages 1-115undated
2Abstracts from Salem church records, pages 116-400undated
3Baptisms, deaths, members of First Church, New Haven1639-1717, undated
4Baptisms, inscriptions, court records of First Church, Salem, Charter street burial ground, and Essex Countyundated
5Canterbury Church recordsundated
6Cushing, Bonney and Very familiesundated
7East Haven, Connecticut familiesundated
181Gorham genealogyundated
2New Haven, Connecticut familiesundated
3Index to Norton Males and Femalesundated
4Milford records, I - IIIundated
5Woodbridge, Connecticut, tombstone inscriptionsundated
6List of genealogies at Yaleundated
7Clippings from Haverhillundated
8Newspaper notices, deaths1765-1793, undated
208Notes, deedsundated
9Notes, genealogiesundated
21 (OS)2Notes, genealogies, oversizeundated
191Notebook, probate records and church recordsundated
3Miss Ella L. Key, student notebookundated
SERIES II. Personal Papers
5Account books1846, 1879-1880
6"Journal of a Visit to Cannan"1866
8Salem representatives by occupation1836-1872, 1872-1875
9Salem tenement housing study, drafts and notes1872-1875
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